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07 July 2011 @ 05:13 pm
Band of Five Ch.4  
Title: Band of Five Ch.4
Pairing: Yamapair
Rating: R-NC-17
Summary: Aiba collects four men to create his own private army to ensue havoc.
Disclaimer: I do not know nor am I any of the mentioned characters. This is all a work of fiction, this never happened.
A/N: Characters are based/inspired by the book “The Master and Margarita”, so this fic will have some dark themes as well as some OOC moments.
Ch.1 Ch.2 Ch.3

Sho woke up in the middle of the night, body entwined with Aiba’s, because he had a certain itch of annoyance getting to him. Slowly he got up from the bed, not wanting to wake the other man, and checked Ohno’s room. When he looked in, he didn’t see Nino even though the man was told to go in earlier that night.

Ohno rolled over so he was on his back, his eyebrows furrowed in discomfort. Sho gently closed the door behind him and crawled on top of the shorter man, straddling his lap while staring at him. He leaned forward and inhaled his scent; it was weird. It smelt so much like Aiba’s, which was probably why he was able to sense him yesterday.

Sho unbuttoned the plaid shirt the man wore and kissed along his chest. His tongue encircled a nipple, nipping it gently which caused Ohno to whimper in his sleep. The sound went straight to Sho’s crotch. He kept on with his actions, moving further down until he was grabbed and flipped onto his back.

“What are you doing?”

“Enjoying you,” Sho breathed. Ohno’s eyes took in the naked form underneath him, slowly grinding his lower half against the man’s. “Ah,” Sho gasped and moaned, trying to feel more of him. “Did you have fun with Nino like this earlier?”

“Mm, you can say that,” Ohno said as he tried to suppress a moan. He didn’t know why he was attracted to the taller man; especially since he wasn’t too keen on contact like this. Sho then hooked his leg around Ohno and flipped them over, claiming top again.

“Let me,” Sho smiled before removing the man’s jeans. Ohno watched with curious eyes as the incubus removed the clothing on his lower half. Sho stroked the semi, fingers on the left hand working the shaft while the right ran up from the perineum to his balls. Ohno groaned, closing his eyes briefly. He wasn’t sure if it was cause this man was really good at what he does, but his mind was completely clouded over, as if someone was trying to take over him.

He opened his eyes and gasped when he saw Sho, he didn’t look like himself, not like the man with the milky skin he met the day before. “An incubus,” Ohno whispered. Sho’s eyes snapped up from what he was doing and hovered over him.

“You can tell?”

Ohno nodded and laid back. “It’s a dream. It isn’t real,” the smaller man said to himself. Sho licked his neck, while he stroked his erection, ready to penetrate him. He pushed in slowly, bringing out a soft whine from Ohno. Slowly but surely he managed to get his whole length in him. Sho started to thrust in and out of him, making sure the man felt every agonizing inch, every pull. He wasn’t going to let him think he was dreaming.
The next morning Ohno woke up completely sore. His back hurt as did his arms and ass. He slowly got off the bed, but the minute he stood up he felt sick. Quickly he ran the bathroom and threw up. Aiba, who was fixing his hair, looked over and crouched down next to him.

“Rough night?” Aiba asked knowingly, staring at the few scratches he had on his back. Ohno nodded as he dry heaved. “Let it all out,” he said before getting up and leaving the bathroom.

Aiba went to the kitchen where Sho was sitting at the table with Nino. “Sakurai, we must talk about your little adventure last night.”

“Mad?” Sho asked, looking up at him with large eyes behind his coffee mug. Aiba laughed and shook his head ‘no’.

“I told you, you’ll be everyone’s. But what you seemed to fail to realize is that humans don’t mesh well with demons,” Aiba smiled.


“Do you know what will happen if you fuck him too many times?” the smirk never leaving Aiba’s face.


“He’ll die and I won’t be able to claim him.” Aiba sat on the edge of the table and lift Sho’s head. “So please, control your urges a bit. I’ll need him in about three days.”

