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23 April 2010 @ 10:09 am
I'm back and it's a LOOONG one  
Title: Living Single Ch.10
Pairing: Sakuraiba, Ohmiya
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sho smiled and took the dress out only to be greeted by a white vibrator looking back at him. “That’s what you can use on me. It depends on you if it's for pleasure or pain.”
Disclaimer: All things written in here is fake and a part of my crazy brain. Don’t know/own any of the mentioned characters.

Sho had been running around the house for nearly the whole day making sure things were perfect for his weekend with Aiba. Granted he’s been there before, he really wanted it to be special. Especially now that he feels different about the whole Matsujun situation. He no longer felt the need to be with him when he was around and for the first time he was able to forgive himself for what he’s done. The waiter looked around the room making sure everything was alright. Sho smiled when he looked at the snacks he made which he hopes came out great since he followed the cook book exactly. His phone rang, startling him before he checked who was calling.

“Aiba-kun,” Sho said with a loving smile.

“Hi baby.”

“So what’s up? Why are you calling and not here?,” Sho pouted.

“I took a small pit stop to get you something.”

“A gift?”


“Oh I can’t wait,” Sho smiled happily. “So when do you think you’ll be here?”

“In 30 minutes maybe.”

“Okay,” the older man sighed. Aiba laughed before saying bye and hanging up. Sho looked around the apartment and sighed again. ‘What to do with my free time?’ 40 minutes later the door rang and Sho answered it with a pout. “You’re late.”

“Sorry,” Aiba said giving his lover a kiss on the lips. Sho smiled a little bit and took Aiba’s bag up to his room. The younger man followed him and wrapped his arms around his waist. “I’ll make it up to you,” he said in Sho’s ear giving the spot below it a soft kiss. Sho chuckled and placed his hands over Aiba’s.

“After I get my gift right?”

“Ah, right,” the secretary said moving away from his lover and rummaged around in his bag on the floor. Sho sat patiently on the bed with his eyes closed and hands out and ready for his gift. When he stopped hearing the rustling of the bag he peeked and noticed Aiba on his knees before him with medium sized box in his hands. Closing his eyes, he smiled and reached for it. “Wait, wait,” Aiba giggled trying to move away. “Okay open.” Sho opened his eyes and looked around for the box.

“Eh…where is it?”

“Right here,” Aiba smiled pointing at the maid headband on his head. Sho pouted and looked away.

“It looked bigger when I saw it.”

“Ha! I knew you were peeking. Here’s your real gift,” Aiba said placing the original box on Sho’s lap. “It’ll go well with the headband,” he said with a small blush. Sho opened it and tried to cover his smile by biting his lower lip. There was a maid uniform perfectly folded in there. The waiter was thinking about the other man wearing it and felt his dick twitch at the thought.

“Will you be wearing this?”

“Mm, I only packed clothes for when we step out. This will be all I wear here…Master,” Aiba smirked tilting his head to the side. Sho smiled and took the dress out only to be greeted by a white vibrator looking back at him. “That’s what you can use on me. It depends on you if it's for pleasure or pain.”

“You really thought this out?”

“Yes Master.”

“Call me Sakurai-sama,” Sho smirked standing up in front of Aiba who was still on his knees.

“Sakurai-sama, do you want me to suck you off in this dress?”

“Yes and I want you to change in front of me.” Nodding Aiba got up and undid his belt and pants letting them fall to the floor. Sho could see the bulge forming within the dark red briefs making him bite back a moan. His lover then pulled his shirt over his head messing up his hair the way Sho loved it most; a blend of both bed and sex hair. Aiba then removed his briefs exposing his semi hard cock.

Sho passed the dress to him watching the other man put the silk panties and the dress on. He wasn’t sure if he should be concerned that he bought panties as well, but was glad nonetheless. Soon Aiba was completely dressed in the outfit. “Only you can managed to look cute and sexy at the same time,” Sho moaned palming his erecting through his pants. Aiba let out a giggle before getting on his knees and exposing the hard flesh from its confines.

Aiba stuck his tongue out and ran just the tip along the head and down the shaft. A shaky breath left Sho as he stared at what Aiba was doing to him. He began to thrust his hips indicating he wanted more. Seeing the reaction he got, the younger man took him into his mouth, making eye contact. Sho placed a hand behind Aiba’s head moving it faster. Reading the situation, Aiba relaxed his jaw and his throat allowing his lover deeper access. He reached up and rubbed Sho’s balls causing a sharp gasp to escape the man’s lips.

