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Okay so I figured I needed one cause even I am having a hard time navigating my stories lol. The stories, in each category, are ordered from most recent to least recent.

One-shots: Slash
Modern Day Pygmalion
Jun receives a sex doll as a joke, it no longer become a joke when the doll comes to life. R/NC-17. [Junba].

Cleaning the House
Bored and full of free time Nino decides to clean the house. He's more than happy that he did so after getting an invitation for a night out with Matsumoto and Ohno. NC-17. [Matsumiya]

Life's No Love Story
He gets him into this lifestyle, now he struggles to get him out. R. [Yamapair]

Winter Getaway
They went from classmates to enemies, then step-brothers to lovers. R. [Kinki Kids]

How Much Do You Adore Me?
Koyama really looks up to his sempais, especially Matsumoto. NC-17. [Koyama Keiichiro/Matsumoto Jun]

Relax, You'll Do Great
Sho worries he'll mess up during his 'Furusato' performance and Jun decides to comfort him. NC-17. [Sakumoto]

Do You Like My Ears?
After the filming of their recent single 'Meikyuu Love Song,' Ohno starts to seduce Aiba with his dog eared headband. NC-17.[Ohba]

Four Eyes
Aiba gets self-conscious about his new frames while Sho tries to comfort him. PG-13.[Sakuraiba]

Let's Talk About Sex
Completely virginized, Matsumoto asks for Sho's help when a certain accident happens to him. NC-17.[Sakumoto]

Oct.29: Happy Halloween
Due to conflicting schedules, Sho is unable to celebrate Halloween. Aiba proposes that they celebrate it early, just the two of them. PG-13.[Sakuraiba]

Sho’s guilt has him drinking away is pain, practically begging Nino to intervene. Will he do it even though they had a less than amicable break up? NC-17.[Sakumiya]

Give It To Me Right
Ohno teases Nino with a little stripping. NC-17.[Ohmiya]

3 AM: The Nightmare
For four nights Jun’s been plagued by vivid dreams of being kissed, but every time he wakes up, he’s by himself. On the fifth night Jun finally realizes what’s going on. NC-17.[Jun/Arashi]

Make it Work
Jun is having problems with his kissing technique in a drama, so he asks Aiba for help. They have a "practice" session. NC-17.[Junba]

Kiss and Tell
Kissing booth on school festival day. Nino loses a bet with his friend and ends up wearing a girl’s uniform and taking care of the kissing booth. R. [JE/Nino, Arashi/Nino]

Snuggling and kissing, that's how Sho and Aiba spend their days off together. PG-13.[Sakuraiba]

Strangers, Aiba and Ohno, share quite a passionate moment in an elevator. R.[Ohba]

Make Time Stop
Intimacy can only be described as the deep bond between Ohno and Nino. PG-13.[Ohmiya]

Pandora Playlist
A collection of song drabbles. PG-NC-17.[Sakumoto]

What I Love Most
Jun briefly talks about each member and their sexual habits. R.[Sakumoto/Junba/Matsumiya/Juntoshi]

Basement Bound
The basement was always the forbidden zone in his home. Aiba shows us exactly why. NC-17. Character death.[Junba]

Out in the Open
Nino takes revenge on Ohno for what he had done to him in Pink Satin. R. [Ohmiya]

Pink Satin
Ohno gets Nino to wear a really short pink satin nightgown, arousing him a lot more than he would realize. NC-17.[Ohmiya]

Helping Hands
Ohno and Aiba share a little mutual masturbation. R-NC-17.[Ohba]

Heating Measures
Sho and Nino use their bodies to keep warm in the cold apartment. NC-17.[Sakumiya]

Tag Teamed Situation
Jun and Aiba double penetrate Sho. NC-17.[Jun/Aiba/Sho]

Boy/Girl Club
Forced to crossdress as a waitress, Ohno gets a daily ass grope by a certain elite. NC-17.[Yamapair]

Your Comfort
During their junior days, Aiba and Nino share their first kiss in the alley behind the train station. PG-PG-13.[Aimiya]

