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J'adore Hardcore - Photo-Erotica

Title: J'adore Hardcore
Pairing: Matsumiya [hints of Aimiya]
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Nino’s an amateur model who gets called in by a famous photographer who wants to do more than take his picture.
Disclaimer: I do not know nor am I any of the mentioned characters. This never happened; it is just a work of fiction.
A/N: This multi-chap will be a collection of fetish/kink related oneshots. None of the stories are connected besides that small fact.
Ch.1: Versailles Ch.2: Chikan

Matsumoto Jun, was a well known photographer who selects his models carefully. It’s an honor to be called up by him, personally, to book you for the job which is why Nino was still standing in his bedroom with his left hand covering his mouth while his cell phone was dangling in his right one.

When he finally managed to get his brain to start working again, he squealed like a girl and leaped on his bed. He had been doing a bunch of small odd jobs, neither lasting more than a page or two, so for him to receive this call was like his big break.

Quickly he dialed his friend Aiba to tell him what just happened. He was wriggling on his bed in excitement as the phone rang. “Nino?”

“Guess what?!” Nino yelled, getting on his knees on the bed.

“What? What?” He could practically see Aiba’s eyes brighten up and the smile on his face as he waits for Nino to talk.

“I just got booked for a job.”

“Eh? Really? With who?”

“You won’t believe it,” Nino started. “With Matsumoto Jun-san!” he squealed.

“Oh shit! Really?”

“Mm, come over so I can jump on you,” the man said while bouncing on his bed. Aiba laughed before hanging up and twenty minutes later he arrived at Nino’s, carrying two bottles of wine.

“I can’t believe you got the job,” Aiba smirked, stroking Nino’s cheek.

“Mm, you say that like I’m a shitty model,” the man laughed.

“Haha, it’s not that. It’s just that it’s a huge deal for you getting this and usually people get the job in their 30s,” Aiba continued. Nino nodded and nuzzled the hand on his cheek.

“Well I am almost 30,” he quipped.

“Mm, sometimes it’s hard to remember that,” Aiba’s voice changed as he stared at his best friend. Nino bit his lip and smiled. “Want to celebrate this some more?”

“I was wondering when you were going to ask,” the younger man chuckled before downing the rest of his wine. Aiba got up and grabbed the bottle, drinking straight from it, while stumbling into Nino’s room.
The next morning Nino woke up groggily and with a horrible headache. Aiba was passed out, legs splayed out, on his bed. Groaning he looked at his clock, sucking his teeth at the time. ‘Way too early for living,’ he thought before laying back down.

Aiba stirred from beside him, nearly elbowing his rib before turning over at him. “Morning,” he grunted.

“Sleep,” Nino murmured to which Aiba giggled. He leaned forward and kissed the man’s cheek before getting out of bed. “What are you doing today?” Nino asked from his stop on the bed.

“Not sure. Why, wanted me to go with you to Matsumoto-san’s?”

“No, that’s very unprofessional,” Nino chuckled. He sat up and waved Aiba over. “We can meet up afterwards, right?”

“Mm,” Aiba hummed then planted a soft peck to the man’s forehead. “Get some rest and be up in two hours or you’ll be late,” he ordered.

“Yeah, yeah.”

Aiba finished putting his clothes back on before silently leaving the model’s apartment. Nino groaned and set his alarm, flopping back onto the bed and fell asleep.

Two hours later his alarm was blaring in his ear, causing him to jump from the noise. “Fuck me,” he groaned before turning it off and rushing to the shower. It only took him thirty minutes before he was dressed and out the house, trying to make his way to Matsumoto’s studio.
He wasn’t nervous, he hadn’t been this whole time. However the nerves were setting in the minute he was in the elevator. As the slightly rickety elevator rose up to the top floor, Nino closed his eyes to relax himself. When he reached Jun’s floor, he lifted the wooden gate and walked in.

“You’re ten minutes early,” Matsumoto said to him without even looking.

“Ah… sorry,” Nino winced. Jun turned around and smiled at him.

“Sit, I’ll be with you in a minute,” he ordered. Nino bowed his head before walking to the furniture that had been pushed aside. The loft space was nice. There was lots of room for an artist to work really, which didn’t surprise him that someone like Matsumoto would be working here. “Do you want anything to drink? Eat?”

