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07 July 2010 @ 11:56 pm
Kita Kita~!  
Title: The Promise [4/4]
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jun/???, Ohmiya, Sakuraiba
Summary: “My two months are complete now,” he said softly to himself.
Disclaimer: Totally fake. I don’t know or own any of the mentioned characters.
A/N: When there's smut...there is SMUT.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Thanks to all the lovelies who have been following my works and this one as well. Sorry for not posting in so long, but i couldn't get this to end the way i wanted as well as i lost the will to write. But luckily that will was returned and i managed to get this done for you all ^^.

Still one week left

Matsumoto was on his back moaning when the mouth around his cock sucked on the head. Usually he takes a cold bath to calm his nerves, but they were running too high today so he decided to use some of his teachings on any man daring enough to chat him up. It didn’t take no more than 2 minutes to be in this man’s apartment receiving a blowjob.

He closed his eyes and envisioned it was him getting him off, but quickly the thought faded away. He tried again to think of Sho, but it didn’t last. Instead it went to the other man he’s been pining over. The thought merely lasted for a few seconds before Jun released into the guy’s mouth. Afterwards, he pulled away from in disgust; a reason why he never slept with random men, he would start to feel uncomfortable and grossed out.

Quickly Matsumoto arranged himself and left, not bothering to return the favor; that was never agreed to in their discussion. He pulled out his phone to check the time and noticed his missed call. He rolled his eyes with a smile when he saw it was from Nino. He got ready to hit the send button to call him, but bumped into someone.

“Sorry,” they said at the same time. He looked up and smiled, it was him. The second man he’s been infatuated with.

“Jun! I didn’t know you lived around here?”

“I don’t. I just visited someone that’s all,” Jun lied. “So you live around here then?”

“Mm. Come on up with me,” the man said taking his hand in his. Matsumoto could never say no to him, especially not to a person so happy and joyful. The man was babbling on and on about something, but Jun wasn’t paying much attention. He was too focused on his ass in his jeans that all he heard was blah blah blah. ‘Shit I’m still horny,’ Jun thought. “Oi, listen to me,” the man whined.

“Sorry, continue,” Jun said, blushing a little. They walked for nearly 15 minutes before arriving at the man’s place. Matsumoto looked around the apartment, taking in every little detail for his own personal reasons.

“Want anything to drink? Eat?” Jun’s crush asked stripping off his shirt, revealing the sleeveless one underneath. Matsujun swallowed nervously.

“Beer.” He sat down on the couch and closed his eyes. He felt so gross being here when he just finished getting sucked by a stranger.


“Thanks,” Jun said opening his eyes slowly. “So you were on your way back from work I see.”

“Yeah. I fucking hate it at the bar when you’re not there. Too many orders and lazy workers around me makes things so much more difficult.”

“We still get a lot of orders when I’m there.”

“I know, but they tend to be more…you know refined since you kinda got this…” the man winced trying to find the right words in order to perfectly describe as well as avoid offending Jun. “Aura about you that shows how serious you are.”

“So in other words I’m scary?”

“Yea-” he got ready to say, but then stopped. Jun laughed and shoved him slightly.

“It's okay you know. I won’t get mad.”

“Good,” the man sighed with a smile. “Jun-kun…” the man’s voice said after a short silence.


“Are you seeing anyone?”

“N-no. Why?”

“Well for like two months you’ve been with this skinny dude and I thought you guys were dating?”

“Ew, no. I wouldn’t and couldn’t--well I could and would, but I won’t-- date him.”

“Oh, so you’re single?”

“Yeah, been single for a little over 3 years now,” Jun said.

“Okay, good.” Jun barely got a chance to ask what he meant by good when lips crashed into his. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time.”

“Just that?” Matsumoto smirked.

“No, much more. So much more,” the man breathed heavily. They ripped each others clothing off in a hurry to get to what they both wanted. Jun’s thoughts were so clouded by his lust for him, he didn’t have time to stop himself. They got up from the couch to enter the bedroom where they fell in a heap on the bed, grinding into each other. “Fuck me hard okay,” the man said staring up at Jun who was fumbling around with the lube and condoms.

“Mm,” Jun hummed. When everything was in place, he positioned himself at the tight hole before plunging into it.

“Ah, fuck,” the man called out. He wrapped his legs around Matsumoto, bringing their bodies closer together. Jun wasted no time pounding in and out of him, just like he requested. Jun sucked on his neck, marking him, while he gripped onto the man’s hip. He pulled out and flipped him over before entering again. Another loud cry escaped the man as his prostate was hit directly.

“Right there?”

“Yeah,” he whimpered. Jun reached around to jerk him off in beat of his thrusts feeling the hard cock get heavy as the man got ready to come. “Fuck, Jun…I’m-” he gasped as his load shot out of him. Matsujun let go and grabbed onto his hips pumping him faster to reach his own orgasm.