Peeping Tom
Aiba watches Sho and Jun have sex and gets off on it. NC-17.[Sakumoto +peeping Aiba]

"I was excited when he invited me out, even more excited when I found out that it was only going to be just the two of us. But when I saw our date was going to take place at an amusement park, I started to worry." NC-17.[Sakumiya]

Walk on the Ocean
Nino and Sho go to the beach to comfort Sho’s love lost. PG-13.[Sakumiya]

Tight Pants
Nino comes into rehearsal with skinny jeans, which has an effect on Sho. NC-17.[Sakumiya]

Temptation/Frustration: A Schoolboy Fantasy
He was his teacher and he was his student, there was no way they could maintain a relationship beyond that. R.[Sakuraiba]

Ride It
Sho has a wet dream involving Aiba. When he is unable to look at the man, Aiba confronts him which of course leads to something more. NC-17.[Sakuraiba]

Love Will Lead Us
Ohno and Nino's domesticated lives was made up of nothing more than pure love and understanding. PG-R.[Ohmiya]

Movement in the Dark
During their training camp, Aiba and Sho share a small intimate moment. R-NC-17.[Sakuraiba]

Summer Night Bacchanal
Jun feels lonely one night and calls Ohno over for drinks. Both get so drunk that things start happening. NC-17.[Juntoshi]

Bottoms Up
Nino is a sexual powerhouse, except that he's the bottom one. NC-17[Arashi/Nino]

Fear is a Hell of an Aphrodisiac
During their training camp, Jun and Aiba get lost in the woods after their barbeque.PG-13-NC-17.[Junba]

Flight 406
Aiba meets with a passenger that is slightly different from the usual business class men. NC-17.[Aimiya]

Don't You Worry, No one's Looking
When five men are sleeping in a room together, things are bound to happen. NC-17.[Arashi/Arashi]

Fields of Gold
It takes an accident on the job for Sho to confess his love for Matsumoto. NC-17.[Sakumoto]

Be Good For Me
"Our recording was fun, dinner was fun, but who would’ve known going to bed would such a hassle for me. I could tell that Jun was already starting to get irritated with me, but for some reason, that just egged me on." NC-17.[Matsumiya]

Wakeup Call
A small peek at what Jun and Aiba’s mornings are usually like. PG-PG-13.[Junba]

I Put a Spell on You
Jun slowly falls for Nino’s trap after meeting him during a speed dating event. R.[Matsumiya]

Nervous System
Sho teaches Jun about the nervous system in a unique way. R.[Sakumoto]

Jun rubs one out while messing around with some liquid latex. R.[Matsumoto solo]

Nee, oboeteru?
Aiba asks questions about their relationship to reaffirm Sho’s love for him. PG-13.[Sakuraiba]

Sex and a Funeral
Sho meets Nino at a funeral and of course things take a different turn than expected. NC-17.[Sakumiya]

Throw Your Arms Around Me
He was always there for him, no matter what. R.[Yamapair]

In The Air
"It was evident that the other had no intentions to be anything more than friends. Or at least that’s what he wanted." R.[Sakumoto]

Some Kind of Touch
Ohno returns home from an unusual encounter with Nino and his body is left begging for more. R-NC-17.[Ohno solo/Ohmiya]

Seven Deadly Sin, Arashi style. NC-17.[Ohmiya/Sakuraiba/Sakumoto/Junba/Sakumiya/Juntoshi]

Make Something of Me
Jun’s failed attempts to ask Sho out and the one time they did. PG-13-R.[Sakumoto]

24 Hours Split Four Ways
Every year Sho spends his birthday in four different ways. R-NC-17.[Sho/Arashi]

kao ga suki
Sho explains what he loves about Aiba’s face. PG.[Sakuraiba]

House Bunny
After losing a bet, Nino has to become a house bunny for Sho for a day. NC-17.[Sakumiya]

Third's a Charm
Nino has difficulties reaching orgasm. Ohno tries his best. NC-17.[Ohmiya] (Last story in link)

