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Happy New Year smut meme request #3

Title: Winter Getaway
Rating: R
Pairing: Domoto Koichi/Domoto Tsuyoshi
Summary: They went from classmates to enemies, then step-brothers to lovers.
A/N: This is the first time I ever attempted to write a Kinki Kids fic. It was quite fun. Ouji wasn't translated cause it just sounded weird when I left it as Prince.
A/N 2: For a lovely anon. Hope you like it dear.

They were classmates; they had been for a long time, however they never interacted with one another. The most they’ve ever said to each other was ‘excuse me’ when Koichi needed to get pass Tsuyoshi one day in the hall. It wasn’t like they hated each other, they simply had their own friends; their own lives. Koichi was walking home one day when he saw a woman leaving his place. Her features were mildly familiar but he simply thought it was an old friend of his father. Though his deductions were clearly wrong when he caught the two of them kiss.

It was so sudden, so shocking, that he let out a loud gasp. He didn’t want to be seen, but with what he just saw he couldn’t help it.

“Koichi-kun,” his father said after realizing they had company. The woman’s eyes widened before she bowed and ran off. “I’m sorry you had to see that.”

“Who is she?” Koichi asked fearfully. He knew who she had to have been, he just wanted his dad to tell him something else. Tell him it was a simply woman he wanted to fuck or a woman who was coming on to him—anything. He just didn’t want his dad to tell him that she was…

“My girlfriend.”

Koichi didn’t know exactly what expression to emote. He quickly ran up his stairs and into his room where he slammed and locked the door.

They didn’t have dinner together that night. It was the first time in 17 years.
Tsuyoshi was eating a gummy fruit snack while playing videos games rather than doing his homework. His mother came in, in a rush, covering her eyes in shame.

“How was the boyfriend visit?” Tsuyoshi asked, his eyes still on the screen.

“Horrible. His son came home and saw us,” she moaned in sadness.

“Ew, mom I can accept you having a boyfriend, but I don’t want to think about you doing that!” Tsuyoshi cried out, wishing he could bleach his brain. His mother walked over and slapped the back of his head.

“He didn’t catch us doing that. Nor did we do that, which is none of your business.”

“Damn straight it isn’t,” he murmured, earning another hit.

“I gave him a farewell kiss and his son was standing there the whole time. God I’m so embarrassed.”

Tsuyoshi paused his game and went into the kitchen where his mom disappeared to. She was sitting at the table, covering her face in shame. Tsuyoshi walked around the table and hugged her from behind.

“It’s okay mom, I’m sure he was just shocked.”

“You’re such a good son,” she pouted.

“And you’re a cool mom when you want to be,” he teased. She laughed and slapped him playfully.
A month after the shocking event Koichi had been acting differently. He was curt with people, even amongst his friends. He started to keep to himself, looking irritable while he was at it. But above all he’s been casting glances at Tsuyoshi.

That woman’s face looked like his,’ he thought to himself. ‘The same roundness, the same pout on the lips…

Tsuyoshi looked over when he felt eyes on him and caught the angry but curious ones of Koichi’s. Awkwardly he waved at him, only to get the cold shoulder.

This continued to go on until Tsuyoshi got annoyed. It was lunchtime and some students were eating in the classroom. Tsuyoshi was standing by the window, talking to a few of his classmates when Koichi came in. He would’ve paid him no mind, but when the boy shoved pass him, nearly spilling his drink Tsuyoshi turned to him angrily.

“You could’ve easily said ‘excuse me’ you know.”

“And you could’ve easily not blocked my way. You know I sit here,” Koichi snapped. Tsuyoshi squint his eyes at him.

“Fine then, sorry to have been in your way…Ouji,” Tsuyoshi spat back, walking to his seat. Koichi clenched his jaw to hold back his words and continued to eat his food. The atmosphere in the room had completely changed.

“Are you ready yet?” Tsuyoshi asked his mother who was running around the house.

“No, where are my shoes? You know the nice ones I showed you a few days ago? I just bought them, where are they?” She whined.

“By the door, in the box, you never took them out.”

“Oh you’re a savior. Now what about my earrings? Do you happen to know where they are?”