“No, I’m alright thank you,” Nino declined. He exhaled again, wishing his nerves would calm down. That was when Matsumoto rolled over to him on his chair.

“Nervous?” he asked, looking at him from above his thick-rimmed glasses.

“A little,” Nino chuckled. Matsumoto quickly raised his camera and took a picture. Nino blinked rapidly as he wasn’t expecting that.

“Shocked looks good on you,” the photographer noted before rolling back over to his work space. Nino’s eyes moved around in confusion before waiting for the man to finish. Five minutes later, Matsumoto got up and went over to his clothing rack. “Do you know about my work?”

“Of-of course I do,” Nino said. “Why would I take a job without knowing about the photographer?” he mused.

“You’d be surprised at the people that come in here and have no clue what I do. They figure, ‘he takes pretty pictures and is famous, so I’ll accept it’ but that’s not the case,” he rambled. “They sometimes decline after seeing what I want,” he smirked at Nino.

“What do you want?”

“For my models to abandon themselves and trust in me,” Matsumoto said before walking over to Nino. The smaller man blinked up at him, wondering what he meant. “Will you abandon yourself?”

“What do you mean?”

“Give everything up. Will you do it?”

“If it’s for this job—”

“Don’t say that,” Matsumoto cut in. “Not for the job, but for me to fulfill my vision and with you as my muse. Will you do it?” Nino blinked at him before nodding slowly. “Good. Change into this please,” he smiled passing the jeans to the smaller man. Nino got up and went behind the partition to change. “Oh and don’t wear your underwear,” Jun called out.

“O-Okay,” Nino stuttered. Once he was dressed in the low cut jeans, he walked out and stared at Jun. The taller man then sat him down where he sprayed his hair with some water and a small amount of oil on his chest.

“Mm, ready,” he murmured to himself before stepping back and holding his camera up. Immediately the look in Nino’s eyes changed. They were on the thin line of looking fierce and seductive. “That’s it,” Jun said from behind the camera; quick flashes of light shining throughout the room. Nino’s body moved in such a fluid motion that he didn’t need to be told what to do, something that shocked Matsumoto as he took his picture.

“Do you want me to do anything else?” Nino asked. Jun pulled away and smiled.

“Undo your pants,” he ordered. The model unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, his pubic area a bit exposed. Jun leaned in and smirk. “You shave?” he asked, snapping a few pictures.

“Mm, occasionally. Was that bad?” Nino questioned, running his fingers over the stubble that was growing. Jun moved the camera away from his face and looked up at Nino.

“No, it’s not. Do that again.” Nino repeated the action a few times, hoping Jun will get a good shot before he pulled his hand out and up his oiled stomach. The camera followed his movements, snapping repetitively and capturing the man’s allure. “You’re a natural,” Jun smirked. They took a few close ups of Nino’s hand resting on his neck before he stopped.

“New roll?”

“Not yet. Change out of those and into these please,” Jun said while holding out a package of boxer-briefs. Usually Nino liked to wear flashy ones, but seeming how this shoot is more professional it would be odd for the man to give him something other than white.

When Nino came out from behind the partition, the set had changed. There was a small twin sized bed in place of the chair he had been sitting on. He waited until Jun was done messing with the set before sitting on the bed. “Ready?” Jun asked, rewetting Nino’s hair with water.

“Mm,” he nodded. Matsumoto slipped in between Nino’s legs, startling the man. A soft gasp escaped his lips, but tried to remain professional as Jun snapped away.

“Look at me,” Jun whispered, his breath ghosting over his thighs. Nino licked his lips and looked down at him, his mouth slightly hanging open. A soft moan was heard from behind the camera, blush slowly creeped on Nino’s cheeks. “Shy?”

“A little,” the model laughed nervously. Jun smirked and snapped a picture before setting the camera down.

“Lay back on the bed and arrange yourself,” Jun said, hinting at Nino’s member. The blush had now spread towards his chest.

“How do you want me to…arrange it?”

“So I can see the full outline,” Jun called out as he changed his film. Nino nodded, even though the photographer wouldn’t be able to see him, and slipped a hand in his boxer-briefs. He let out a sharp sigh when he touched his member, moving it up so it now rested on his pelvic bone. When Matsumoto returned, he smirked at the smaller man’s position.

“Like this?”

