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Title: Cleaning the House
Pairing: Matsumiya
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Bored and full of free time Nino decides to clean the house. He's more than happy that he did so after getting an invitation for a night out with Matsumoto and Ohno.
Disclaimer: I am not nor do I know any of the mentioned characters. This isn't real nor did it happen.
A/N: Written as a personal request from dubujash

He just felt it. He wasn’t sure why, but he did.

When Nino woke up that morning he had an annoying itch, telling him to straighten up the conditions of his home. Granted he knew he wasn’t going to invite anyone over, something was just telling him to. He managed to ignore it for the better part of the morning, but once it hit 3PM he was bent over shoving cans, bottles, and paper into bags.

He never knew just how dirty the place was until he was hefting the third and last bag down the stairs.

“Oh my god, I’m never doing this again,” he sighed tiredly. “I’ll be sure to clean every weekend.”

A blatant lie. He knew damn well he would wait another month or so to go by before he decides the small aroma that lingers in the place wasn’t endearing.

After breaking his back cleaning the house, Nino collapsed on the couch to watch some television. He only managed to watch a few minutes of some random program before his eyes closed.
Nino was startled awake when his phone started to ring. Groaning he reached over and looked at Matsumoto’s name scrolling across the front. He contemplated ignoring the call, but decided against it when he realized he was far too awake to try and sleep now.

“What is it J?” Nino answered.

“Took you long enough,” Jun laughed. Nino smirked and rolled his eyes. “Want to come grab some food and drinks with me and Leader?”

“Mmm…” Nino hesitated. “Who’s paying?” he asked after his humming hesitation.

Jun laughed then sighed. “I am, you know that.”

“Yes, I do.” Nino was already walking to his room and pull out an outfit. “Which is why I love you,” he teased.

“For my money,” Jun laughed. He then told him where he and Ohno were at before hanging up. Nino smiled and went to the bathroom for a quick freshening up. After ten minutes, Nino was already pocketing his keys and threw on his jacket before leaving the house.
It was a lovely restaurant. He could see himself actually shelling out a few bills as a treat to himself next time he goes out. Jun got them a nice table that wouldn’t draw too much attention to themselves. Ohno sat next to Jun while Nino sat across from them.

“Why’d you invite me anyway?” Niino asked out of curiosity.

“To make sure Ohno doesn’t try to leave me with the bill,” Jun said pointedly at the older man.

“Okay first of all, that happened once with Aiba. Second of all, you always offer to pay when you treat people out so it’s not a big deal,” he laughed.

“Well it’d be nice to do the ‘No no, let me get this one,” skit once in a while,” Jun smiled. Nino bit his lip at the pout and eyebrow shrug Ohno gave him.

They continued like this, teasing each other and eating before their drinks started coming in.

Ohno doesn’t have as much of a tolerance as Nino and Jun did, so of course by his fifth beer his eyes were already swimming. Somehow during the course of their time Jun found himself sitting next to Nino.

“Enjoying your time?” Jun said slowly. Nino took a gulp of his beer and nodded.

“I should be asking you,” Nino smiled lazily at him. “Thanks for bringing me out. I’m sure I’d waste another weekend sleeping.”

“You really should go out more,” Jun pouted upon hearing Nino’s words. The small man on the other hand just shrugged.

“I get out enough, but I have been getting a bit bored.” He turned over to Ohno who was slowly nursing his beer.

“What do you usually do when you go out?” Jun asked. Nino wasn’t sure why, but he somehow didn’t want to have this conversation. He wanted to continue drinking and talk about nonsense while trying to see how drunk he can make Ohno.

“Well I go out with some friends, drink, and then go home.” ‘Much like what will happen tonight,’ he thought. “Changing subjects, how are you?”

“Fine actually, just fine.” Nino caught the tight sound in his voice, as if he was slightly miffed at him.


“I’m fine,” Jun smiled. Though the older man did quite buy it, he nodded and continued to drink. It was nearing 11 PM and Nino actually just wanted to go home and crash.

“I think I’m going to head out,” Nino sighed, blinking slowly. He wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or if he was just tired.

“Mm, me too. I think I’ve had enough,” Jun slurred. Nino laughed at the taller man. He was definitely drunk.

