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17 November 2009 @ 12:21 am
Finally it's here! Just a Phase Ch.6  
Title: Just A Phase Ch.6
Pairing: Sho/Aiba/Matsujun
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sho and Aiba teach Jun a lesson for lying.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the mentioned characters. All this is fake and only in my DoH mind.
Warning: Incredibly graphic sexual occurrences between three men.
One Two Three Four Five

Jun woke up with a headache and weight on his chest. He half expected to see Aiba hovering above him like before, but was surprised to see Sho and Aiba resting their heads on his chest. Their legs were entwined with his and their arms linked together. ‘Even when they sleep they’re like this’ Jun thought. Slowly he untangled himself from them and took some clothes before going to the bathroom. He brushed his teeth then took a semi-long shower. He didn’t know what his relationship with them was anymore. Was he a fuck buddy for them or were they unofficially making him the third boyfriend? ‘Or would it be second boyfriend since I’d be dating them both?’ Sighing he washed the shampoo from his hair and got out the shower.

“Morning,” Sho said rubbing his eyes. Matsujun quickly grabbed the towel and wrapped it around his waist earning a chuckle from Sho. “That was in my mouth you know,” he said with a smile. Jun blushed wishing he hadn’t. “Do you have any spare brushes?” Sho asked innocently.

“The cabinet should have a pack of disposable ones,” Jun murmured as he put his boxer-briefs on from underneath the towel. Once it was on he removed the towel and dried his hair. “What exactly are we doing?” Jun asked after he changed into his clothes.

“What do you mean?” Sho asked after rinsing out his mouth.

“Me, you, and Aiba…what are we doing?”

“I thought it was made clear to you, but I guess not,” Sho said slightly under his breath. “I just want you to go back to your normal self. I hate that you’ve changed into some raging monster because of jealousy. But then again we all had a part of it so Aiba figured we should let you feel less excluded,” Sho sighed. He walked towards Jun giving him a kiss on the forehead. “Sometimes I wish the small chubby cheeked kid in you would come out, but he grew up,” he whispered against Jun’s skin.

“You guys don’t have to force yourselves to do this. I get it already; I’m sexually deprived and lonely,” Jun said sadly. Sho lifted his head to look him straight in the eyes.

“We aren’t forcing ourselves. In fact Aiba came up with this a little too fast for my liking, but that shows how much he cares about you,” Sho said with a smile. “Now, I’ll ask you this again because I don’t want to hear this from you anymore, are you going to let go?” he asked still holding Jun’s head up. The younger man stared at him for a while before nodding lightly. Sho smiled and kissed his forehead again. “Good boy,” he whispered in his ear.

Jun watched Sho take off his clothes and enter the shower. He left the bathroom a few seconds later bumping into Aiba. The other man only smiled before going into the bathroom as well. Aiba, already used to sleeping over, took a disposable brush and brushed his teeth. Once he was done he joined Sho who he knew was waiting on him to enter the shower.

“Morning,” Aiba smiled giving him a kiss. Sho’s good morning was muffled for his mouth was full of his lover’s tongue.

“What time do we have to be in today?”

“12, so we have time to get some clothes back home,” Aiba said rinsing the body wash from his arms and torso.

“We also have time for other things,” Sho hinted turning Aiba around and pressing himself against him.

“Mmm, is Sho-chan still horny from last night?” the younger man giggled.

“Yes,” Sho responded seriously. Aiba grabbed the shampoo and poured some in his hand to rub on Sho’s dick. He added some more on his fingers to prepare himself moaning when he had two fingers inside. Once he was prepared enough, he leaned forward against the wall as Sho poked at his entrance; clearly he was ready to start.

“Fuck me hard okay?” Aiba requested. Sho mentally nodded and thrust deep into his lover in one go. Both men remained still, enjoying the sensation. The rapper grabbed Aiba’s hips and immediately pounded the warm opening. The younger man let out a string of sounds as well as curses making Sho go harder. “Oh fuck me,” he cried gripping his own hard cock.

