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J'adore Hardcore - Ch.5: Kinniku

Title: J'adore Hardcore
Pairing: Yamapair
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ohno’s always fascinated with Sho’s muscles; he always wants to touch them.
Disclaimer: I do not know nor am I any of the mentioned characters. This never happened; it is just a work of fiction.
A/N: This multi-chap will be a collection of fetish/kink related oneshots. None of the stories are connected besides that small fact.

Ch.1: Versailles Ch.2: Chikan Ch.3: Photo-Erotica Ch.4: Play Dead

Ohno liked to marvel at Sho’s body. I mean how could he not? The way it was so soft yet hard, the way his skin looked milky smooth. He loved how every time Sho got topless, a soft breeze was enough to make the man’s nipples harden. Ohno bit his lip as he watched the younger man stretch his back muscles.

Fuck, the way those muscles just move under his skin was almost an art in of itself. Sho was typing up something on his laptop, his fingers racing on the keyboard. Ohno figured it must’ve been something very important and very last minute for the man to bring his laptop to rehearsal with him.

As he was admiring the man from behind, he noticed the way Sho was constantly fidgeting and stretching as if he back hurt.

“Sho-kun,” he called out.

“Hm?” the man hummed in return. His head jerked as if he meant to turn to look at him, his way of letting Ohno know he was waiting on him to continue.

“You’re alright? You look like your back hurts,” Ohno said.

Sho stopped typing and turned around to him. A sheepish smile spread on his face.

“Yeah, my back’s killing me actually. I’ve been so busy that I barely get to sleep in bed and since the couch is closer…”

Ohno nodded his head and walked over to him. “Well if you want, you can come around mine. I actually love sleeping on my couch and you can take my bed.”

“It’s not that I don’t have a bed, Ohno-kun. I’m just too tired to get to it,” Sho laughed. Ohno smiled and plopped down on the couch next to him.

“Well then come over for a massage. I found this old massage book that Nino left at my house and was reading up on it.”

“Sounds nice,” Sho said absentmindedly as he continued to type. Ohno didn’t get offended with the seemingly disinterested tone in Sho’s voice, he simply watched him. The man’s eyebrows were furrowed, his lips pouting and moving as he read what he wrote. After a few more minutes, Ohno let out a sigh and got up.

“Well if you want a massage just let me know. I gotta go,” Ohno smiled and tapped the man’s shoulder.

“Oh, uh…yeah. See you later then,” Sho smiled.

Sho never went to him for that massage. He was so busy with work that by the time he was done, all he really wanted was to be in bed and asleep. Of course he only made it as far as his couch, once again.
It was a Sunday afternoon and Ohno was flipping through some magazines. He was absolutely bored out of his mind and shockingly he wasn’t in the mood for any of his hobbies. The idol abandoned his idea of mindlessly staring at magazines and went to the kitchen to see if he could fix himself something quick to eat. Before he even made it out the door of his room, his cell phone rang. He gave the caller ID a passing glance and quickly picked up when he saw it was Sho.

“Sho-kun what’s up?”

“Are you still offering back massages?”

“I thought you forgot,” Ohno laughed. It had been close to three weeks since they had that conversation. The older man figured Sho wasn’t interested so he never brought it up again.

“Nah, I was just too busy.”

“You always are, aren’t you?” Ohno murmured.

“Can I come over?” Sho asked, not catching the older man’s words.

“Yeah, sure. Oh, want me to cook you anything? I was just about to make some lunch.”

“You mean curry?”

“Yeah, want some?” Ohno smiled. Sho’s soft chuckle came through the other line before he agreed. They said a curt ‘bye’ before hanging up. Ohno absentmindedly stared at his phone for a while, his mind going through too many thoughts at once before he dropped it on his bed and went to make lunch.

Sho popped up about forty minutes after they spoke, which was right on time for their curry. Their conversation was lighthearted, jumping around from topic to topic. Nothing too serious, nothing about work. Currently, Sho was lying on Ohno’s couch as he flipped through the channels.

“Even when you aren’t tired you’re lying on the couch,” Ohno teased. Sho chuckled and muted the television before he sat up.

“I could use that massage though,” the younger man said.

“Wait here,” Ohno murmured and went to his bedroom to grab a spare futon, some towels, and a bottle baby oil (the closest thing he’ll get to massage oil). Once he came back, he ordered Sho to remove his shirt and lay on the futon.

