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30 January 2010 @ 11:47 pm
Third Chapter  
Title: Living Single Ch.3
Pairing: Sakuraiba, Ohmiya
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sho and Aiba’s relationship are like baby steps while Nino and Ohno’s aren’t.
Disclaimer: All things written in here is fake and a part of my crazy brain. Don’t know/own any of the mentioned characters.

“A date?”


“With Sakurai-san?”



“Today…around 1 or 2. It’s just a lunch thing,” Aiba said as he slipped on a white shirt. Nino smirked and lit up a cigarette.

“So I’m finally being abandoned on Sundays? That’s cool. Whatever,” Nino said pretending to be sad. “Last night you mentioned he was with his ex. Did he get in the way or something?”

“No. In fact he left the room so that we could be alone together, but I’m still bothered by the fact that they dated for three years. Three!” Aiba emphasized at the end. Nino raised an eyebrow and blew out smoke.

“Throw him my way and he’ll leave you guys alone,” Nino grinned giving Aiba a playful wink.

“Slut,” the older man laughed. “So what are you going to do today?”

“Ah, I don’t know. Ohno-kun said he’ll be very busy today and I don’t want to stay home all day,” Nino sighed stubbing out the cigarette in his ashtray. “I may just go shopping. I need new clothes and we need food,” he said getting up to stretch by the window.

“After work tomorrow, want to go somewhere?” Aiba said placing his chin on the other's shoulder.


“Movies. There’s a good one that comes out tomorrow,” Aiba’s lips now pressed against Nino’s bare skin.

“Okay” he sighed resting his head on Aiba’s. They stayed that way, gazing out the window before Nino tapped his wrist, silently telling his friend he has to go.

“Ah, right,” Aiba said moving away from the younger man and putting on his jeans and socks. The gamer followed him to the front door and watched him slip his feet into his sneakers. “See you later.”

“Bye,” Nino waved. They blew each other a kiss before Nino closed the door.

Aiba was extremely nervous and it was obvious. His body felt so hot, his cheeks felt like fire, and his hands could probably fill a cup full of sweat. He pulled out his cell and called Sho to ask for directions. The phone rang three times before it was picked up.

“Hello?” came a sleepy voice.


“Hold on,” the man said. “Sho!” he heard the person yell. He was able to hear a muffled conversation before Sho picked up.

“Hey, sorry about that. I was taking a shower,” Sho said. Aiba could tell he was smiling as well, just by his tone of voice.

“Its ok. Um, who was that?” he knew it had to have been Jun-san, but he wanted to make sure.



“Jun’s nickname. Matsumoto Jun put together is Matsujun. Stupid but whatever,” Sho laughed nervously.


“Don’t worry. Like I said, we’re just friends,” Sho said, but Aiba was able to hear muffled laughter in the background. “Are you dressed already?”

“Yeah, I was just calling to find out where we’re gonna eat.”

“Oh, there’s this little café place close to my job-”

“Oh Max?”

“Yeah, I guess you’ve been there then,” Sho laughed. “So, if you want, we can meet outside or you can get us a table and wait for me. That’s if you’re ready.”

“I’ll save us a seat.”

“Good. Okay, I’m gonna get dressed so I’ll see you in 20 minutes or so.”



“Bye,” Aiba closed his phone and sighed. 'So you live with him too?' he thought sorrowfully. Aiba walked at a steady pace to Max’s thinking of the conversation he just had. All his excitement flew out the window and now he wished he was shopping with Nino. When he made it there, he was shocked to see Sho waiting outside for him.

“How the hell…?”

“I took a taxi here cause I didn’t want you to wait too long. But right when I got out I saw you walking so I just waited,” Sho smiled. Aiba gave him a shy one in return and scratched the back of his head.

“Let’s go in then,” Aiba said opening the door. Sho nodded and walked in.

They got a table closest to the back and sat across from each other. Aiba was staring at his hands while Sho gazed at him with a smile. “Still bothered by the whole me and Jun situation?”



“You guys live together?”

“No. He slept over after he took me home from Yamada’s party. I wanted to stay longer, but he was my ride,” Sho sighed. Aiba nodded trying to get an understanding of the situation. 'Get a hold of yourself. If he doesn’t like you, there’s plenty of other men to sleep with. Just act like you normally do with other men!' Aiba yelled to himself. “You know what’s really funny?”