When Aiba got ready to leave, Sho called out to him. “Why does he smell like you?” Aiba turned around with a questioning look. “He smells exactly like you do. The same one you said my body would hunger for.”

“He’s my horseman. He will carry the same scent as me.”

“Meaning I can get aroused by him just as easily?”

“Just fight those urges,” Aiba laughed and walked away. Sometimes that man just pissed Sho off. He looked over at Nino who was giving him a death glare.

“You slept with him?”

“Mm, and he saw me. Like saw me.”

“That’s great and all but he kicked me out the room before I even had a chance to do anything fun. Why’d he keep you?”

“It’s my job,” Sho shrugged. Nino made a disgruntled noise before leaving the kitchen. Sho sighed and rest his head on the table. Moments later Ohno came in, dressed in new clothes. “You feel better?”

“I guess. That was the hardest I’ve ever puked,” Ohno groaned. There was a pregnant pause before Ohno looked over at him. “What happened last night?”

“What do you mean?”

“You…you’re a demon right?”

“And why do you think that?” Sho laughed. Ohno simply lifted his shirt up and showed him the bites and scratches Sho left on him. Definitely not human markings.

“What do you all want from me?”

“I don’t know, but maybe you could use something to eat,” Sho said getting up from the table and putting on an apron. He could feel Ohno’s eyes on him, which somehow was making him uncomfortable. He felt like he did when he first got with Aiba. Granted the man was shorter than him, there was something menacing about him.
Throughout the day, Ohno didn’t leave Sho’s side while Nino and Aiba went out. Sho didn’t do much except look at their financial information, cook, and maybe watch T.V. complaining about how mundane everything was. And that whole time, Ohno was right there by his side, staring at him.

It didn’t take too long before one of them pounced on each other.

Ohno was on his back crying out as Sho powerfully thrust into his opening. He wasn’t holding back, nor did he want to. This man was just too good to ignore. Ohno moaned breathily, gripping the sofa cushions the harder the hips snapped into his. Sho licked the tanned neck, biting down on it, but not hard enough to break the skin. This only caused Ohno to tighten his muscles around him and come his short spurts in between them.

Sho didn’t last too long after that, releasing himself in the warm hole. He remembered what Aiba said, but he didn’t see the harm in fucking him at least once a day for three days, ‘That can’t kill him.’

Or so he thought.

The more Sho slept with Ohno, the more he wanted it again. After the rough fucking Ohno received on the couch, Sho did it again in the shower, over the kitchen counter, in the bedrooms, and just flat out on the living room floor. Ohno’s body twitched and his chest heaved heavily as he tried to regain his breathing. It was close to 6PM when he was done owning Ohno all over the house. Sho looked up from the floor and saw Aiba smiling down at him.

“A word please,” he said this with a smile, but his voice was cold. He roughly grabbed Sho’s arm and dragged him into their bedroom, shoving the incubus on the bed. He straddled the man, his hands placed on either side of his head. “Yeah remember that fucking talk this morning? I meant it!” he growled through clenched teeth. Again they didn’t look human anymore, which let Sho know the man was pissed.

“I-I know, sorry. I just-”

“He’s off limits now. If you continue to fuck him every which way for the next three days he will without a doubt die. And if you fucking do that, I will bind clothing onto you that when you tug at them it’s like ripping at your skin.”

Sho gulped and nodded his head. Aiba got off the man and walked out the room, fixing his clothes before walking towards Nino and Ohno with a smile.

“Still feeling shitty?” Aiba asked in a concerned voice at Ohno, who was doubled over a bucket. Nino looked up at Sho when he silently walked pass them and into the kitchen. The thin man followed him in and cleared his throat.

“Aiba said that when Ohno’s ‘back to normal’ he will be different. So I’d watch out if I were you.”

“Different how?”