“Don’t come yet baby,” Sho moaned in his ear. He bent Aiba’s body a little more allowing him to go deeper.

“Sho,” Aiba moaned thumbing the head of his cock. Sho groaned at the feeling of the muscles pulsating around him. The two were so into their passionate love making they forgot about Jun who was sitting on his bed listening to them.

His dick was pressing against the material of his jeans, but he didn’t want in to indulge in pleasuring himself. He closed his eyes listening to Aiba’s cries and the very faint noises of their bodies slapping together. The noise would have gone unnoticed had it not been for the water amplifying it. Jun laid back on the bed gripping the sheets the more he heard Aiba moaning. It reminded him of when they were grinding against each other that morning. The look on the other man’s face as he came was still imprinted in his mind. “Fuck me harder,” he heard Aiba’s cry echo loudly. ‘That guy really doesn’t know how to control his voice,’ Jun thought with a moan.

“Masaki, I’m coming,” Sho gasped sucking on the tanned flesh of his shoulder.

“Please come inside me,” Aiba begged rotating his hips. He jerked off faster wanting to come with him, but it only made him tighten around Sho who then released his load. Sho let out a gasping cry as he came, tightly holding onto his lover.

“Shit, sorry,” he sighed kissing Aiba’s neck. He pulled out and turned him around taking his cock in his mouth. It didn’t take too long before the younger man came down his throat. Sho sucked him clean before standing back up.

“Do you think he heard me?” Aiba asked after realizing where he was.

“The whole neighborhood heard you,” Sho laughed giving him a kiss.

Jun stared at his ceiling, his chest heaving as he pumped his pained erection. The sound Sho let out made him give in to pleasure. He moved his hand quickly moaning when he touched the slick head of his cock. Whimpering Sho’s name Jun came in his hand immediately feeling regretful. He knew that they would be more than happy if he joined them, but it was too difficult for him. Even though he told and slightly promised them that he’d “let go” he just couldn’t. But he knew that he would lose to them the minute they touch him. While Sho’s touch relaxed him, it was Aiba’s aroused him.

Jun tried to keep his focus during their filming of the VIP segment but having Sho so close to him was now becoming a problem. All he could think about was how those lips, that are moving now, were against his skin just last night. He would think about those hands, that are waving about as he talks, were stroking his hard dick. Jun looked up and of course in his line of vision was the other man who plagued his thoughts. He watched Aiba’s mouth move, almost as if it was in slow motion. He tried to concentrate on what the guest was saying, but he was only catching a few phrases and sentences.

“Matsujun you ok?” Sho whispered in his ear when they got the chance to stand up for some demonstration that Jun of course was not paying attention to.

“Yeah, why’d you ask?” Jun lied.

“Because your eyes look hungry for something,” Sho smirked. Jun blinked as if that was going to take away his lust. Sho chuckled softly before continuing on. ‘Focus,’ Jun mentally yelled to himself. They were finally done with that segment and now onto a recording of Shukudai-kun. And once again Jun would have difficulties focusing. But this one would be even worse, because Aiba didn’t need to do much to arouse him.

“Jun-tan,” Aiba said in a singsong voice. Jun looked up at him expectantly, not even angry at the nickname. “My zipper is caught. Help me,” he pouted. The younger man rolled his eyes, but signaled him to come over. However, he wasn’t expecting Aiba to have his crotch in his face.

“The hell are you doing?”

“I said my zipper was stuck didn’t I?”

“Ask Sho.”

“I want you to fix it. Please,” he gave Jun that look. Jun bit his lip and helped removed the material caught in the zipper. A few times his knuckles would pass over the semi-hard cock confined in Aiba’s boxers, but he acted as if he didn’t feel anything. When he was done he looked up at Aiba who gave him a sheepish smile. “Thank you,” he said sweetly making Jun cringe a little. Jun watched him turn to leave, but he stopped and turned back around. “Do want to go out for some dinner later?” Aiba asked.

