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Life's No Love Story

Title: Life’s No Love Story
Rating: R
Pairing: Yamapair
Summary: He gets him into this lifestyle, now he struggles to get him out.
Disclaimer: I do not know nor am I any of the mentioned characters. This is just a work of fiction, nothing is true.
A/N: Entered and won second place in the Oretachinosong contest.

The air in his room was thick and musky, suffocating Sho’s lungs with each inhale. With his hand on his chest, Sho took in the dense air as he tried to keep this morning’s breakfast down. “We have to get going,” his friend called out from the next room. If only he could lie there a little while longer. Lose himself in his thoughts just a little bit longer.

Groaning, Sho sat up and put on his white dress shirt. He then slipped on his gold watch and finally the black suit jacket before stepping out his room.

“What was the next location?” Sho asked.

“Downtown Shibuya. There should definitely be people we can get it from there,” the smaller man said. He too was dressed in a suit, but he had on a garish red Hawaiian shirt with flowers on it. He was combing his hair back as he talked through the cigarette in his mouth. Sho took the half smoked stick and took a few puffs before passing it back.

“Let’s go.”

The two men walked out the shoddy loft space apartment and into the rickety elevator. Sho was busying himself with his thoughts again while his friend and partner in crime, Nino, was messing around with his cell phone. Once they reached the lobby floor, they got into their car and drove to their destination.

“We’ll split up and meet back in two hours,” Nino said as he parked the car. Sho put on his sunglasses, despite the fact that it was dark out, and made a small noise of confirmation.

“How long will you keep babying me?” Sho sighed as he got out the car.

“Until you stop getting yourself into more trouble than we can handle,” Nino smirked to which Sho rolled his eyes. That was so long ago in his mind he practically forgot about it. Was it not for Nino’s constant reminders he’d completely erase it from his memory.

“See you in two hours then,” Sho mumbled and walked away. Nino watched his friend’s retreating figure before going in the opposite direction.

He was quite young when he turned to a life of crime and debauchery. He had given up being the picture perfect son his parents had fought so hard for him to become. Sho chose his own way of living, even if that meant he had to con, hurt, and steal from many others around him. Along his way, as a teen no older than 18, he met Nino.

The young one was scrappy, obnoxious in his own right, and very much a prodigy of getting people to eat from the palm of his hand. Nothing a little blackmailing couldn’t do, right? They had been together for 11 years, watching each other’s backs especially when Sho was prone to messing up quite frequently.

Sho had been walking far too fast for the couples that seemed to surround him and bumped into one.

“Ah, sorry about that,” Sho smiled. Skillfully his fingers slipped into the man’s coat pocket and pulled out the wallet.

“No, it’s my fault. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going,” the man laughed indicating to the woman he was with. Sho gave him another smile before bowing his head and walking off. He looked through the wallet, skimming the driver’s license before looking in each of the flaps for something valuable. There were only a few paper bills, which Sho pocketed, along with the man’s credit card before he simply dropped the wallet on the floor and continued to march on.

He got ready to cross the street until a small man had run up to him. “Excuse me, but you dropped this.” Sho turned over and took in the man’s appearance. His hair, dyed lighter than necessary, his sleepy eyes, his characteristically long nose, and the small mouth slightly hidden behind an all too big plaid scarf.

“It’s not mine. You can just give it to the police,” Sho winked before crossing the street. He didn’t turn around, not even after the man called out after him. Sho walked into a nearby diner, stopping for something to warm him up. The weather had been a lot colder than he expected and his suit jacket isn’t providing much warmth. After ordering his cappuccino, he pulled out his cell phone and called Nino.

“Where are you?”

“Working,” came Nino’s simple answer. “Where are you? It’s far too quiet where you’re at.”

“Break time,” Sho chuckled. He heard his friend sigh through the other line. “Don’t worry Nino, I’ll stay out of trouble,” Sho said in a mocking tone.

“Fuck off will you. Don’t forget we’re meeting back in about an hour so don’t fuck up.”