“I…don’t want to stop drinking though…” Ohno said with a distant look. Nino wasn’t about to baby him and tell him to know his limit. Hell he’s had days were he drank just to see how far he could go. 10 bottles…along with the many times he ran to bathroom to throw up damn near most of it.

Jun too didn’t seem like he was going to bother the older man. “Well you can go home by yourself,” he said as he took out money to pay for his and Nino’s behalf. “Take care of yourself alright,” Jun said landing a heavy hand on Ohno’s head.

Ohno waved and ordered another round. Nino knew the man would eventually call it quits.

As he and Jun stood out, inhaling the fresh cold air, a taxi pulled up in front of them. The door opened and the two slipped inside. Jun gave the man Nino’s address and the older idol turned to look at him.

“Would it be alright if I came over for a few drinks?” Jun asked Nino.

It’s not like he could really say no, well he could, but he wasn’t going to.

“So you still wanted to drink?” Nino laughed. “Why didn’t you stay with Oh-chan then?”

“I wanted to drink somewhere else…”

“We could’ve gone to a ba—”

“Somewhere private,” Jun cut in turning to look at Nino. The smaller man sucked on his lower lip and nodded. A smiled spread on Jun’s face before he looked forward and rest his head on the cool window. Nino blinked dumbly at Jun before staring ahead. Somehow, he was happy he cleaned his place. Lord knows the annoyance Jun would’ve been at the state of it.
Nino opened the door to his place with Jun stumbling in behind him. They managed to safely remove their shoes and jacket before clambering into the living room. As Jun turned on the television, Nino went into the kitchen to grab them some beers. He could use a few more before really calling it a night.

“J,” he called out and turned around. He let out a startled sound when he saw Jun right behind him. “He-here,” he laughed nervously, handing the cool can to the taller man.

“Kazu,” he murmured softly.

“You aren’t gonna be sick are you?”

Jun didn’t answer him, he simply shuffled closer, leaving a sliver of space between them. “Kazu…” he repeated. Nino’s cheeks felt hot with the way Matsumoto was staring at him. Slowly the space between their faces were getting smaller, his eyes losing focus before Jun’s lips reached his ear. “Thank you,” he whispered.

The breath Nino hadn’t realized he was holding came out of him. Jun pulled back, his lips gently dragging against his jaw line then took the can from Nino’s small hand. A loud gulp came from Nino as he watched Jun drink the beer in one solid go.

If that didn’t make him so fucking manly, he doesn’t know what could.

Without even thinking, Nino leaned in—more like stumbled—and kissed him. The beer dropped on the floor, the foamy liquid pooling by their feet. Jun’s hand came around the back of his head, keeping the smaller man in place as he continued to assault his lips with a bruising kiss.

An embarrassing whimper slipped from Nino’s mouth when Jun pulled away. “I-um…shit,” Nino stammered.

He wasn’t sure what got over him. Especially when he doesn’t see Jun that way, or did he. He never really thought of the man in any other way than his friend.

Jun looked down at his wasted beer, then slowly at Nino. “I didn’t get to finish it,” he smirked deviously at him. Nino felt his pants tighten at that look. Fuck, why was he so gorgeous right now?

Without thinking, the man shoved his unopened can at Jun’s solid chest. The younger man chuckled and took the beer, not without purposely running his fingers along Nino’s and repeated the same act he did before. Nino bit his lip as he watched his adam’s apple bob up and down with each gulp. God he’d do anything to suck on it gently.

As he was far too occupied with Jun’s neck, he didn’t notice the man was already done and was watching him as well. Noticing the all too familiar bulge in his jeans.

“Kazu,” Jun sighed.


“C’mere.” The drunken smile he saw at the restaurant made its second appearance for the night. Losing all forms of grace, Nino hurried towards Jun, leaving no space between them. Not until Jun reached in between their crotches to get a good handful of Nino.

Again he let out an embarrassing sound.

Jun massaged him gently but firmly. Nino’s head fell forwards onto Jun’s chest, his hand bunching the material of the man’s shirt as he gasped softly.

His thin hips kept bumping forward, trying to get Jun to do more; he needed more.