“Move higher up on the bed so you’re touching the headrest,” he ordered. Jun then walked behind the bed, leaning over it and snapping a picture of Nino. He was able to see the taut muscles of the man’s stomach, the goose bumps on his skin, and the slow erection forming in his underwear. “This turning you on?” Jun asked.

“Mm, I don’t know,” Nino whimpered.

“Touch yourself.” The soft and intimate tone of Jun’s voice caused the model to close his eyes in arousal. His hand went up his stomach, but making sure to go slowly for Jun to take the shot. He then cupped his chest before rubbing his nipple.

“That’s it,” Jun sighed. “Pinch it some more. I want it hard,” he moaned. Following the order, the man pinched his nipples. His head tilted back as he let out a soft mewl. The shutter went off again. The more he touched himself the more the flashes came, making this voyeuristic adventure a lot more thrilling.

“Aah,” Nino moaned. His cock had fully awakened in his underwear and he wanted nothing more than to jerk it off. His right hand slowly trailed down to his erection, palming the head and causing a wet spot to form. He looked up at Jun through the lenses.

“Keep doing what you’re doing,” the photographer sighed. He took a picture of Nino’s lusty eyes, begging him for attention. Nino then slipped his hand in and gripped his cock. “Yeah, jerk it off but keep looking at me,” Jun moaned. Never has he worked with someone like this, especially when the person’s an amateur. Nino was gasping and moaning at the camera, he had gotten so turned on.

With a few more snaps, Jun walked around and went off somewhere. Hesitantly, Nino pulled his hand out from his underwear and waited for him to return. When the taller man showed up again, he was carrying some oil with him. Nino didn’t say anything, he simply watched as the man poured the oil on his underwear, making the white transparent.

“Stroke it,” he commanded.

Nino’s small hands moving on the oil covered briefs, his hips rising up into them. Jun pulled back and picked up his camera again. While Nino was lost in his pleasure, he took shots of the man. Nino was in complete bliss as he fisted his cock through the underwear. Jun got on the bed, kneeling in between the man’s legs and took a few more close-up shots.

“Matsumoto-san,” Nino sighed looking at him. “I don’t think Imma make it.”

“Stop,” Jun said quickly. He put the camera down and got off the bed. He then pulled Nino up so he was seated. “Don’t stroke it, keep your hand steady,” he ordered while he removed his shirt. The model bit his lips as he took in the torso of the taller man. Jun then picked the camera up again and pointed it down at Nino. “You look so innocent this way,” he whispered.

Nino tilted his head and looked up at him. A pout present on his lips. Ever so slightly, his fingers would twitch on his cock, wanting to touch himself again.

“Stick out your tongue.” The model stuck his tongue out; his eyes closed and waiting. “Fuck, you’re so good.”

Smirking at the praise, Nino opened his eyes. Matsumoto then pulled himself out of his jeans, Nino’s eyes widening at the impressive cock. “Stick out your tongue again,” Jun whispered. Knowing what the man wanted, he leaned in and rested the head of the warm cock on his tongue.

A flash went off.

He continued to slowly lick and nip at the cock, pausing long enough for the picture to be taken. Soon he had enough of waiting and took the man in his mouth. Jun groaned and the camera went wild. Flashes were going off like mad as his head bobbed up and down. “Lo-Look a-at me,” Jun stuttered. Nino’s eyes went up and remained fixed on the lens.

Slowly he swiped the head with his tongue, his saliva and the precum mixing together, causing a thick sting to form between his tongue and the tip. Jun made sure to get the shot. Nino then deepthroated him, shocking the photographer. He quickly took some shots, loving how Nino looked when he pulled back for air.

“Matsumoto-san,” Nino whimpered against the wet cock. He continued his assault on the hot flesh, letting the precum smear on his face. Jun groaned and grunted, feeling his orgasm approaching. This man was too good with his mouth.

Nino kept up with his pace; stroking, sucking, licking, and time after time biting the hard cock. Jun moaned, his hands trying their best to keep the camera steady. The model’s hand started back up again, jerking himself off while he swallowed the taller man whole.

“I’m close,” Jun sighed. Nino simply moaned and pulled away, the shot being taken.

