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J'adore Hardcore - Play Dead

Title: J'adore Hardcore
Pairing: Ohba
Rating: NC-17
Summary: If he was going to sell his soul, he’ll do it laying face down on the mattress.
Disclaimer: I do not know nor am I any of the mentioned characters. This never happened; it is just a work of fiction.
A/N: This multi-chap will be a collection of fetish/kink related oneshots. None of the stories are connected besides that small fact.
A/N 2: The words play dead more means being a sleep and not a being a dead body.
Ch.1: Versailles Ch.2: Chikan Ch3.: Photo-Erotica

He did it for the money. That was all.

He didn’t like having men touch him, grope him, telling him to call them ‘Daddy’ or whatever sick fuck fetishes they had. But he does it anyways; he does it so that he isn’t sitting out in the streets begging people for money. He wasn’t going to sell his soul like that.

If he was going to sell his soul, he’ll do it laying face down on the mattress.
Ohno sat on the hood of a random car, drinking a bottle of beer, and looking for any unsuspecting man to get close enough. He rubbed his nose and hugged the jacket better around his small frame. “Found one yet?” he heard his friend, Nino, say behind him.

“Mm, not yet.”

Nino walked around and stood in between his legs. He planted an ungraceful kiss on his lips before pulling back. “You’ll freeze to death, you know.”

“I know, which is why I need to find a nice guy to fuck and sleep in his warm bed,” Ohno chuckled.

“I thought you hated it?” Nino said while looking for his cigarettes.

“I do, but like I’ve said countless times…I have to,” Ohno murmured. Nino shrugged an eyebrow at the statement while he lit up.

“Well if you don’t get any tonight just come around mine,” Nino said blowing out a puff of smoke before passing the cigarette over.

“Being at yours is almost like being at mine, just less food,” Ohno laughed. Nino smirked and stepped back.

“Call me, yeah?” Nino chuckled before turning around and walking off. Ohno exhaled smoke from his nose before stubbing it out on the car he was sitting on. He slid off of it and walked back into the club. He hadn’t been paying attention to where he was going, causing him to bump into a guy.

“Ah, shit!” He heard the man yell as his drink spilled all over him.

“Fuck, I’m sorry,” Ohno said digging into his pockets for some tissues.

“Nah, it’s alright.”

Ohno continued to wipe him down before looking up at him. The first thing he noticed was his eyes. Their crescent shape pulled him in. “Sorry,” Ohno said again.

“It’s okay,” he chuckled softly. “If you want to make it up, buy me a new one.”

Ohno smiled and nodded. “Deal.”

It came as no surprise to Ohno when he woke up in a warm bed; limbs tangled around the longer ones of the man’s, whom he vaguely remembers as Aiba.

He groggily got up from the bed and walked over to the window. “Get back in bed,” Aiba murmured with closed eyes.

“I got to work,” Ohno sighed, his breath fogging up the window.

“Call in sick,” Aiba argued. Ohno turned to him and laughed.

“Do you work?”

“Yes…but it’s a Friday…fuck, it’s Friday,” Aiba whimpered and got out of bed. Ohno laughed again and followed him out to the bathroom.

Their shower was quiet, aside from the soft gasps Ohno let out as Aiba stroked him off. He didn’t like it, but he let it happen anyways.

When they were dressed and ready to leave, Aiba slipped his number and money into Ohno’s back pocket.

“I expect a phone call,” Aiba whispered in his ear before kissing him softly. Like a robot, Ohno responded back. They walked out and parted ways, never to see each other until a week later.
“You’re a cock for not calling me sooner,” Aiba sighed through the other line.

“Family business,” Ohno lied through his cigarette.

“I could use you right now,” Aiba said in an all too familiar tone. He wanted to fuck Ohno senseless.

“Where? You’re place?” Ohno asked.

“Mm, key’s under the doormat,” Aiba said before hanging up.

“Fuck,” he sighed before showering up and leaving his apartment. It took him about an hour to get to Aiba’s and seeming how he was given the location of the spare key, he let himself in.

“Oh-chan?” Aiba called out when he heard his front door open.

“I already got a nickname?” Ohno smirked.

“And I don’t?” Aiba smiled. “Wine?” he asked, offering the man a freshly poured glass. Shrugging, Ohno took the glass and downed it.

Before he even properly swallowed, Aiba’s tongue was down his throat. He moaned against the soft lips, trying to steady himself. Their lower halves were desperately grinding against each other before Aiba pulled back.