The line hung up before Sho even had a chance to properly respond. “Asshole,” he muttered underneath his breath. His waitress soon arrived with his scone and cappuccino to which he promptly started consuming. He was too preoccupied with the newspaper someone had left on the countertop to notice that the man from before came in.

“If I go to the police I’ll have to turn you in.” He heard a familiar voice say.

“Ugh, you again. Why would you have to do that?”

“I saw you take money out, that’s why I thought it was yours.”

Sho simply chuckled and turned his attention to the newspaper again. The glaring heat from the smaller man’s gaze on him was slowly but surely getting to him. “What the fuck do you want? Honestly it wasn’t much and I’ll dispose of the card anyways. We all know they shut it off once it’s reported missing,” Sho rambled.

The man only pouted at him before looking down at the wallet in his glove covered hands. “What do you do?”

Sho laughed at the question, the laughter dying down when he caught the unwavering stare. “Nothing. I do nothing important in life if that’s what you’re so concerned about? Do you plan to make me regret my actions? Plan to make me give up because of those innocent yet judging eyes you keep shooting atme?”

“No, I just wanted to make conversation with a thief,” the man said accusingly. Sho looked around to see if anyone was eavesdropping before returning his gaze at the annoying fellow.

“Listen, I do what I can to survive. Take it or leave it.” Sho stood up and paid for his order, even if he wasn’t quite done with it yet, before walking out the store. The bell chimed a second time after he stepped out; he already knew who was standing next to him. Paying the man no mind, Sho continued to walk away knowing he was right on his tail.

By the time he had to meet up with Nino, he was still being followed. As much as he wanted to see just how long the man would go, he really didn’t want to deal with Nino’s mouth.

“Still being a parasite?” Sho called out when the man was within earshot.

“Just seeing what the life of a thief is like,” the man answered coldly, however a hint of playfulness lingered in his tone. Sho smirked and continued up to Nino who was standing by his car. Immediately he noticed the other man and looked back at Sho.

“What the fuck is this?”

“I can explain,” Sho started.

“He said he was going to show me a fun time back at his place,” the man cut in. “Ohno Satoshi,” he introduced, holding his hand out to Nino.

“Right…” Nino said looking down at the outstretched hand. “Sho, a word please,” he grabbed his friend and shoved him against a nearby building. “I said stay out trouble didn’t I?”

“How much trouble can that little guy be?” Sho smirked. “All he did was follow me around silently, nothing horrible.”

“I swear if you—” Nino cut himself off and exhaled heavily. They held each other’s glares before Nino walked back over to the car. Ohno was curiously looking inside the vehicle before he was gently pushed aside. Sho went around to the passenger side and gestured to Ohno to get in the back seat.

The car ride was silent and tense.

“So you go around stealing from people?” Ohno asked as he roamed the loft space. Nino rolled his eyes towards Sho, but the older man was busy too smirking at Ohno.

“About much. We also hold parties with friends,” Sho said with a smile. He passed the joint Nino rolled up earlier to Ohno who gently declined.

“And do these friends lead the same lifestyle?”

“Gonna judge them as well?” Nino asked from his seat in the middle of the room.

“I didn’t intend to insult you,” Ohno smiled to which Sho chuckled at. For some strange reason the man was now becoming more interesting rather than annoying. Nino on the other hand didn’t see the humorous side of this.

“Oh but you did. Think you’re better than us cause you go to school? Being the perfect boy for mommy and daddy.” Nino said scornfully.

“Nino…” Sho sighed.

“What, just making pleasant conversation.” Nino smiled sarcastically at his friend before getting up from his seat. He stopped right in front of Ohno, staring him down as he blew out a stream of smoke. “I’ll see you in the morning,” he said to Sho, but keeping his eyes on Ohno.

“Night,” Sho said to Nino’s retreating figure. “He’s not much of a people person,” Sho smiled. Ohno nodded and looked out the rain streaked window. It started to rain when they were in the car on their way to the apartment and it didn’t seem like it was going to die down anytime soon. “Want something to drink?”

