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Make Time Stop - Ohmiya

Title: Make Time Stop
Pairing: Ohmiya
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Intimacy can only be described as the deep bond between Ohno and Nino.
Disclaimer: I do not know nor am I any of the mentioned characters. This is a work of fiction; it never happened.
A/N: Written for my boo, livelovespeak37. Fic inspired by the song “Not Enough Time” by INXS.

And I was lost for words
In your arms
Attempting to make sense
Of my aching heart
If I could just be
Everything and everyone to you
This life would just be so easy

He was always near him, practically inside him with how close he chose to be. Other people would define it as ‘clingy,’ but Ohno only saw it as Nino being Nino. The smaller man who had him squished on the couch, purposely so, was never possessive. He let Ohno do what he wanted because as much as he liked to lounge against him, he also liked to have moments by himself, or at least alone with his DS.

It didn’t shock him that the first person Nino chose to kiss was him.

They were taking a break after a rehearsal during their junior days and the smaller man simply leaned over and pressed his lips on Ohno’s.

“What was that for?” Ohno asked, his eyes blinked slowly. Nino shrugged and smiled before leaving the room to throw his half eaten bento away.

As they got older, Nino would do more and more random acts. Most of which involved kissing.

During their fifth year anniversary, Ohno was invited to Nino’s hotel room where he pounced on the older man. It was from there did they start going out. However to the untrained eye, it looked the same as usual. Nino touching the man in random and at times inappropriate places, having small snuggle moments with him, sitting undeniably close to him, and above all; picking on him.

He did everything he normally did, the only difference was that sex was now thrown into the mix.

Not enough time for all
That I want for you
Not enough time for every kiss
And every touch and all the nights
I wanna be inside you

Ohno was lying in bed while Nino was nibbling on his neck. Sometimes he thought of the man like a kitten, always vying for attention. Yet when you did give it to him, he would shy away with a devilish smirk on his face.

“Kazu,” Ohno smiled, running his fingers through the soft brown hair. “What is it?”

“Nothing,” the man murmured against his neck, the vibrations slightly tickling him. “I just want to be here, like this.”

He pulled back and straddled him, kissing the hand that was resting against his cheek. ‘He really is like a kitten,’ Ohno smiled. He leaned in and caught the lips in light kiss. It was rare for Nino to get this affectionate. Usually it was cause he wanted something, but this time Nino wasn’t expected anything except Ohno’s company.

The older idol flipped them over, so that the man was on his side. Ohno reconnected their lips before giving him the same delicate attention. He felt Nino’s body tremble underneath his fingertips. A soft sigh came from the smaller man when Ohno’s hands slipped into his shorts.

“Do you want to?” Ohno asked against his flushed skin.

“Yes,” the gamer hissed. The older man smirked and kissed his lips passionately.

We will make time stop
For the two of us
Make time stop
And listen for our sighs

Ohno let out a strangled cry as he released against Nino’s pelvic area. The gamer moaned and sucked on the tanned bicep, an awkward area for him to mark. “Sammi,” Nino whimpered. It’s been years since he’s been called by that name.


“You’re crushing me,” Nino laughed. Ohno quickly got off and pulled his lover into his arms. They were wet and soiled, but it didn’t really matter to them. Nino was playing around with Ohno’s long fingers, those fingers that could make him say and do anything.



“I love you,” Ohno said, pretty much stating the obvious.

“Oh is that so?” Nino smirked, feigning ignorance. He turned to the older idol and winked. It was his own little way to saying ‘me too’.

In our fight against the end
Making love we are immortal
We are the last two left on earth
And I was lost for words
In your arms
Attempting to make sense of
My aching heart
If I could just be everything
And everyone to you

They barely fought, if they did it was always over something like Ohno wanting to go fishing too much, Ohno getting too tanned, or Nino not eating as much as he needs to.

Currently they were fighting because of the latter. For the past couple of days, Nino had been sluggish which of course was concerning the older man. When he checked if he was sick, the results always showed that he was fine. “Kazu, why aren’t you eating?” Ohno asked as he picked up the huge leftover food he made for them this morning for breakfast.