“Have you given anyone a massage before?” The man asked as he laid on his stomach.

“Besides my mom,” Ohno smirked to which Sho laughed and folded his arms under his head.

He wasn’t sure how long he was out, it felt like only seconds ago did Ohno start massaging him; but by the time he opened his eyes, Ohno was looking down at him with an amused face. “What?” he groaned.

“You passed out while I was giving you a massage. I was talking to myself for like thirty minutes before I realized you were asleep,” Ohno laughed. Sho smiled and slowly turned over. His back felt fucking wonderful.

“Thirty minutes is quite long to realize that,” Sho groaned.

“Well if you weren’t moaning and humming at the right time, then I wouldn’t have been so confused.”

The two smiled at each other before Ohno abruptly got up. He left the man to relax on the futon while he busied himself with cleaning his hands and putting the towels in the hamper.

“You’re staying over tonight?” Ohno asked.

“If you don’t mind,” Sho said. His eyes were feeling droopy again.

“I don’t. You can take the bed,” Ohno said when he came back into the room. Sho shot him an apologetic look then nodded. The older man smiled warmly at him before grabbing some clothes for Sho to change into later. As he stood by his dresser, hand clutching the pair of sweats, Ohno bit his lip as he slowly started thinking about Sho.

Those soft moans would haunt him in his dreams tonight.
It kind of became a weekly thing.

Sho would come over and get a massage from Ohno which usually ended in a sleepover. Because of the latter, Sho would make sure to bring an extra set of clothes for him to sleep in. He already felt bad that he commandeers Ohno’s bed, he doesn’t want to start doing that to his clothes.

Sho let out a soft sigh when Ohno’s warm fingers rubbed his shoulders, his thumbs pressing down on the blades. The soft hands slowly moved down, the thumbs running down his spine. He let out another moan, especially when his lower back was now being massaged.

“You’re still so stiff,” Ohno said softly.


“Mm.” Ohno changed his position so he was kneeling the opposite way; his feet nearby Sho’s head. He rubbed his thumbs into the small of Sho’s back, his fingers unconsciously spread across the man’s ass. After twenty more minutes Ohno was done.

“God, you’re so good at that,” Sho groan while turning onto his back. Ohno’s eyes roamed the exposed torso before settling on the man’s face.

“That’s cause you’re so stiff anything will feel great,” Ohno teased. Sho smiled and sat up.

“Would you do a full body massage for me one day?”

“Why?” Ohno’s heart was racing at the thought. Feeling alloff Sho’s muscles would be almost too much for him.

“Cause my back’s not the only thing that’s stiff.”

With that Sho left to take a shower, leaving Ohno flushed red with his overactive imaginations.
It had been days since Sho went to get a massage from Ohno. Days soon turned into weeks and weeks into a month. Ohno wasn’t sure if it was because the younger idol was actually sleeping in bed than his couch, or if the man simply didn’t want a massage anymore. Whatever the reason was, Ohno soon started to feel lonely in his one bedroom apartment.

He missed cooking for two, chatting with him on the couch until Sho felt all tucked out, and above all he missed giving the man a massage. He missed touching those strong muscles, feeling them twitch underneath his fingers. Watching the skin stretch as he rubbed it. Even if it was only once a week, Ohno really missed Sho’s company at home.

Ohno hummed to himself as he walked down the quiet street past his building. He felt restless and figured he needed a simple stroll around the block or something to clear his mind. He was lucky not many people were out, cause it was quite cold, so he didn’t have to worry much about disguising himself.

“Sato-yan!” He heard someone call out. Slowly he turned around and caught Sho waving at him.

“Oh, Sho-kun.” He walked over to the taller man, stopping in front of him. “What is it?”

“I’m cold, let’s go in,” Sho smiled pointing to back towards the building. Ohno nodded slowly and made his way back to his place. When they got inside, Sho removed his jacket and shoes before walking further into the apartment and into Ohno’s kitchen. The smaller man followed him in to make some tea for the both of them. “I got some bentos at the store, hope you don’t mind.”

“Ah, thanks. Want some tea?”

“Thanks,” Sho smiled. They didn’t say anything to each other as they bustled around in the kitchen. For some strange reason it was as if they were trying to keep their distance from each other.

What exactly happened last time to make them this awkward around each other?

Sho was leaning against the counter while Ohno stood by the doorway. They were staring at each other, but whenever their eyes met they would look away.