“What do you have?”

“Beer,” Sho smiled. Ohno scrunched up his face before shrugging. “Will you continue to pester me about my life though? If so I can possibly show you the door.” Sho turned to the man who only smirked.

“I just don’t see the justifications of it, but if you’d like to change the topic you’re more than welcome.”

Sho walked towards him with a smile, opening the can of beer and taking a sip from it. “So what kind of art do you do in school?” He got ready to take another sip before Ohno reached up and placed his hand on the can.

“Just about anything really. Whatever that allows me to use my hands,” Ohno smirked as he drank from the can.

“I am artist too.”

“A con artist,” the small man interjected.

“An artist nonetheless,” Sho laughed. The smirk never left Ohno’s face as he talked to the older man. You can say it was cause he was young, only 23 years of age, that he didn’t see the threat Sho posed to him. But he knew there was some good in him, he just had to get to it before he got to him.

The next morning Ohno woke up on the couch with a note on the table along with the credit card and all the money Sho had stolen from the wallet.

Days had gone by before Sho got to see the small man again. He was quite free the whole afternoon and decided to drop by the school he vaguely remembers Ohno talking about. The campus was large, but he was able to navigate his way to the art department where he caught Ohno painting. He had his music playing out loud seeming how he was the only one in the room. Sho couldn’t recognize the song since it was in English, but he figured it would make a great conversation starter one day. Sho leaned against the doorframe, taking in the delicate movements of the man’s hands.

They moved quickly yet gently on the canvas. A few times he was able to hear the bristles of the brush dragging along the board as the paint dried up. He smiled to himself at Ohno’s slightly opened mouth before he walked in and turned the music off. Ohno quickly looked up before going over to him.

“How did you get in here?”

“Front door then up some steps,” Sho smiled cheekily.

“You can get in trouble for not having a visitor’s pass.”

“Then hurry up. I’m taking you out,” Sho said as he roamed the classroom. Ohno looked flustered for a moment before he tried to quickly put his things away.

“That’s due in a week so I hope you don’t plan on kidnapping me anymore.”

“Says the man who followed me like a lost puppy the day he met me.”

“That was different, you stole.”

“And I returned it all,” Sho smiled. Ohno bit back his own before putting on his coat and the large scarf around his neck again.

“Are you free this weekend?” Sho asked as he drove them to a small diner.


“Oh drop it; you can do it some other time.”

“I can’t,” Ohno chuckled. “I really can’t.”

“Yes, you can. I want you to come with me to a party. I’m sure Nino will bitch, but he always does that.”

“He hates me.”

“Yeah he does.” Sho smiled and looked over at Ohno’s semi-hurt expression. “But don’t worry, he’ll come around. He always does.” Ohno nodded and let out a sigh.

It was becoming frequent amongst them. Sho would drop by Ohno’s school, ‘kidnap’ him, and take him somewhere he hasn’t been to before. Eventually Ohno got used to being with the older man. He’s gotten accustomed to the heavy smoking and drinking. He’s familiarized himself with the overtly explicit stories his friends would tell beyond their wits. He also got used to Nino’s harsh attitude towards him.

He was slowly getting immersed into Sho’s world.

It was a Wednesday night and they were at yet another party, held at a community center that had been broken into. Ohno was hanging off of Sho, arm hooked around his neck while he talked into his ear, his words slurring as the alcohol started to take effect on him. Sho had his hand on the small of his back, trying to keep him steady. “Didn’t I ask you not to kidnap me anymore?” Ohno giggled.

Sho smirked and blew out some smoke away from Ohno’s face. “But I like seeing you and I can say the same for you too. Am I right?”

“Far from it,” Ohno said with a large smile. His eyes were swimming as he felt his mind getting clouded over. “Pass that to me,” he said pointing at the joint Sho had been smoking. Sho took a deep puff and opened Ohno’s mouth, slowly blowing the smoke into it. The small man tried not to cough but of course failed, causing Sho to laugh.

