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28 August 2012 @ 05:03 pm
So first off, hi guys...sorry i havent updated in waaaaaaaaaaaay too long. It started as a school break which spiraled into a self hate of my fics then a hatred for life and blah blah.
I've been working on this fic for close to 3 months and its the longest fic i've ever written...dead ass. So prepare to clear the next five hours of your life lmao. Hope you all enjoy, love you guys ♥

Title: Modern Day Pygmalion
Pairing: Junba
Summary: Jun receives a sex doll as a joke, it no longer become a joke when the doll comes to life.
Rating: R-NC-17
Disclaimer: Nothing is real in this fic. Just a load of fiction...

He was studious, hard working, mildly scary, and not to mention a bit gullible. He started off as a temp but worked his way up the corporate ladder and now he has a cubicle of his own; stuck in between a pompous dick and an overly chatty woman, and surrounded by the incessant rings of the phones.

Their days are barely filled with excitement. The most they get is when someone decides to bring bagels or some other communal snack like food to liven up the place. At times the men would gather around the water cooler and swap stories that can either be seen as offensive and slandering or simply entertaining. There are other days when the men choose to prank a person or two, but in the end they always go back to him.

His name was Matsumoto Jun and the perfect target for office pranksters.

Of course they started off with normal pranks such as hiding certain supplies from him, putting tape and post-it notes all over his cubicle. The worse one they’ve done was put the volume of his computer on high and sent him a bunch of porn links that happened to open up simultaneously.

It took a week for him to recover from that.

However, for a few months the office had laid low; they didn’t bother him in any way. That was until a mailman came up to him at work one lovely afternoon and asked for his signature.

“Wha-what am I signing for?” Jun asked completely dumbfounded.

“Just sign,” the man sighed in annoyance causing Jun to quickly scribble his signature. After the man left, Jun stood there with a look of total confusion while a few co-workers started giggling.

“You should be expecting a pretty awesome surprise back at home,” one of them said.

“What did I just sign for?” The question only made them laugh even more.

Throughout the whole day Jun felt like a weird drug addict—unable to focus, constantly checking the time; a mild form of paranoia was washing over him the more time went by. All he wanted to do was to clock out early just so that he can go home and see what the hell was waiting for him. What the hell was so hilarious about what was waiting for him?

Once it was rounding down to 5pm, Jun quickly cleared up his office space and practically ran out the building. The taxi back home was the longest thirty minutes of his life.
Jun ran into the building, pressing the elevator button an estimated million times before giving up and proceeded to run up the three flights of stairs. Once he made it up to his floor, in dire need of air and water, he stared at the large box up against the wall next to his door.

“What the fuck is this?” he panted. He tried to look around the box for any holes or indication as to what was in it, but it was useless. It was only a large wooden crate.

He unlocked his door, pushing it wide open and slowly brought the large container inside. After a long and hard battle, Jun managed to get the box in his apartment and slammed the door shut. Tired, out of breath, and mildly sweaty, Jun went to take a brief shower and change into something more comfortable. Once he changed out of his work clothes and into his sleeping clothes, which consisted of a plain white tee and pajama bottoms, Jun very carefully removed the screws and opened the box.

There was a plastic sheeting with a card posted in the middle of it.

“Hope you enjoy,” Jun read aloud with a pout. He put the card down and removed the sheet before stumbling back with his hand over his mouth.

Inside was a sex doll. A very realistic looking sex doll. A very realistic, male, sex doll.

He stood frozen in front of the box, staring at the half covered doll before he sprung into action and quickly looked for the number of the company to have them take it back. He didn’t care how much it’ll cost; he just didn’t want it in his house. Jun paced back and forth as the line rang before someone picked up.

“Hello? Hi…um, I received a package from this company and I think there’s been a mistake,” Jun rambled on.

“Was it not the right selection?”

“No that’s the thing, I never made a selection.”

“What’s your name sir?”

“Matsumoto Jun. I received it today around noon,” Jun sighed. He ran his fingers through his hair, staring down at the doll in the box. After giving the woman the information she needed, she told him the worst news ever.

“Well, Matsumoto-san, we aren’t able to take back the model.”

“But I never used it, so there should be no problem!” Jun cried out.

