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Title: Living Single FINAL
Pairing: Ohmiya, ???
Rating: NC-17
Summary: “I’ve been sent here to mend a broken heart,” Aiba said softly looking at the shocked man through his bangs.
Disclaimer: All things written in here is fake and a part of my crazy brain. Don’t know/own any of the mentioned characters.
Warning: Viciously Long
Ch.1 Ch.2 Ch.3 Ch.4 Ch.5 Ch.6 Ch.7 Ch.8 Ch.9 Ch.10 Ch.11

Thanks to all those who read and commented. Its both a confidence booster as well as a writer’s block de-blocker… not a word, but w/e lol. Thanks bunches, of course I’ll be sending out some one-shots and then a multi-chap. But that may show up during the summer or at least the end of May (when my finals are done). I’ll also be making a Masterpost cause it looks like I need one lol. Okay less ranting; Enjoy!

[8 months later]

Aiba stared at his computer trying to get his brain to focus on work. Of course nothing of that sort was happening as all he could think of was another lonely lunchtime. His breakup with Sho also caused a breakup with Nino which hurt him ten times more. It's not like he felt nothing for the waiter, it's just that the one person who he’s bonded the best with wasn’t there anymore. Countless nights he’s fallen asleep in an empty apartment because Nino chose to sleep at Ohno’s. Even when the gamer did come in, it was only to pack more clothes or collect more games.

The clock read 1:15pm and he still didn’t get up to leave for lunch. He usually waited until 1:30 just to ensure he didn’t bump into Nino; the silence that occurs between them was too painful for him to bear. “Aiba-san are you on a diet?” he heard his boss say.


“Then why haven’t you gotten lunch yet? Don’t tell me you’re starving yourself?”

“No, I’ve just been busy,” Aiba smiled. His boss looked at his blank screen and knitted his eyebrows.

“Step into my office,” the man said opening the door wider to allow Aiba to come in. He had his head down fearing he’d get yelled at for wasting time. “What’s been on your mind lately? You’ve been quiet and less…bouncy,” his boss said genuinely concerned.

“Just tired that’s all. Sorry for bringing my personal problems to work,” Aiba bowed his head before leaving the office and going for lunch, not caring if they were done or not. He didn’t really know where he was going, but he figured he should at least get out. 20 minutes passed and Aiba found himself in an area with lots of greens and benches. He sat down and pulled out his cell phone. He didn’t have the heart to change the background, because he didn’t want to lose him forever. He ran his thumb across the screen and bit his lip with a pout.

“You look best when you smile,” a voice only belonging to Matsumoto said.

“I thought you didn’t want me in your life?” Aiba said after getting over the initial shock of seeing him.

“Well, I go back on my words a lot and you look like you could use some company,” Jun said with a smile. Aiba closed his phone and put it away.

“I don’t want pity if that’s what your offering.”

“Fine then. I won't pity you. Now what are you doing here?” Jun asked.

“Taking a break from work. What about you?”

“Getting ready to see Sho.”

“You…still talk to him?” Aiba asked with a sorrowful look.

“I don’t think I can hate him anymore I guess. But don’t worry, it's only just last week did I contact him.”

“So you know that we broke up?”

“Yeah, I could tell from his voice. Why didn’t you stay with him?”

“I don’t know anymore. I think I chickened out and decided to break things off for no good reason. At least that’s what Nino yells at me,” Aiba said keeping his eyes downcast. “I did want to separate myself from him, just for a little bit so I can recollect my thoughts, but I feared he wouldn’t want to take me back cause I ran away from him and the more I thought that way the more I felt as if too much was building up, blocking me from being with him.”

“Oh believe me Sho would’ve taken you back in a heartbeat.” Jun chuckled. “He still would even though it's been this long.”

“How do you know?”

“I asked him. I asked if he would want to be with you or someone else. He said he can’t see himself with anyone else but you,” Matsumoto said slowly trying to hide the hurt in his voice. Aiba closed his eyes and turned his head up towards the sky.