“Toma,” Jun said softly as he came in long hot spurts. He rest his head on his back as he tried to regain his breathing. They collapsed on the bed, since Matsumoto was putting all his weight on him, and stared at each other. “I thought you were dating someone?” Jun asked breathlessly, now realizing what he had done.

“We broke up.”

“When? Why?” Jun looked at him in shock.

“A few days ago because I like you more.”


“You’ve been too busy to notice me, huh?” Toma smiled. “Ever since you started working at the bar, but you were dating Sakurai-san. Then you guys broke up and I thought it was my chance. But I saw how devastated and secluded you became that I knew it would be wrong to try and get with you.” Toma propped his head up by his elbow and continued. “I knew you liked me. I was just waiting until you to approach me, but that day never came." Toma frowned running his hand along Jun's chest. "I’m so glad I bumped into you tonight,” he continued with a smirk. Jun started to feel guilty and pouted.

“I’m sorry for making you wait so long.”

“I don’t mind.” Toma smiled making Jun smile back and pull him down for a kiss.

“Let’s do this over then, properly.”

Toma laughed and sat up. “Hi, my name is Ikuta Toma.”

“I’m Matsumoto Jun,” he said laughing along with the other man. “Now that we got each other’s names…”

“Let’s fuck!” Toma smiled and passionately kissed him. Jun laughed and pulled the covers over the both of them.

[Three days left]

Nino laid in bed crying his eyes out. He didn’t know why, but when he woke up this morning he thought about Ohno and just started bawling. Granted there were only three more days, he couldn’t take it anymore. Aiba had stepped out before he got the chance to wake up so he was left alone in the apartment. Nino hugged the stuffed dog Ohno got him trying to calm himself down, but of course it wasn’t working. Soon he heard the front door open and close indicating Aiba was home. Quickly he got ready to fling himself on his friend to cry some more, but was more than shocked to see Ohno standing before him.

“Hi,” Ohno said awkwardly. Nino ran up to him and leaped into his arms; a new batch of tears started flowing.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Nino sobbed as he softly hit the older man’s chest repeatedly. Ohno smiled and rubbed his back, leaving small kisses on his neck.

“Are you mad or happy? I can’t tell,” the artist laughed. Nino got down and wiped his eyes and nose.

“Both. I missed you so fucking much.”

“I know,” Ohno smiled.

“How’d you get the key?” Nino asked realizing that Ohno came in alone.

“Aiba gave me his when he picked me up from the airport this morning.”

Nino nodded understanding why he left before and without telling him. Nino pulled Ohno in for another hug, hoping that this wasn’t a dream he would soon wake up from.

“Why are you here three days early?”

“I was always scheduled to come back today. I just lied to you so I could surprise you,” Ohno smiled receiving a shove from Nino.

“Oh you asshole,” he laughed tearfully. Ohno laughed as well before pulling Nino in for a kiss. “I missed this,” the younger man sniffled.

“Me too, baby.”

“My room?”

“Yes,” Ohno said, dragging him to the room.

Nino looked up at his lover, his eyes full of passion, anticipation, and overall happiness. Ohno crawled on top of him, kissing his forehead then down to his temple, then his cheek and finally his lips. The thinner man’s body trembled with emotions. His hands went under Ohno’s shirt, running the short fingers up and down his smooth back.

“Kazu…” Ohno whispered in his ear. Nino made a small noise as his response. “Relax and let me take care of it.” Nodding, the gamer laid back, submitting his body to the older man completely. Ohno smirked and kissed his neck, sucking hard on it to leave his mark. When he was pleased with his work, he moved down to his prominent collarbones. A sigh came from Nino, making the artist smile. He took off Nino’s shirt, exposing his pale torso.

Ohno kissed his way down to the right nipple, taking it in between his teeth. Nino’s back arched and his hands gripped the sheets. The artist ran his tongue across the small bud, making it harden for him. He then moved over to the left one, giving it the same treatment. Nino was now whimpering below him trying not the grab onto him.

Nino opened his eyes when he no longer felt the man above him. Noticing that he was stripping down to his briefs before joining him back on the bed. Ohno then hooked his fingers in both Nino’s sweats and boxers, pulling them off in one fluid motion. He smiled devilishly at the semi-hard appendage before straddling him. He rocked his clothed erection against it watching as Nino’s dick got bigger and harder.

“Ohno,” the gamer gasped. The older man smirked and leaned forward, placing wet kisses along his chest. He slipped a hand in between them and gave the cock a few strokes. Nino’s hips immediately went up for more contact, causing Ohno to chuckle.

“Want me to?” Ohno asked above Nino’s lips.

“Please,” Nino begged.