Tsuyoshi shook his head in amusement and touched her ears. “Calm down, he’s going to like you. I told you, you’re cool.”

She pouted then sighed. “Ugh, okay. Get the food and bring them to the car.”

“You’ll be alright in here?”

“Yes, yes. Now go,” she shooed him off.

About 40 minutes later they were parking the car and walking to the house. “So I finally get to meet the man who’s been stealing my mom away. If I don’t like him…what do we do?”

“Huh? You’re asking me this now?” She panicked. “Um…we’ll…cross that road when we get to it.”

Tsuyoshi chuckled and rang the doorbell. “I was just teasing mom, I’m sure he’s a great guy.”

“Oh he is,” she smirked.


The door opened and there stood a tall man. He smiled fondly at his mother, before bowing his head to Tsuyoshi. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you,” the man said.

“Right back at you,” Tsuyoshi winked. His mother jabbed his side and laughed nervously. They walked in and into the living room after giving the food to him. “So uh, my mom never really told me your name.”

“Mitsugo, Domoto Mitsugo.”


“Yes the same as yours,” Mitsugo chuckled. Tsuyoshi’s eyes widened, there’s only one person he knows to have his surname.

“Where’s your son?”

“Don’t say Koichi,” Tsuyoshi whispered to himself.

“Koichi, come down!” Mitsugo called out. The teen came down the steps, causing Tsuyoshi’s heart to drop. “Koichi-kun, I want you to meet Domoto Nozomi and Tsuyoshi.”

Koichi bowed his head at them but other words kept silent. He did however shoot a glare at Tsuyoshi.

After the dinner date, which went off without a hitch…aside from the side-eyes and glares Koichi threw at Tsuyoshi, Nozomi turned to Tsuyoshi as they were sitting in the car. “So…do you like him?” He really wanted to tell her that Koichi’s a douche and that he would make their relationship hell, but he also could tell how much his mother liked Mitsugo.

“Yeah, he’s great.”
When he was 18 he heard the devastating news. His father was going to marry her. “Why?” Koichi asked his father.

“What do you mean why? Because I love her,” his father laughed.

“But…aren’t you fine…just the two of us?”

“Is that what you’re worried about?” Koichi looked away from his dad. “Koichi, nothing will change between us. You’ll just have a wonderful woman as your mother and you’ll have a funny boy your age as your brother.”

Ugh don’t remind me,’ he thought.

Miles away, Tsuyoshi heard the same news. He was absolutely happy for his mother, his only fear was Koichi. The boy had gotten a lot ruder towards him at school since they met at his home. However it didn’t vex him, instead he just liked to tease the poor boy after school. Giving him the nickname ‘Ouji’ whenever he spoke to him.

“Looks like I will be your step-brother pretty soon,” Tsuyoshi said. Koichi sighed and continued walking away. “Who knows, we might even have rooms right next to each other, where we can speak in code language against the wall, like prisoners do.”

“Fuck off,” Koichi said angrily. It was the first time he’s cursed at someone out loud.

“The Prince has a mouth on him,” the boy feigned a gasp. “And I was only trying to make conversation,” he pouted and walked ahead of him. Koichi stared at the boy from behind, wondering how could anyone even stand him.

The wedding was a modest one filled with family and close friends. Koichi went by the terrace of the reception hall when felt his patience running thin. He couldn’t stand being in the room with all of them anymore. Tsuyoshi walked out the reception hall to look for the bathroom, but stopped mid-step when he noticed the other boy. He got ready to turn around until he saw him wipe his eyes and sniffle.


“Leave me alone,” the teen cried and ran off. Koichi spent the rest of his time in the bathroom stall, only leaving when his father finally came in to get him.

It had been three months after the wedding. They settled down and got themselves a nice house for three people. It was like a dream house for Nozomi and Mitsugo who were in complete bliss, not noticing what their son’s were dealing with.

Koichi chose to stay in his room most of the time, only coming down to have dinner. They’ve tried everything to get the teen to come out, but he would gently decline. He was currently sitting in his room, typing up a report for his homework when Tsuyoshi barged in, much like he always does.