“Ohno-kun,” Sho started.


Sho was silent for a while before he shook his head. “It’s nothing,” he smiled and turned around. Ohno sighed and moved towards him.

“How’s your back?” he asked, placing his hand gently on the small of Sho’s back.

“It’s alright, I guess. Not too sore.”

“Mm, I figured. You haven’t been coming over much lately,” Ohno smiled and poured them some tea.

“Yeah, busy with work and all,” Sho murmured. “But I’m here now,” he smiled. Ohno bit back his own smile and nodded, offering a cup of tea to him.

Conversation slowly started building up between the two, reminding Ohno of their time together. He laughed at a story Sho finished telling about a small trip he went on with Nino and Aiba. Their cups of tea slowly turned into beers and their conversation slowly turned more personal.

“Do ever invite girls over?” Sho asked as his eyes looked around the room.

“Yeah, a few times. Why?”

“I just feel like I’m the only person that ever comes here,” Sho smiled. Ohno chucked and shrugged his eyebrow.

“Well lately I haven’t felt the need to.”

Sho nodded and stood up. He silently went to the bathroom before emerging in just in boxer briefs. Ohno did a double take, his eyes wide and taking in Sho’s muscular figure.

“Will you give me that massage now?” Sho asked, a smirk threatening to appear as he stood right in front of the older man. Ohno swallowed audibly.

“The fu-full body one?”


“O-Okay…” Ohno stuttered. Quickly he went to fetch the things he needed, his hands trembling. This should be his moment where he makes a move on Sho. He’d harbored these feelings long enough, he should just be a man and fess up to them. Instead he smiled nervously at Sho who already was positioned on his stomach.

Ohno rubbed his hands together to warm them up before he placed them on Sho’s smooth back. He rubbed the skin up and down before he slowly started kneading the skin by his shoulder blades. A content noise came from Sho, causing Ohno to smile warmly. His fingers then moved across his shoulders, squeezing the flesh, trying to relax the taut muscles.

He moved down the muscular arms, one by one, even rubbing the palms of the man’s hands. Sho had never felt so relaxed like he did right then and there.

It was sexual to him, or at least in his eyes. He really enjoyed the contradicting feel of Sho’s body; soft yet hard. His hands had been rubbing Sho’s back and arms for close to twenty minutes before he snapped out of the small daze. He moved lower, kneading Sho’s left buttcheek, feeling it clench under his touch. Sho soon relaxed again the more Ohno’s fingertips pressed into his skin, massaging out all the knots. Ohno’s hands then slipped in between his legs, his pinky making contact with his clothed balls.

Ohno moved down the leg, rubbing the thigh as deeply as he could, feeling the tight muscles underneath the milky smooth skin. Sho let out a soft sigh, his eyes opening briefly before closing again. He worked the man’s left leg for a few more minutes before repeating the same pattern on the right leg. All while, Sho’s body would tense up and relax, especially when Ohno would make brief contact with his dick.

Eventually, Ohno whipped out the massage oil [which he finally purchased so he no longer had to use baby oil] and poured a modest amount in his hand. After rubbing them together, he began massaging Sho’s back again. His thumbs rubbed down the spine up to the band of Sho’s underwear. He repeated the action for five more minutes before his hands slipped into Sho’s boxer-briefs. Ohno kneading his ass gently before moving back up the length of the man’s back.

Ohno then moved Sho’s legs, spending an adequate amount of time massaging his thighs and calves, before his hands went in between Sho’s legs and cupped the man’s balls. He passed his hands up and down, massaging them with good effort. Sho was then instructed to move onto his back. Ohno’s eyes lustfully roamed his front, noticing the bulge forming in the grey underwear.

Sho blinked up at Ohno, his chest rising and falling a little bit faster the more Ohno stared at him. Ohno poured oil on Sho’s chest, rubbing his shoulders then down to his chest, his fingers flicking the hard nipples.

“Mm,” Sho whimpered and closed his eyes. Ohno continued to toy with the man’s nipples until Sho’s hips started moving side to side. He then passed his hands over Sho’s stomach, loving the tense abs appearing and disappearing with each body spasm.

Ohno soon threw all caution to the wind and drizzled some oil on Sho’s bulge. The younger man grunted as Ohno’s skillful fingers cupped and massaged his balls. They soon wormed their way into his underwear, stroking him into hardness. Sho’s breathing changed the more Ohno jerked him off.