“Mmm, its been a while since I’ve tasted you, you know.”

“Go ahead then,” Nino’s chest heaved the more Ohno’s skillful fingers rubbed and tugged him. The older man slid down so he was face to face with the gamer’s cock. He licked the underside slowly, as if he was lapping up a popsicle. Nino cried out and grabbed the pillow underneath his head. When the cock was completely hard, Ohno moved on to suck on his balls. Crying out, Nino--shocking both himself and Ohno-- came on his pelvis.

“It's been that long?” Ohno asked to which Nino nodded. The artist licked the cum off his lover before getting on his knees and removing his briefs. “Then let’s speed this up a little.” He reached for the lube and condoms in the bedside drawer. He uncapped the bottled and poured some on his fingers smearing it on the gamer’s awaiting hole. Ohno slipped two fingers in smirking when he felt how tight the younger man was.

“Ah, more,” Nino gasped. Complying to the request Ohno pushed in a third finger moving them in and out. The gamer was moaning repeatedly; his cock waking up a bit the more his lover played with him. When both men got impatient, Ohno pulled his fingers out, wiping them on the bed, then placed the lubed up condom on his cock. He held the base of it before sliding it into Nino’s tight hole. The younger man arched his back in pleasure as he felt the cock push further and further into him. He missed this feeling so much that had he not come earlier he sure would’ve now.

“Ram it in me,” Nino moaned.

“Okay,” the artist said shakily. He had been trying to restrain himself, since he wanted this to last, but he highly doubted he would hold out for long. He shoved his cock all the way in, smiling at the pleasured expression Nino made. Pulling out halfway, he shoved in deep and did it again until they found their rhythm. Ohno held onto the thin hips below him, lifting them up a little to thrust faster. Nino was gasping and moaning with every thrust making Ohno get closer to his orgasm.

The older man pulled out and turned Nino around so he was on his hands and knees. He pushed the gamer’s shoulder’s down, exposing his ass more for him. He gave the slightly gaping hole a few licks before plunging himself inside. “Fuck,” Nino groaned, rotating his hips. Smirking, Ohno quickly pounded his lover’s ass watching it shake with every thrust. The sounds of their bodies as well as their voices soon filled the room making their own perverted orchestra. Nino turned his head the best he could in his position to look at his boyfriend as he fucked him.

Grabbing the thinner man’s arms, Ohno thrust harder in and out of him. Nino’s cries were getting louder the closer he got to coming. The artist bit his lower lip and relentlessly fucked him until he shot his load in the condom. He kept thrusting as he rode out his orgasm, causing Nino to come as well. He released his hold on his lover’s arms and pulled out slowly. They collapsed on the bed, trying to breathe normally again.

Nino rolled over, so he was on his side facing Ohno. The artist was on his back, breathing heavily with eyes closed. He propped himself up with his arm and stared at him with a loving smile. Ohno, sensing this, reached up and stroked the gamer’s cheek. “I love you,” Nino said rubbing his face into the warm palm.

“I love you too,” Ohno said sleepily. They rested for a bit before they went on for round two.
7:30PM later that day

Aiba and Sho were cooking the food for the get together they were going to have for Ohno’s return. They decided to hold it at Sho’s place because it was a perfect meeting point when looked at in a map…or so that’s what Nino said. They practically had a full course meal done and all they needed to do was wait for the cake to bake. Again a natural disaster almost happened--someone left the rag too close to the stove--but other than that things went rather smoothly.

“So is Jun-kun gonna come?” Aiba asked licking the chocolate frosting from his fingers.

“I don’t know. I mean I really don’t want him to be the 5th wheel,” Sho sighed. They all had done their part to try and help him find some form of happiness, but it never worked out because he’d never try it out. “How much time do we have until they show up?” Sho asked innocently.

“About 20 minutes.”

“Do you think we have time to…you know,” Sho said fiddling with his fingers. Aiba laughed and grabbed his hand to take him to the living room. Hastily they pulled their pants down knowing it was faster this way. Sho stroked both their cocks frantically as they kissed hungrily. Aiba moaned into the kiss and grabbed Sho’s ass, pushing them closer. When they were both hard, the younger man turned around and bent over the couch. Sho spat in his hand rubbed it on his dick. He slid a finger in briefly stretching him before pushing himself in.

In no time were they moving against each other. Aiba pushed back to meet Sho’s thrusts, trying to reach his orgasm. The waiter grabbed his hips and rapidly moved his own, hitting Aiba’s prostate.

“Ah more..more,” Aiba whined. Sho pulled his lover’s body up so his back was against his chest and stroked the swaying cock in time with his thrusts. Right when they both were about to come, the bell rang. “Fuck, no. Don’t stop,” Aiba ordered Sho, reaching around to grab his ass when he felt the man getting ready to pull out. They kept fucking even though the bell was ringing incessantly.