“I-I’m fine.”

“Are you tired of us already?” Aiba pouted.

“No, I just could use some time alone,” Jun smiled. He didn’t think he could handle being with them anymore. He felt perverted and as if he was doing something wrong yet at the same time it felt so good. Too many mixed feelings were going on inside of him and spending time with them would only make it worse. Aiba stomped over to him and straddled his lap.

“Jun-tan is only embarrassed that he passed out from a blowjob,” Jun’s eye visibly twitched out of anger and pushed the man off of him walking over to standby. He could feel Aiba and Sho’s eyes on him, but as always he ignored them. The filming was done and luckily there was no tension. Jun tried to run off once he changed, but of course Sho anticipated such a move and grabbed his arm.

“Masaki told me you’re lying to us,” Sho said, his voice slightly angry.

“I just don’t think it’s right that I’m doing this with you guys. Its-”

“Friends helping a friend. That’s what it is,” Sho’s voice raised cutting him off. “Come here,” he beckoned restraining himself from smiling when Jun walked over to him. “Didn’t I say you think too much? Live in the now? Let go?” he questioned running his fingers through the hair at the back of Jun’s head.

“Yes,” Matsujun whispered softly.

“And why aren’t you listening?” Aiba asked standing behind him. “Sho-chan, he’s a lot more stubborn than I thought he would be.”

Sho nodded and locked the door behind him. “Maybe we should work harder at cracking his shell,” Sho said as he removed his clothes staring directly into Jun’s eyes. The youngest member licked his lips watching the shirt fall from his toned body and his hands working on the belt. His breathing slightly changed when Sho was standing before him in only his briefs. The prominent outline of his hard cock made Aiba moan softly from behind Jun. Sho pulled Matsujun towards him and spun him around so he was know facing Aiba. Jun could feel Sho’s dick pressing against his ass as he watched the other man undress.

“Jun-tan my zipper,” Aiba smiled. He walked closer to the younger man who was trembling as Sho tweaked his nipple.

“Help him,” Sho whispered in his ear. Jun nodded and pulled the zipper down keeping the eye contact he had with Aiba. He pulled his jeans down as well making Aiba and Sho smile at his forwardness. The taller man leaned in and kissed Jun while he stroked Sho’s dick through his briefs. The eldest member groaned sliding his hand to the front of Jun’s jeans.

“Why is he still dressed?” Aiba asked as he kissed along Jun’s jaw line.

“Strip,” Sho ordered again. Jun’s trembling fingers pulled his shirt over his head, dropping it on the floor. He got ready to remove his jeans, but the feeling of Sho’s hot tongue slowly running across his shoulder caused him to stop. Aiba took one of his nipples in his mouth sucking on it before giving it a quick bite. Jun cried out a little gripping Aiba’s hair. Both men pulled away silently telling him to continue. Quickly he removed the rest of his clothing so he was standing in his boxer-briefs.

“Those as well,” Aiba smirked stroking himself through his boxers. Jun cheeks flushed a little bit as he pulled down the only thing keeping him from being completely naked. “Mmm, its already leaking” Aiba moaned getting on his knees and taking Jun’s cock in his mouth. Jun gasped arching against Sho, who turned his head for a kiss.

“His mouth is just made for sucking isn’t it?” Sho whispered hotly in his ear. Aiba looked up at him making him look so obscene. Jun’s eyes rolled back as Aiba sucked hard on the head. His body felt like it was on a thousand needles because he was feeling too much at once; Sho sucking on his neck and Aiba sucking on his dick.

“I’m coming,” Jun called out arching his back in pleasure. Aiba pulled away and stood up, still jerking on the hard cock.

“Sho, I want him in me,” Aiba pouted at his boyfriend. The look on his lover’s face made him nod in approval. The man smiled and kissed him passionately as a way of saying his thanks. Sho slipped out from behind Jun and rummaged through Aiba’s bag; he knows he always keeps it in there.