“Mm,” the man just shrugged, eyes glued to his game. Ohno pouted and pushed the bangs back from his forehead, resting his hand on it to check the temperature. Nino roughly pulled away from Ohno’s touch and continued his game.

A sharp pang hit Ohno at the action, but he continued on like nothing happened. He went to the kitchen to make them dinner, making another one of Nino’s favorites in hopes that the man will eat. Though much like it has been for the past four days, he would take a few bites before pushing the rest away.

“Nino-chan,” Ohno sighed when he noticed the man move his plate to the side. “Is it something I did?”

No response.

“Something I said?”

No response.

Ohno bit his lip and sighed heavily. He almost didn’t care if the man didn’t eat as much as a grown man should. It more worried him that his lover was no longer speaking to him. “Kazu, if I did something wrong, please tell me. I don’t like it when you shut me out,” Ohno said softly.

Because Nino has been with him for so long, he knew that tone. He was about to cry. However despite knowing this, he still couldn’t bring himself to say anything to him. He simply looked away and dropped his head forward.

A tear slipped down Ohno’s eyes before he got up and softly patted Nino’s shoulder before going into the bedroom.

He wished he knew what happened and why Nino was shutting himself away, it wasn’t until he turned on his computer did he see why.

Practically all his emails were about Nino and his ‘girlfriend,’ Nozomi. He clicked through each picture, each rumor and bit his lip. ‘Was he punishing himself over this?’ Ohno thought. He then saw another link that talked about the petition on getting Nino to break up with her. His eyes skimmed through their ridiculous reasons and noticed their mention on his weight gain. When he turned around he saw Nino standing by the doorway, hugging himself.

Shocking fact that not many people would know: Nino was self-conscious. The man known for purposely making weird faces and awkward poses was actually a bit insecure.

“Kazu, you’re not fat.” The thinner man got ready to speak, but Ohno cut him off. “And I know you aren’t dating her,” he said. He got up and pulled Nino into his arms. “Even if you did get big, I love your tummy,” Ohno smirked. A tearfully chuckle came from the gamer who clung onto Ohno tighter. “So will you eat your food now?”

“Mm,” Nino nodded against his shoulder.

Not enough time for all
That I want for you
Not enough time for every kiss
Not enough time for all my love
Not enough time for every touch

They were deeply in love with each other, anyone can see it. Hell, even some fans can see it, even when they are trying to pass their lingering touches as fanservice. Ohno kissed Nino hungrily, against the wall of the bathroom, grinding against him.

“Sato-chan,” Nino gasped. His body always felt weak when they kissed, he felt like Ohno was sucking him dry and he definitely didn’t mind.

“Kazu, I want you…” Ohno breathed.


“I want to be inside you, baby. I need you,” Ohno moaned. Blush covered his cheeks as his lover continued to describe vividly what he wanted from the man. He was letting out small, whimpers and whines, the more this went on. Ohno was holding onto his hips, grinding their pained erections together, grunting at the feeling. “I want you,” he moaned again.

Nino presented himself, turning around and pulling his shorts and boxers down, his pale ass exposed and ready.

“It’s yours.”

Not enough time for all
That I want for you
Not enough time for every kiss
And every touch and all the nights
I wanna be inside you

Nino smiled down at the sleeping artist, poking the round cheek lightly. Ohno’s eyebrows furrowed a bit but he didn’t wake up. The gamer leaned forward and kissed the small birthmark on Ohno’s forehead, moving down to his thin eyebrows, then closed eyelids.

He continued to kiss nearly every inch of Ohno’s face before reaching his pouting lips. “Sammi~” Nino smirked, knowing the man was now awake.

“How did you know?”

“You’re breath hitched.”

“That could’ve happened to anyone who is sleeping,” Ohno chuckled, his canines revealed slightly.

“Mm, but it hitched when I stopped kissing you,” Nino smirked. A bashful smile spread across Ohno’s face as he kissed his lover’s lips.

“Good morning.”

“Morning,” Nino laughed.

We will make time stop
For the two of us
Tags: p: ninomiya kazunari/ ohno satoshi, r: pg-13, slash
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