“Yes we understand, but this was given to you as we have been informed as a gift. So we can’t take it back since it was not bought under your name.”

“Oh what a load of—can you tell me who sent it?”

“I’m sorry we cannot.” The calm tone in the woman’s voice was beginning to annoy him. ‘Let’s see how calm you are when I drive my fist down your throat,’ he thought angrily. Jun plopped down on his sofa and covered his eyes. “If there’s any other questions or issues, please call the customer service number located inside. Thank you for shopping with us and good night.”

Jun hung up the phone and dropped it on the table. “Oh my fucking god,” he whimpered and walked to his room.

He already had a long and stressful day, he’ll just deal with this tomorrow.
The next morning Jun went to work in a fury. He marched up to his usual tormentors and slammed the card that came in the box on their desk. “Call them and take it away,” Jun growled. He rarely got this angry, but he really didn’t want a male sex doll. Hell he doesn’t even want a sex doll.

“We thought you could use it for all your hard work,” one of them smiled.

“A congratulation on hard work usually entails going to a bar for a few drinks, maybe even grabbing a bite to eat for lunch or something. It does not mean pitching in to buy a fucking sex doll,” he whispered harshly.

“Look just try it out and enjoy cause we can’t return it.”

“What? Why? I spoke to them yesterday and they said I couldn’t return it cause I didn’t buy it.”

“Well they have a no returns policy.”

“If you use it!” Jun’s voice rose. “Seriously, please just take the damn thing back. I can’t have it, I don’t want it; let’s just stick to our old routine of putting post-its around,” he sighed.

“No can do pal. We don’t get refunded on the purchases and let’s just say it wasn’t cheap,” the man said clapping Jun on the back. “Enjoy,” he laughed.

Jun sighed and rubbed his eyes. “Well can you at least explain one more thing.”


“Why a male doll?”

“What, and give you a super hot girl one?” The men laughed around him. “It wouldn’t be a prank if we didn’t.”

The rest of the day resulted in Jun counting down the hours.
He knows he could simply throw it out. There was nothing that was keeping him from tossing it in the trash, or even giving it to someone or a store that would appreciate it. But the thought of everyone seeing him throwing it out or having it on his persons sent panic through his veins. Also he doesn’t need that kind of recognition.

‘Hey don’t mind me I’m just Mastumoto Jun and I like to donate sex dolls that may or may not have been used.’

Jun stepped into his apartment and stared down at the closed box. He opted to closing it last night because of the doll’s unnerving stare. He sat on his couch, with a cold can of beer, and turned on the television. The whole time he was trying to ignore the large wooden box on the floor across from him.

It was the elephant in the room.

He failed of course and very casually opened the box to look down at the doll. He removed the plastic sheeting and some of the styrofoam that was clinging to the surface. Jun ran his finger along the side of the doll’s cheek, sighing at the hard yet slightly soft texture of it.

“God I must be crazy,” Jun said aloud. He continued to inspect the toy, wondering if he should stop before he gets too curious. But it was already too late when he pulled the sheeting away completely. Though he wasn’t expecting a hard ten inch dildo like penis to be jutting out, Jun chuckled softly at the modest six inch size and continued to inspect the doll.

He must’ve gone through his fourth beer as he was now removing the doll from the container. Jun sat it on the couch as he read through the user manual. “Model AM821224,” he murmured to himself. “Made from silicone for a realistic feeling,” he continued. “Bendable joints fit for any position…oh god.”

Jun put the manual down after that and leaned his back on the couch, his head dropping back to rest on the seats. “What am I gonna do with you?” he sighed looking at the doll. He had to admit it was attractive, despite the dead yet somewhat expressive stare. Jun got up and went to his room to grab a shirt and boxers to give it. Somehow he felt uncomfortable with it being nude. It did have a six inch dick and it wasn’t too pleasant to be around.

Once he dressed the doll, he gently ran his hand through the synthetic hair wondering what it would feel like if it were real. “Yeah, I’m definitely going crazy,” Jun chuckled to himself before laying the doll down and retiring to his room.
A week had gone by and Jun still had the doll in his home. In fact he’s gotten used to the silicon company as he would catch himself talking to it, but he would never admit to that. He would just say he was talking aloud, much like he always does, and it only seems weird cause there was a doll in the room now. And even when he does crack, he tells himself that he isn’t crazy as it is more him ranting towards an inanimate object, which people do…sometimes. However he does wish he’d get some feedback, especially on stressful days.