“Dude, I’m going to the store. Want anything?”

“Can’t you at least knock?”

Tsuyoshi sighed and closed the door. He then knocked rapidly before calling out. “My Lord, does your stomach ache you, for I shall fetch you something from the market. Please hurry, the carriage awaits me!”

Koichi clenched his jaw in anger. “No, just go.”

“Suits yourself~”

Once he heard the front door shut, Koichi slammed his fists on the table. He tried to hold it back but he just couldn’t, the tears starting slipping from his eyes before he even had a chance to stop them.

Tsuyoshi returned ten minutes later with Koichi’s favorite tea, knowing the boy will probably be up all night working on homework that’s due in two weeks. He got ready to knock on the door, but heard the soft crying. Slowly he opened up and peeked in, catching the teen resting his head on the desk while he cried into the crook of his arm.

Guilt hit him harder than he thought it would. He knew he was the reason, he didn’t need any confirmations about it. Again, he slowly closed the door and placed the tea on the countertop in the kitchen. He wrote a quick ‘For Koichi’ note next to it, before retreating to his room.

Winter break was now here and Tsuyoshi couldn’t be more excited about it. This was because his mother usually liked to take him to a nice cabin house where they’d spend quality time together for about a week. Though this is the first time they will be doing this as a new family, which set his nerves on end.

“So what exactly is there to do?” Koichi asked his step-mother.

“Well, it’s a great place for thinking or relaxing. Getting your mind off the problems that bother you and just relax,” she smiled, turning back to him. “I know you need it, hun.” She tapped his knee and gave him a warm smile. Koichi looked troubled for a minute before he nodded.

“Nothing tastes better than drinking hot chocolate by an open fire too,” Tsuyoshi quipped.

Two hours later they arrived at their cabin home, Koichi and his father stood outside, marveling at it. “This is beautiful,” Mitsugo said. Koichi mentally agreed, wondering if his troubles will really leave him after a week here.

They managed to unpack their things fairly quickly, leaving the adults with enough time to prepare dinner. While the two were in the kitchen, Koichi and Tsuyoshi were setting up the ‘Rules to the Room.’

Seeming how the cabin was actually meant for two, there were only two bedrooms, forcing the two teens to share one. They were lucky enough the manager got them another twin sized bed.

“Okay, so Rule 1: Stay on your side at all times,” Koichi announced. Tsuyoshi got ready to write it down, but stopped.

“What if you or I were on fire…I’d rather you get into my space and save me.”

Koichi rolled his eyes. “Fine print: Unless in case of emergency.”

“Rule 2?”

“There is no second rule, just keep to yourself to avoid problems,” Koichi shrugged while he arranged the stuff on his side. He really wished he had his laptop, but the lack of internet connection here prevented him from doing so.

“But what if we have like ‘midnight activities?’ I wouldn’t want to catch you or get caught doing that?” Tsuyoshi smirked.

“Then do that in the bathroom,” Koichi grimaced.

“What if mom or dad wanted to use it while you’re furiously beating away?” the teen laughed again.

“God, do you have to do this all the time?”

“Do what?”

“Make a joke out of everything?”

“Well since you’re so tight lipped I have to!” Tsuyoshi yelled back. “This is why mom wanted you to come here, but I doubt even a week here will do anything for you.” He got up from his bed and walked to the door. “Have fun holing yourself in Ouji,” he spat angrily before leaving the room.

Koichi set his eyes downcast before plopping on his bed.
Two days had passed and nothing seemed to have changed. Tsuyoshi was with his parents outside, while Koichi declined to leave. It took an hour of them nagging him to realize he really wasn’t going to go. He got up to get last night’s dinner since he didn’t eat; he fell asleep after the small fight he had with Tsuyoshi.

He went to the kitchen and sat at the counter while he reheated his food. What exactly was wrong with him? He loved his father and very much liked Nozomi as well, but he couldn’t bring himself to be around them. They treated him kindly, even with his semi-cold and reclusive attitude towards them. Nozomi always made sure he was accommodated, always asking if he was fine or if he wanted anything.