“Come here,” Sho said to Aiba who was currently making out with Matsujun. Aiba obediently went over to him and bent over the table knowing exactly what he wanted. The youngest singer watched as Sho lubed two fingers and expertly slipped them into the other man. Aiba moaned gripping the table while Sho continued to thrust his fingers in and out of his warm opening. Unconsciously he began to touch himself moaning softly when Aiba’s mouth opened, gasping for air.

“Sho, I’m ready. Please,” he begged thrusting back against the three fingers inside of him. Sho ignored the plead and beckoned Jun over. The youngest man stood in front him allowing him to wrap his mouth around his dick. Jun gasped gripping onto his shoulders trying not to thrust his hips. The sounds Aiba was letting out was almost too much for him as Sho licked the underside of his dick. “Sho,” Aiba called out feeling his orgasm approaching. Sho removed his mouth from Jun and applied some more lube on Aiba’s twitching hole.

“Fuck him hard,” Sho said as he guided Jun’s cock into Aiba. He got up and walked over to the other side of the table to face his lover.

He pushed his slightly damp hair from his flushed face and smiled when Aiba screamed as Jun entered him roughly, shaking the table with his thrust. Sho kissed his lover, cutting his cries short. With his hand still gripping his hair, he guided Aiba’s mouth to his pained erection. Aiba moaned around the hard flesh trying to focus on both tasks at hand.

“Masaki,” Sho groaned moving the head in his grasp up and down faster. Jun gasped as he felt Aiba tighten around him. Slapping his ass, Jun fucked him faster earning muffled screams from the other man.

Sho leaned forward and kissed Jun, their tongues rolling along each other. Sho sucked on his lower lip giving it a few bites before pulling away. “I’m coming,” Jun whispered. Sho smiled pulling his sopping wet dick out of Aiba’s mouth.

“I want to hear you when he comes inside you,” Sho moaned against Aiba’s ear.

Aiba whimpered, his release was coming up. Jun wrapped an arm around the thin waist and sat onto the couch. Aiba leaned back against his chest moaning when Jun held his legs up to and thrust back into him. Sho groaned jerking off to what had to have been the most explicit thing he’s ever seen: Aiba’s dick flopping up and down with every hard hit Jun gave him. The sound of their bodies slapping together echoed throughout the room.

“Jun-tan,” Aiba cried out, he cum spewing down his fingers. Jun let out a struggling gasp and came inside of Aiba a few seconds after. He kissed Aiba’s back still thrusting his hips as he rode out his orgasm.

“Jun,” Sho moaned. The youngest man slowly pulled out of Aiba who was well on his way to passing out and went to Sho. “Get the lube,” he ordered. Jun blushed and got it for him. He knew what was next and he was both excited and scared. Sho led Jun to lay on the table as he rubbed some lube at his tight hole. Jun’s breath hitched when the cool liquid touched him.

“Relax, it’ll feel so good,” Aiba smiled from the couch watching Sho slip a lubed finger in him. Jun whimpered closing around the digit as it moved in and out of him. Another finger was added and his muscles tightened even more around it. Sho knew he was probably going to come the minute his cock is inside him, but he needed to feel him. Jun’s chest heaved as he tried to regain his breathing. He just had what had to have been his best orgasm and now he had to get ready for another one.

“Sh-Sho…I-” Jun gasped when he felt the fingers brush against his prostate.

“Mmm, there?” Sho smiled kissing Jun’s chest. Once he felt he was prepared enough--more like Sho got impatient--he removed his fingers and replaced them with his cock. Jun cried out at the feeling of being stretched. He grabbed onto the older man’s shoulders fighting back some tears.

“It’s okay, it hurt my first time too,” Aiba whispered in his ear. He didn’t notice the other man had moved from the couch until he spoke up. Sho continued pushing into him until he was completely inside. Jun felt as if his breath was taken away. “Relax Jun-tan,” Aiba whispered again, stroking Jun’s semi-hard dick.