Jun fills out a certain fantasy of his involving Sho and a car. R. [Sakumoto] (Third story in link)

When these two idiots think (mistakenly) that they are the last two people on the planet, what happens? Crack. PG.[Aiba/Maruyama] (Second story in link)

Nino and Ohkura stay behind on set to practice their sword fighting. R. [Nino/Ohkura] (First story in link)

As Far As You’ll Take Me
After missing his flight home for the holidays, Sho tries to make it via a road trip and meets a certain drifter along the way. PG-13 - R.[Yamapair]

Door Close
While rushing to get to the Christmas Party, Sho and Aiba get caught in a bind. NC-17.[Sakuraiba]

It was pitiful what he was for as beautiful as he was. R.[Sakumoto]

I was an insomniac, he was my sleeping pill. R.[Ohno solo/slight Yamapair]

No Words
A short snippet on what goes down between Sho and Aiba in during lunchtime. NC-17.[Sakuraiba]

Dark Side of Me
A sneak of peek of what Nino and Ohno are really like behind doors. NC-17.[Ohmiya]

Oral Love
Sho likes to eat food topless, too bad he doesn’t know what it does to Aiba or what will happen when the younger man has had enough. NC-17.[Sakuraiba]

Tiny Dancer
It’s been a year since Ninomiya was given the news that he had cancer. R-NC-17.[Sakumiya]

Service Me
Ohno sneaks out the schoolgirl outfit like Aiba asked him to in A Cute Short Skirt NC-17.[Arashi/Ohno]

Just A Little Touch
Aiba spontaneously decides to follow Yoko home on the train; Sex ensues. NC-17.[Aiba/Yokoyama]

A Cute Short Skirt
Ohno must crossdress as a schoolgirl for his new drama and is worried about what the rest of Arashi will think of the outfit. He's surprised by their reaction. NC-17.[Arashi/Ohno]

Boy’s Toy
Sho takes on his punishment for forgetting his promise in Adulterated. NC-17.

As much as I appreciated his slow and soft lovemaking, I am a sucker for hardcore fucking when needed. NC-17.[Sakuraiba]

Action's Reaction
A trip to the spa becomes more than Matsumoto imagines it to be. NC-17.[Masamoto]

Words With Fabrications
Sho and Nino have a special relationship even though Sho’s supposedly with Matsumoto. R-NC-17.[Sakumiya, Sakumoto]

Final Boss
Nino can’t seem to concentrate on his games when Sho’s around him. NC-17.[Sakumiya]

Do's and Don'ts
Sho asks Jun for some help, but things get messy. NC-17.[Sakumoto]

Maiding Story
The reason behind the stare Jun gives Sho during the famous cosplay episode of AnS. NC-17.[Sakumoto]

Watch in Awe
Nino looks to Sho for comfort and takes advantage of his kindness. R-NC-17.[Sakumiya]

手 (Te)
"“Just how much can those hands grasp?” Sho thought with a moan." NC-17.[Sakumiya]

Jun and Nino figured that Koukishin was the little group Aiba, Sho, and Ohno created when they’d let their curiosity get the best of them and roam the streets for good drinking, eating, and/or shopping spots. However, they wouldn’t believe how wrong they were. NC-17.[Sho/Ohno/Aiba]

It's Aiba's birthday and Arashi gives him the best gift ever. NC-17.[Arashi/Aiba]

4 "drabbles" forced together with a common theme: Aiba gets used by his band mates. NC-17.[Arashi/Aiba]

Stop Wishing for Yesterday
Sho's feelings for Aiba reaches it's boiling point. NC-17.[Sakuraiba]

Ohno and Aiba meet up once a week for one thing. NC-17.[Masatoshi]

Honma releases his anger on MC Kamiyama. Slight rape.NC-17.[Homna/MC Kamiyama]

One-shots: Het
Miwa's frustrated that after all this time, she and Ryu have yet to share a kiss. PG.[Sasakura Ryu/ Kurushima Miwa]