“Oh you know how Ohno likes to draw about killing people and stuff; yeah, turns out those pills suppress his urge to really do it.”

“So…I’ve been fucking a potential murderer?”

“But Aiba said we need him.”


“He’ll the one of the four horsemen; Violence.”

Sho pouted and crossed his arms over his chest. This wasn’t going to be easy…
It was indeed tough for Sho to not sleep with Ohno, when his body so eagerly wanted him. Granted he feels just as much of a sexual pull towards Aiba, it felt stronger with Ohno cause he was a human. The fact that the body was so delicate turned him on too much. For two days, Sho walked around with an erection, forcefully hidden in his boxer briefs. And it seemed as if Ohno knew he wasn’t allowed to do anything with him anymore seeming how the man would touch him more than necessary.

However if it wasn’t for Ohno, who decided to practically fellate the spoon he was eating ice cream with, Sho wouldn’t have held him against the wall and devour those lips of his.

Ohno’s personality did change, just like Nino said it would. The man was no longer passive, if he was bitten, he bit back even harder and if he was slapped he slapped back harder. Ohno managed to knock Sho off his feet and crawled above him.

“Sho you’ve been neglecting me for a few days now.”

“I was ordered to do so,” Sho gasped when Ohno ran a nail along his pained erection. Ohno then slid down to kiss the outline of the hard member. Sho moaned and closed his eyes tightly, willing himself to not snap and fuck this man senseless. Ohno then ran his tongue up and down the shaft, soaking the white cotton material of his underwear.

They didn’t get to progress forward since Aiba and Nino came back. Aiba didn’t say a word, he simply knelt down and gave Sho a kiss. He then turned to Ohno and smiled. “Tomorrow, you’re coming out with us.” Ohno nodded and looked back down at Sho.

“All four of us?” he asked.

“Is that what you want? Cause it might be an inconvenience to Sho,” Aiba chuckled.

“Mm, I want him there.” Nino rolled his eyes at those words, his jealousy count was already off the chart.

Aiba laughed at the face Sho pulled and nodded at Ohno. “It won’t be fun, just know that.” He then took Sho’s hand and dragged him into their room.

“I know you said not to sleep with him, but I didn’t. For two days I didn’t and today he just pounced on me, well I pounced on him first, but…” Sho stop ranting when Aiba started laughing. “You’re not mad?”

“Tomorrow, you’ll need your stamina.”

Sho blinked at him, knowing exactly what he needed him to do. “Why can’t you do it?”

“Cause if I sleep with a human, they tend to not make it afterwards. I need him to be on his last line, only an incubus can slowly suck the life out of someone.”


“Sakurai!” Aiba yelled. Sho shut his mouth and nodded quickly. He couldn’t believe he was going to have quite literally fuck someone to death.
That next day came and both Sho and Ohno were quite nervous. They got into their car and drove to the hillside. Aiba got out the passenger side and opened one of the back doors, calling Ohno out. They walked aimlessly around the area, though made sure not to wander too far from the car.

“I am offering you a chance to be you without restrictions.”

“How do you know what I’m like?” Ohno asked.

“Because I know everything. I know your birthday, your mother’s maiden name, your grandparents, if you’ll get married, if you’ll have children, and of course how and when you die,” Aiba said proudly. He moved closer to the shorter man and smiled crookedly at him. “I am like the air you breathe, the food you eat, the bodies you fuck. I can give you something better, a whole lot better than being stuck on a farm chopping wood all day to say you make an honest day’s work.”

“What are you offering?”

“A new life, the life you were supposed to lead.” Aiba flicked his wrist at the car, Sho’s cue to get out. The incubus walked silkily towards them, standing obediently by Aiba’s side. “Say yes and you can have it all.”

Ohno looked back and forth between the two of them. He nodded slowly which caused both Sho and Aiba to smile. The taller man went back into the car to Nino, who was clutching the steering wheel.

