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J'adore Hardcore - Versailles

Title: J'adore Hardcore
Pairing: Sakumoto
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jun, stuck in the forbidden ‘friends with benefits’ zone with Sho, decides to do something to win the man over.
Disclaimer: I do not know nor am I any of the mentioned characters. This never happened; it is just a work of fiction.
A/N: This multi-chap will be a collection of fetish/kink related oneshots. None of the stories are connected besides that small fact.
A/N 2: Written for my honey-bun ayu_t, Happy Birthday hun~

Sho sat on the edge of the bed, blowing out puffs of smoke. The soft hum of the shower running in the bathroom filled his ears as he smoked his morning cigarette.

It had happened again. He slept with him again.

The shower squeaked and the water stopped. Soon the soft padding of feet was heard and his door opened.

"You seriously have the best showerhead ever," Matsumoto smirked walking up to Sho and placing a soft peck on his lips. The older man grunted as a response, his mind still wandering around on what happened last night.

Matsumoto knew what was going on in the other man's head but he preferred to ignore it. Countless times in the past has he tried to tell him that their casual nights of fucking was okay with him. Granted he knows that Sho harbors feelings for him.

"Hey, want to catch a movie with me later? I know you're free so no use in acting like you aren't," Jun asked. Again Sho only grunted.

"I should shower up; we have to get going." Sho stood up and stubbed his cigarette out in the ashtray before walking past the man.

"Sho," Jun called out to him. "It's okay that it happened."

"It might be for you but it isn't for me," Sho murmured before going into the bathroom. By the time he got out, Matsumoto had already left.

He’s not sure how long he was going to be able to keep up with this. It happened a few weeks ago when they went out drinking, just the two of them. Which in of itself is a rare occurrence; they never get to go out without the other three tagging along.

They had both decided to be men about things and talk amongst themselves freely, without the aid of alcohol. Hence how the topic of their love lives sprung about.

“Are you seeing anyone?” Jun asked, taking a sip of his beer. Sho shook his head side to side.

“And you?”

“Mm,” Jun tilted his head. “There’s someone of interest for me,” he smirked as he blew out some smoke. A matching smirk spread on Sho’s face.

“May I ask who?”

“Do you have someone you like?” Jun asked, ignoring the question.

“I do, but answer my question,” Sho smiled. Matsumoto leaned in and kissed him. Due to the sudden action, the older man was unable to respond back. “Cheater,” he murmured after Jun pulled away.

“So who is it that you like?” Jun asked, stubbing out his cigarette.

“Come home with me and you’ll find out,” Sho said. A smile appeared on Jun’s face before they downed the rest of their beers and quickly hailed a taxi back to Sho’s.

If Sho was in a better frame of mind, he would have realized that sleeping with Jun would be a mistake. Had he not been a blend of horny and mildly inebriated, he would’ve been able to stop himself from kissing the younger man like his life depended on it.

He doesn’t remember the specifics of that night, but all he really remembers was that it felt so good. The next morning he woke up to Jun, standing in just his boxers, asking him if he wants some breakfast. Jun wasn’t affected by what had happened at all, but Sho on the other hand, couldn’t stop thinking about how their relationship has officially changed.

Days following the incident, Jun interacted with him like he normally would. And despite Sho’s constant ‘what happened between us can’t happen again’ inner battle with himself, whenever Jun called him up for drinks he was always more than willing to show up.

Fuck buddies, friends with benefits, sex friend…the list goes on.

Sho and Jun had officially reached that level in their relationship and it was killing the rapper inside. He didn’t want to be the casual lay for Jun. Granted it wasn’t like they used each other only when they were horny, but Sho wanted the man as a complete lover. He didn’t want to be sitting across from him at the bar, asking who his new love interest is and then fucking his brains out two hours later.

“Sho-kun,” Jun’s deep voice said through the other line. “You busy?”

“Not really?” Sho murmured, knowing damn well what this call was about.

“Good, want to come over?”

Sho actually contemplated going over there for the first time since they’ve started this. He wanted nothing more than to be with Matsumoto, it has been close to six weeks since they’ve last seen each other, but he knows it wouldn’t lead to anything except their brief exchange of words and then sex.

“I won’t stay long though,” Sho finally said after a moment’s silence.


“No, I’m serious Jun. I won’t stay.”

He didn’t want to pull Jun further into this mess. It’s beyond his feelings for this man; it’s beyond the sex itself. He doesn’t want to have Jun deal with him when it comes out.

“Fine, just come over.” The line hung up before Sho could say anything.

When Sho had made it to Jun's, something felt off. He wasn’t sure why, but he knew it wouldn’t be a simple visit. He rang the bell and waited for the younger man to respond.

"You made it," Jun smiled as he invited him in. Once Sho stepped inside and into the living room, his eyes widened. There were mirrors line up in the room; the slowly setting sunlight that was coming through the windows hit them in a particular way that illuminated the whole place.