Everything about her was great, she really was a wonderful step-mom. But he can’t help the anger that courses through him when he thinks about Tsuyoshi. He wanted to apologize to him for being rude towards him at first. It was clear Tsuyoshi didn’t know who his mother was dating, but the way he constantly teased him, he no longer felt the need to apologize.

He ate his dinner alone, wishing he could set things right.

Tsuyoshi was in the living room, watching the basic cable television when Koichi came in. He looked at him briefly before passing him the remote.

“Not much to watch really, but give it a go.”

Koichi took the remote, though he didn’t change the channel. The air was awkward, but very slowly did it get mildly comfortable. Tsuyoshi got up and went to the kitchen, coming back a few minutes later with two cups of tea. When Koichi took a whiff of it, he turned to him.

“It was you?”

“Hm? Me what?” Tsuyoshi asked, but keeping his eyes on the television.

“That left tea for me when I was working on that paper.”

“Oh, yeah. I got it at the store,” he smiled. “Even though you said you didn’t need anything.”

Koichi chuckled and took a sip. Eventually they fell asleep watching the film—it was far too long. Their heads rested against each others, as they slumbered on the couch.

It was the closest they’ve been in a year.
It was almost strange to see Koichi with them. Granted some of Tsuyoshi’s ‘jokes’ got on his nerves, he decided to let them pass. They went to town to get some food from the market. It was almost Christmas soon and they needed to prepare for their feast. Each of them were given a list of things to buy and were to meet up by the car in an hour.

Tsuyoshi sighed and pretty much got what he needed quickly, he roamed around and caught Koichi still looking. He went up behind him and bumped his cart against him.

“Almost done?”

“I think so,” Koichi sighed. “I still need to do some personal shopping.”

“Porn mags?”


Tsuyoshi laughed and bit his lip. “Sorry,” he smirked. “Well clearly you don’t want to tell me so I’ll go to the car. Did dad give you the key?”

“No,” Koichi said before whipping around the corner.

An hour later and they were all ready to go back. There were a few mystery bags that belonged to Koichi, but no one said anything.

“Do you want to go by the creek later?” Tsuyoshi asked his step-brother.


“Cause you’ve never been there. You can’t come here and not see it at least once.” Koichi shrugged as a response and waited by the door for Tsuyoshi. “We’ll be out by the creek!” Tsuyoshi called out to his parents.

“Stay out the water!” his mother yelled back.

“Alright I’ll go skinny dipping!” he responded and closed the door. He smirked at Koichi before walking off.

They made small talk, very small talk, since they still didn’t know much about each other. Granted they’ve lived together for a year and had been in the same school for a few years, they couldn’t say that they actually knew much about each other. From their conversation, Tsuyoshi was able to pick up that Koichi liked cars, racing cars at that. Granted he couldn’t follow along with the conversation, it was great to see the man talk about something with a passion.

When they finally arrived, Koichi stopped babbling and looked at the scenery. “Wow,” he whispered.

“Beautiful, right?”


Tsuyoshi took hold of Koichi’s arm and dragged him to the spot further down. “I used to come here a lot when I’d get into an argument with mom.”

“You guys fight?”

“Yeah, as much as it seems like we’re the perfect two piece family, we still fought.”

“Like what?”

“Chores, playing too much and not doing homework, school...” Tsuyoshi listed. “Last thing we fought about was her getting a boyfriend.”

“You were against it too?”

“I think all teenage kids would be. Imagine, 17 years old, and your mom or dad comes in saying they met someone and will be dating them. That shit sucks,” Tsuyoshi laughed.

Koichi looked at his hands that were resting on the wooden gate in front of him. “Yeah it does…now imagine being 17 and not even knowing your parent was dating someone. Not until you find them kissing,” he said softly.

Tsuyoshi looked over at him and remember what happened a year ago. “You didn’t know?”

“No…they were dating for months and he never told me.”


“Why are you apologizing? It’s not your fault.” They were quiet for a while before he spoke up again. “Sorry I was a dick towards you.”

“Ah, teenage hormones…they get you angry sometimes,” Tsuyoshi shrugged off.

“Yeah…they do.”