“Bedroom?” they asked at the same time. Aiba laughed breathlessly as he dragged the man into his room. Their intense make out session continued while articles of clothing found their way on the floor and across the room. Ohno was soon on his hands and knees, gasping as Aiba moved in and out of him.

“Fuck,” he whimpered when the head of the hard cock bumped that small spot in him. Aiba pulled him up against his chest and sucked the nape of his neck, marking his already tanned skin.

“I’m so close,” Aiba moaned. “Mm, I’m gonna come inside you,” he continued. Ohno closed his eyes tightly, trying to bring himself off with his hand. The more Aiba talked dirty into his ear, the closer he felt his orgasm approaching, he just needed that one last thing to bring him over the edge. “Fuck, I’m there.”

“Me too,” Ohno gasped before he came on the sheets below him. Aiba pulled out and removed the condom, releasing on the man’s ass.

“Oh shit,” Aiba breathed heavily and turned Ohno’s head for a kiss. Their tongues danced around before Ohno stopped. He reached for some smokes before lighting up. Aiba sat next to him and kissed his shoulder. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” the prostitute lied. “Are we going to go for another round or is this it?”

Aiba laughed at the question, clearly bothered by it. “I’ll pay you extra if you stay a little while longer. Is that it?”

“That’s not what I meant,” he complained. “But thanks.”

“Why do you do this if you don’t like it?” Aiba asked, knowing damn well the man’s putting on an act.

“I don’t make enough money to pay for all my living expenses. So blowing off a random person or two helps out,” Ohno sighed.

“Well if guys aren’t your thing…why let men fuck you senseless?”

“Cause how many girls do you see paying up for sex?” Ohno chuckled, looking at him. “Believe me, if there was a better market for girls, I’d be there…knee deep in pussy.”

Aiba smirked and took the cigarette out Ohno’s mouth. He inhaled deeply, holding in the smoke and feeling the burn before exhaling. “You got another job besides this one?”

“Yeah, corporate slave.” Aiba laughed taking another hit before passing it over to Ohno. “You? Since last week you weren’t too please it was Friday,” Ohno smirked.

“Mm, not really a job, but more of a meeting.”

“What do you do?”

“Would you believe me if I said I was an heir?”

“Bullshit!” Ohno laughed.

“Cross my heart and hope to die,” Aiba smiled. Ohno gave him an incredulous look before stubbing the cigarette out. “But yeah, I had a meeting to go to. Boring as shit as always,” the taller man grumbled.

“If you’re an heir, why do you live in an apartment like this?”

“Since when did a rich person have to have a mansion and be an obnoxious bastard?”

“Since forever,” Ohno smiled.

“I’ll leave that to my father then. I’ll stick to paying rent like any regular old person.”

“Except paying is a lot easier,” Ohno winked. Aiba chuckled and nodded. “Get me a beer.”

“And I now play maid?” Aiba laughed but followed the order. While he was away Ohno laid back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. He sighed as he closed his eyes, trying to ignore the unnatural comfort he felt when talking to this man.

The bed dipped on either side of him before he felt a warm breath along his neck. He kept his eyes closed, letting Aiba sniff him out. A wet tongue soon ran down his chest and around his dark nipples. He exhaled heavily through his nose, trying not to let out any sounds. However the more he tried to keep quiet, the more Aiba’s lips and tongue would pass on his body. When he felt the man’s teeth, he moaned and opened his eyes.

“You’re good at that,” Aiba smirked down at him. Ohno sat up, placing his hands on Aiba’s hips to keep him from falling. “You’re very loving for a straight man,” he continued.

“Fuck off,” Ohno murmured.

“I’m not being a dick.”

“I know. But still, shut up.” Ohno reached for his beer on the bedside table, taking a big swig from it. They had a few more beers, exchanged a few words and kisses before Ohno got dressed.

“Do you think you can do it again for me one day?” Aiba asked from his spot on the bed.

“Do what?”

“Play dead?”

Ohno chuckled through his nose before shrugging his eyebrow. “Whatever gets you off,” he answered before leaving the apartment.
It did get him off. It turned him on to have someone unresponsive to his actions. Which was why he had Ohno on his back, pretending to sleep, as he licked and sucked down his torso. From time to time the smaller man’s body would jerk, but overall Ohno was able to keep character. That was however until he took him into his mouth.