“I’ve fucked up so badly.”

“Yeah, but at least you still have someone there for you right?”

“No…I don’t,” Aiba pouted. “It seems as though I’ve broken up with Nino as well.”


“We both had different ways of settling things. Since the break up we haven’t talked or been around each other.” Aiba sighed trying to prevent his tears from falling. He’s done enough crying and the last thing he wants is to cry in front of Matsumoto.

“You two will start talking soon. I know you will, but you should focus on getting Sho back. It may bring you and Nino together again.” Jun said getting closer to Aiba.

“How can I win him back? Just saying I’m sorry won’t work.”

“Apologize the only way he’d like it,” Jun smiled patting Aiba’s head before leaving. The secretary thought hard about Matsumoto’s words trying to figure out what he was saying. It wasn’t until he was in bed did he finally realize what he meant.

Nino was playing his DS while Ohno sculpted away a few feet from him. Ohno had been trying to convince the man to go back home and talk to Aiba, but much like he figured Nino is too stubborn. He’s tried everything from the silent treatment to withholding sex, but not only was he stubborn; he was also crafty.

“Ohno-san I’m bored,” the gamer said putting his DS down. Ohno looked up and him and beckoned him over. Nino got up and straddled his lap, not caring if that’s what the artist meant or not. “Play with me.”

“I’m a bit busy baby,” Ohno said placing a hand on the small of Nino’s back. “But you can play with me instead,” he smirked while Nino rocked back and forth on him. The younger man smiled and got off of him to pull out his semi from his jeans. As Nino sucked him off, Ohno skillfully continued to work on his figurines. He didn’t know when he was going to break the news to him that he’s been working so hard for a new project he’s been invited to help with overseas. Ohno contemplated over taking the job because he didn’t want to leave Nino, yet he felt that maybe if he did this it would help his lover talk to Aiba again. He moaned when he felt the man use his teeth a little every time he brought his head back up. “Mm, Kazu…I’m gonna come.”

The gamer simply hummed taking more of the artist into his mouth. With a gasping cry, Ohno came down his throat. Nino pulled away and swallowed looking at the older man with a smile. “You were faster than normal.”

“Cause you used teeth, you know what that does to me.” Ohno argued to defend his pride. Nino giggled and gave him a quick peck on the lips while he fixed him up again.

“So I noticed you marked your calendar on next week Tuesday…why?” Nino asked staring at a red underline on the number. Ohno stayed silent for a while causing the younger man to turn around to look at him. “Why Oh-chan?” he pouted.

“I’ve been invited to help with a large installation next week.”

“Well that’s great. We should celebrate!” Nino said running up to him. His smile disappeared when he noticed the sullen look on Ohno’s face. “What’s wrong?”

“I’ll have to go overseas…for two months.”

“Wha…” Nino tried to speak, but nothing was coming out. His eyes went downcast and his body plopped onto the floor. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“Cause you’d be counting the days,” Ohno moved from his seat to crouch in front of Nino. “It’ll be fine, you’ll be fine,” the artist said stroking the thinner man’s cheek.

“I’ll be lonely,” Nino sulked. In the past this would’ve been a great opportunity for him and Aiba to hit the clubs and fuck as many men as possible. However, since Nino actually had feelings for the guy and he no longer had his clubbing buddy, he didn’t want him to leave. “Will you call me everyday? Send me letters? E-mails? Toys? Postcards?” Nino asked getting closer to Ohno. The older man laughed and kissed him.

“I’ll do anything for you,” he smiled. Blush adorned Nino’s cheeks as he tried to cover his smile.

“Because you love me right?”


“Good,” Nino grinned causing Ohno to chuckle. It didn’t hurt him that Nino hasn’t said those words back to him yet. It took a while for him to finally admit he had feelings for him, so he wasn’t about to rush him into saying he loves him.

The two stared at each other before leaning in for another kiss. “Make my last four days here good okay?” Ohno said after their heated kiss.