They continued talking until it started to get dark out. “Shit, we should go back.” They turned around to go back up, but Koichi lost his footing and felling backwards into the rickety wooden gate. Tsuyoshi tried to grab for him but was too late.

Tsuyoshi busted into the house with a passed out Koichi in his arms. He was lucky the taller boy was light enough to be carried, but the distance from the creek to their cabin made things a bit difficult. “Oh my god, what happened?” his mother called out.

“He slipped,” Tsuyoshi trembled. His step-dad quickly picked Koichi up and brought him to the bathroom. “I’m sorry,” he said to his mother tearfully.

They drew him a warm bath, glad to see he was alright. Koichi got out the bath when he felt warm enough, despite the fact he was still trembling. He wrapped himself in the thick bathrobe and opened the door, where he was able to hear Tsuyoshi getting scolded.

“He slipped, it wasn’t on purpose!” Tsuyoshi yelled back in a pleading voice.

“What if he got seriously injured?”

“But he didn’t!”

“It’s not his fault,” Koichi cut in. “I wanted to get closer, to see the view better. He didn’t want me to and when we were trying to go back I slipped and fell,” Koichi lied. “It wasn’t his fault.”

“Don’t lie for him,” his father said.

“I’m not. It’s the truth.”

Tsuyoshi was staring at Koichi with wide eyes. Never did he think he’d see the day that Koichi would lie for him. Hell these past two days have been nothing but miracles. The two were sent to their room where Tsuyoshi immediately started to apologize.

“I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay. I’m sure I’ll just get the flu or something. You were pretty quick jumping in and saving me,” Koichi smiled.

“Here wear my clothes, they’re bigger.”

“But you’re shorter,” Koichi teased. Tsuyoshi laughed and nodded. “Thank you.”

“No problem.”

Tsuyoshi got the electric heater and moved it closer to Koichi’s bed. He also gave him more covers and made sure he didn’t move from his spot. The teen slowly drifted off to sleep from the comforting heat all around him. When he woke up, hours later, he was shocked to find Tsuyoshi standing over him.


“You were trembling again. I thought you needed something.” He presented him with tea, to which he took and drank in a heartbeat. The shivering didn’t stop, causing Tsuyoshi to do something very brash. He slipped into the bed and hugged him.

“What are you doing?”

“Body heat. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything weird.”

“Like hugging me from behind isn’t weird enough,” Koichi complained. Tsuyoshi laughed and tightened his hold.

“But you stopped shaking,” he said softly.

Koichi turned around to face him. “This breeches Rule 1, you know.”

“It was an emergency,” Tsuyoshi smirked. “Now sleep,” he whispered and closed his eyes. Koichi stayed up a little while longer, just gazing at the boy’s relaxed features in the moonlit room. He didn’t know it, but that slight tugging feeling was the beginning of love.
It was awkward waking up the next morning to Koichi sleeping soundly in his arms. Tsuyoshi’s chest somehow became a pillow for the teen in the middle of the night. Gently he tried to pull away, but Koichi’s arm, which was draped over him, held him tighter and his leg moved a little higher. His knee barely grazed the embarrassing morning wood that plagued the better part of most men.

He tried to relax himself and slip away but Koichi’s leg moved once again, this time making proper contact with him. The leg moved up and down a bit before Koichi settled down.

“Ouji, I need to pee,” Tsuyoshi said, tapping the man’s shoulder.

“Mmm,” Koichi groaned. “Hold it in, I’m really warm now.”

“I’ll explode and you’ll feel a very different kind of warmth.”

Koichi sucked his teeth and rolled over. “You can be very gross sometimes,” he grunted.

“I know,” the teen smirked.

It was now Christmas Eve and the small tree was set up and decorated. Koichi and Tsuyoshi had gotten exceptionally close ever since that day, something their parents were very pleased about. Koichi was huddled under the covers on the couch, watching a random Christmas movie, while Tsuyoshi was lying on the floor, propping his head up with his hands. Time after time, he’d purposely let his foot hit Koichi’s leg on the couch causing the older boy to swat at his foot. Eventually, after the fifth time, Koichi grabbed the foot and proceeded to tickle it.

