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In honor of Nino's bday

Title: Final Boss
Pairing: Sho/Nino
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Nino can’t seem to concentrate on his games when Sho’s around him.
Disclaimer: Nothing written here is real. This was written to satisfy my fangirl fantasies.

Nino’s played this game countless times, but for some reason he couldn’t get past the 5th level. Everything would go smoothly, but once he reaches the boss he’d fail. Maybe it's how he’s playing? No. Maybe it's where he’s playing? No. Maybe it's who’s next to him when he’s playing…

Sho was reading a book while Nino was playing his Gameboy next to him. He smiled to himself when he heard the man mumbling to himself (well more like the character) as he fought. The small little ‘go go go’ was very amusing to him, however the noises soon turned into frustrated grunts and groans. Nino was having an off day after all, but Sho realized that for four days straight the gamer got stuck at the same level.

Maybe it's how he plays?,’ Sho thought. He asked himself a series of questions before getting up and moving across from him, letting Ohno take his usual spot next to the gamer. It was then did he notice the difference. ‘Ha~ now I see,’ Sho smirked.

Within that week Sho had done a small series of experiments. He managed to get each member to sit next to Nino and noticed that the man was able to get through his game the way he usually does. As much as it amused Sho, it also hurt his feelings to know that he was such a distraction to him. ‘Why me?’ he pouted staring at his reflection in the mirror. When he looked over he caught Nino’s gaze before he went back to his game. Smirking at a sudden idea, Sho got up and sat down next to him. And much like he figured, the gamer failed again.

“You've gotten pretty bad at this,” he said with a pout looking at the game.

“No I haven’t. I’m just distracted that's all,” Nino argued back.

“By?” Nino didn’t answer. “By someone…” Sho pressed, turning his body sideways on the couch. Nino’s hands felt a bit clamy as Sho shifted closer. “Someone in this room…” Sho leaned forward and blew softly in his ear.

“Oi,” Nino shrugged him off.

“Am I bothering you?”

“Yes,” he seethed.

“Eh, I thought you had good concentration skills?”

“Sho fuck off I’m busy.”

“So am I ,” Sho said kissing Nino’s cheek. The younger man froze up and slowly turned his head to him. Smiling, Sho went in for a kiss; pleased with himself for managing to get Nino to respond back with a moan.

“So soft,” Nino whispered to himself. Sho chuckled and took the Gameboy out of his hand to place it on the table.

“Nino-chan was getting so turned on by me, he forgot how to play,” Sho whispered.

“Shut it,” Nino whispered back, removing his shirt. The two kissed passionately as they quickly removed their clothing.

“We don’t have anything,” Sho gasped as the younger man’s tongue ran along his collarbone.


Sho looked down at his group mate who was occupying himself with jerking him off. Those cute hands cupped his balls while he tongued the head. “Uh…stop. Unless you want me to come in your mouth,” Sho gasped. Giggling, Nino got up to pull his briefs down exposing his hard cock. The rapper grabbed onto the thin hips and sat him down on his lap.


“Virgin?” Sho asked, knowing what the other man was too embarrassed to tell him. He knew Nino's been with a few men before, but he didn't know that it was him who was doing the fucking rather than being fucked. Nino’s cheeks turned a faint shade of pink, answering Sho’s question. “Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle.” He changed their position so that the gamer was laying on the couch, as Sho kissed his neck. Nino’s eyes were locked on the older man who was slowly trying to relax him to prepare his body. His eyes were filled with both lust and fear, the more he felt himself reacting to Sho.

Sho reached his erection, placing small kisses on it, smirking when it twitched at the contact. He took it in his mouth, licking the precum that had pooled on the head. “Sho…I’m…” Nino warned, pushing at the rapper’s shoulders. The older man went further down to the puckered hole, giving it a few licks. Once he felt he teased the poor man enough, Sho reached for the lotion -which he was sure wasn’t the best of lubricants- and squirted some on his fingers.

“Relax okay,” he said to the gamer who was staring at him. When he received a small nod, he placed the finger at his hole, slowly pushing forward until he had the second knuckle in. Nino’s walls were clenching his finger tightly at the intrusion and it didn’t feel like it was about to lighten up. “Loosen up baby.”

“It feels weird,” Nino pouted.

“And it’ll hurt when I put another finger in.”

Nino groaned and tried to relax. Sho pushed the finger in some more until the whole thing was in. Moving it in and out a few times caused small sighs from the other man. Squirting more lotion on his hand and Nino’s hole, he added the second finger. Nino cried out a little bit, before grabbing the couch and clenching his teeth. “It hurts?”

“And wildly uncomfortable,” whimpered Nino. Sho leaned forward and kissed his chin, then going up for his lips. Distracting him with the kiss, Sho managed to have two fingers in him, moving them in and out as well as scissoring them. “Ah,” Nino gasped. Feeling like the man was prepared for another, Sho added the third finger. The gamer was breathing erratically as he tried to calm himself down. “I-I think I’m good,” he stuttered.

“You sure?”


Sho pulled his fingers out a poured more lotion on Nino’s entrance and on his own erection. “Tell me when to stop,” he said seriously. The gamer nodded and braced himself. Sho managed to get the head and some of the shaft before Nino let out a gasping cry. Immediately the older man stopped and stroked his hair. “It's okay,” he whispered. He waited until he was given the 'ok' to go in some more. When he was a little more than halfway in, Nino held onto his hips, silently telling him to stop.

“It…” he whimpered. Sho nodded and kissed his wet cheeks. “Thrust the rest in,” Nino boldly stated.

“It’ll hurt too much,” Sho said, shaking his head ‘no’.

“Just do it. The anticipation of having it all in me is too much.”

Sighing Sho got on his knees and held onto Nino’s hips tightly. Looking at him one more time, he thrust the rest of his length in. Nino cried in pain turning his head sideways to muffle himself. His body shook from the pain and shock, before finally relaxing- to a certain extent. Sho pulled out halfway then thrust back in slowly, trying to get the man used to the feeling. When the cries were no longer that of pain, he got bolder and moved faster.

Moans were now coming from Nino as Sho fucked him harder. The rapper grabbed his legs and pushed them towards his chest, making him go in deeper. Nino gasped, clutching the couch harder. “Sho…faster,” he whimpered. The older man did as he was told, loving the sounds of their skin slapping together. He looked down at the gamer who was jerking himself off, with eyes closed.

“Look at me,” Sho ordered, wanting to see the gamer blush under his stare. Opening his eyes, Nino soon received the brute force of Sho’s thrusts. “So close,” Sho moaned moving faster and harder.

“Make me come,” the younger man whimpered. Shifting his angle, slightly, Sho hit Nino’s prostate repeatedly until he gamer came on his stomach and hand. Giving the spent body a few more pumps, Sho released inside him. It felt weird, yet oddly arousing to feel the cum spurt inside him. The older man leaned forward and kissed him passionately as he slowly pulled out. “Am I bleeding?” Nino asked who was Sho wiping his hole with some tissue.

“A little,” Sho murmured. Groaning, Nino closed his eyes and let himself get pampered by the rapper. Once he was done cleaning him up, Sho helped him into his clothes. When they were both fully dressed, Nino sat on Sho’s lap and went back to his game as if nothing had happened.

Weeks after the incident, Nino was back to normal when he played his games. However, he now had another problem. He could never see that bottle of lotion the same way ever again.

The End
Tags: p: sakurai sho/ ninomiya kazunari, r: nc-17, slash
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