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Title: Nervous System
Pairing: Sakumoto
Rating: NC-17
Summary: “Want to play a little game?
“Wha-what kind of game?”
“The one that’ll let you know if your nervous system is working right,” Sho smiled. Jun blushed, immediately seeing where this was going.

Disclaimer: I am not nor do I know any of the mentioned characters. This never happened, it is only a work of fiction.

Jun sighed as he erased the chalk on the board. It was another day in Biology and he wasn’t understanding not a damn thing. Granted he knew the general stuff, certain names where just too hard to get. As he wiped off the last bits of chalk the board, another student busted in.

“Is Aiba in here?” the student asked, looking frantically in the empty classroom.

“Um…no,” Jun pouted.

He knew who the student was. His name was Sakurai Sho and he was every teacher’s fucking pet. Whether he was trying to be or not, but Sho was always perfect. The Aiba kid Sho was looking for was very well-known for being just about the friendliest bastard to ever walk this earth. You’d heard his hyena cackle miles away and somehow you’d crack a smile. Some people speculated that the two were dating seeming how they were always together, but because Jun actually talks to and knows Aiba, he knew it was all rumors.

He was happy as hell when he found out it was just a rumor. Because as much as he hated to admit, he had this schoolboy crush on Sho. He just seemed like the perfect sempai, the one who’d teach you anything about everything. The man was also the subject to most of his dreams, but of course Jun would never readily admit this.

“Fuck, he has my math notebook,” Sho grumbled. “You wouldn’t happen to be taking Calculus, would you?” Sho smiled innocently at Jun. If the boy was in a better mood he would’ve totally been a flustered mess, but instead he just shook his head ‘no.’ The upperclassman pouted and entered the classroom, closing the door behind him. “You okay?”

“Yeah, don’t worry about it,” Jun murmured as he wiped the small bits of chalk dust off his hands.

“You sure, cause contrary to what people say about me, I’m not a stuck up douche. I am willing to listen your problem.”

Jun cracked a small smile before sighing. “Well, we’ve had two exams and I’ve been barely passing with C’s. I really want to pass this semester with all A’s, but if I keep getting C’s that won’t happen,” Jun moped, sitting on the teacher’s desk behind him. Sho smirked and walked closer to him.

“Well what exactly aren’t you getting?”

“The terms, there’s so much vocabulary it’s ridiculous.”

Sho laughed and picked up Jun’s textbook, skimming a few pages. “Well this isn’t too bad,” he murmured.

“Of course it’d be easy for someone like you.”

“And what is someone like me?” Sho asked closing the book angrily. Jun blushed and apologized. The older man sighed and placed the book on the desk they were sitting on. Nothing bothered him more than when people think they know him, because they build expectations that he himself can’t reach.

“Sorry for being rude, I didn’t mean it that way. I just meant that, you’re like the star student that it seemed like of course my small biology problem would be nothing to you.”

“Hmm,” Sho sighed. “What’s making it hard to memorize this stuff? Do you make a schedule of what and when to study?”

“No…” Jun pouted. He figured it wouldn’t be so safe to tell the man that it’s because he spends most of his free time daydreaming.

“Well what are you studying right now?

“The nervous system,” Jun sighed. Sho smirked, reached over, and pinched the back of Jun’s hand.

“OW! WHAT THE FUCK?!” Jun screamed, quickly moving his hand to his chest.

“Why’d you feel that just now?”

“Cause you fucking pinched me,” Jun said angrily. Sho shook his head.

“Cause you have neurons running throughout your body.” Sho got down from the desk and stood in between Jun’s legs. He picked up the injured hand and kissed it. “You’re neurons are sending signals to your brain, you’re brain is processing the information and what was once pain is now becoming pleasure.”

“Why do you say pleasure?”

“Your pupils dilated,” Sho smirked. Jun snatched his hand away from the man and looked away. The smirk never left the older student’s face as he placed his hands on the younger man’s knees. They slowly moved up to his belt, tugging on them slightly. “Want to play a little game?”

“Wha-what kind of game?”

“The one that’ll let you know if your nervous system is working right,” Sho smiled. Jun blushed, immediately seeing where this was going.

“We’re at school.”

“It won’t be the first time students had sex on school grounds.”

“It will for me,” Jun cried out. Sho leaned forward and kissed his cheek.

“If you things are working right, this could go a lot faster than you think.”

Sho didn’t really wait for Jun to answer as he unbuckled the flashy belt and undid his kouhai’s pants, smirking when he noticed the bump that was forming in the white boxers.

“Sakurai-san, we can’t,” Jun whimpered yet not doing much to stop the man. Sho smiled as he pulled the erection out of the slit in the boxers, stroking the hard flesh.

“This feels great doesn’t it?”

“Ah, yeah…it does,” Jun gasped. The boy kept groaning and moaning the more Sho pleasured him. However it wasn’t until he felt lips wrap around him did he cry out. “Oh, ugh…fuck.”

Jun closed his eyes tightly and placed his hand in the thick brown hair before him. Slowly he opened his eyes to watched his cock disappear in the man’s mouth, enjoying how his sempai’s cheeks sunk in, how his lips filled out when his head bobbed back up, and how the half lidded eyes would occasionally look up at him.

“Sakurai-san,” he moaned.

Sho pulled back, and ran the tip of his tongue along the slit on the head of Jun’s cock. The younger man let out airy gasps as he watched the wet organ move back and forth on his dick, teasing him more than he could even imagine. Sho looked up at him with a pleased smile as he jerked him off. Jun’s head fell back as he moaned louder.

“You’re so hot, you know that?” Sho whispered before taking the man back in his mouth. Jun gasped before giving the older man a quick warning that he was about to come. Sho simply moaned as his reply, moving his head and hand faster, working Jun into completion.

“I’m coming,” Jun whined. Sho looked up at him, watching as the man’s eyes shut tightly and his mouth hung open before his teeth took his bottom lip in between them. It was then did Sho taste the thick cum on his tongue. He swallowed and continued sucking until the younger man was no longer twitching.

After rearranging his clothes, Sho stood back up and placed a closed mouth kiss on Jun’s full lips. “You should be able to do well on your next test,” he smiled before walking towards the door.

“And if I don’t?” Jun called out after him.

“I’m always free to tutor,” Sho said with his back turned, before giving him a small wink over his shoulder and walked out the room.
Tags: p: sakurai sho/ matsumoto jun, r: nc-17, slash
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