"MatsuJun?" he whimpered softly.
When Sho said he didn't want Jun to have to deal with him, what he meant was his weird affection for mirrors.

It wasn't something he had as a kid, in fact it started quite recent, or as recent 2009 can be considered.

He was alone in rehearsal for their upcoming concert and the way the sun had hit the mirrors simply amazed him. As he practiced, with the sun's glow shining on his sweaty chest, something inside him woke up.

As he continued to dance, loving his ethereal glow, his body started to react in a way that he's sure it shouldn't be.

The lower the sun got, the better for the glow turned darker, redder. And Sho's quick heartbeat had nothing to do with his movements.

Eventually when the sun set, he collapsed on his knees and stared at his worn out expression. He had felt a shocking adrenaline rush, almost like the one he gets when he's on stage performing, but it felt stronger.

Keeping his eyes on his reflection, he trailed his hand down his chest; a slight shiver ran through him.

It was strange. He knew it was strange, but that didn't stop him from jerking off in front of the mirror. A soft cry escaped his lips before he came in his shorts. Slowly he pulled his hand out and started at his soiled hand.

Something had definitely awakened in him.

From that day on, it became hard for him to be in a room filled with mirrors like the rehearsal room. Something about being able to see himself in every angle was too much for him. His mind would wander to darker places, wondering what it would be like to be stark naked and in front of the mirrors.

What would it be like to be able to see himself in every angle? What would it be like to touch himself in every angle? Eventually, what would it be like to watch himself getting fucked in every angle?

Thoughts like this kept increasing the more he was thrown into that room, the more he danced and sweated, forcing him to remember what he had done to himself days before.

Eventually, when he started to develop a crush on Matsumoto, his mind clouded over with thoughts about him and Jun in the mirror covered room. How would it be like to see himself and Jun, naked, sweaty, writhing—

He couldn’t handle those thoughts anymore. For years he’s tried to keep both his crush and affinity for mirrors a secret, but the cat got out of the bag the night he first slept with Jun.

That night, that fateful night changed everything. As they were fucking, Sho suddenly remembered the mirror at the opposite end of the room. From his spot on the bed he was able to see his and Jun’s body moving against each other. The image caused him to tighten up, making the younger man moan against his back. The more he looked at the mirror, the faster he felt his orgasm approaching.

The next morning, he had been so preoccupied with what happened the night before that he failed to notice that the mirror had been moved closer.
"I did it for you. I did it to show you that I don't care about it," Matsumoto said. He indirectly found out about Sho’s fetish the night they started sleeping together. He noticed the way the man would tighten whenever he was looking in the area where the mirror was at, so to further spur him on, he made sure to continue kissing his neck to keep his head in that direction.

“H-how?” Sho gasped, as he stared at how the sunlight would hit one mirror, then ricocheting off to the other. Jun simply removed his shirt and walked over to Sho.

“For a while now,” his voice was low. He leaned in and kissed Sho, his tongue swiping along the lower lip. The kiss intensified pretty quickly and Jun moaned when he felt the bulge bumping his thigh. “Already?”

“Mm,” Sho blushed. Jun turned the rapper around and walked him closer to the mirror behind him. The heat increased on Sho’s cheek as he watched Jun undress him in front of the mirror.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered in the man’s ear as he watched the milky thighs get exposed when Sho’s jeans slipped down his legs. Sho’s breathing got heavier the more articles of clothing were stripped from him. When he was down to his briefs, Jun stopped. Sho turned around to see the man removing the rest of his clothing so he too was down to his underwear.

“Jun…” Sho gulped.

“Mm?” the man moved towards him again and kissed his lips.

“Are we…here?” He couldn’t even formulate his question properly for he was too distracted with the way Jun’s ass looked in the mirror behind him.

“No, the bedroom. I got something for you,” the younger man smirked. Sho nodded and allowed himself to get dragged into the room. Once inside, Sho gasped at the mirror covered room, but was even more shocked at the mirror that had been installed above the bed. “I got it done today. I’m pretty sure those guys thought I was some weird pervert…which they wouldn’t be wrong about.”

Sho couldn’t say anything, he was too mesmerized and lost in his thoughts about being able to see himself getting fucked by Jun in such an angle. He turned to the younger idol and pulled him in for a passionate and hungry kiss.

Their teeth knocked into each other from the force, causing a soft grunt to come from Jun, but he continued to kiss back just as eagerly. “I take it you like it?”

“Fucking love it,” Sho rasped, shoving the man onto the bed.

“Wait, I want you to fully enjoy this Sho-kun,” Jun smirked. He got up and moved the mirrors closer, glad he decided to get the ones with backrests so they can be moved around. Sho’s body reacted to each image of himself on the bed. He spread his legs and stroked his bulge through his briefs, moaning Jun’s name.

Matsumoto stood back and watched, resisting the urge to touch himself the more Sho fucked his own hand. “Stop, you’re having way too much fun without me,” he smiled. The rapper opened his eyes and beckoned the man over. Jun crawled in bed, staying on his knees to remove Sho’s underwear. He then moved around to behind the man, making him spread his legs. “Look,” he said in Sho’s ear.