Ohno licked his lips before tiptoeing to press them on Sho’s, though his lack of balance made the kiss askew.

“Try it again,” Sho chuckled darkly. Ohno did try again and his lips landed a bit harshly on Sho’s. Their kiss intensified while the older man slowly guided them out the building, away from the gawking eyes of the others, and into the car in the lot. Ohno’s lips never left his, desperately attached to him as Sho clumsily slipped them into the backseat. Their tongues rolled around each others, soft moans coming from the both of them. Ohno pulled back enough to catch his breath and to tug at Sho’s pants.

Clothes were merely shoved out the way rather than removed as they ground against each other. Ohno moaned against Sho’s neck, one hand fisting the cushion of the passenger seat and the other gripping the taller man’s hair as he bumped against his hips. Sho’s breathing was becoming shallow the more they moved, the more Ohno whimpered in his ear, the more he looked at him.

“Sho,” Ohno gasped before he released. Sho kissed him lazily, moving his hips faster until he buckled and came as well. Slowly Ohno let go the man above him, taking small and shallow breaths to come down from his post orgasmic high. Sho gently rolled off of Ohno yet kept their eyes locked. They arranged themselves and stayed in the backseat, sharing a cigarette, while they held a light conversation.

They didn’t go back into the building; they simply stayed in the car until Nino came in and drove them home.

Another weekend went by, another three days spent amongst a sea of people. It’s been a while since Ohno actually went home and did some work. He’s gotten too accustomed to Sho, far more than he realized.

Sho was in bed when he received a text from Ohno.

Are you busy?


I want to see you.

Sho read those words over and over again, unsure why he was hesitating. Two months ago he was nearly begging Ohno to come out with him, but somehow the tables had turned. Ohno’s been going out without him, not like he cares really. What did bother him was the state of which Ohno came to him: dangerously drunk or impossibly high, stumbling around the loft.

He received another text from Ohno, asking if he was busy once again.

Want to come over? Sho asked. He waited a few seconds before receiving Ohno’s next message.


Once the small art student arrived, close to an hour later, Sho noticed his eyes were already glazed over. “Sho-kun,” Ohno said dreamily.

“What did you take?” Sho questioned, holding Ohno’s head up to look into his unfocused eyes.

“Mm,” Ohno hummed as he pulled out a small bag with a familiar powder in it. Immediately Sho snatched it from him.

“What the fuck are you taking this for?”

“They said it’d calm my nerves. I don’t know if it’s working,” Ohno chuckled. “Gimme,” he murmured as he reached for the bag.

“Ohno…” Sho sighed, crumpling the bag in his hand. “Just lay down, I’ll get you some water.”

“No, I’m fine. Just give it back.”

The look in Ohno’s eyes was challenging, almost as if he was waiting for Sho to make the wrong move. The older man simply went into the kitchen, putting the bag in the pocket of his pajama bottoms before walking back to Ohno with a glass of water.


“So you plan on keeping it? Like what you do with everything else you want?”

“Ohno it’s not like that,” Sho sighed. “You’re strung out right now; you just need to rest.”

“I don’t see what’s so wrong with me? Isn’t this what you were aiming for? To make me as fucked up as you are, as fucked up as your fucking group of friends?!” Ohno yelled at the end, his chest heaving in anger.

Sho pulled the bag out of his pocket and angrily threw it at Ohno, who turned away hitting him square on the cheek.

“Fine, be a fuck up. I don’t care anymore.”

“Of course you don’t. You never cared. Not what I say, not what Nino says, not even your parents. You’re a selfish little shit—” His words were cut off by the abrupt slap across his face.

“Leave,” Sho snarled. Ohno stared him now before he picked up the small bag from the floor and going to the loft elevator. Sho stared at the spot the man once stood, not turning back even though he could feel his gaze on him.

“You’ll always be low. No matter what you do, no matter what you say, you’ll always be scum.” Ohno’s voice wavered as he spoke.

