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24 July 2011 @ 11:09 pm
band of five ch.7  
Title: Band of Five Ch.7
Pairing: Yamapair, Matsumiya, Sakuraiba
Rating: R [for violence]
Summary: Aiba collects four men to create his own private army to ensue havoc.
Disclaimer: I do not know nor am I any of the mentioned characters. This is all a work of fiction, this never happened.
A/N: Characters are based/inspired by the book “The Master and Margarita”, so this fic will have some dark themes as well as some OOC moments.
Warning: Very dark and somewhat graphic themes.
Ch.1 Ch.2 Ch.3 Ch.4 Ch.5 Ch.6

They all had to collect souls. It was their job, it was their mission. Nino was alongside Ohno who was twirling his blade around, attracting a few people to them. Nino only wanted those who were corrupt, vain, and greedy. He only wanted those who could and should be condemned.

They were working their way up the social ladder. Grabbing those in the lower class who were green with envy, those in the middle class who were lusting for more, and those in the upper class who were vain and dishonest, wanting any way to keep themselves above the others.

Nino was hard at work, trying to mark their souls; they were going to be their party goers. Somewhere, on the other side of town, Matsumoto was doing the same thing.

With his boyish charms, Matsumoto attracted a lot of people to what he called ‘the party of the century’. Jun smiled when he managed to round up thirty people in just fifteen minutes. Matsumoto flicked a girl’s hair from her face, giving her broken promises of making her dreams come true. He had her pressed against the wall, whispering in her ear the location of his home. “You’ll come, right?”

“Mm,” she nodded with blush spread across her cheeks.

“Good,” Jun smiled. “See you at 8,” he winked before walking off.
Aiba was sitting on a park bench, reading a newspaper while keeping watch on Sho and the humans around him. He no longer has to work hard seeming how his entourage were proving themselves worthy, especially Matsumoto. He was able to feel every soul they were closing in on, every person that was going to be sold over to him.

He looked up at caught Sho speaking with an older gentleman, whose eyes were creepily ogling at Sho’s body. The incubus was far better than Aiba gave him credit for. He’s gotten used to seeing the man on all fours and begging for release, rather than see him send innocent eyes to the men and women he approached.

Aiba inhaled deeply, with closed eyes, and smiled. He could tell things were going accordingly, which also made him eager with excitement.

Sho was currently leaving a fluttering kiss on a woman’s neck, before he felt Aiba calling him. He turned his head and noticed the dark figure standing in the distance. “I’m afraid I have to go,” he pouted.

“But I’ll see you at the party right?” the woman smirked. Sho licked the shell of her ear before biting the lobe softly.

“Of course,” he chuckled and walked off with Aiba.
“How many do you think will be coming?” Ohno ask as he raked his fingers through Sho’s hair.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we got the whole town. Aiba-sama said he felt a lot of them coming from Jun,” Sho answered from his position on the smaller man’s lap. “Where’s Nino? Weren’t you with him?”

“He wanted to stay outside,” Ohno shrugged before leaning down to kiss Sho’s lips.

Nino was sitting on the steps, waiting for Matsumoto to show up. He flipped through his cards, coming up with a few new tricks while trying to kill time.

Suddenly a strong gust of wind blew by, causing the cards to scatter about. Nino reached for one and smiled when he felt Matsumoto’s presence.

“Is that you being a nuisance?” he asked aloud to the empty driveway.

“How can you tell?”

“I can feel you,” Nino murmured. Jun appeared seemingly out of nowhere and crouched down in front of him, giving him a smile. Though he was sure the man still didn’t remember him, he was always trying to cheer Nino up. “So how many did you get?”

“Probably around 70,” Jun pouted. “You?”

“Mm, with Ohno’s help we got about 30. Though that guy wanted everyone that came to us,” Nino sighed. “Fucking psycho,” he sighed and looked away.

“Why do you hate him so much?”

“I don’t hate him. He’s just a douche.” Jun laughed and nodded.