“Jealousy will get you nowhere,” Aiba said before leaning over to place a kiss on his right temple. Nino only pouted before reclining in his seat.

Sho and Ohno were in a deep and passionate kiss with just the perfect amount of teeth and tongue. Ohno broke away and stared at the taller man in slight confusion; just kissing him was draining him out now. Sho ripped open the button down shirt he wore that day, already working on his pants. “Strip,” he ordered.

Once Ohno had removed his shirt and pulled his pants down, Sho sat him on his lap. He sucked on the back, biting down on it. Ohno gasped and clutched and arm of the bench they were sitting on. It literally took two seconds before Sho buried himself inside of him and thrusting wildly.

Aiba watched from the car as Ohno’s head fell back in pain and pleasure while Sho recklessly moved in and out of him. It was reaching an hour and they had came three times already. Ohno’s body was visibly becoming weaker the more Sho released in him. It wasn’t until their fifth time, did the smaller man let out a pained sob. It felt as if someone was pressing down on his lungs. Sho came once again and stared at the near lifeless body. Aiba got out the car and knelt down in front of Ohno.

“Say ‘ah’,” he smirked before kissing the weak man. It was a weird sight to see. A large lump formed in Ohno’s neck, slowly traveling down his chest and flattening when it reached his stomach. When Aiba pulled away, the man scrambled away from the both of them and threw up. It felt like his body was burning up after each dry heave. This wasn’t like when he first slept with Sho, he knew he was dying this time around.

Ohno collapsed on the floor, crying out in pain of the searing burning sensation that kept spreading. This went on for a few more minutes before he was in the fetal position, crying and breathing heavily. Aiba removed his jacket and wrapped it around the frail body. Sho fixed his pants, his shirt hanging open over his chest. He helped fix Ohno’s bottoms as well before putting him in the backseat of the car.

Nino looked around to make sure no one saw, but caught the eyes of an all too curious bystander. He and Aiba elegantly got out the car and smiled at him. “You’ve seen too much,” Aiba said softly. Nino snapped his fingers on either side of the man’s eyes causing him to instantly lose sight. The man stumbled around ready to call out, but Aiba simply pressed his thumb on the middle of his forehead and he passed out.
When they got home, they immediately placed Ohno in his bed. He was trembling slightly, but in a deep sleep. Sho stripped off his clothes and went to the bathroom, thinking everything over. They’ve just recruited the third man; they were now a band of four. He spent a few more minutes in the shower before stepping out to the living room in just the towel.

“Still asleep?” he asked Nino, who simply nodded. “Mad at me?” Again he received a simple nod. “It’s my job Nino, also he was a human. I couldn’t resist.”

“We have to find the last one quickly,” Nino said, changing topics. “You know how eager Aiba can get.”

“What do you think the last one will be?”


“Well, he’s got an incubus, he’s got an illusionist, and now the personification of violence…what is the last one?”

“Someone very important to me,” Aiba said from the doorway. The two looked over at him, shocked that he was there the whole time.

“Aiba-sama, what are you planning?” Sho finally asked the question that had been bugging him for five months.

“A new world,” he said before leaving the room.
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&&I found jealous Nino adorable xDDD <3

adsjkfhjskdhf I absolutely love this series~~~!! *___* It's so interesting and soooooo gooooodd♥ Can't wait for more bby!
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yuelnaye: OMGyuelnaye on July 8th, 2011 04:18 pm (UTC)
We know the Truth now...
I want to have him living at my house.