The next time Sho saw him was at a party, Ohno was with someone, hanging off him much like he had done to Sho many weeks ago. As much as he tried not to, he kept staring at them. Not even trying to avert his eyes when Ohno looked in his direction. He caught Ohno whispering something in the man’s ear and next thing he sees are the two of them getting up and going to the bathroom. Sho knew what was happening, but that didn’t stop him from approaching the door, closing his eyes tightly at the soft grunts coming from within.

His hands trembled as he rested on the adjacent wall trying to calm his nerves. It was a painful combination of anger, hatred, jealousy, fear, and hurt coursing through him. He didn’t think it’d be this bad.

Moments later, but to Sho it felt like hours, the man came out the bathroom. Ohno followed soon after, the dark bags under his eyes, along with his thinning frame were now visible due to their close distance. “Did you have a fun time getting off on us in there?”


The smaller man didn’t say anything except the simple gesture to shut him up as he walked away.

The pain was unbearable; it was a lot harder than Ohno thought it would be. He stumbled about in his small apartment, landing on the floor where he took shallow breaths. Ohno’s shaky hand reached up to wipe his eyes, but the tears weren’t stopping.

Why did this have to happen to him?

Slowly he got up and looked around for something to numb his pain, but it was all in vain. He looked at his trashed apartment before calling the number of a new acquaintance of his. Minutes later he was in the man’s car, driving off to another location.

When he woke up, his clothes were completely disheveled and he was alone in the car. Ohno got out to look at his surroundings, trying to figure out where he was so that he could go back home. He made it as far as four feet before he hunched over and threw up. Hot tears ran down his cheeks as he continued to relieve himself. With trembling hands, Ohno pulled out his cell phone and called Sho.

The phone rang about five times before it picked up.

“Hello?” The voice was Nino’s instead.

“Where’s Sho?” Ohno croaked.

“He stepped out just now. What is it?”

Upon hearing that, a buildup of emotions ran through Ohno as he fell to his knees and started to cry out loud. His wails were drowning out Nino’s yelling through the other side to tell him where he was at. Eventually the line got disconnected.

Nino drove all over the city in hopes of finding Ohno. He was just about ready to give up after a few hours until he saw a familiar car. It belonged to a minor friend of his and he knew damn well that it wouldn’t just normally be underneath the overpass. As he slowly approached the vehicle, he soon noticed Ohno’s figure sitting next to it. Quickly Nino went over to him, taking heed to the state he was in.

“Ohno get up,” he ordered. The man’s eyes were glazed over, his head barely able to stay up. That’s when he saw the makeshift tourniquet around his arm and an abandoned syringe. “Shit,” Nino sighed, passing his hands across his face. He picked Ohno up and removed the rubber hosing from around his arm; he then dragged the dead weight body to his car and drove them to the loft.

Sho had been sitting in bed, chain smoking when he heard the elevator coming up. His eyes widened when he saw Nino dragging Ohno’s body.

“What happened?”

Nino remained silent, he only dug in Ohno’s pockets before tossing the drugs he found in them at Sho.

“You fucking happened!” Nino yelled. “I told you to stay out of trouble,” he continued. “How much trouble can the little guy be?” He mocked the older man’s previous words. Sho bit his lip and averted his eyes; he really was a fuck up.

“I’m sorry—”

“I’m not the one you have to apologize to,” Nino said before he went to his room, slamming the door behind him. Nino was right, he’s always right. No matter what he does, he messes things up. Sho picked up the drugs and dumped them in the toilet. He came back from the bathroom with a small bucket and plastic basin. He then proceeded to wipe the dirt off of Ohno’s face with a damp cloth.

“Sho?” Ohno groaned.

“I’m here,” Sho smiled. Ohno blinked up at him, tears already pooling in his eyes. “I’m here,” Sho repeated taking the weak hand in his.

“I’m sor—”

“Shh, you don’t have to say anything. Just sleep, I’ll draw you a warm bath.” Sho stood up and gently placed Ohno’s hand on the bed. The minute he turned around, he wiped his own eyes.