“So Matsumoto, how do you like the new friend?” His co-worker laughed.

“I haven’t slept with it if that’s what you’re eluding,” Jun sighed.

“Haven’t thrown it away either I see,” he smirked.

“Well it would look kinda suspicious if I try to lug it into the garbage. Wouldn’t want to look like a sexual deviant or even worse, a murderer.” Jun stood up and brushed past the man to go to the copy room. He just needed to get away from him.

Again after a long day at work, Jun returned home and collapsed on the couch. “I’m so tired,” he murmurs on the thigh of the doll. Shifting around, Jun turned onto his back and looked up at the doll. He was able to see up its nose, getting a small form of entertainment from that for a few minutes. “I should name you. It’s been a whole week already.”

Those words losing its meaning as he already forgot about the naming process when he went into the kitchen. Jun got up to cook himself some dinner and as usual it was pasta with some wine. He went back over to the couch and turned on the television.

It’s funny how he’s already adapted to his life with the doll. All he had to do was act like it wasn’t really there with him and if the thought did pop into his head that a large silicon doll is sitting next to him, he tells himself that he’s just treating it like a really silent friend. Though it still gives him a heart attack when he goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

After he had a few drinks in him and couldn’t find shit to watch on TV to hold his interest, Jun resorted to ranting away.

“Well today at work I was absolutely swamped. I swear they’re giving me all this work just because I’m the newbie. I mean some of the stuff they’re making me do is something so simple that it wouldn’t take no more than like ten minutes to complete,” he ranted after he got half the bottle of wine in him.

“And then those assholes, the ones who basically bought you, keep pestering me about whatever and of course they bring you up as if this was my idea. As if I wanted to be those sad and lonely perverts who can only find love by fucking plastic.”

There was a small pause before Jun sighed and turned to the doll.

“I’m sorry, that came out wrong.” He drunkenly pat its thigh before going to the kitchen to clean his dish off and to fix himself another glass of wine.

When he returned he had the glass under his lower lip, ready for another sip as he kept his eyes trained on the screen. The conversational ranting ended that night, as if he remembered just how silly it was to continue talking.
The elephant was growing, taking up more and more of that corner forcing Jun to acknowledge it. Jun would try to suppress his curiosity, he’s been trying to suppress it for the better part of a month, but it wasn’t until he found himself buying lube and condoms did he realize he cracked.

“I shouldn’t be doing this. Not to you, you’re like a friend. Well you are, but…” Jun bit his lip and looked at the doll. He was talking to it again, treating it like a human being. How many times was he going to run this scenario in his head again? It’s a sex doll, made to fulfill people’s needs so he should feel no shame in wanting to fuck it. However whenever he thinks he can throw caution to the wind, he remembers that it’s a male and he definitely defines himself as a straight man. Jun stood there for a few minutes before going to his room and threw the newly bought supplies in the drawer.

He decided to go another two weeks ignoring the doll, ignoring his apparent lust, and ignoring his curiosity.

After four months had passed and his working conditions had worsened, as both home and work were stressing him out, Jun finally decided enough was enough.

“Alright, fine I’ll—”

He marched out his room and brought the doll in. Jun chewed on his lower lip as he hovered over the doll. “Okay…” he sighed. He couldn’t even begin to describe the nerves and fear that was coursing through him. Shit he was about to sleep with a toy. A toy made for sex. A male toy made for sex.

“God I’ll have to evaluate my sexual orientation after this,” he murmured as he stripped the doll down.

Jun grabbed the condoms and lube, standing by the drawers wondering if he even needs them. To test it out, he bent the legs so the feet were planted on the bed and slipped his hand between them. Once his finger felt the resistance when he tried to finger the hole, he figured lube would be a smart choice.

A few minutes later he had his fingers moving in and out the hole, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration. “This is so weird,” he groaned. “You don’t even have a name…I need to name you if I’m gonna fuck you.” Again those were words wasted.