“Sure” Nino giggled pushing the artist on his back to straddle him.

Sho was staring at his cook book trying to make an apple pie. He was starving and too lazy to leave the apartment. Also he couldn’t think of any place that delivers sweets. He was preparing the apples when his bell rang. Quickly he rushed over just to unlock the door before running back to the kitchen. “It's open,” he yelled knowing it was Matsumoto. Jun came in and smiled as he watched Sho move around in the kitchen.

“Did you preheat the oven?” he asked. Sho gave him a confused and worried look before looking at the cook book again. Jun laughed and gently pushed the older man aside. They were standing next to each other cooking the apples and preparing the pie crust. “So why are you baking this?”

“I got hungry and I didn’t want to leave the apartment.” Sho answered, his voice still a bit void of emotion. Jun nodded and hopped up onto the counter staring at the other man. He wanted nothing more than to hug him, but didn’t want to cause any trouble. It was Aiba who was supposed to be here, Aiba who is supposed to hug and make whatever pain he had go away; it's Aiba who gets to touch him. Sho turned around and noticed the other man’s gaze. “Matsujun?” he said softly.

“I’m sorry,” the younger man said.

“For what?” Sho asked in confusion as to what the man was apologizing for. Jun simply got off the counter and pulled him in for a kiss. It didn’t last too long, nor was it passionate. It was simply their lips pressed together. When they separated Sho gave him a small yet playful shove and continued cooking.

They soon found themselves on the couch watching the many DVDs Jun brought over. He heard that Nino came over and they watched some movies so he figured it was a good way to keep the older man’s mind off of things. He strictly avoided the romantic movies, even the romantic comedies. He contemplated on getting a horror to have Sho cling to him, but figured that’d be too petty. Plus he’s not so good with that genre as well. So he stuck with Sci-Fi, Action/Adventure films and Comedy.

“Sho-kun you’re not mad or anything at the kiss?” Jun asked looking over at him from the corner of his eye.

“No, just don’t do it again please,” Sho said through the piece of pie in his mouth.

“So did you find a new job yet?”

“Yeah. I work at a coffee shop.”

“Still a waiter I see,” Jun smirked to wish Sho gave him an embarrassed smile. “Why don’t you do something in business? You’re totally cut out for it and you’ve got the educational background.”

“Because it's too serious for me.”

“Because it's what Aiba does?”

“He has nothing to do with it,” Sho said with an angry tone.

“That’s why you never got a job similar to mine. I remember you said you thought bartending was cool, but after we broke up you avoided it.” There was a silence before Sho put his fork down and sighed.

“Leave,” Sho said getting up from his seat. He stood by the opened door and waited until Matsumoto got up from his spot.

“This is just like you,” Matsujun said softly yet loud enough for Sho to hear as he passed him by and exited the apartment. While he walked to his car he called Aiba. “Now would be the perfect time for you to show up,” he said when the line was picked up. He knew that he pissed Sho off, but it was all for him, to get Sho back. Also, he knew they wouldn’t stay at odds with each other for too long.

Aiba stared at his phone when the line disconnected. ‘Now’s a good time?’ Aiba wondered what happened for him to receive such an ambiguous call. Sighing, he went to the bathroom to get himself ready. He took a quick 10 minute shower as he shaved wondering if he was going overboard with his plan. Aiba went back into his room to change and gave himself one last look over before leaving his place.

He decided to take a taxi to Sho’s to avoid the many possible stares. His stomach was doing many lurches and cartwheels as he got closer and closer. He bit his lip out of nervousness wondering whether or not he could talk to Sho. It’s been 8 months since he last saw and spoke to him. 8 months of loneliness and torment.

When he got out the taxi, he inhaled and exhaled deeply before marching to the building. It was then did he start to have cold feet. ‘What if he moved? How will I ever see him again? What if Matsujun lied about the whole wanting to be with me thing?’ All these questions swarmed around in his head. He slowly walked to the apartment and closed his eyes. ‘It's now or never’, he thought to himself.