Minutes later Ohno was sent to the bathroom where he took a long hot shower. Sho stayed in his room, clearing up space for the man to sleep. He quickly made some tea, obviously knowing that Ohno hadn’t been taking much care of his body. His ears perked when he heard the squeak of the shower faucet, indicating that Ohno was done. Soon the door opened and the small man, clothed in one of Sho’s dress shirts, came padding in.

The first few minutes were uncomfortable, it’s been three months since they had a real conversation that didn’t involve a fight. Ohno stared at the tea in his hand while Sho bit his thumbnail staring at him from afar.

“Aren’t you going to say anything?” Ohno whispered.

Sho sniffed and shrugged. “Besides me regretting everything, I don’t know what else I can say.” Ohno nodded and placed his cup down on the nearby dresser. He noticed the gold watch Sho always carried with him, catching the initials engraved on the back.

“A gift?” Ohno asked, running his thumb over the engraved ‘S.S’.

“Kind of,” Sho chuckled and moved closer. “It was my father’s. Before I decided to leave home, I took it with me,” he explained. “I did plan on pawning it, but strangely I never got the heart to do so.” A soft smile graced Sho’s face as he remembered that day; it was quite bittersweet for him, but the memory still remained. They got quiet once again before Sho spoke up. “Satoshi, I’m so sorry.”

“I know.” Ohno didn’t look at him, he kept his eyes on his lap. “It was me really, not you.”

Sho lifted the man’s head up and stroked his cheek. “I’ll help you, kick the habit that is.” Ohno smiled at the man’s words, getting up to his feet. He took hold of the hand on his cheek and brought it down.

“You’ll stay here with me?”

“Yeah,” Sho whispered.


“I promise.”

Sho leaned in and placed a lingering kiss on Ohno’s forehead, then down to his cheek, and finally his lips. Ohno wrapped his arms around his neck while Sho hoisted him up. They collapsed on the bed, lips fused together tasting the weird blend of tea and cigarettes. Sho buried his face in the tanned neck, leaving open mouthed kisses and gently biting it hoping this moment of happiness would last.

Eventually they stripped off their clothes, getting into the familiar position of Sho hovering above him, thrusting his hips. Ohno let out soft moans, blunt nails and fingertips digging into the smooth back, encouraging the man to go faster. Their eyes opened and met, soft smiles gracing their faces. They soon changed positions so that Ohno was in Sho’s lap, hastily moving up and down. Ohno moaned repeatedly, never breaking eye contact with him as he felt his orgasm approaching. Sho leaned in and kissed the sweaty neck, licking the length of it before Ohno started to tighten around him.

“Sh-Sho…” the man whimpered.

“Go ahead,” Sho whispered. Ohno reached in between them and came, Sho’s orgasm came as well after a few more thrusts.

They rest their foreheads together, Ohno’s hands on Sho’s cheeks while Sho’s were on Ohno’s hips. Their heavy breathing filled the musky room, along with their soft whispers before they fell asleep.

Sho woke up to the sounds of conversation and the smell of food. He groggily got up to see Nino talking to Ohno. “Oh sweet you’re up. Come eat this,” Nino said pushing his leftovers and Sho’s breakfast over to him. Sho laughed at the man’s little appetite before sitting at the table and eating.

“I didn’t know you can cook.”

“Well you gotta make due when you live on your own,” Ohno blushed. Nino rolled his eyes and saw his cue to leave them alone. “I made breakfast to thank you…and Nino too.”

“You didn’t have to,” Sho smiled. Once he was done eating, he placed the plates in the sink.

“I got it,” Ohno quickly stood up to wash them. As he approached the man, Sho turned around and kissed him. It started innocent enough but they slowly it escalated to their tongues battling each other. However it all ended when Nino came into the kitchen again.

“Get ready cause we have to go.”

Sho pulled away and looked back and forth between the two of them.

“Go where?” Ohno asked trying to look into Sho’s eyes.