“I can see how he has some characteristics of a douche, but he’s not bad at all. You should try to be nicer to him, you’ll be stuck with him forever you know,” the pale man smiled.

“Why are you our voice of reason?”

“That’s what I am,” Jun shrugged.

“No you’re a grim reaper,” Nino countered with a smirk. Matsumoto’s eyes sparked with a hint of lust. He then got a quick flashback of the two of them in the car, laughing and kissing, before everything turned back to normal.

“Let’s get prepared before Aiba gets back,” Jun said while looking deeply into Nino’s eyes. The smaller man simply nodded and went into the house.
It wasn’t exactly a black tie event, but everyone was treating it that way. They must have figured a man living in a mansion must be rich and only holds the finest of parties.

Ohno stood by the door, dressed in his usual black suit and bowling hat attire. He was twirling around his knives again, startling some guests. He smirked as he noticed their ‘formal’ wear. ‘They really think they’re getting the glitz and glam of things,’ Ohno thought to himself.

Nino was chatting up a few people, both those whom he met earlier and those he hadn’t. He too was dressed in his typical clothing, but this time he had a fedora to accompany it. His eyes followed Matsumoto, who unlike him and Ohno, was wearing more casual clothing.

Some baggy jeans, white shirt, and his goggles was all the man needed. Though no one was more casual than Sho, he was proudly walking around in the buff, waving to all those that were staring at him.

“That man has no shame,” Jun heard a woman say.

“What’s shameful about his appearance?” Aiba asked, coming from behind her.

“Well he completely naked. There are guests around.”

“Clothing means nothing. It is only specially designed and colored cloth that people choose to wear on their bodies. It doesn’t make you higher than another, even if you think that by having fur collared coats and gaudy diamond earrings makes you better than perhaps this young lady,” Aiba said grabbing a girl by her waist. She had on a cheap low cut dress, revealing more bust than necessary. “Then I guess you are sadly mistaken.” He released the woman who only blushed and continued walking off.

“Well it’s very primitive of him to walk around that way. Not to mention unsanitary,” she continued to fight back. Aiba chuckled and moved closer to her.

“What’s unsanitary is that mouth of yours spewing shit everywhere,” his voice was in a low growl, no longer sounding human. Once he was done saying that, the woman quickly got up, with her hand covering her mouth, and ran to the bathroom. He turned to Jun, who quickly snapped his attention away from the illusionist as he walked by, and smiled. “It’s so fun doing that,” he laughed.

All while this was happening, Nino was off in another part of the house, starting his magic show, but when things were getting good, he got a sharp sting in his head. ‘Aiba is furious,’ he thought. He continued with his work, impressing the gullible audience before bowing and excusing himself.

He ran outside, around back where he heard Ohno and Aiba. There was a deep growling noise coming from the both of them. Ohno had blood dripping from the blade he was messing with earlier. When he got closer he saw the gutted body of a man. “What the fuck?”

“There are spies,” Aiba said.


“Family of the man we took care of a month ago,” Ohno said. Nino nodded and crouched down looking at the frozen and pained expression the man held. He waved his hand over the body, covering it in a black mist, before he was taken to the underworld.

“There are some in the house,” Aiba said gruffly. Nino motioned with his hand that they should go in before him. The two men turned around and went back inside while the illusionist waited till the blood disappeared too.
When they went inside, it was like pandemonium. Aiba telepathically slammed all the doors and windows shut, sealing them all in the house. There were constant screams coming from every corner, but their cries for help fell on deaf ears as no one from outside could hear.

Sho was sitting on the grand piano that was in the living room, kicking his feet and humming to himself while he ate some strawberries. He was completely ignoring the people running pass him, trying to find a way out. “I took care of a few of them,” he said to Aiba who appeared by his side.


“Bedroom,” the incubus smirked. Aiba picked up a strawberry and held it between his teeth. Smirking, Sho leaned in and took the other half, giving the man a kiss. Amidst the chaos happening around them, the two were sharing a passionate kiss.