“What?” the younger man said snapping out of his inner monologue.

“You never told me your name.”

“Oh my god, seriously?” Sho nodded and laughed at him trying to recall their past conversations. “Aiba Masaki,” he smiled.

“Aiba-kun,” Sho said testing the name.

“Now that we got that out the way, what’s your favorite sex position?” the younger man smirked. Sho laughed out loud before covering his mouth when they received stares.

Aiba was really talkative when it came to the things he loved. Case in point, Nino. Sho laughed at the many ordeals the two of them have been through as both friends and roommates. “So you two are childhood friends?”

“Yup. Been stuck with him since 5th grade maybe.”

“Ah that sounds nice. I’m not able to keep or make friends easily.”

“Why not? You’re cute, funny, a bit clumsy…”Aiba added at the end when Sho managed to drop his fork on the floor.

“I think its that last part,” Sho’s voice strained as he tried to pick the utensil from under the table. “But the ones I did make and kept are still with me.”

“That’s good.”

They stopped talking when their orders were brought to them. Sho went with the coffee cake and some coffee while Aiba went for the cheesecake and hot chocolate.

“That cheesecake will make you fat.”

“I know, but with the exercise I’m getting I manage to keep it off,” Aiba winked making Sho blush.

“How much exercise?”

“Two or three times a week,” Aiba smirked. “Maybe one day you could join me,” he said licking his fork. The color on Sho’s cheeks increased making Aiba chuckle to himself.

After their small lunch, they went for a walk seeming how neither really wanted to leave just yet. “Aiba-kun?”


“Are you doing anything later on?”

“No. Why?”

“Do…you want to come to my place?” Sho said looking anywhere, but at Aiba.

“Are you planning on having your way with me?”

“N-No,” Sho said shaking his head side to side frantically.

“I was joking…kinda. But if you want me to come over, then yes.”

“Great,” the waiter smiled. They hailed a taxi and took it back to Sho’s.

Nino was on his back as the bagboy moved in and out of him. He really did want to get some groceries and then shop for some clothes, he just didn’t expect a hot and sexy man to be bagging his things. “You’re so tight,” the bagboy moaned in Nino’s ear to which he just giggled.

“Harder,” he gasped wrapping his legs around him. The man’s thrust became more and more erratic as his release got closer. He took the thinner man’s cock in his hand and jerked him off in beat with his thrusts. “Oh shit, oh shit,” Nino whimpered feeling his own orgasm approaching. The man let out a guttural sound as he came inside of the warm hole. Nino came a few seconds later clinging onto him.

“Can I shower here?” he asked pulling out of Nino.

“Yeah, sure,” the gamer shrugged grabbing his half empty box of cigarettes. He checked his phone and noticed he got two texts. One from Aiba and the other from Ohno. Nino’s heart leaped when he saw Ohno’s name. “Get a hold of yourself,” Nino mumbled around the cigarette. He opened up Aiba’s text and smiled.

Going to Sakurai-kun’s. I hope we’ll fuck

Nino hit reply and texted back. Do dirty things with him. He looks like a goodie two shoes*

Haha dirty in what way? Aiba texted back quickly.


The texts stopped from there. Nino knew Aiba was probably laughing hard or blushing like crazy. He then opened Ohno’s text and it was his turn to turn red.

Nino-chan are you busy?

Who would have known that a simple honorific would make Nino so giddy.

Not really

A few minutes later he got a text back. Can I come over?

Nino read the text over and over again then looked around the room. “Shit,” he said.

Yeah, I just need to tidy up a bit. So give me say 30 minutes.


Nino quickly got out of bed and frantically tugged off the covers, bedspread, and pillow cases. The bagboy came back from his shower and stared at the naked man throwing the covers around. “Hey get dressed and leave. I have important company coming over,” Nino said while digging through the linen closet.


“Leave!” Nino yelled throwing the man’s clothes at him. He quickly got dressed and turned to exit the room, but was stopped. “Thanks, I had a really good time,” Nino said sweetly giving the man one last kiss before sending him on his way. The gamer sighed, breaking his character, and quickly went back to work. He managed to change and discard the sheets as well as shower before Ohno called him.