“I’m getting close,” Sho whimpered thrusting his hips faster, neither breaking eye contact. Aiba pulled away for some air and stroked the saliva covered cock.

“Where to do you want to come Sakurai-sama?”

“All over your beautiful face,” Sho moaned stroking Aiba’s cheek with his thumb. The secretary, now turned maid, took him back into his mouth and continued on with the blowjob. Sho was practically fucking his face as he now had both hands holding his head while he thrust quickly in and out of his mouth. “Fuck, I’m…” Sho’s voice trailed off when he pulled out and came on Aiba’s cheeks and lips. The older man collapsed on the bed slowly coming down from his high. The maid awaited further instructions before moving from his spot.

The whimper Aiba let out caused Sho to look at him. He chuckled softly before wiping his face clean with some tissues. They kissed afterwards allowing the older man to taste himself on his lover’s lips. “I want to come too Sakurai-sama,” Aiba pouted. The latter laid him on the bed and pulled the silk panties down.

“Touch yourself,” Sho ordered. Aiba immediately started pumping away at his erection moaning Sho’s name softly with eyes shut tightly. That was until he felt the lubed vibrator slipping past his cheeks. His eyes snapped open and his back arched off the bed. Sho has yet to turn it on, making Aiba nearly come simply from the anticipation. “I think I’m rea-fuck,” the maid yelled clenching his teeth when Sho turned the vibrator on and to the highest level. Aiba cried out jerking off faster while chanting his boyfriend’s name.


“Mm, yeah. It feels so good,” Aiba moaned clenching around the vibrator. “Ah Sho…” he whined. His cum splattered on his stomach and down the back of his hand; luckily he pulled the dress high enough to avoid stains. Sho slowly removed the vibrator and turned it off. He cleaned the spent man up and rearranged his clothes.

He crawled on top of him so he was on all fours and kissed his soft lips. “Thank you,” he said in between kisses. Never had he been with someone as daring as Aiba which made Sho extremely happy. Him even thinking of trying to ask Matsujun to wear this was beyond him.

“Glad you liked it,” Aiba smiled after they pulled apart. They soon left the room so Aiba could properly clean his face and went to the living area to eat the cold, but still edible, food Sho prepared earlier. They watched some TV, continued kissing, and eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms on the couch; Aiba still had on the maid uniform.

Aiba hummed to himself as he cleaned the apartment while Sho was at work. They had a few quick ones before Sho left causing him to believe his boyfriend likes cosplay. The door bell rang when he was cleaning the dishes and immediately regretted answering it with the outfit he had on.

“To each his own,” Matsumoto said when he saw Aiba.

“What do you want?”

“To talk to Sho, but I wasn’t expecting this,” Jun smirked.

“Well he’s at work so you can talk to him there.”

“Huh? You’re not gonna badger me with questions about me wanting to see Sho?”

“Nope. Things are different now,” Aiba said proudly. When he looked back at the younger man he noticed he was really taking in his appearance. “You’re staring.”

“I know. Sho made you do this?”

“No…I did it for him.”

Matsumoto laughed and leaned against the door frame. “He likes cosplay a lot so I guess he was really happy that you thought it up yourself.”

“Oh…well…yeah,” Aiba said nervously playing with the apron. “What else does he like?” he asked in a small voice.

“I can tell you more when I’m inside,” Jun smiled. Aiba moved aside to allow the man to enter. The ‘maid’ gave him some tea to drink and some of the small snacks that Sho made yesterday.

“The waiter was too excited about cooking that he seemed to have made too much,” Aiba said as he set the plate down.

“He cooks now?”

“Oh no, but he tries…he sure does try,” Aiba laughed sitting at the other end of the couch. There was a pause of silence before they started talking again. The older man was shocked at how much of a good (if not okay) time he was having. They talked about the waiter’s fears, likes, and dislikes. Aiba was a bit bothered by the younger man’s nostalgic talks, but decided to push those thoughts away. “Matsumoto-san you’re surprisingly a good guy,” Aiba smiled.

“It's now you notice?” Jun laughed softly.

Aiba chuckled and scratched the back of his head. “What were you going to talk to Sho about?”

“Nothing, just wanted to bother him, but I forgot about your weekend sleepover,” he smiled. “But I should get going now. Work starts in two hours,” Matsujun said getting up from the couch. Aiba followed him to the front door to see him out. They gave each other a small nod as their goodbye before Aiba closed the door.

“Ohno-san wants to meet me?”


“Didn’t he already meet me?”