Matsumoto walked through the room, touching the people who passed him by and causing each of their bodies to drop lifelessly to the floor. He didn’t need to judge, he knew everyone in here were damned and there was no point in hearing their sad pleas to live. He caught the two men kissing in the living room, before remembering about the woman from earlier.

He went upstairs and pushed the half opened bathroom door, pouting at the pitiful sight. The woman was hunched over the toilet vomiting out her insides, which seemed to only regenerate so she suffered the pain over and over again.

“You shouldn’t have said anything,” Jun smirked from his spot on the edge of the tub. He crossed his legs, avoiding the pool of blood edging towards him. “Want me to make it end?” The woman nodded, unable to talk through her bile, innards, and tears. “Hmm, I think I need the approval of my maker. He might get mad if I let you go so easily,” Jun said with a pout. The woman only cried harder. “Fine if you must,” Jun sighed and touched her head, watching as her body stiffened out and her head cracking against the rim of the toilet as she went limp.

Jun left the bathroom after that and went back downstairs where the screams were slowly dying down.
It was like a mass grave, bodies were littered everywhere. Some clearly met the wrath of Ohno’s knives. Jun checked the corpses to make sure they were all dead, noticing a certain mark on each of their bodies. When he caught no sign of a living being, he went to the living room where Aiba was fixing up his clothes.

“They’re all dead,” he smirked.

“Except one,” Aiba said before pulling Sho in for a quick kiss. “Nino and Ohno are working on it, but I wouldn’t want them to have all the fun.” The three walked to the room where the others were toying with their last victim.

“So what exactly have you been saying about us?” Nino smirked at the trembling figure of a man.

“That we’re all heathens and deserved to be damned?” Ohno asked, imitating the man’s voice perfectly.

“Oh, that was good,” Nino laughed at Ohno who gave a cocky smile. “But in all honesty, what gives you the right the go against us?”

“Definitely doesn’t seem like he has the mind of his own to come with such a plan,” Jun said from the doorway. Aiba pushed past him and fisted the man’s shirt.

“Who sent you?” Aiba asked.

“God,” the man spat causing Aiba laughed hard.

“If only you knew how much I don’t fear him. It is who you should fear him…and us.”

“You did something to my brother!” he yelled when Aiba stood him up and shoved him in Nino’s arms. “You monsters ruined his life and turned him into a vegetable!” he cried.

“And it was fun doing that. I wouldn’t mind doing it to you,” Ohno snarled.

“What do you want from us?” the man whimpered looking at all of them.

“I want to fill my quota,” Aiba smiled. “I needed a few more to go and you all were just so perfect.”

“We didn’t do anything. We simply went on with our lives.”

“And that! That right there is what fucking pisses me off,” Aiba said angrily through clenched teeth. “In face of death you play innocent. You try to strip your pride and become humble when you know damn well that you are only feeding what your accuser wants to hear,” he moved closer to the man and whispered in the man’s ear. “You see, Takeda-san, I am the Devil, and I don’t give a fuck what you have to say.”

He moved away from him and smiled. Aiba motioned to Ohno, who marched forward and drove his knife into Takeda’s stomach, barely missing a vital organ.

“I’ve come here to take you all. I want my quota,” the taller man’s voice was serious and his eyes lacking any emotion.

“But we haven’t done anything,” Yamaguchi pleaded; sweat rolling down his forehead as he tried to deal with the pain. Ohno slowly spun the blade in his stomach around, smiling when the man cried out in agony.

“Mm, like your judgmental attitudes, your greed, your vanity…need I say more that makes you worthy to belong to me? Every small action you do only gives me more reason to claim your putrid souls.”

“My soul is pure,” he whimpered. Sho chuckled behind his hand and looked away.

“I bet it is, does your wife and mistress know that?” Nino smirked and turned to Sho. “Do they also know you let our friend here fuck you silly?”

“Just claim him,” Jun sighed, already bored with the man. Aiba nodded grabbed the man’s wrist, burning the same mark found on the other bodies.