“I’m in front of your building…are you ready yet?”

“Yeah,” Nino huffed.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” Nino laughed. “I was just running around. Come on up. 3rd floor, the only door down the hall.”

“Okay, see you soon.”

Nino went to his mirror and grimaced at his flushed cheeks. "Why am I blushing? I thought I managed to suppress this," he pouted. Five minutes later his doorbell rang and his stomach flipped. When he opened the door, Ohno gave him a bright smile.

“I’ve come to make you dinner.”


“The portrait I did of you was a big hit.”

“What?!” Nino yelled in shock. “Thank god I wasn’t naked wearing a big necklace,” Nino sighed covering his eyes. Ohno laughed and kissed his neck.

“What do you want to eat?”

“You,” Nino said turning his head to face him.

“Later,” Ohno grinned. The two sat down on the couch and flipped through the many cooking magazines the older man had brought.

“You really came prepared, huh?”

“Mm,” the artist hummed in agreement. They spent most of their time looking for something they could agree on, which was surprisingly difficult. Nino liked the quick and usually unhealthy things, while Ohno liked trying weird and exotic foods.

“This is what I get when I fuck men close to their thirties,” Nino mumbled, but was loud enough for the other to hear.

“Bitch,” Ohno laughed giving him a playful shove.

“Ah, fuck this. Close your eyes, flip through the pages, and pick something.”

“Fine.” Ohno closed his eyes and flipped the pages before placing his hand on one. He heard Nino stifle a laugh and looked down. “Curry Rice,” he read slowly and looked at the chuckling gamer.

“It took us forty minutes to get to that.”

“And probably less to cook and eat it.”

“I don’t care. Now go in there and make me happy,” Nino smiled giving Ohno a small peck on the lips. The older man smiled and went to the kitchen.

If you come in tonight don’t enter my room, the gamer texted to his roommate.

He got up from his place on the couch and stood by the kitchen doorway to watch Ohno make his food. The dinner was done fairly quickly, as expected, and Nino was sitting in Ohno’s lap feeding him. “I thought I was here to cater you,” Ohno said through a mouthful of rice.

“You did. You made me dinner and now I’m saying thank you.”

Ohno opened his mouth receiving another spoonful of curry. Nino licked the small bits of sauce left on the artist’s lips making him laugh softly. Ohno placed his hands on the thinner man’s hips then down to cup his ass. Nino blushed as Ohno slowly leaned in for a kiss. It tasted like curry which isn’t the sexiest thing in the world, but the soft sighing noises coming from Nino was. “Can I spend the night with you?” Ohno asked squeezing the soft globes of his ass causing the man above him to moan.

“Mmhmm,” Nino nodded sucking on the tanned flesh of his neck. Ohno got up and went to Nino’s room, which by luck he guessed correctly, and stripped off their clothes. However they didn't proceed any further, they simply kissed.

* a common saying in America, I don’t know if there’s one like that where you guys live, but it means someone who overly good. For example: doesn’t curse, drink, fight, smoke, obeys the law to its fullest, etc.
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LOL-ed about the favorite sex position thing xD AWESOME!

Aimiya are soooo sluttty ♥♥ and i am sooo loving it~ ♥♥ and yeay for the sakuraiba moments ♥♥

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fast forward and rrewind
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cry1babycry1baby on January 31st, 2010 05:27 am (UTC)
Re: fast forward and rrewind
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Alexxa Sickalexxasick on January 31st, 2010 05:39 am (UTC)
I sooo love Nino's and Aiba's friendship...

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Lillymagicalsong on January 31st, 2010 06:55 am (UTC)
*squeals and runs off to read :D. *
Lilly: Sakuraiba  -Puppetsmagicalsong on January 31st, 2010 07:06 am (UTC)
“Now that we got that out the way, what’s your favorite sex position”
Wow, Aiba-chan. Epic win, right there. ;D
I love Aiba-chan in this fic :] The way his personality is portrayed is really different, and it's fun to read ^-^. Ooooh, Ohmiyaa ;D
Can't wait to see what happens with Sakuraiba, now. :P
Thanks for writing ;].
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