“Mercy!” Tsuyoshi called out repeatedly, trying to get Koichi to stop. Somehow with all his thrashing about, he managed to drag the boy off the couch, but his impeccable landing was directly on top of him.

“Ow, idiot.”

“Sorry,” Tsuyoshi chuckled. Koichi tried to lift himself up, but it only resulted in his hips dragging against the younger teen’s. They both froze, eyes quickly shooting up to look at each other.

Before either of them could even say anything, they heard the front door open. Quickly they broke apart and sat on the couch, stiffly sitting next to each other with the covers all over the floor.
It was a strange feeling to want to hold him. He wanted him in his arms again for more than just the two second hug. He wanted him to rest his head on the crook of his neck, while he nonchalantly ran his fingers through the light brown hair. Much like he did when Koichi fell in the cold water at the creek.

Tsuyoshi’s eyes looked up from the torn sketchbook and rested on Koichi who was reading a book. He loved how it was a habit of his to move his lips while reading, every now and again you’d hear a soft whisper. Koichi knew the boy was staring at him, he just wished his pulse didn’t speed up every time he heard movement next to him.

“Are we going to wait until midnight to open our gifts?” He asked, wanting to push away that weird feeling.

“We can open the back of them to see what they got us,” Tsuyoshi smiled to which Koichi chuckled.

“An evil mastermind for a brother,” he chuckled.

Tsuyoshi blinked at him. “You see me as your brother?”

“I—yeah,” Koichi stuttered. He couldn’t see him as anything else, he shouldn’t. He shifted his eyes over to the other boy, testing out his reaction. Tsuyoshi sat up and put his sketchbook down.

“Is it weird?”

“What is?”

“That I don’t want you to see me as your brother.”

Koichi sighed and place his own book down, sitting up as well. “What should I see you as?” Tsuyoshi stood up and walked over to Koichi’s side of the room. The older teen looked up at him with wide eyes, wondering where exactly this was going and why was his heart about to burst in his chest.

“Something more,” Tsuyoshi whispered before placing a kiss on his lips. Koichi’s body stiffened, almost causing the younger boy to pull away, but when his lips pursed against his he stayed put.

“Tsuyoshi…” Koichi whispered against the pouty lips before he deepened the kiss. It was inexperienced, but thoughtful as well. When he felt the body leaning forward, pushing him back, he pulled away and got off the bed. “I…we can’t.”

He didn’t say anything else, he simply left the room and went outside for some fresh air.

Come Christmas morning, it was as if nothing had changed between them. Koichi thanked his parents for the gifts they got him: a series by his favorite author. Tsuyoshi smiled and gave him his gift, blush fighting its way on his cheeks. Koichi’s eyes opened wide when he saw what it was; a model F1 car.

“Tsuyo…” he gasped looking at it.

“There was one where you could like paint it yourself, but I didn’t bring my paints with me cause mom hates it when I get it all over the place and I wanted you to enjoy your gift as soon as possible,” he rambled.

Koichi laughed and pulled him in for a long hug. “Thank you.”

When it was Koichi’s turn to hand Tsuyoshi his gift, he too had an embarrassed look on his face. “Merry Christmas,” he said shoving a box at the boy’s chest. Tsuyoshi ungracefully unwrapped the gift paper and smiled wide at Koichi.

“Idiot how much did this cost you?”

“I bought it with the money I saved,” Koichi smiled.

It was an artist set of pen and ink, watercolor paints and brushes, and a self bound sketchbook with different types of paper.

Tsuyoshi looked at him, his eyes sparkling in happiness. “Ouji~” he called out and hugged him. Koichi playfully punched his stomach at the nickname. When he pulled back, he wanted nothing more than to kiss him, but he snapped out of it when he remembered their parents were watching.

It was midday when they decided to step outside with the pretense of playing around in the snow, but instead they went around back. Koichi pushed Tsuyoshi against the cabin wall and planted a deep kiss on his lips. The sounds of their jackets shuffling together as they desperately pressed themselves against each other resonated in the air. Tsuyoshi moved his legs in between Koichi’s allowing the teen to grind against him.