“Ohno, do the honors.”

The four of the left the room and closed the door, the man’s pained cries echoed in the quiet house.
“What are we going to do with all the other people?” Sho asked.

“What do you mean?” Aiba asked with furrowed brows.

“Well if the family of one man came here, don’t you think the family of 100 would do the same thing?”

“Don’t you worry love,” Aiba smiled and stroked his cheek. “The people you all got to come here wasn’t just by sheer luck. They were already marked, they were already mine. Sold to me by their parents, some sold themselves over.”

“We were your puppets?” Nino asked.

“You always are and forever will be.”

“But that’s not exactly freedom?” Jun pouted.

“You all gave yourselves to me willingly. I offered you what you wanted and you all accepted. I have your souls, I gave you new ones, and I have control over your bodies,” Aiba said angrily. It was then did they all see his true face. They all realized they belonged to him and that they were all his slaves. The man marched down the stairs and with a simple clap, that rung as loud as thunder, the dead bodies all disappeared; taken to the underworld.

“Are you going to pull another party like this again?” Jun asked as he plopped down on the couch.

“No, I’ve fulfilled all that I needed,” he smiled. “I’ll be marking and tracking the rest, so that when we come back up. We know who we’ll be after.”

All four of them nodded before going their separate ways, already coming to terms with their situation. Nino got ready to go into his room, but was startled when Jun followed him in.

“What’s wrong?” Nino asked as he stripped off his jacket. He didn’t get an answer back and decided to ignore the silent response while he took his shirt off with his back facing him. When the cloth slipped down his body, he felt Jun directly behind him inhaling his scent. “Ma-tsumoto?”

“I did this before didn’t I?”

“Mm,” Nino nodded. His breath hitched slightly when he felt the man’s arms encircle his waist. “Ah,” he whimpered as the man’s wet tongue slid along his neck. “What happened?”

“I remembered how you taste,” Jun whispered in his ear. He turned the man’s head and kissed him passionately. Nino slowly spun around in his arms, lips still fused together, and blushed when Jun slipped his hands in the back pockets of his pants.

In less than five minutes Nino was on top of Jun, rocking his hips against his while sucking the thick fingers in his mouth. Jun grunted with each thrust, increasing his pace. Nino moaned repeatedly while working his hand on his hard member and releasing on Matsumoto’s stomach.

Jun sat up and pulled Nino in for a kiss as he came inside the smaller man. “I remember you,” he panted breathlessly. “I remember,” he repeated. Nino only smiled and nodded, kissing him one more time before getting up and kneeling next to him.

“We’ll have to get ready for it tomorrow,” Nino said, already changing subjects.

“For what?”

“Going back home.”
so_gracefullso_gracefull on July 25th, 2011 03:38 am (UTC)
It's so nice to see your post bb! I really thought you've been traumatized. I hope that person wouldn't steal anybody else's fics anymore.. (ah,let's just forget it and move on)

On to your story.. WHOA! That was uhm, a bit morbid? A bit of a twist to the light setting of the previous chapters. I actually like this. Not only because it's Arashi, but for me, it also serves as a reminder that all the bad things that we do here is making us be more closer to the devil. There surely are so many temptations in life, and the way towards living ang going the right path is actually hard. We are never satisfied and always wants more. The exchange between Aiba and Takeda-san was quite powerful. It's an enlightening moment where we all tend to "forget" all the bad things we've done, and pass ourselves as pure and innocent. This also somehow reminds me of Kaibutsu-kun where they presented the things that we are all yearning for, and the people were willing to give their youth and/or lives to be able to get more of it (e.g. money) Good job bb~ Now I'm interested in reading the book where this is based. ^_^
cry1babycry1baby on July 25th, 2011 04:12 am (UTC)
haha i wont let some thieves keep me down. also i took forever with this cause i just couldnt get inspired @__@

Hahaha yeah, in light of what happened helped me get the morbid flow of this chapter xD. Glad it wasn't a turn off ahaha. Mm, that is the main curse of humanity. We always want things and are never satisfied no matter what. Ah~ right, the second episode i believe it was.