Jun pulled his pajama bottoms down and stroked himself into hardness. Granted it took a while, but he managed to be hard enough for penetration. Not wanting to waste anymore time, Jun slipped the condom on and pressed the head of his cock against the hole. Slowly he pushed in, biting his lip at the tightness.

“Oh…shit,” he gasped pushing more of himself in. “Oh,” he whimpered. The ribbed rings on the inside were providing way too much pleasure for him to handle. Jun pushed in completely; glad he doesn’t have to worry about hurting the doll. The minute he was buried completely inside the doll, his hips had a mind of its own.

He was slamming into the doll, grunting and groaning against its neck; trying to ignore the heavy smell of plastic. “Fuck,” he grunted. Jun didn’t last too long, with all that pent up desire it was bound to happen, and after a few more thrusts, he managed to release into the condom, twitching against the doll as he rode his orgasm out.

Slowly he pulled out, wincing at his hyposensitivity before tossing the soiled condom in the bin and collapsing on the bed. If masturbating made him feel like shit, he definitely felt worse after he fucked the doll. He looked over at it; arms dead on its side and legs barely held up and open before letting out a defeated sigh.

“I’ve definitely lost it.”
After his night with the toy he felt as if everyone was able to tell. Like everyone knew he just humped a silicon doll with much fervor the night before.

He went back to his routine of talking to the doll when he wanted to vent, trying to ignore how much he would like to feel the doll’s tightness once again.

Weeks later and Jun’s groaning in frustration as he brought the doll back into his room. He tried to go to bed after dinner under the false pretense that he was going to have a quick wank and fall asleep.

That was definitely not the case as he found himself naked and beating into the doll’s ass bent over the bed in front of him. He figured it would make him feel less crappy if the doll wasn’t looking at him.

Jun moaned, pumping in and out of the hole, and holding the doll down by the back of its neck. He was definitely going harder than he was the first time. It was a blend of his guilt, sadness, and frustration that was accumulating into one depressing fuck.

When he came he pulled out quickly, not really giving himself the chance to enjoy the high, and pushed the doll away from him. Jun covered his face in complete shame.

He felt wrong for liking this, he felt disgusted with himself. Not only cause he is soon finding such pleasure fucking a doll, a simple piece of silicon, but because he was enjoying it more because it’s a male. Overall he was just tired of feeling so weak. He’s weak against his peers and weak against his own sexual desires. Hot tears of frustration slipped down his cheeks as he cried in silence for a few minutes.

“Oh god,” he whimpered at his sorry state. After cleaning up, he shed a few more angry tears before going to bed.

Another month had passed and Jun was finding it harder to resist his urges to sleep with the doll. He’s even given it a name, Aiba Masaki, after the model code.

Jun was currently inspecting the doll some more, opening its mouth to reveal the pale pink tongue. He chuckled and pinched it, feeling the gel squish between the silicon.

His fingers then went down to the nipples, giving them an absentminded rub before moving down the smooth stomach. Jun continued moving his hand further south towards the patch of dark brown hair at the base of the detachable penis. Jun played with it for a while before getting that weird feeling again. Sighing heavily, he put clothes back on Aiba and left the room.

It was now at the six month mark and Jun was still playing house with Aiba. He managed to throw caution to the wind and didn’t care about how weird it was to actually consider Aiba as a living person. He talked to him normally, mentally giving himself the responses he wants to hear. He ate dinner with Aiba, watched television, and even drank with Aiba. Of course when it came to getting intimate, he sometimes felt awkward, but it would wash away eventually.

He leaned in and placed a small kiss on Aiba’s cheek, wishing it was a real person to kiss. Wishing the doll could turn its head and kiss him back, whisper how it loves him, how much it wants to be with him.

Jun pulled out when those thoughts grew heavier on his mind. After removing the condom, Jun went back to bed unsatisfied and wishing he had a warm body to claim as his own.

Those wishes grew stronger as time went on. The more he talked to Aiba, the more he ate with Aiba, drank with Aiba, and enjoyed television with Aiba, the more did he wish he had someone real to spend all this time with.
It was getting close to Christmas and Jun was doing all the shopping he could before he would go visit his parents. Seeming how he was in a festive and giving spirit, Jun went to a clothing store and bought some clothes for himself and Aiba. It was a simple white t-shirt and jeans, but he felt Aiba could use more clothes than just the old pajamas he constantly wears.

