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Title: Deviant
Pairing: Matsumoto [solo]
Rating: R
Summary: Jun rubs one out while messing around with some liquid latex.
Disclaimer: I am not nor do I know any of the mentioned characters. This never happened, it is only a work of fiction.
A/N: Was writing this and a bunch of other fics while I was on my studying flow...still am, but I felt I needed to post something for you guys^^.

There was something about how cold it felt when it touched him that got him so intrigued. Something about how slick it went on him, causing his nipples to harden as well as his cock. He looked down at the blue and green lines that were being spread on his chest with the soft brush. His breath hitched as he watched them blend together, dripping down his stomach and pooling at his bellybutton.

Jun moaned softly when more was put on, his dick fighting to come out of its confines. His left hand slowly moved across his thigh to rub the prominent bulge, letting his head fall back in pleasure. He’s not sure when he got into liquid latex, but all he could remember is that the minute it touched him, he wanted more.

His moans were increasing the faster his hand moved. His chest heaving when he felt his orgasm approaching. The latex morphing with his body as it writhed and twisted. Jun pulled his briefs down and continued to touch himself until he came in quick spurts on his chest and stomach. It was like a fucked up vision of art as he watched his cum change color when it mixed in with the liquid latex.

Jun relaxed in the chair he was sitting in and let his mind wander as he waited for the latex to dry.

Tags: r: r, slash
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