“I’m coming,” Sho said in his ear. Aiba nodded and placed his hand over his Sho’s, jerking off faster until he came. Feeling the man’s walls clenching and pulsating around him, Sho came as well. They didn’t even have time to properly catch their breaths before they answered the door.

“I knew it they were fucking,” Nino said pointing at their flushed faces. Sho quickly went the bathroom to clean his hand while Aiba let them in. “Tell me the danger zone so I don’t sit in someone’s cum,” the gamer said looking around the room.

“Fuck off,” Aiba giggled.

“Oh and by the way I hate you for being in on this whole scam about him coming.”

“But it was so romantic, I had to go along with it,” Aiba smiled. “Did he cry?” he asked Ohno.

“Like a baby,” the artist said cockily, receiving a small punch to the shoulder. Sho came in and smiled at the two of them.

“Did you know he was coming too?” Nino asked. Sho looked away guiltily causing Nino’s jaw to drop in disbelief. “Everyone knew except me?”

“Yeah pretty much,” they all said with a nod.

“I should disown all of you,” Nino seethed. “Pass me a stick so I can poke you guys with,” he pouted sitting on the chair. Ohno laughed and sat on his lap, wrapping an arm around his neck. “Is Jun coming?” Nino asked realizing it was only the four of them. Sho and Aiba shared shrugs wondering the same thing too.

“Well for the time being, let’s have some of the appetizers Sho made,” Aiba smiled. Nino grimaced which was caught by the waiter.

“Oi,” Sho said pointing at him while going into the kitchen. They were gathered in the living room for 15 minutes before they heard the doorbell ring. Everyone shared a look before Aiba went to answer the door.

“Yay Jun-kun made it!” Aiba cheered then noticed the man next to him. He smiled looking back and forth at them before turning around and ushering them in. “Guys look who’s here,” he said pointing at Jun. “And he brought a friend,” he continued, eying Toma with a smirk.

“Stop being weird,” Jun whispered to him. Nino and Sho shared a shocked look when they saw Toma standing awkwardly beside him.

“He’s the guy at the bar?” Sho asked happily. Jun nodded looking away with a faint amount of blush on his cheeks.

“Okay well, this is Ikuta Toma,” Jun said introducing him to them all. When all introductions were done the newcomers felt weird receiving so many stares. “Okay ask away,” Jun sighed.

“When did you guys meet?” Sho asked.

“Are you two dating or simply here together?” Ohno asked afterwards.

“Did you guys fuck already?” Aiba and Nino asked at the same time. Everyone looked at the two of them with confused faces. “What…it's a valid question and he said ask away,” Nino said defensively.

“Ignoring the last question,” Jun laughed. “We work at the bar and we started dating a week ago.”

“They fucked already then,” Aiba nodded at Nino, both men getting hit on the head by their partners. Toma laughed shyly causing the two to ‘aw’ him. Jun covered his face in embarrassment; it was like making him meet his parents but even worse.

“Okay so, let’s start,” Sho smiled. He set the food out on the table and played some music. It was around 10PM did everyone get really comfortable around each other. They all pretty much found out why Toma was such a keeper for Matsumoto. He was quite mature for his age yet he still had his boyish charms. Sho, Aiba, Nino, and Ohno would sneak glances at the couple when they were off doing something on their own. The two were in the kitchen having what seemed to be an intimate conversation. The gang was pretty discreet with their spying until Toma and Jun kissed. They just had to go ruin it with their ‘aw-ing’.

“Seriously one more time and I’m killing you all,” Jun threatened causing the rest to run off quickly. Toma smiled and kissed Matsumoto’s neck.

“Let’s go back in,” he said taking the older man’s hand.

Nino winked at Matsujun when their eyes met. Never did he think he’d see the day where Matsumoto could talk to Sho and Aiba without the hidden pain in his eyes. He smiled and looked over at Sho playing ‘rock, paper, scissors’ with Toma to see who would get the last beer. Ohno sat down next to him noticing the gamer’s expression.

“What is it?”

“Mm, nothing,” Nino smiled and rest his head on Ohno’s shoulder. “My two months are complete now,” he said softly to himself. Ohno heard him and smiled, placing kiss on the top of the younger man’s head.

“How’s it complete?”

“I’ve fulfilled my promise,” Nino said looking up at his boyfriend. The artist looked down at him, silently telling him to continue. “I waited patiently and faithfully for you as well as help Jun find happiness.” Ohno smiled and leaned in for a kiss.

“And I’m glad you did.” The two shared another kiss, managing to ignore the other two boisterous couples sitting across from them. Nino wouldn’t replace this moment for anything even with the cat calls shooting their way, he wouldn’t want this to end.

Well, he could deal without the hooting and hollering.

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