“J…ah…please,” Nino almost begged. Almost.

“Please what?” Jun whispered into Nino’s hair. His hand a stilled but Nino was still desperately grinding into his hand. Nino let out a frustrated groan, pushing his hips forward for more pressure.

“Touch me.”

“Is that all you want?”


“What else do you want me to do?” Jun smirked, resuming his hand’s movement. A grunt of approval came from Nino. “This?”

“N—yes…wait,” Nino gasped. He wanted Jun to touch him, fuck him, tease him. Just about make him come repeatedly if he can.

Jun pulled away from the older man and went to the bedroom. Nino followed him in very quickly.
Once he stepped into his room he let out a soft gasp as Jun pulled his shirt over his head. With each exhale Nino saw those sinful muscles contracting. His jeans were definitely too tight for him now. With a seductive smirk, Jun got Nino to come to him. They kissed once again, Nino’s small hands desperately grabbing at Matsumoto’s hair.

“Fuck, Kazu…will you do something for me?” Jun breathed heavily. ‘Anything you want’ rang in Nino’s head but he wasn’t able to formulate words. All he could do was moan softly. Jun tilted his head back, rubbing his thumb against Nino’s lower lip. “Suck me off,” he whispered.

All the blood definitely rushed to Nino’s cock at the request. Again without thinking, he fell to his knees and fumbled with Matsumoto’s jeans. Once he remembered how pants worked, Nino pulled them down –along with his boxers—and marveled at the hard flesh in front of him.

It was already wet at the tip, begging to be licked off. Nino ran his tongue along the underside, nipping at it gently. A soft grunt came from Jun’s throat and his hand fell in Nino’s dark hair, petting him. Before the older man could even think about toying with the head of his cock, Jun thrust further in, nearly choking the man.

A strangled and muffled noise came from Nino, but he managed to relax his throat in time to take more of him in. He only pulled away so he could breathe. Jun gave him what he assumed was an apologetic smile before he resumed his actions.

It wouldn’t be too far from the truth if Nino said he would be more than happy sucking Jun into completion all night. But he was really aching to have him buried deep inside his ass while he’s tugging at the sheets in pure pleasure.

After sucking on his balls, loving the way Jun pulsated in his hand, he pulled back and with pop and stared up at him. “J…” he whimpered.

“Come here,” the standing man smiled. He pulled Nino in for a brief kiss before relieving him of his clothes. Nino let out heavy breaths as Jun sucked on his neck while he undid Nino’s far too tight jeans. “Fuck why would you wear these,” Jun complained under his breath.

Nino chuckled and ran his fingers through Jun’s hair. “To give you a challenge,” he smirked. “Not getting into my pants that easily.”

“If I had a pair of scissors you wouldn’t be talking so much,” Jun retorted. Nino feigned a gasped and kissed Jun’s cheek.

“You wouldn’t dare cut up my ‘Fuck Me’ jeans. I’d kill you,” his voice dipped as he spoke in Jun’s ear. The taller idol tugged Nino’s head back by his hair and sucking on his neck, marking him. All Nino could do was let out the third embarrassing moan of the night. And Jun was definitely gonna get Nino to make more.
Nino gasped at the feeling of the cool lube spurting against his warm hole. Jun had torturously teased him for the past ten minutes. His nipples were sore from the rough but pleasuring treatment and his cock was heavy with need.

Slowly, tantalizingly slow, Jun slipped his finger into him. Nino’s back arched like a cat before he settled again, biting his lip. The man was moving the digit so slowly he contemplated kicking Jun away and doing it himself.

Jun soon slipped the second finger in, moving them faster and scissoring him from time to time. Nino’s small noises got louder as the fingers hooked inside him.

“Fuck!” Nino gasped.

“You like that?” Jun smirked, kissing the small of his back. Nino whimpered at the touch, bucking against those fingers. “Mm, I guess you do. I bet you want me to fuck you into this mattress,” he chuckled. “I bet you want me to fill you up completely,” he sighed and slowly pulled his fingers out. “Mm, I’d love that too. Watching your ass bounce against my hips; hearing you yell incoherent things while letting out that sexy noise,” Jun continued as he applied the condom and lube on. “I bet you’re gonna come just by having me penetrate you. Will you?”