Jun smiled and walked out the store with the bags of clothing dangling from his arms. On his way home, he noticed a shrine and decided to make a small prayer. Of course he prayed for the well being of his friends and family, but at the end he added the selfish request of finding himself: a significant other. Though it never dawned on him that if he was to find someone, he would eventually have to remove Aiba from his life. No one would ever feel comfortable dating a man that he has a sex doll and that he treats it like a real person.

He clapped his hands and bowed his head before walking home. Once there he immediately showed Aiba the clothes he got him, testing them out and smirking at how well the clothes fit the doll.

“Perfect,” he said with a smile. Those clothes that he had spent a little over 30 minutes looking for, ended up across the bedroom floor in less than two.

On the 22nd of December Jun left work with the feeling of excitement running through him for he planned to leave for home the next day. When he entered his apartment, he was hit with the smell of pasta cooking. His whole body froze when he heard someone in the kitchen. Slowly he raised his suitcase to whack the intruder over the head with. He carefully walked further into the apartment and got ready to move in for the kill until the person turned around.

Jun froze and dropped the suitcase.

“Jun, you’re home!” the man smiled.

“You…you’re…” Jun passed out before he got the chance to get his full thoughts out.


Jun shot up and blinked rapidly around the room. His eyes settled on what should’ve been his inanimate sex doll.

“You can’t be real,” Jun whispered. “I must be going crazy, I have to be.” He was nearly in hysterics.

“Calm down,” Aiba said worryingly and placed his hand on Jun’s chest. “I am real…now…I guess.”

“You remember everything that I’ve said to you?” he whimpered to which Aiba nodded. “What I’ve done to you?”

Aiba bit his lip and nodded again. Jun made a distressed face and got up from the couch. He needed to be as far as he could from the man.

“It’s still me though.”

“No it’s not! It’s different, horribly different!” Jun cried. “Oh god I think I’m going to be sick.”

Aiba quickly got up and rubbed Jun’s back to sooth him, but it only resulted in Jun shrugging his hand off.

“Would you feel better if I was back the way I was? A toy that you can toss around and do whatever you like with it?”

“Yes…no…I don’t know.”

“I don’t want to be a doll again,” Aiba said softly. “I want to be able to talk to you, be able to hold you…feel you,” he practically purred. Jun looked into the round eyes and sighed.


“It’s still me,” Aiba whispered. He leaned in and kissed Jun’s cheek. When the man didn’t respond he did it again before Jun turned his head and caught the lips for a kiss. It was clumsy with far too much teeth, seeming how this was Aiba’s first time kissing. “I made you dinner,” Aiba said against Jun’s lips.

“Yeah I can tell,” Jun chuckled.

“Pasta, your favorite…right?”

Jun nodded and went to the kitchen with Aiba trailing behind him. After eating, feeling a bit creeped out that Aiba simply watched him the whole time, they were in Jun’s room as he packed his clothes.

“Am I coming with you?” Aiba asked.

“I um…I don’t know. I can’t just come home with a dude,” Jun said.

“I won’t be just some dude, I’ll be your…what am I?”

“My sex doll that came to life,” Jun sighed. “How did this happen?”

“I told you I don’t know. I just remember waking up in here,” Aiba said as he ran his hand along the sheets.

“Are you even human or walking talking silicon?”

Aiba chuckled and took Jun’s hand, placing it on his chest. “I’m human,” he said. Jun closed his eyes and felt the soft rhythmic thumping of a heartbeat. “What am I to you?” Aiba asked again.

“I don’t know,” Jun sighed, turning his attention to his lap after catching the sad look in Aiba’s eyes. “I’m sorry.” Aiba nodded and helped Jun pack. They were uncomfortably silent which began eating away at Jun. “I can take you with me,” he said softly.

Aiba’s eyes lit up and he folded the three sets of clothes Jun had given him and handed them over. “Lucky for you I’m a light packer,” he said with a bright smile. Jun gave him a small one in return and put the clothes inside.

“I can get you some more clothes, for the future.”

“I like the hand me downs you give me actually,” Aiba murmured.

“Then I’ll get you a dresser of your own and you can put those clothes in there.”

Aiba smiled once again and pulled Jun in for a hug. Jun inhaled to catch his scent, but pouted when the man still smelled like the packaging he came in.