He rang the bell and waited. His stomach was hurting a lot more than before and his body trembling in nervousness. When the door opened it was as if everything was in slow motion. He looked up and saw every emotion that Sho was going through. “I’ve been sent here to mend a broken heart,” Aiba said softly looking at the shocked man through his bangs.

Sho had been fuming at the way Matsumoto had been a couple of hours ago when his door rang. He was expecting it to be him saying he’s sorry, much like he always does. But instead he got Aiba dressed as a (sexy) nurse standing semi-awkwardly at the door. Sho exhaled the breath he didn’t know he was holding and felt his heart beat faster. “Aiba…” he whispered, his tears forming now.

“May I come in?”

“Not yet. What do you mean by sent?”

“I just decided to say it.” Aiba blushed looking at his shaven legs covered in sheer white thigh highs. Why did he pick such a short uniform he didn’t know. Sho moved away from the door and went into the living room knowing Aiba would follow him. He sat down and looked up at the man before him who was fiddling with his fingers. The nurse fell to his knees and bowed down. “I’m so sorry. For leaving you the way you were. For running away from you. For being a coward.” Aiba sniffed as he apologized. “I shouldn’t have gotten scared by what you told me,” he said this time looking at Sho who was wiping his eyes.

“Why now?”

“Because I’ve been given a boost. Something that would make me realize that the longer I wait to see you again, the closer I would be to losing you forever.”

“Did me sleeping with Ohno really hurt you?”

“I felt as if there was something that really didn’t want us to be together and was using every tactic to separate us,” Aiba said. “I wasn’t mentally ready for it. I felt too defeated knowing that it was him who caused me to have to work so hard for our relationship.”

“It's more my fault, but I guess I see where you’re going,” Sho murmured.

“I just want you to know that I still like you and will do anything just to have you back. Please. I’m sorry,” Aiba whimpered bowing his head again. Sho smiled and exhaled as if he had been waiting for those words and crouched down in front of the apologizing man.

“Aiba-kun, look at me.” Sho said as he lifted Aiba’s head to look him in the eyes. He leaned in giving him a small kiss much like what Matsujun did to him. “I missed you so badly.”

“So did I,” Aiba whispered. They leaned in again and placed small kisses on each other’s faces, mimicking the other. Sho placed a soft kiss on Aiba’s right temple, to which he kissed Sho’s left temple.

Sho got up and took the nurse’s hand to bring him to his room. Aiba inhaled the familiar scent of Sakurai and smiled happily. Sho closed the door behind him and immediately his lips latched onto the younger man’s. Aiba moaned softly moving back towards the bed. When the back of his knees hit the side of the mattress he changed their positions and laid Sho down.

“Masaki, we don’t have to,” Sho sighed as Aiba undid his pants.

“But you want to just as much as I do,” Aiba smirked rubbing his hand over Sho’s erection. The older man grunted and closed his eyes, taking in the pleasure of Aiba’s warm hands. “I’ve come to mend your broken heart,” Aiba smiled seductively.

“But my heart isn’t there,” Sho laughed softly. The nurse giggled and pulled the boxers and jeans down the pale legs, discarding them somewhere else. The waiter moaned when he noticed the small bump forming underneath the pink dress Aiba was wearing. It was then did he also notice the shaven legs under the thigh highs. “Fuck, Aiba stop,” he gasped when a hand wrapped around him.

“I don’t want to,” Aiba whispered before taking him into his mouth. Automatically Sho cried out and gripped his hair, wanting more. The other man hummed around the hard flesh watching his stomach tremble with each breath. He pulled back after sucking and deepthroating him for a while to stroke him languidly. “I want you in me. I miss how you feel.”

“Come here,” Sho said softly before removing the rest of his clothes. Aiba got up and pulled the panties he wore down and straddled the older man. ‘Just how many did he buy?’ Sho wondered, but the thought quickly flew away when he felt Aiba’s erection touch his. The dress rode up even more exposing his tanned thighs.