Nino’s mind was full of mush he couldn’t respond.

“Hmm? I can’t hear you Kazu. Will you come when I push it in?” The blunt head of his cock poking at Nino’s entrance. The minute the man got ready to formulate a strangled ‘yes,’ Jun shoved himself in completely.

Nino’s mind went blank and his mouth opened in a silent cry.

Jun let out a shuddering breath before he pulled back and thrust in again. Nino let out that noise Jun loved so much, craning his neck to look back at him. He wanted to tell the man to slow down, he didn’t want to come so soon, but he was done with the teasing.

Nino was indeed grabbing at the sheets before him while Jun fucked him in wild abandonment. Even though he was struggling to keep up with the harsh pace, Nino bucked back against him, eliciting a moan from him.

“I want to see you,” he gasped. Jun stopped and pulled Nino back up against his chest by his arms. Once Nino got the hint, he hooked an arm around his neck and Jun carried them over to the full body mirror against the wall. “No,” Nino whimpered weakly. By no means did his ‘I want to see you’ definitely include him seeing how much of a slut he looked right now.

Nino braced himself, placing his hands on either side of the mirror while Jun kicked his legs further open. Jun placed a gentle kiss on the back of his neck. Nino turned his head to the side, wishing he could kiss him, but he had to settle for this.

They started up again, though not as rough or fast as before and Nino was slightly thankful for that. He gasped when Jun’s hand went to pinch his nipple, send jolts of pleasuring pain. The man kissed Nino’s neck again, marking the other side of it. Nino definitely will have to wear a scarf tomorrow.

“J,” he gasped, rotating his hips.

“Want me to finish you off?” Jun asked while slowly reaching down to stroke his cock. Nino opened his eyes and caught the intense gaze of Jun’s. He nodded his head. Matsumoto then kissed his shoulder, giving it a playful bite before he reached around with his other hand to jerk him off.

“Oh…fuck….Jun,” Nino whined. His hand came down to rest on Jun’s cheek. “Fuck me,” he gasped. The man starting going faster, matching his pace with his hand. They gasped in unison the more the pleasure got to them. Jun was constantly whispering the most explicit things he could imagine causing Nino to clench even tighter around him.

He wasn’t going to last too long, he knew he was just about over the edge and then Jun said just what he needed. Amongst all his harsh words, Nino heard the soft gasping words.

‘God…Nino…I …love you.’

Nino came hard on the mirror in front of him. Jun bit his shoulder again and pulled out, releasing his cum on Nino’s lower back and ass.

With wobbly and unstable legs, Nino turned around and languidly kissed Jun. They stumbled a bit before settling themselves. Their kiss was cut off by the soft giggling Nino let out.

“What?” Jun smirked.

“What you said back there,” Nino smiled.

“That I was going to make you my cum dumpster?”

Nino slapped Jun’s arm and shook his head. “No, that you love me…” he paused for a minute, looking down at their bodies still pressed flush together. “Did you mean it?”

“Would I lie?”

“Well you didn’t exactly release your cum in me so I’m not a dumpster,” Nino smirked. Oh his snarky attitude was coming in again.

“Wanna try me?”

“Kinda, but not until you tell me if you meant it.”

Jun bit his lip before pulling away from Nino and walked out the room. The older man almost thought that was Jun’s way of telling him ‘no’ until he came back with a washcloth and cleaned his back up.

“I love you Kazu and not like how I love Sho or Aiba or Ohno.”

Annoyed with how giddy those words made him feel, Nino spun around and kissed him. “You better not. They aren’t as hot as me.”

Jun laughed from behind him as Nino walked back over to his bed and collapsed on it.

“Don’t even try to tread those waters,” he smiled as he cleaned the mirror up as well. He knew that was Nino’s weird way of saying he loved him too, but he was far too embarrassed to voice it out loud. Once he was done he crawled into the bed with Nino, who curled around him like a cat. “Glad I called you out today?”

“More glad I cleaned the house,” Nino said sleepily. Jun laughed before turning off the lights.

Tags: p: matsumoto jun/ ninomiya kazunari, r: nc-17, slash
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