“Nope. You just barged in on us in my room like a madman and then ran out. Not a proper meeting,” Nino said while playing with his DS as he talked to Aiba on the phone.

“Um, okay then when do you think is a good time?”

“I don’t know. He wanted to meet you on Friday, but you were gonna be with Sho-kun.”

“Next Friday then?”

“Why not Thursday?”

“Then what was the point in making me choose the day?” Aiba half yelled half laughed. Nino snickered and paused his game.

“Cause my 29 year old boyfriend is like an impatient child.”

“Oh gasp you’re dating now?” Aiba said in shock. He stopped preparing the dinner and sat in the chair at the kitchen table.

“Yeah…” Nino sighed. It still felt weird saying he had a boyfriend, but day by day he was coming to terms with it.

“So how’d it happen?” Aiba asked excitedly and crossed his legs.

“God would you stop it. Its not a big deal,” Nino rolled his eyes.

“It is a big deal your last boyfriend was in freshman year of high school.”

“Fine then,” Nino dismissed. Aiba laughed at how different Nino’s been ever since he’s met this lonely-kinky artist. “So we’re watching movies, we make out, watch our sex tape, he jerks me off, he calls me baby, I ask if we’re dating, he says yes, and I give him a blowjob,” Nino rambled. Aiba’s eyes were wide in excitement by the time he was done.

“Wait you made a sex tape?”

“Yeah, what you never made one?”

“No and I thought you said you’d show me it when you finally make one,” Aiba said remembering one of their drunken conversations.

“Well I didn’t know myself until he showed me.”

“Wow, he really is kinky,” Aiba said under his breath.

“Moving on…how are things with you two?”

“Great. I’ve appointed myself as his maid for the weekend and my ass is feeling best of it,” Aiba smiled.

“Ah cosplaying I see,” Nino said nodding his head. “You should’ve been like a sexy librarian or officer.”

“There’s just so much a man’s body can pull off and I think that a maid is the best I can do,” Aiba giggled.

“Yeah since you’re so fucking big-”

“Oi!” Aiba yelled making Nino laugh. The older man heard the door unlocking indicating Sho’s arrival. “Sho-chan’s home so I’ll talk to you later when I get back tonight,” Aiba said while standing up.

“Okay, see you,” Nino said before making a kissing noise and hanging up. Aiba smiled and hung up before rushing over to Sho.

“Sakurai-sama I have good news for you.”

“You decided to stay for next week as well?” Sho asked enthusiastically.

“No…um Nino’s boyfriend wants to meet us on Thursday. Probably get some drinks and dinner or something.”

“Oh okay,” Sho shrugged his shoulders. “I’ve missed you,” he pouted hugging Aiba tightly.

“Why didn’t you ask for the weekend off?”

“Cause I need the money. The most I was able to do was ask for the morning and afternoon shift so I could be with you in the evening,” Sho said while placing small kisses on Aiba’s neck.

“Mm,” the ‘maid’ whimpered wrapping his arms around his master’s neck. “You should eat first Sakurai-sama before we do anything,” Aiba sighed as Sho lifted the dress to grab his ass.

“I had a salad I’m good,” Sho said as he busied himself with groping Aiba’s body.

“No you’re not,” Aiba giggled moving away. Groaning Sho followed his boyfriend to the kitchen where they ate dinner.

Nino was going for a walk, something he rarely does, as he thought about his relationship with Ohno. If this was a musical he’d be jumping around singing and dancing becoming a public nuisance. Smiling to himself in a daze, he ended up bumping into someone. “Ah, sorry,” he said quickly. When he looked up he saw Matsumoto rubbing his shoulder.

“For a small person you pack a strong punch,” he winced. Nino stood semi frozen in front of him. Last time they talked Nino had his dick in his hand.

“Um…what are you doing here?” the thin man asked slowly.

“Off to work,” Matsumoto said as if stating the obvious.

“Oh well then let me get out of your way so you can-” Nino got ready to leave but Matsujun grabbed his arm.

“Walk with me,” he ordered walking ahead of the man. Groaning the gamer dragged his feet and followed him. They were silent for the most part, neither knowing how to bring up the topic.

“Okay so to start things off…I’m sorry,” Nino said.

“You better be.”

“But you were pushing away my advances so me leaving you hanging is totally fair,” Nino argued back.

“Whatever,” the bartender rolled his eyes with a smile. “So did you run to him and confess like in those romance movies?”

“No…but the running did happen.”