Relationship: It’s Complicated Love
He was a cynic and she was just weird. Together they were perfect. R.[Nino/Yuriko]

Wear Her Out
“They had gone on their fifth date already and it was only now were they getting this intimate, seeming how he’s been dubbed a ‘sexual powerhouse’.”. NC-17.[Nino/Yuriko]

Sweet Surrender
Four times Mao got Jun to do what she wanted. PG-13-R.[Jun/Mao]

Kosho Kyofu
Jun has a unique way to try and make Mao get over her fear of heights. PG-13.[Jun/Mao]

"Ohno is clearly fascinated by the idea of turning a penis into a vagina and decides to investigate. " R.[Haruna Ai/Ohno]

Rumors Are Rumors
"Their kiss became deeper and more intense, as their tongues moved around each other..." NC-17.[Sho/Maki]

Not About Love
“…I like it when you kiss me, Maki-chan. I like it when we’re together,” Sho said breathlessly due to their earlier struggle.” PG-13.[Sho/Maki]

Their small kiss from the last episode of Tokujo Kabachi evolves into something bigger. NC-17.[Sho/Maki]

Everything is Alright
Takasugi dreams about Kamiyama. Based around the ending of Episode 3 and 4. NC-17.[Takasugi/ MC Kamiyama]

I Can See Your Soul
Akira comes back to see Nobuta one last time. NC-17.[Nobuta/Akira]

J'adore Hardcore (A series of NC-17 kink related oneshots)
Ch.1: Versailles
Jun, stuck in the forbidden ‘friends with benefits’ zone with Sho, decides to do something to win the man over [Sakumoto]
Ch.2: Chikan
"Every day he takes the train he could feel the man pressing against him" [Ohmiya]
Ch.3: Photo-Erotica
Nino’s an amateur model who gets called in by a famous photographer who wants to do more than take his picture [Matsumiya]
Ch.4: Play Dead
"If he was going to sell his soul, he’ll do it laying face down on the mattress" [Ohba]
Ch.5: Kinniku
"Ohno’s always fascinated with Sho’s muscles; he always wants to touch them" [Yamapair]
Ch.6: Living on the Edge
"Jun and Aiba share their kinks in bed, at the same time." [Junba]
Ch.7: Speak
"Working as a phone sex operator, Nino meets an unlikely man." [Sakumiya]

Band of Five
Aiba collects four men to create his own private army with havoc to ensue.
R-NC-17. [Multiple pairings]
Ch.1 Ch.2 Ch.3 Ch.4 Ch.5 Ch.6 Ch.7 FINAL

You're Alright
"I saw patients lining up in front of a window as they received their daily pills. I thought what I was seeing only happened in insane asylums…I guess not." PG-13 - NC-17. [Juntoshi, Junba(friendship)]
Part 1 Part 2 Epilogue/FINAL

Darling Masaki
All Sho wanted to do was check into the hotel for four days, he didn't quite expect all this to happen to him. R-NC-17. [Sakuraiba]
Ch.1 Ch.2 Ch.3 FINAL

Living Single
Aiba looks for love in all the wrong places, until he meets Sho. R-NC-17. [Sakuraiba, Ohmiya]
Ch.1 Ch.2 Ch.3 Ch.4 Ch.5 Ch.6 Ch.7 Ch.8 Ch.9 Ch.10 Ch.11 FINAL
Epilogue: The Promise
Nino tries to help Jun jump start his love live while his is put on hold until Ohno comes back. PG-13 - NC-17. [Mastumiya (friendship), Aimiya (friendship), Sakuraiba, Ohmiya, Jun/???]
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 FINAL

Just a Phase
Aiba tries to crack Jun's shell with the help of Sho. R-NC-17[Jun/Aiba/Sho]
One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine FINAL

New World in My View
Aiba confesses to Sho, but does he love him back? PG-13 - NC-17.[Sakuraiba]
Ch.1 Ch.2 Ch.3 Ch.4 Ch.5 Ch.6 Ch.7 Ch.8 Ch.9 FINAL
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