I love this series sooooo much!
Jealous Nino is so sweet ♥ i hope him to have a thing with Oh-chan ;)

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Awww jelaous ninooo.. Sho fucking ohno in all over place! LOL xD
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cry1babycry1baby on July 7th, 2011 10:42 pm (UTC)
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But none the less, i am glad I've read it from the beginning and now I want more of it.
Thanks a lot for this, can't wait for the next update :D
cry1babycry1baby on July 7th, 2011 11:54 pm (UTC)
haha thanks, glad you finally got around to reading it and that you are enjoying it^^
thanks for reading and i shall be working on the next chapter soon
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poor nino~ he's being jealous :]]]
and sho's such an energizer bunny with fucking and fucking, hoho :)))
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and GL with your new world aiba~ *my head is playing death note's theme*
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haha mm
xD hey its an incubus' job to just keep on going xDDD
mm it'll be revealed soon^^
ahahahahaha i totes didnt think about death note xDD omg Light xD
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will be working on the next one soon~
thanks for reading
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And I would marry the last line LOL
This ending totally made me imagine this:

Sho: Aiba-sama, what are you planning?
Aiba: A new world *leaves the room* ... MWAHAHAHA!

I made this drawing very simply and fast, just to show Mr. Devil XD
cry1babycry1baby on July 8th, 2011 12:04 am (UTC)
ahaha xD
thanks bb~

i do have an image of how i envision Aiba to look like in this xD
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i loved this!!! really,I mean, it's so wrong in so many ways but at the same time I really want to know what happens next!!
I love a jealous Nino, and the Yama pair (though Ohno probably didn't feel soooo good), it was a good chapter, and I love to see Dark Aiba in charge of everything!!
cry1babycry1baby on July 8th, 2011 01:07 am (UTC)
LOL yes it is wrong in many ways xDD
hehe ^^ thanks hun! working on the next one soon~
so_gracefull: yama pairso_gracefull on July 8th, 2011 02:21 am (UTC)
OMG, this chapter was hot..haha (I think that wasn't the point of this chapter? XDD) But funny too how you described Sho's lust for Ohno and the way he babble while explaining to Aiba.. I'm not a yamapair fan, especially NC-17 ones, but I was actually able to read through the entire chapter so... YAY! ^^ Jealous Nino is cute too, but of course he can't do anything about it no? I'm just curious why Aiba "recruited" Nino in a different way than Yamapair. I would have liked an Aimiya kiss.hihi~ So looking forward to Jun's addition to the Band of Four (for now)
cry1babycry1baby on July 8th, 2011 02:32 am (UTC)
haha no no i think the smut was the main point of the chapter xDD.

oh yay haha, glad it wasnt a bother for you to read it ^^

you know i never really noticed Aiba did kiss yama as his way of recruiting them >.< i wasnt planning on it but i came out that way -__- haha
well there's still some chapters to go, so Aimiya might be popping up xDD.

mm will be working on ch5 soon
thanks for reading~

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Bad ass!Aiba is love~
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All the sex is really hot yama~♥ Sho is ♥ XDD
And Nino's jealously is just really cute, and Aiba is really hot!! I can't wait to see how Jun will be in here. Can't wait for the next, this is really addicting.
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mm, will be working on the 5th one soon! thanks for reading and im very glad it's still keeping you interested
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My god Sho, you beast! :P

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cry1babycry1baby on July 8th, 2011 12:05 pm (UTC)
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Mm, once the last one is recruited the plot will unfold a lot more ^^
thanks for reading hun~
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its okay laave ♥ *hugs and kicks comp*
XDD yeah, its hard to not see LOVE before everything else xDD, thanks you bb~
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i'm asking myself why didnt i see this till now. but then i havent been lurking around recently:( /hates rl

this is awesome! i love reading fics featuring.... creatures like demons and vampires. and this is definitely a good one when i find myself re-reading againXD i love how you portray each of them such that it's not awkward to read:))))) cant wait for the next update:)
cry1babycry1baby on July 8th, 2011 12:10 pm (UTC)
haha as long as you got to
and at least you have a life...im just lazying about writting fics -__-

Thank you hun~
mm, i've never really read much dark arashi fics [like proper dark, none of that rape/slave stuff >.<] And I got so inspired by the book I based this off of hehe. Thanks alot, I'm glad it's keeping you entertained and interested. Once again thank you~
will be working on the next one soon^^