Aiba leaned forward and kissed his chest, taking a nipple into his mouth while rubbing the other. Sho gasped, thrusting his hip upwards. He kissed his way across to the other one, giving it the same treatment. Once he had Sho whining and whimpering under him, he pulled out the small bottle of lube he had in the dress’s pocket. He poured some on both of their erections, both moaning at the feeling.

Sho took both of them in his hand and spread the liquid, watching Aiba’s pleasured features. “Sho-chan,” moaned the taller man. The waiter’s hand moved faster bringing both of them closer to their climax. “Stop, please, I want to come with you in me.”

The older man smirked and slipped his hand further spreading some lube on the nurse’s hole. Aiba moaned and pushed back against the probing fingers. The wet sounds the lube was creating as Sho’s fingers went in and out of him was turning them both on more than they already were. Unable to take it anymore, Aiba pulled the three fingers out of him and replaced them with Sho’s hard cock.

“Ung,” they both moaned. Aiba sat up a bit and began setting a rhythm as he rode the man. Sho placed his hands on his hips letting him take control.

“Faster, Aiba-kun,” Sho whimpered slamming the man down onto him. Aiba used Sho’s chest to balance himself and moved faster, his dick occasionally slapping the older man’s pelvis. Small whines were emitting from the waiter the harder he went.

“Sho-chan, I think I’m…” Aiba gasped rotating his hips, grinding into the older man.

“Me too baby,” Sho moaned. He grabbed Aiba down by his neck and kissed him passionately. Their tongues fought with each other; tasting each other. Sho placed his hands on the secretary’s ass, lifting the dress to grab it better. Aiba moaned at the thought of how they must look right now. His ass exposed, graphically showing Sho’s hard cock moving in and out of him.

“Sho,” Aiba gasped as he came on his lover’s stomach. Sho came soon after at the convulsing and clenching the younger man did around him. When they came down from their high, Aiba looked down at him. His chest had a sheen of sweat forming, his bangs slightly sticking to his forehead. Sho slowly slipped out of him, but didn’t move from his spot. They continued to breath slowly as they stared at each other.

“I missed you,” Sho repeated entwining his fingers with Aiba’s. The other man smiled with a nod and kissed his fingers. “I love you.” Sho spoke again.

“I love you too.”

Tears formed in both of their eyes when they confessed. Sho sat up and gave Aiba a deep and long kiss. Wanting the other man to understand how much he missed and loves him. They slowly pulled apart long enough so that they were properly laying on the bed. Aiba cleaned Sho up with some tissue from the nearby desk before resting his head on his chest. “You look really sexy in that. Better than the maid uniform.”

“Perv,” Aiba giggled tightening his hold on him. This time he wasn’t going to let him go, he’d stay with him forever and not back down.


Nino stared at his boyfriend who was packing a few more things as they waited for the taxi to show up. The gamer hadn’t said one word since he came over. He only watched and occasionally swallow the lump in his throat.

“Kazu when are you going to talk? Its been 30 minutes already.”

“Sorry. I’m just at a lost for words right now,” Nino murmured looking at his hands.

“Come here,” Ohno said with a sigh. Nino went over to him and went right into his open arms. “I said I’d call you and all that right?” The gamer nodded. “Then why are you so sad?”

“I don’t want you to go,” Nino sniffled. Ohno stood there shocked that the man was crying. For the 12 months that they’ve been together he’s yet to see this side of him. “Don’t go please,” he whimpered unashamed of his tears nor his request.

“Baby, don’t worry. I promise things won’t be as bad as your making it out to be. You won’t be lonely, in fact I’ll be the one crying once I get over there. I’ll miss waking up to you and talking to you. I’ll miss you more than you’ll ever know, but it's only 2 months. And once I get back I’ll be with you again okay.” Ohno said as he cupped his lover’s face. Nino nodded, his tears still falling. The artist laughed and kissed his wet and pouting lips. “There you go being vulnerable again.”