I'm glad you were able to get something out of this chapter as well as I am glad you are interested in getting the book xD.

Thanks for reading bb~
chibipinkpetalschibipinkpetals on July 25th, 2011 03:48 am (UTC)
yay. update :D:D
Aiba's quota is filled and the others came to terms with themselves belonging to him :D

Sho was sitting on the grand piano that was in the living room, kicking his feet and humming to himself while he ate some strawberries.

This! I don't know why but it gave me that image of him being all adorable and TTATT

Thanks a lot for sharing. Can't wait for the next one :D
cry1babycry1baby on July 25th, 2011 04:13 am (UTC)

ahaha yeah even though its horrible if you were to picture the full scene, he was technically being adorable xD

thanks for reading bb~
cry1babycry1baby on July 25th, 2011 03:48 am (UTC)
spot saved for my laave
BeePants: Shopercybum on July 25th, 2011 05:49 am (UTC)
I LOVE IThearts

Even though Ohno is so scary... he's so attractive...
Goshh, I love this series.

Another one of my useless comments ♥
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yuelnayeyuelnaye on July 25th, 2011 04:19 am (UTC)

my place ♥
50 past 12: ハイジ50past12 on July 25th, 2011 04:27 am (UTC)
This chapter was so violent, but so good at the same time!
Maybe becuse it's different from anything you wrote before, its atmosphere created detailed images in my mind.
(Not that I can't imagine your other fics lol But this one was like a movie XD I can't explain well... But I could see even bathroom's tales or the rooms' doors designs! lol)

Matsumoto walked through the room, touching the people who passed him by and causing each of their bodies to drop lifelessly to the floor.
THIS. I like this so much!
It's just Jun taking people's life but I like XD

I want them to make a movie of this fic now lol probably Johnny wouldn't permit

By the way! Pleases me seeing Nino's pleased :D LOL
cry1babycry1baby on July 25th, 2011 04:39 am (UTC)
Haha thank you hun
Mm, i know what you mean. Though when I write my other fics, I would give details and stuff, but with this one I too wrote it more in the sense of it being filmed [movie, drama, play etc] so i think you awesomely picked up on it haha

XD thanks bb, that and the image of Sho on the piano are my two favorite parts [image wise xD]

LOL yeah...dude is stingy. its only now do we get images of them on their official site, there's no way he would let em do a horror movie like this xDDD

Ahaha, i'm glad it did. Thanks for reading hun~

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(no subject) - cry1baby on July 25th, 2011 05:09 am (UTC) (Expand)
dorayaki_chandorayaki_chan on July 25th, 2011 05:17 am (UTC)
Woow yeaah jun remember nino yaaaaay
Fara Aibafaradakiut on July 25th, 2011 06:47 am (UTC)
i've got the feeling that in future, matsumiya will cause troubles for the Devil... >.<'
cry1babycry1baby on July 25th, 2011 08:17 pm (UTC)
haha they are the more rational ones of the group
(Deleted comment)
cry1babycry1baby on July 25th, 2011 08:20 pm (UTC)
haha xD
thanks hun~
fuwafuwa_miafuwafuwa_mia on July 25th, 2011 02:32 pm (UTC)
and i love you too for this amazing story~~ >.<
uwaaaah can't wait for the next, me heart still beating so fast after reading this XDD

Thanks for sharing and updating dear :D ♥
cry1babycry1baby on July 25th, 2011 08:24 pm (UTC)
ahaha thanks
[it was all the tumblr plagiarism drama that helped out xD]
oh glad you liked it so much ^^

thanks for reading hun~
riapi: matsumiyariapi on July 25th, 2011 02:33 pm (UTC)
waaah` it's so gory and psychotic, ad it's fun to read, my inner psycho side is having so much fun with it.. i love what jun did to the girl when she insulted sho, that was really morbid, she really did spit shitloads from her mouth
this fic is really great, it shows the bad sides of humanity, all the greed, the pretensions, the lies... i really hate it when people washes their hand when they got in a very bad situation, and also those who claim they are the oh-so-good-ones-i-didn't-do-any-evil-things kind of people, it makes me sick..