“Ah,” Ohno gasped.

“Oi, you’re supposed to be knocked out,” Aiba pouted. Ohno licked his lips and sat up on his elbows.

“Sorry, but I don’t think I could ignore that,” he huffed. Aiba leaned forward and kissed him.

“Then take a sleep aid.”

“So you’re drugging me? Just like a true rapist,” Ohno teased. Aiba bit his neck before getting off the bed. “Where is it?”

“Top drawer,” Aiba said as he drank the rest of his beer that was left on the dresser. Ohno grabbed the sleeping pills and popped two in his mouth.

“How long will it take?”

“I don’t know,” Aiba shrugged. Ohno sighed and laid back keeping his eyes on Aiba’s thin and nude figure. The man was seriously perfect for a painting he wanted to do. Wings, tattered, battered and ruined. Hair askew on his head with eyes blank and emotionless.

“Fallen Angel,” Ohno murmured before he passed out.

“What?” Aiba laughed and turned around to the older man’s sleeping figure. “Already?” Granted it’s good for him, he still didn’t think they’d work that fast. He bit his lip as he approached him slowly. He crawled on the bed, kissing the man’s torso again, dipping his tongue in the bellybutton. Softly he bit his way up to Ohno’s nipples, sucking on them before kissing his neck.

There was something so right about him being this passive. Granted it wasn’t like it was a hundred percent by choice, but it was perfect for Aiba.

He ran his tongue up the flaccid cock, working it with his mouth until the member started to harden. Ohno’s chest rose and fell a bit faster. ‘I guess he can still react,’ Aiba thought as the cock was completely hard in his mouth. He took him all the way, balls deep, before pulling back. Aiba bit the tanned inner thigh, watching the skin around the teeth marks change from white to red.

Aiba stroked the wet cock with his right hand, while his left hand jerked himself off. Ohno’s eyebrows would furrow from time to time, but that as much as he did. Aiba lifted the thin legs up, but because of their dead weight it proved to be a lot more challenging, and spat on the puckered hole.

He watched as his spit slid down past the hole to the crack. Chuckling, Aiba leaned in and lapped at the hole. That was when Ohno let out a small whine. Paying the sound no mind, he continued to stimulate the now twitching hole before kissed his way up to Ohno’s dripping erection.

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful,” Aiba whispered. “So sexy,” he continued while he kept his eyes on the tanned chest. He uncapped the lube and applied some on his cock, moaning at Ohno’s sleeping expression.

Without fear, Aiba thrust into the smaller body. Another cry shot out of Ohno. Aiba’s hips started to move on their own, no longer listening to his brain. He only wanted to fuck this man into the bed without doubts. He grabbed the tanned hips, pounding into him while being vocal about how good it felt. How good it felt to violate him in such a way.

Whimpering whines were coming from Ohno, but he remained asleep and submissive. Aiba placed his hands on either side of the man’s body, limp legs shaking above his thighs the harder and faster he went.

Sweat was building up on his body, skin flushed in the all too heated room. Aiba leaned forward and kissed Ohno’s cheek then over to his lips. Their unresponsive nature caused his hips to move faster.

“Oh-chan,” Aiba gasped against the lips. “Fuck I’m gonna come,” he moaned burying his head in his neck. The sounds of their skin slapping together increased as well as the bed creaking from Aiba’s quick and now desperate movements. He called out as he released inside the warm hole. His hips twitched a few times before he gently pulled out. Slowly he got off the bed to clean the sleeping man up. He may have used the man as a cum dumpster just now, but he wasn’t a total prick.
The next morning Ohno woke up to Aiba’s arms wrapped firmly around his waist. He turned around to face the man and gave his cheek a soft tap. “Wake up,” he said.

“Mm, what? It’s the weekend, sleep in more.”

“Did I come last night?”

“No, how could you?”

“Greedy bastard,” Ohno chuckled. “I have to go.”

“No you don’t. Just sleep in with me, please.” Aiba cracked an eye open. “I’ll pay you ex—”

“Nah, this one’s on the house,” Ohno sighed and snuggled back into bed.


“Your bed is comfortable,” Ohno teased. He wasn’t going to admit he liked the man, not just yet. Aiba laughed and pulled him back into his arms. “Also…you’re paying me back by sucking me off,” Ohno completed. A disgruntled sigh came from Aiba, but the soft kiss he placed on Ohno’s forehead was his way of agreeing.

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