“Idiot,” Nino smiled and hugged him. They talked about anything to keep their minds off the fact the Ohno would be leaving in a few hours. When the taxi arrived Nino helped Ohno put his luggage away and stood next to him as the older man opened the car door.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come to the airport?”

“Yeah. I’ll end up making a scene by crying and trying to drag you back.” Nino said both jokingly and seriously. Ohno chuckled and pulled him in for one last kiss.

“I love you,” the older man said in between kisses. Nino simply bit his lip as what Ohno thought was his way of saying it back.

“Me too,” Nino whispered when they pulled apart. A bright smile came across the artist’s face before hugging his lover tightly. “Go, you’ll be late,” he said giving him a small push. Nino waved as he watched the taxi leave. He turned around and looked at the studio before going back in to retrieve the many things he’s left in there.

Aiba was sitting on the couch hoping that Nino would come in today. He’s been seeing him even less than before and it was beginning to worry him. Granted he knew he could call to make sure he’s not dead in a ditch, he wanted to see him in person. Right when he was thinking of the many reason’s his roommate wasn’t home, Nino walked through the door.

Completely not thinking of their current situation, Aiba ran up to him and hugged him. “Aiba, get off,” Nino’s voice was muffled by the taller man’s shoulder.

“Sorry. I was…sorry.” Nino got ready to go to his room, but Aiba stopped him. “Wait, can we talk? Please.”

The gamer was able to see how much he was pleading with him, simply by looking in his eyes. “What is it?”

“I just wanted to say that you were right. I was a coward and became an even bigger one by not patching things up with you. I just let it get worse and worse and I’m sorry.” Aiba rambled.

“And…” Nino said crossing his arms. Aiba opened and closed his mouth unsure how to take the man’s tone.

“A-And, I want my friend back.”

“Why now? Why didn’t you want me back a month into the whole thing?”

“Because you were never here?”

“But you have my number right?” Nino asked and Aiba nodded. “Rest my case. So why now?”

“I’ve made up with Sho-chan and I want to make up with you too.”

“You did?”

“Yeah, and he was a lot easier than you,” Aiba pouted and Nino smirked.

“I’ve never been an easy person,” Nino said defiantly.

“Yes you are, lots of men have been there,” Aiba retorted. They stared each other down until Nino smiled and pulled Aiba in for a hug. His arms were around his neck, while Aiba’s were around his waist.

“Ma-chan…” Nino said softly, holding him tighter.


“Ohno left the country. He’ll be gone for 2 months.”

“Why?” Aiba said pulling back just enough to see his face.

“Art installation or something. I thought I’d be lonely.”

“Even if you were, there’d been someone worst off,” Aiba smiled. Nino suddenly burst into tears of both happiness and sadness.

“Thank you,” he sniffled. Hearing those words were exactly what he needed. It was times like these when he remembered why they’ve been friends for this long. Aiba rubbed his back and pressed a small kiss to the pale neck.

They managed to separate to clean up the place and put Nino’ belongings back. Once they were done, they were in his room laying on the bed and staring at the ceiling.

“So you’re back with Sho-kun?”


“How’d you win him back?”


“Oh you cheat,” Nino laughed turning his head to look at Aiba.

“No, just following advice from Matsumoto-san.”

“He’s always helping you two, huh?” Nino said with a fond look. Aiba nodded and turned sideways.

“And I’m more than happy about it cause he was right.”

“About what?”

“When I get Sho-chan back, I’ll get you back.”

“What are we a 2 for 1 deal?” Nino laughed.

“Apparently. I was shocked about that,” Aiba laughed as well. Their laughter died down and they ended up laying side by side, facing each other. Nino smiled and scratched Aiba’s scalp, the way he liked it.

“I’m home,” the gamer whispered as he slowly closed his eyes.

“Welcome back,” Aiba whispered as well. They blew each other a kiss before letting sleep hit them.

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