and yeay~ matsumiya!!
i love how nino is longing for jun, and that jun finally remembers him~ why do i feel that the two of them are slightly kinder/goodier than the rest...[ohno is no doubt psycho evil] they got some calmer aura around them... :D
cry1babycry1baby on July 25th, 2011 08:49 pm (UTC)
haha yeah it was [thanks to the whole tumblr plagiarism fiasco]
XD that was a really gory part, that i just needed to write haha.
thank you hun, glad its kinda more than just a read for you and its like tapping to why psyche

haha yeah those who are the more rational pair xD
thanks for reading hun!
NatsuRinnatsurin on July 25th, 2011 06:14 pm (UTC)

it's really a dark ones. esp the woman spewing her insides out. urghh..

But MatsuJun remember nino! good~~~~

am interested to know how they gonna continue. XD
cry1babycry1baby on July 25th, 2011 08:51 pm (UTC)
haha yeah it is ^^
mm will be working on the next one soon
Lillymagicalsong on July 25th, 2011 09:09 pm (UTC)
Uwaa.. livejournal just deleted my whole comment. x.x Speaking of lj, I would've commented sooner, but it refuses to function properly. ):

I didn't hear of the news regarding the plagiarism of your fics, but I hope all is well now! And though I don't find it a bother to drop a simple comment & a friend request, I like the fact that this journal is public. It feels nice knowing I can find all your fics with a simple click. (:

This chapter! Oh, our boys on a killing spree. How wonderful. XD Matsumiya, are you up to no good?! o: I'll have to wait to see. :3

Thanks for writing, as always! ♥
cry1babycry1baby on July 25th, 2011 09:21 pm (UTC)
omg i've been fighting with lj all day too >.<

Mm, it was annoying and ruined my mood, but im fine and hopefully it'll never happen again >.< Exactly, thats what i want with my fics. Also i know i have a lot of silent readers and even thought they never comment, they might be the ones spreading the word about my fic [the right way] and i can get more of a positive following.

Hahah yup yup, this chapter was inspired by the whole fiasco xD. Hmm, wonder if they are xD

thanks for reading hun
Kayazkayaz_kun on July 25th, 2011 10:52 pm (UTC)
Glad you posted!
Sorry to hear someone stole your stories...not the first I've heard of lately...I don't understand why people feel the need to take credit for others work. It's just rude.
I'd understand if you f-locked your stories.

Good chapter! LOVING this still♥
cry1babycry1baby on July 25th, 2011 11:06 pm (UTC)
Mm, i wasnt going to let that get me down [despite the fact it did get me down xDD]
so far i'm sticking to my journal not being f-locked. i know i have a huge following of silent readers and seeming how i am one myself, i'd hate to have to befriend someone just to read a fic [that i might not even like xD]

thanks hun~
will be working on the next one soon
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cherry1989: Kirsikka1cherry1989 on July 26th, 2011 01:06 pm (UTC)
Took me half an eternity before LJ allowed me to see this post..! *wipes off sweat* But it was totally worth it!

Oh gosh this is good! And kinda brutal and grotesque... Yet I just had to read more... You made me fear myself =D

But thanks for writing and sharing anyway <3
cry1babycry1baby on July 26th, 2011 01:10 pm (UTC)
lol yeah lj was a major bitch yesterday @__@
thanks hun haha xD
thanks for reading it [even with all the hardships]
jellybean6972: Matsumiyajellybean6972 on July 27th, 2011 12:06 am (UTC)
I can't wait to see what happens next! I'm freakin' loving this! 8D
Thanks for sharing <3
cry1babycry1baby on July 27th, 2011 12:33 am (UTC)
haha thanks hun~
and thanks for reading!