“Please fuck me,” he whimpered. Jun took a picture of his face; full of want, need, and desire. This cheeks, lips, and chin stained with his own spit and Matsumoto’s precum. Nino got on his knees and pulled his soiled underwear. Jun snapped a shot of their cocks rubbing together in between them.

Matsumoto looked at Nino who leaned in for a kiss. The taste of him still lingered on his tongue. He pulled back and kissed the model’s neck, sucking on it harshly to mark him. Again the flash went off and Nino gasped.

“Bend over,” Jun whispered in his ear. Nino removed the garment before turning around and getting on his hands and knees before him. The man snapped a shot of the puckered hole, twitching in excitement. “Been fucked before?”

“Yeah,” Nino gasped as he felt a cool hand rubbing at his entrance. Jun grabbed the oil and poured some on his cock, already poking at the warm hole. Nino pushed himself back, pulling a deep groan from Matsumoto.

Nino rotated his hips, moaning at how deep Jun had gotten. Once he was buried to the hilt, Jun pulled out half way and slammed back in. It was a struggle, but Jun managed to snag a few shots of him pounding away at the smaller man before the camera was set aside. Nino was now bouncing up and down on Jun’s cock while he feverishly pumped at his erection. Flashes of light went off before Nino realized the man had a clicker with him.

“Fuck, harder Matsumoto-san!” Nino cried out, wanting to come. Jun thrust his hips up as hard and fast as he can before the smaller man screamed in pleasure and released his load in thick white globs. The camera’s shutter went off like crazy again, capturing every single moment.

Nino whined when Jun pulled out and spun him on his stomach. He pulled his hips up, presenting the smooth ass to him then plunged back in. Nino called out when his prostate as brushed roughly. Jun managed to grab the camera again before he released in the tight hole.

He gingerly pulled out, capturing the cum oozing out of the model. With his free hand, Jun let the thick liquid drop on his fingers before turning Nino around. The man stuck his tongue out and let the cum drip onto it. Jun chuckled as he took his picture.

“You really let yourself go,” Jun smiled in satisfaction.

“Not really, I held back a bit,” Nino winked. Jun laughed and helped the man into the bathroom. Jun rearranged his clothes and changed the roll of film.

“Are we done?” Nino asked.

“A few more shots and you’re free to go,” Jun replied. Nino changed into the pajama bottoms he was given and sauntered back on the set, which changed yet again. He was now sitting on a futon. The rest of the shoot was pretty innocent and tame in comparison to the first two, but that didn’t bother him. When he was done, he changed back into his clothes.

“So when does the issue come out?”

“In about three weeks,” Jun said as he busied himself.

“Wow so fast.”

“Haha, yeah I waited too long. I couldn’t get the right client for this job.”

“Why me then?”

“Because your face reads so innocent that I wanted to take it away from you,” Jun smiled. A shiver ran down Nino’s spine before he looked over at the elevator. “Thank you,” he said before turning around.

“No, thank you.”

Nino bowed and left, still blushing at Jun’s words.
Three Weeks Later

Nino groaned in his bed, his arm passing over the empty spot Aiba once laid at. “Aibaka!” he called out with his face still pressed in the pillow and eyes closed. He didn’t get a response back. “Where did he go?” he groaned and sat up. Once he stepped out his room the front door opened and closed.

“It’s here~” Aiba yelled, running towards him.

“Mm, shut up. It’s too early for you to be this loud,” the smaller man complained.

“But it’s about you, so it’s not too early,” Aiba smiled and pulled the magazine out the bag. On the cover was the close up shot of Nino’s lips and neck. The taller man flipped through the pages, squealing like a girl at some of the shots. There were 10 in total and none were too graphic. The closest to graphic were the shots of Nino’s lips glistening with precum and saliva and the shot where he was stroking himself through the briefs.

“Wow, you’re really sexy Kazu-chan,” Aiba said as he looked at the pictures. His eyes trailed down to the outline of his cock, before he turned to Nino. “How did he get you hard?” he smiled.

“He told me to,” Nino shrugged. While Aiba was gushing over the pictures Nino sent Matsumoto a text.

A good chunk of pictures are missing from the shoot

Two minutes later he got a response.

There’s just so much I can send out to the public’Nino smirked and got ready to send another one, but Jun texted him again. ‘I have another shoot to do and I want you again. Will you come?

The double meaning of the man’s words caused Nino to chuckle.

Anytime, anyplace

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