“Did he know that you were cheating-”

“It's not cheating when statuses haven’t been made. We weren’t dating yet so it wasn’t cheating,” Nino said forcefully. Matsujun held his hands up defensively.

“You told him?”

“No, he doesn’t need to know about it.”

“Ashamed are we?”

“No, just…listen why are you pissing me off when you dragged me to walk with you?” Nino countered changing the subject. Jun only shrugged making his eye twitch.

“I talked to Aiba today.”

“Eh? When? He didn’t tell me,” Nino pouted at his last thought. “About what?”


“You two still at ends with each other?”

“No, I think we patched things up talking about Sho’s fails in life,” Jun smiled.

“That sounds harsh, yet strangely fun,” the older man smirked. “So things are okay with you all. No more Sho and Matsumoto vs. Sho and Aiba?”

“There was never anything like that, but sure I guess that battle is over.” They arrived at Galaxy 5 minutes later, talking about random things that came to mind. “Well thanks for walking me even though you could’ve left anytime,” Jun smiled.

“You mean I actually had that option?” Nino whined to which the younger man smiled and shook his head ‘no’.

“You’ll just get a free drink next time you come in.”

“How about on Thursday since Aiba, Sho, Ohno, and I will be doing some weird group meeting double date of faggotry thing,” Nino said. Jun nodded with a small smile before giving a wave goodbye and entering the club. “Fuck now I have to walk back,” Nino groaned before hailing a cab instead.

Aiba was sitting in the shower as Nino standing under the water rinsing his hair. They were trying to save time by showering together, but sometimes the older man forgets how greedy the thin man can be. “Oi, I need to wash up too you know?”

“You are getting clean, with the soap that comes off me,” Nino said looking down at him. Aiba got up and pushed him over making his back hit the cold wall. They managed to finish without injuring each other and went to their rooms to get dressed. Aiba went for a dressy casual look while Nino threw on anything that made him look fuckable.

“Ohno said he’s coming here right?”

“Yeah, since he’s closer to us. What about Sho?” Nino asked as he was drying his hair.

“He’ll meet us there.” When they were both done they waited for about 10 minutes before Ohno called saying he was outside. Ohno smiled happily when he caught sight of Nino, while the latter ran over to him and kissed him passionately.

“Stop, he’s standing right there,” the artist said pushing his affectionate boyfriend slightly. Growling Nino stopped and stood next to him.

“Ohno; Aiba, Aiba; Ohno,” Nino said quickly. The other two laughed softly at the tone the gamer used and bowed their heads to each other.

“Nice to finally meet you,” Ohno laughed.

“Likewise, since I’ve heard so much about you,” Aiba winked making the older man blush and look at Nino.

“We gossip I can’t help it,” Nino shrugged. “Let’s go, loverboy might he waiting for us already.” The three took a taxi to Galaxy chatting about the many things Aiba’s heard about Ohno and visa versa. Aiba couldn’t help but smile like a proud parent as he watched this best friend's interactions with the older man. The way he was always touching him and burying his face in his shoulder when he tried to conceal a laugh was just too cute.

“So have you two ever…” Ohno asked snapping Aiba back to reality. He looked at Nino wondering if he should answer truthfully. The gamer nodded and held the artist’s hand tighter.

“Yeah, a few times in the past. But it was mostly drunk or pity sex,” Nino said casually. Ohno nodded and looked over at Aiba staring at him up and down.

“Who topped?” The two busted out laughing at the bluntness of the question, but neither answered. When they were inside the club, Aiba quickly spotted him at the bar laughing with Matsumoto. Aiba walked over with smile and got ready to introduce the two, but noticed the shocked and nearly frightened look on his face.

“Sho-kun?” Aiba asked worriedly.

“Oh-Ohno-san?” Sho said ignoring Aiba. Matsumoto looked over at Nino and Ohno realizing they clearly knew each other.

“How do you two know each other?” Nino asked with a confused smirk at both men’s reactions.

“He’s the man he cheated on me with,” Matsumoto said with a deathly glare.
Fara Aibafaradakiut on April 23rd, 2010 02:47 pm (UTC)
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cry1babycry1baby on April 23rd, 2010 06:35 pm (UTC)
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and the drama continues...

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cry1babycry1baby on April 23rd, 2010 06:35 pm (UTC)
lol thanks for reading, next chapter will be worked on soon

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cry1babycry1baby on April 24th, 2010 12:58 am (UTC)
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Haha i know the drama went up a few notches :)

Its good to be back and hopefully i will be back more often ^_^

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lol thanks for the most positive comment ever ^_^

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