“How about we give you a good shower?”


Jun should’ve known it wasn’t going to be easy. It was almost like taking care of a kid. Aiba would constantly splash around and cry for mercy if the water got too hot or too cold. The only way he got Aiba to calm down was when he got in with him. They were sitting in the tub, Aiba’s back up against Jun’s chest as he scrubbed his hair.

“Where did this come from?” Jun asked, running his finger along the dark patch of skin on Aiba’s shoulder.

“I don’t know. It wasn’t there before?”

“No, I doubt the company would allow those kinds of birthmarks as one of their defining features,” Jun said sarcastically. Aiba shrugged and played with the soapy water.

Once Aiba smelled like a man, well more like Jun, they retired in the bedroom. Jun wasn’t sure what he was going to do with him. It’s not like he can go back to sleeping with Aiba as if he was still the doll. Aiba has a mind of his own now, he can agree and disagree to sex. Hell he can decide to move out and live on his own; that is if he can learn nearly everything there is to know about being a normal person.

When Jun laid back in bed, Aiba crawled on top of him and began kissing his neck. “Wha-what are you doing?”

“Isn’t this what we do normally?”

“It is, but…we can’t.” Jun pushed the man off him with a little more force than necessary. Aiba pouted and crawled under the sheets.

“I’m sorry I upset you,” Aiba whispered.

I should be saying sorry,’ Jun thought with a sigh.
Jun woke up at 10am and noticed Aiba wasn’t in bed with him. He quickly got out and found the man in the kitchen cooking him breakfast.

“I didn’t know which one you would prefer,” Aiba said with a worried expression. The man had managed to cook nearly all the breakfast foods Jun made in the past six months.

“Oh my god,” Jun laughed and took the spatula out of Aiba’s hand. “I’ll go with…what’s this?”

“I tried to make that egg and rice thing you like so much,” Aiba pouted.

“Omurice,” Jun corrected. “Thank you,” he smiled and tried to make order of all the food on the table. “You’re not going to eat?”

“Can I?”

The question shocked him. Did he really think he wasn’t allowed to or was he just unsure if he could digest it?

“Of course.”

Aiba grabbed the bowl of miso soup and the small bowl of rice. He then looked at the chopsticks then at Jun’s hand, repeating the action over and over again. Realizing what he was doing, Jun started to eat so Aiba could mimic him. He looked up and smiled when he saw Aiba eating with the chopsticks. It was a bit awkward, but nothing a few rounds of practice couldn’t cure.

After breakfast they brushed their teeth; Jun was happy he decided to carry spare ones just in case he ever had company. They got dressed afterwards and by 11:30 A.M. they were in the car and on their way to visit Jun’s family.
“What are those wrapped boxes?” Aiba asked, turning around to look in the backseat.

“Presents for my parents and my sister.”


“Um…when people care for each other they buy things for them. Those are called gifts or presents. Sometimes we buy actual items or sometimes we give them money.”

“Like the clothes you bought for me?”

“Yeah,” Jun smiled fondly. There was a small pause before Aiba spoke again.

“Wasn’t I a present as well?”

Jun’s eyes shifted over to him for a brief second before he nodded. “Yeah, you were.”

“And you didn’t want me.”

“At the time I didn’t.”

Aiba remained silent and stared out his window. He was wearing Jun’s old winter coat and beanie. Aiba looked cute in his clothes, but he keeps stressing that he should have his own clothes, his own style. Whenever he says this Aiba would only shake his head and hug Jun’s clothing tighter around him.

It was a two hour drive and during that time Jun was trying to come up with a back story. Aiba Masaki was born on the 24th of December in 1982, all this taken from the model number, and is an only child. His parents died when he was 23 and had been living on his own working as a mail boy at Jun’s job where they met.

“What’s my favorite color?”

“Should you have one?”

“I don’t know, what if they ask that?” Aiba pouted as he bit into the chocolate bar Jun bought him on the way there.

“What color do you like?”

“I don’t know. What color do you think looks good on me?”

“Pale colors, pastel ones like peach.”

“Then I’ll go with white.”

“White’s not a color,” Jun laughed.

“What is it then?” Aiba asked completely curious.