“We have a job to do, so shower up cause we have to go,” Nino repeated. Sho went to his room to gather up his clothes. Ohno followed him in, with a forlorn look.

“You said you’d stay,” he whispered.

“I am, this is just for today. We’ll be back tonight then we can go somewhere together, just the two of us. But I have to do this, we’ve been planning it for such a long time,” Sho said almost pleadingly.

“You’re gonna come back?”

“Of course I will baby,” Sho pulled the man in for a kiss. “Here,” he said, offering Ohno his watch. “Hold onto this and I’ll be back for it.”

Tears slipped past Ohno’s eyes as he took the watch. The only thought running through his head as he watched the two men leave was that they weren’t coming back.

Time passed and he had fallen asleep due to boredom, when he woke up it was already dark out. Ohno got up and roamed the loft, wondering if any of them came back, but he was still alone. He sat at the kitchen table, staring at the food he made to get his mind off of things, but couldn’t bring himself to eat it.

He had waited all throughout the night and still didn’t see a sign of him. It was now pushing 7AM when Ohno changed into his old clothes and left the gold watch on the bed. He wiped his tired eyes before going to the elevator.

Even when it hit 9PM that night, Sho and Nino still hadn’t come back.

It was supposed to be a quick job. They go in, impersonate the man, get the money, get in the car, and they would have never seen it coming. However, they walked into an ambush.

Sho was struggling in the arms of the officers as they held him down and against the car. He thrashed about repeatedly until he lost his will.

Ohno, I’m sorry.’

After the trial, the two were sentenced to 2 to 3 years in prison. They had only completed a year before an incident happened. A fight broke out, started by Nino, and it got even worse with all the other men instigating around them. Sho shoved the man away, trying to make sure Nino wasn’t too badly injured when he felt a sharp pain on his side. He looked down and noticed the spot of blood forming on his jumpsuit.

It all happened way too fast and all he really remembered was Nino dragging him away from the crowd of men.

He was hauled off to the prison hospital to be treated for his wound. However, due to the severity of his injury, he was to be released but on parole for the remainder of his sentence. A month after the surgery had gone by and Sho was sent back home to the abandoned loft. He was shocked to see that it remained the same way as he had left it, aside from the accumulation of dust.

Slowly he hobbled to his bedroom where he saw the gold watch, barely peeking out from the sheets. He slid down on the dusty floor, running his thumb around the circular face of the watch, and cried onto the mattress.

That night he was plagued by dreams of Ohno.

Sho made sure to keep visiting Nino, once he was given the okay to drive around, promising him that he’d be out soon. However Nino would only chuckle and shake his head. “It’s fun to fuck with people, you know.”

“They will fuck you pretty soon.”

“In their worst nightmares they will,” Nino smiled. The buzzer rang, stating his time ran out.

“I’ll be back again alright.”

“Mm, keep yourself safe.” He got ready to hang up the phone before he remembered something. “Oh, Sho.”


“Yesterday…he visited me.”


“Go to the school. He should still be there,” Nino said before he was roughly pulled away from the phone. Sho sat there and watched the guard take Nino away.

He parked in front of the campus, gazing at the familiar scenery. The only difference from the last time he was here was the fact that there was snow. Sho walked up the steps and stopped in the middle of them when he caught sight of Ohno walking out the building, talking to a few people. He still had on that black coat and large plaid scarf. His hair had gotten a bit longer though it was still the semi golden brown color he last remembered it to be. Ohno waved ‘bye’ at the people Sho assumed were his friends before he turned around and noticed him.

It felt like an eternity as they stared at each other before they slowly walked towards each other, meeting halfway. Ohno looked good up close, he looked healthy; his cheeks had rounded out again. Sho pretty much looked the same, dressed in suit, hair combed back and away from his face.

“Hi,” Sho said nervously.

“Hey,” Ohno smirked.

Slowly and awkwardly they walked down the steps and towards the car, where they went to the nearby diner to play catch up.

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