The older man moaned at his hard cock, twitching in front of him. He looked to his left and saw the curve of member, looking to the right he saw the same thing. When he looked ahead of him, he saw the underside and his balls, along with the slight beginning of his crack. And when he looked up, he saw the glistening head of his cock, wanting nothing more than to be licked.

“Fuck… Matsujun,” Sho moaned, his hips thrusting upwards a bit.

“Turns you on?”

“Yeah,” he whimpered.

“Mm?” Jun rubbed Sho’s nipples, pinching them slightly. The older man’s breath hitched at the action, his hips rising up from the bed. “Want me to touch you?”

“Yeah,” Sho sighed.



“Liar,” Jun smirked, twisting the nipple a little eliciting a short cry from the older man. “Where do you want me to touch you?”

“My dick…I want you to touch me there,” Sho gasped.

“Here?” Jun murmured in Sho’s ear as he gripped the hard member. The older man groaned and nodded his head frantically. “What do you want me to do with it?”

“Grip it tighter.”

“Like this?” Jun asked while tightening his fingers around the man, not stopping until Sho called out. “You’ll have to be more specific babe.”

“Jun…” Sho whined.

“You have to be more specific,” the man said again.

“Jerk me off…slowly.”

Following the order, Jun moved his hand up and down, smirking at how dark the head had gotten from the pressure he had on the shaft. Sho was staring at himself in the mirror in front of them, moaning at how submissive he looked. Matsumoto sucked on his neck, biting it gently before removing his hand and getting up from the bed. When he came back, he was holding a bottle of lube and some condoms.

Getting back into his previous position, Jun spread Sho’s legs even wider and poured the lube on his twitching cock. “Ah...” he gasped at the feeling, looking up into the mirror.

“Stroke it,” Jun ordered in his ear, biting the lobe. Again he followed the order, moaning Jun’s name softly as his hand moved almost frantically on his cock. Jun slipped his finger past Sho’s cheeks, already slicked with the excess lube, and pressed into his tight hole.

Sho cried out as he struggled to keep his eyes on what was happening. He felt too good, Jun was doing too much. His head fell back onto the broad shoulder, eyes looking at the mirror above them. The lewd sounds of the lube sticking and unsticking to his skin as Matsumoto fingered him only brought him closer.

“Now, Jun I need it now!” Sho called out.

The younger man pulled his fingers out before slipping on a condom and into the warm opening. He made sure to go in slowly, allowing Sho to see how his dick pushed into him, stretching his hole.

“Oh…fuck,” Sho sighed, his hand stilling on his erection.

“You like that right?”

“Mm.” Sho licked his lips.

“You like how I feel moving inside you, don’t you?”

“Yeah…so full,” he sighed.

“So hot,” Jun moaned. He laid back and lift Sho up and down on his member, allowing the man to enjoy the view. He wasn’t going to lie, seeing them in such positions was very fucking hot.

Throughout the night Jun made sure to use every mirror to its best advantage. Finally he had Sho on his back while he pumped in and out of him. The rappers eyes were fixed on the image of them from above, moaning Jun’s name like a broken record.

“Harder, I want to come.”

“Say it again,” Jun grunted, moving faster.

“Fuck me harder. I want to come…please,” he begged.

“More,” Jun groaned, rotating his hips against Sho’s, burying deeper into the tight hole.

“Fuck my ass harder, I want your cock to make me come!” Sho cried. Jun grunted and slammed his hips into the older man’s repeatedly. Their skin slapped roughly together, the sting only increasing their desire.

“I’m coming, fuck… come with me,” Jun moaned. Sho moved his hand faster, looked at the mirror above them. His eyes soon met the younger man’s causing him to come hard. Jun followed shortly behind.

He collapsed on the spent body below him, before pulling out gently. Sho was left gasping for air after his intense orgasm.

“You did this…for me?” he puffed out.



“I want to be with you,” Jun panted slightly. “Even if you thought that I’d be weirded out with this fetish, I want to be with you,” he completed. Sho turned to his side and kissed him.

“Me too,” he smiled. Jun returned the smile and kissed the man again. “Though, you can take these mirrors down…they can get uncomfortable actually,” Sho chuckled.

“Mm, I know I’m already feeling it,” Jun shivered.

They wiped themselves down with the sheets before pushing the mirrors against the walls and facing the opposite direction.

“Shit what about that one?” Jun pouted looking up at it. Sho smirked and got on the bed.

“Keep it. I want you to see me do lewd things to myself,”

“But this is my room,” Jun pouted.

“And it’s your treat,” Sho chuckled and placed a small kiss on his lips.
The mirror was removed the next day, but as a gift Jun got it installed in Sho’s room. And everyday Sho got to enjoy it, especially on the days when he couldn’t meet up with Jun.

Tags: p: sakurai sho/ matsumoto jun, r: nc-17, slash
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