It was quick, it wasn’t sexy, nor was it meaningful. They were desperate and horny teens, using each other as a grinding post against the cabin wall. Koichi gasped against Tsuyoshi’s neck before he came in his pants. He pulled away far enough to look at the younger boy’s face as he came.

They kissed briefly afterwards, trying not to look uncomfortable as they walked back into the house.
There were only two days left before they had to go back home. Koichi and Tsuyoshi seemed to spend most of their time in their bedroom, for obvious reasons. It started out as a simple and innocent conversation that soon ended up with Tsuyoshi moaning into their kiss while his hand found its way in Koichi’s soft hair.

They never went further than dry humping and/or kissing. It was a mixture of it being too risky and because they weren’t sure just how far they wanted to go with this. Was it because they were stuck together for a whole week that they fell for each other or was it because they were 18 and filled with an abundance of sexual desire?

Tsuyoshi ground his clothed erection against Koichi’s hip, moaning at the pressure. He held Koichi’s hands above his head as he moved against him, grunting his name. Koichi let out soft gasps and whimpers looking into Tsuyoshi’s eyes.

“I’m close.”

“Me too…fuck, Tsuyoshi…”

They shared a long kiss when then came, bodies twitching against each other, before they pulled apart. Koichi nuzzled his face into Tsuyoshi’s neck, as he wrapped his arms around him. They should’ve known things were too good to be true, that it was too easy to be together.

On the last day, Nozomi called Tsuyoshi into the kitchen. “Yeah mom?”

“How are things?”

“Hm?” he chuckled.

“You and Koichi get along now which is great. Really great,” she said. The look in her eyes when she said this caused Tsuyoshi’s heart to stop.


“It’s not wrong…persay…but…you two can’t.”

“Does he know?”

“No and I don’t want him to. He might not be so understanding.”

Tsuyoshi sighed and closed his eyes. “I’m sorry.”

“For what? Being in love with another boy or being in love with your step-brother?” He didn’t answer, he only covered his face. They had been too careless about it. “When we get back…this can’t happen anymore. You know that?”

“Yes,” he said solemnly. “When did you find out?”

“The day Koichi slipped into water at the creek. I went to check on him to make sure everything was okay. That’s when I saw you two.” She explained. “It was confirmed for me on Christmas. The look you two shared was something that can only be described as love.”

“Can I take him somewhere before we go?”

She nodded and pat his head. “It was just bad timing,” she said before leaving the room.

After his small chat with his mom, Tsuyoshi went into their room and woke the other teen up. Koichi was now holding a cup of tea in his glove covered hands, looking out at the creek. Despite his negative history of it, he still couldn’t deny its beauty. “Why did you call me out here?”

“I only felt it was appropriate.”


Tsuyoshi sighed and covered his eyes. “Mom knows.”

“Knows what?” When the other teen looked at him, he knew exactly what it was. “When? How?”

“Today she called me down and told me that we had to stop. That when we get back…we’re only brothers…nothing more.”

Koichi bit his lip, unsure what exactly he was to say. “You don’t want to…do you?”

“I don’t want to act like this was a winter fling. Yet I don’t want to ruin our family… or their reputation.”

Koichi reached over and held his hand. “I won’t forget it.”

“I won’t either,” Tsuyoshi smiled. They shared a final kiss, their tongues peeking out and merging together, sharing the sweet taste of Koichi’s tea. The passion and meaning behind the kiss only made it that much sweeter.

They packed their bags in the car, making sure they got everything before they go. Their parents got in the car, honking the horn for the two boys to come out. They were carrying the last few bags before they hopped in.

“Got everything?” Mitsugo asked as he started the car.

Koichi looked over at Tsuyoshi and smiled. “Yeah,” they both said.

“It’d be nice to come back next winter,” he said.

“It’s a yearly tradition, right mom?” Tsuyoshi asked. She turned her head and nodded with a smile.

Koichi reached over and placed his pinky on Tsuyoshi’s. It was a subtle gesture, but he knew what it meant. This place would be their winter getaway, a place where they could truly be together.

Tags: p: domoto koichi/ domoto tsuyoshi, r: r, slash
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