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happy new year smut meme request #2

Title: How Much Do You Adore Me?
Pairing: Matsumoto Jun/Koyama Keiichiro
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Koyama really looks up to his sempais, especially Matsumoto.
A/N: For the brilliant anon. Hope you like this, its my first NEWS related fic haha.

It was rare that they’d end up together. In fact it can almost only happen once a year, at the Johnny’s Countdown. Jun was rushing backstage, trying to make sure they were well prepared for their performance. As he whipped around the corner he bumped in to Koyama Keiichiro.

“Oh shit, sorry Matsumoto-san,” he said helping his sempai up.

“Calm down it’s okay,” Jun laughed. “I was the one running down the hall.” The NEWS member looked nervous around him, like he really was afraid of him. “You okay?” Jun asked lifting the man’s head to look him in the eye.

“Ye-yeah. I’m sorry,” Koyama said again before walking away. Jun shrugged an eyebrow and let it pass.
Everyone could feel the energy in the room, it was pulsating through them. Jun sang and danced around on stage, feeling pretty much like a kid again. He caught Koyama singing a few feet from him and decided to place his arm around his waist. The younger idol smiled and blushed, singing along with him.

“Nervous?” Jun whispered in his ear.

“Why do you ask that?” Koyama quickly asked.

“You’re so stiff,” Jun laughed before moving away to hand off of Ohno. Koyama’s blush didn’t go away for the better part of the countdown.

Once everything was over, it was like a football rally as they all cheered and wished each other a happy new year. There were juniors, and TOKIO’s Joushima as well, lined up for their New Years money from their sempai, while Jun was removing his clothes. He peeled off the sweaty black shirt and placed in on the hanger when the door knocked.

“Come in,” Jun said. Koyama peeked in before closing the door.

“Sorry, you’re changing. Um, Happy New Year,” he called out from behind the door. Jun laughed and opened the door, dressed in only his boxer-briefs.

“We’re all men, don’t get all shy.”

“Mm.” The man entered the room, unsure what to say to him. He pretty much blurted it out earlier already.

“This year was fun as well, huh?” Jun smirked as he wiped himself down. Koyama cleared his throat and nodded. Jun moved closer until there was barely any space between them. “Cat got your tongue?”


He was cut off by the Jun’s soft lips. His body trembled before he moved away. Jun was still wearing only his underwear as he sidestepped in front of him.

“How much do you like your sempais?”


“I mean as a junior you always look up to one or two of them, right?”

“Ye-yeah…I do.”

“Who do you look up to?”

“Sakurai-kun really…” he murmured. Jun chuckled and fingered the pink V-neck shirt the man had on.

“Just Sho-kun?”


“Who?” Jun whispered in his ear.

“You,” Koyama breathed when he felt Jun’s lips on his neck. Jun moved up to kiss his lips, sucking and nibbling at the lower one.

“Show me, just how much you look up to me.”

Jun pushed the man down on his knees before him, bringing him face to face with his clothed erection. Koyama’s eyes widened before he brought a trembling hand up to his cock. Jun moaned at the touch, thrusting his hips for more. Koyama continued to stroke him until Jun clearly wanted him to do more.

Slowly he pulled the underwear down, licking his lips at how the cock sprang out. He ran his hand along the hard appendage before leaning in to suck it. Jun sucked in air through his teeth, clutching the hair tightly.

Koyama wasn’t sure if he was doing it right, so he was basing it off of Jun’s reaction. He looked up at the man, moaning around the cock in his mouth when their eyes met. Jun slowly started to move his hips, thrusting into the warm and wet mouth, trying to feel more.

The younger idol pulled away with a gasp, strings of saliva still connecting to his lips and Jun’s cock before he stroked him.

“Do want me to fuck you?”

“I…I don’t know,” Koyama rasped. Jun bent over to kill the wet lips again.

“I can always have you suck me off until I’m coming down your throat. That can show just how much you respect me,” Jun said in his ear. The man moaned at his words, clutching at Jun’s arms.

“Fuck me,” he whimpered.

“Repeat that?”

“Fuck me.”
Jun chuckled and picked the man up and bent him over the low table in the room. He then roughly pulled Koyama’s sweats down, exposing his ass before walking to his bag at the far end of the room. He rummaged around a bit before he found the packet of lube he received as a joke from Nagase earlier.

Koyama gasped when he felt the cool liquid on his entrance, it felt like such a sharp difference against the heat that was coursing through his body. Soon he felt the nudge of Jun’s finger. He tried to tell himself to relax but the more the man pushed in, the more he felt nervous.

It wasn’t until he received a sharp slap to the ass did he relax fully. He closed his eyes and let the man prepare him, eventually he was moaning under the man’s touch and fucking himself on the fingers inside him.

“Matsumoto-kun,” he whimpered.

Jun smirked and pulled his fingers out. He then added the leftover lube on his aching member before pushing into the tight opening. Koyama covered his mouth to muffle his cries. It was a lot thicker than two fingers.

They set an easy and slow pace, trying to make sure things were okay before they moved faster. Jun placed his hands on the thin hips, thrusting faster into the warm opening. Koyama grunted and groaned at the feeling, grabbing at the sides of the table.

Jun moaned at the slowly tightening walls around him, indicating that the man was close. “About to come?”

“Yes,” the idol whimpered. “Ah, Jun…fuck,” he gasped. Jun smirked at the use of his name, slamming his hips harder into the other man. Koyama called out, quickly covering his mouth again.

Jun pulled him against his chest and reached around to stroke his neglected cock. Koyama mewled behind his hand, thrusting into the fist. Jun whispered in his ear, egging on his orgasm as his hand moved faster, tightening whenever it reached the head.

“I’m coming,” Koyama gasped repeatedly. Jun angled in differently, hitting that spot within him. Koyama cried out and came on the table. Jun followed shortly after, moaning the man’s name.

They collapsed into each other, catching their breaths. Jun let out a tired laugh and turned to the younger idol. “That was good,” he smirked.

Koyama chuckled and kissed him. It was lazy with tiredness before they pulled apart. “Happy New Year.”

“Happy New Year,” Jun breathed. They let a few minutes pass before they changed into their clothes again. They walked out together, ignoring the amused looked of the NEWS and Arashi members.

“See you next year?” Koyama asked when Jun got in his designated car.

“Of course,” Jun winked and closed the door.

Tags: p: matsumoto jun/ koyama keiichiro, r: nc-17
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