“Feels good?”

“Mm yes,” Sho hissed as Ohno’s index and middle finger toyed with the tip. Ohno removed his hand and tugged the man’s underwear down. Sho’s cock sprung out, swaying slightly, before Ohno took hold of it and drizzled more oil on it, watching as the semi thick liquid oozed down his fingers.

“So stiff,” Ohno whispered. “So hard.”

His eyes were clouded with lust as he continued to jerk Sho off. The man was moaning and groaning on the futon, hips thrusting up into the hand. Once he felt like he was close, Ohno stopped and continued rubbing his chest.

A sigh of discontent left Sho causing Ohno to chuckled and leaned in to press a chaste kiss on his lips. Ohno’s hand moved back down to his hips, pressing his thumb into the skin, moving them down alongside Sho’s cock. He tried to move his hips in a way to get Ohno to touch him again, but failed. Ohno smiled fondly at the twitching cock, before he placed his hands under Sho’s knees and bent them.

“Ah, this is kinda embarrassing,” Sho blushed, looking down at Ohno. The man smiled and rubbed his perineum. Sho called out from both shock and pleasure, his cock twitching once again. His fingers gently grazed his anus, causing the hole to tighten even more.

Sho’s eyes closed as he tried to get over the embarrassment he was oddly going through. Something about how fluidly and nonchalantly Ohno was touching him just made him feel so…helpless under those hands.

“You’re muscles are tense and tight no matter where I touch,” Ohno murmured. “You should relax,” he leaned in again, his face barely a few centimeters from Sho’s. “Trust in me…and my hands.”

Ohno reached up and took the hot and hard cock in his hand again, smirking at the grunt Sho made. He was soon leaving gentle kisses on Sho’s chest and neck before sucking on his nipples. Sho let out a gasping sigh before reaching for Ohno’s hair. Lips, teeth, and tongue pleasured the hard buds repeatedly. Ohno pulled away before ordering Sho on his hands and knees.

If Sho was embarrassed before, he was mortified to have his ass in the air while Ohno massaged it. The gentle touch was no longer there, they had been replaced with eager and hungry ones.

Ohno spread the pale cheeks, exposing the clenched hole before he leaned in and swiped his tongue on it. Sho gasped, tightening his eyes even more. Ohno continued to toy with him before his lips closed over the twitching hole sucking on it while his tongue licked at it. Sho’s whines grew louder the more he ate his ass out. Ohno pulled away, letting drool drip from his tongue onto the slickened hole.

“Spread your legs some more.”

Sho followed the order, resting his head on the futon so he was completely exposed to him. Ohno moved down, sucking on his balls while he stroked his cock.

“Satoshi,” Sho whimpered.

“Feels good?”


“Please what?” Ohno smirked, placing small kisses on Sho’s ass.

“Make me come, please,” Sho begged.

“Turn around.” Ohno once again and took hold of the cock, stroking it faster than before after adding more oil on it. Sho’s moaning didn’t cease. “Look at me.”

Sho cracked an eye open as his orgasm came faster than he expected. Ohno bit his lip, staring down at the man’s contorted expression of pleasure. He was so fucking sexy to him at this moment. The way his muscles were clenching and moving underneath that smooth skin, fuck it turned him on so much.

“I’m coming, shit…Sato…ngh,” Sho called out before his cum shot out of him, decorating his chest and stomach. Ohno continued to milk him until he was certain Sho had no more left to give.

Sho’s chest rose and fell rapidly as he tried to catch his breath. Ohno simply smiled down at the dirtied body.

“So beautiful,” Ohno whispered lovingly.
A few months later, they found themselves in the same position, but this time Ohno made sure to prolong Sho’s orgasm, he wanted to see those muscles just a little while longer before allowing the man to release.

“You’re getting so much better at this,” Sho said tiredly.

“Mm,” Ohno smirked. “Hey, can we try something different next time?”

“What did you have in mind?”

Ohno smiled wickedly before speaking up. “How about I massage you…internally…” Sho eyebrows furrowed before he blushed. “Prostate massages are the best things ever,” he smirked.

Sho chuckled before nodding. “Just do me one favor.”


“Be sure to clip those nails before you shove them in me.” Ohno blushed and nodded.

Tags: p: ohno satoshi/ sakurai sho, r: nc-17, slash
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