“It’s all the colors when they meet together in a prism of light.”

The blank expression on Aiba’s face spoke volumes. “Okay, so white,” Aiba said with a small eye roll. Jun simply laughed at the man’s disregard.

“What do you want me to introduce you as?” Jun asked.

“Can’t you just say friend?”

“You’re wearing my clothes…”

“Does that mean anything?”

“It means we’re fucking.”

“But we are.”

“Not anymore, we aren’t.”

“What difference does it make Jun? Yes, I used to be a doll, but I’m not anymore. I’m still the same Masaki that you would rant to. I’m still the same Masaki that you would have sex with. Why is it different now?”

“Because in the real world this doesn’t happen. Dolls don’t come to life and I can’t see you as anything else. I wish I could act like everything is normal, that I you’ve always been this way but I can’t.”

“You don’t like me anymore because I’m not a toy, is that it?”

“No it’s not. I just think we have to get to know each other. Like real people do.”

“Jun-tan, I don’t have a history and I don’t have any likes or dislikes, at least none yet. I was made in a factory and sent to you. You could say anything as my history. I was kidnapped, I was adopted, I’m a sex slave—whatever you want and that would be my story. That would be me.”

Jun sighed and rubbed his eyes. It was the truth, Aiba was a clean slate, he wasn’t in the system.



“There’s one more issue.”

“Which is?”

“How am I going to break it to my family that I have a boyfriend?” Aiba giggled and bit his lip. The elation he felt at the word ‘boyfriend,’ a word he learned earlier that day, could’ve killed him.
It was a long two hours but they made it. Aiba cracked his joints after sitting for so long. “Is it going to look bad that I didn’t get them anything?”

“I signed both our names on the cards before we left,” Jun smirked. Aiba smiled and helped Jun with their luggage, granted it was just one suitcase.

Jun knocked on the door and stood nervously next to Aiba, who wore a large smile on his face.

“You made it,” a woman’s voice said. The door fully opened and there stood an older woman. From her features Aiba estimated that it was his mother. She looked at Aiba, her smile becoming tight, then back to Jun. “Who is he?”

“Um, I’ll tell you all inside,” Jun said nervously. They walked in and greeting Jun’s father and sister. “Everyone, I’d like you to meet Aiba Masaki,” he paused and took a deep breath. “My boyfriend.”

“Hi,” Aiba smiled and waved at them.

There was a long silence with confused stares before someone spoke up. “You’re…gay?” his sister asked.

“No…I don’t think so…” Jun stuttered.

“But you have a boyfriend?”


“O…kay…” she said slowly, trying to process the information. “Well hi Aiba-san. Nice to meet you.”

Jun sighed when everyone managed to get over the initial shock. However they did do a great deal of staring.

They were unpacking their bag in Jun’s old room. Aiba should have been lending a helping hand but kept getting distracted by the things in the room.

“They’re not gonna make a fuss with the two of us sharing the room?”

“Well I’m a grown man and I don’t think we’ll be sleeping together tonight.” When he caught the confused expression on Aiba’s face he sighed. “As in have sex.”

“Oh, are you uncomfortable with me around?” Aiba asked as he plopped onto the bed. Jun could tell that the question was very important to him. He essentially still saw Jun as a lover, but sadly Jun couldn’t think the same.

“A little bit, yes.”

Aiba’s face visually fell. He got off the bed and hugged himself, keeping little to no eye contact with Jun. “Do you want me to sleep somewhere else then?”

“No,” Jun sighed and reached out for the man. Aiba walked into the outstretched arms and rest his head on Jun’s broad shoulder. Jun closed his eyes and inhaled the man’s scent, a soft blend of his own shampoo and what could only be described as Aiba.

“Can we…tonight?” Aiba whispered.

Letting out another sigh Jun pulled away and continued to unpack. “You know we can’t.”

“Then when?”

“Why is it a big deal to you?”

“In case you haven’t noticed, I was made for sex. My main ideals and goals are pleasing you sexually and when you leave me locked up like this I get antsy,” Aiba complained.

That never occurred to Jun. He blinked at Aiba, slowly skimming his eyes over his body before shrugging his shoulders in defeat.