Sho pulled out halfway and thrust back in. Jun let out a small noise gripping the sloping shoulders a little tighter. Sho repeated the action until Jun was moving against him. A moan escaped his lips causing the rapper to smile. When a sex filled command slipped out Aiba giggled softly.

“Faster,” Jun sighed daring himself to look at Sho. When their eyes met the older man went faster and harder. Aiba kept his hand moving, the dick now standing straight up.

“Jun, you like being filled by him?” Aiba asked taking a nipple in his mouth before moving south. Jun gasped tightening around Sho. He moaned when he felt Aiba suck on the head of his cock once again. The tongue moved quickly along the slit and around the head bringing him closer to releasing.

“Jun look at me,” Sho grunted, pounding the body harder into the table. Jun ripped his eyes off of Aiba and looked directly into Sho’s. “Fuck, I’m coming,” the rapper gasped moving even faster.

Aiba moaned around Jun making him arch his back and come. Again the couple kissed sharing Jun’s taste between them. Sho moaned in his boyfriend’s mouth and came inside of the younger man. It felt weird to feel the dick twitch and spurt out cum inside of him. Sho gently pulled out of him and away from Aiba as well. Jun laid lifelessly on the table trying to get his brain to function again. The tanned man hovered above him with a smile kissing at his torso.

“You’ll get more of that if you behave,” Aiba said against the sweaty skin. “Will you?”

“Yes,” Jun answered sincerely. The three men remained where they were before tidying up the place. They cleaned up to the best of their ability before heading back home.

“You’re going back to your place?” Sho asked Jun who was hailing a taxi.

“Yeah. I’ll see you tomorrow okay,” Jun said with a smile as he entered the taxi. Sho smiled back happily as he noticed it the was the first genuine smile he’s given them. Aiba waved goodbye watching the car take off.

“Let’s go home and take deep shower. I feel dirty,” Aiba said wrapping an arm around Sho’s waist. The elder man nodded then led them to the direction of the train.
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50 past 1250past12 on November 17th, 2009 05:52 am (UTC)
Gee, this was so hot, I'm almost crying (i_i) -wth

"That was in my mouth you know" he said with a smile.
'That guy really doesn’t know how to control his voice' Jun thought with a moan.
"Do you think he heard me?" Aiba asked after realizing where he was.

"The whole neighborhood heard you" Sho laughed giving him a kiss.

And these parts! LOL loved them XD oh, specially Aiba and his zipper XDDD

Thank you for the update (^_^)
cry1babycry1baby on November 17th, 2009 06:04 am (UTC)
lol *shy smile* thanks ^_^

Thanks for commenting and glad i could entertain

Alexxa Sickalexxasick on November 17th, 2009 06:14 am (UTC)
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cry1babycry1baby on November 17th, 2009 06:19 am (UTC)
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Aya-chiisyri_chii on November 17th, 2009 11:02 am (UTC)
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cry1babycry1baby on November 17th, 2009 06:13 pm (UTC)
lol you are more than welcomed

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whew.. it's super hot~
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lol thanks. lmao Sho the killer of male virgins

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HEYYYY you post again! I've miss your writhing sooo much I was starting to panicicking! lolol
love love love love this specially this part: "The whole neighborhood heard you" it made me laugh for hours
glad you post again, dont go away for so long k? ^_^
cry1babycry1baby on November 18th, 2009 01:07 am (UTC)
lol sorry to worry you. i'll try to update quicker, but for some reason right when i get ready to start teachers want to flood me with homework

glad you enjoyed it lol

mmt ♥ just that...usermmt on November 18th, 2009 01:59 pm (UTC)
yeh I know the felling ...
I really enjoyed it thanks ^_^
cry1babycry1baby on November 18th, 2009 08:04 pm (UTC)
and thanks for waiting patiently (=^_^)/

musosurumusosuru on November 19th, 2009 06:00 am (UTC)
wow wowwowowowowowow XDD I loved Jun's modesty and Sho's like 'wtf for? i had THAT in meh mouth yo' XDD

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