“I don’t think I can sleep with you yet, but we can possibly do other things that may…satisfy you,” Jun offered. Aiba bit back a smile, rocking side to side very slightly. Jun chuckled and leaned in to place a gentle kiss on his cheek. “Come on, let’s go back out.”

Aiba managed to behave normally when around his family. He was able to answer the questions asked about him, at times he’d turn to Jun for help whenever he couldn’t think of any more lies to come up with. Aiba’s naivety on certain topics was becoming cuter by the second rather than alarming.



Aiba gave him a lopsided grin. “This…beer stuff is really…” He never completed his words as he was too lost in his own thoughts.

“How much did you have?” Jun smirked.

“Mm…I don’t know…two?”

“Lightweight,” Jun chuckled and wrapped an arm around Aiba’s waist. Taking this as an invitation, Aiba tilted over and rest his head on Jun’s shoulder.

It was a wonderful feeling, to have another person resting on you. The warmth of their body seeping through their clothing and onto your skin was overwhelmingly soothing. Jun took one of Aiba’s hands, flipping it over and resting his own above it.

“Jun,” Aiba said softly while Jun’s fingertips gently grazed his.


“Is it rude to kiss you while your family is here?”

“As long as we aren’t grossly making out in front of them it should be fine.”

Aiba lift his head and looked around to make sure no one was looking. When he felt the coast was clear, he leaned in and kissed him. Jun got ready to leave it as a simple peck, but the way Aiba was pressing his lips harder into his caused him to return the kiss with more passion.

When Jun’s lips parted, Aiba mimicked him; he was learning more and more as time went on. He let out a shocked gasped when he felt Jun’s tongue make contact with his own. Jun sucked on the wet organ before stopping all together. Aiba blinked at him then smiled.

“My first real kiss.”

“We kissed at the apartment.”

“That didn’t count, you were shaken up.”

“And I’m not now?”

“You are, but not because I came to life.”

“Why then?” Jun asked both cause he was curious as well as he wanted to see why Aiba felt like he knew more than he did.

“Because you find me attractive. You want me even though I’m a guy and you’re not too sure if you want to be with me because of this fact.”

Aiba then excused himself from the table, leaving Jun alone to wallow in his thoughts.

He was supposed to be normal. Life was supposed to be normal. A few curveballs would appear here and there, but nonetheless his life was supposed to be similar to the next guy’s. Though why is it that he had to get stuck with a bunch of assholes? Why is it that he was stuck with a sex doll? And why is it that he was stuck developing feelings for this doll?

He’s asked himself those questions over the past six months, wondering when and where in life did he draw the short straw. What action should he have avoided to not have this horrifying momentary blip in his life’s system?

Where’s the abort button when you need it? The reset button to life.

Of course he was scared that he has strong sexual desires for Aiba. And much like the man said, not because he was now a living thing, but because Aiba’s a man.

Nowhere in his many future plans and paths did he see himself falling in love with a man. Not even in his college years, the years of experimentation, did he once think about lying with another guy. However how was it that he managed to become attracted to Aiba?

Proper attraction too, no longer was it lust or curiosity. No longer was it desperation and defeat. He had actually grown to love Aiba, much like he would if it were a real person. Although, even with all his calculating, all his thoughts on how much he loves being with Aiba and having a warm body he could call his own. He doesn’t want to.

He’s too scared to; too scared to admit to himself that he was attracted to another man. You can call him childish and mildly homophobic, but he wasn’t ready to admit it yet, he wasn’t ready for the looks, the whispers, or the murmurs. He wasn’t ready for the possible fight he’ll have with his parents, especially his father, down the road if he and Aiba get very serious. He’s sure they think he’s just going through a phase and that it’ll all blow over soon.

God he wished this was true, but it wasn’t, he knew it wasn’t.

Something inside him was letting him know that he was really infatuated with Aiba. That it wasn’t just some phase; that he wasn’t simply attracted to him by lust, curiosity, or desperation.

He needed Aiba.

He wanted Aiba.

He loved Aiba.

Jun snapped out of his thoughts and got up from the table. He finished the rest of his wine before retreating to his room.

When he opened the door, he smiled at Aiba who was inspecting Jun’s remote control. He stepped inside and gently closed the door. Aiba’s head snapped up at the soft click noise. “How does it work?” he asked softly. Jun chuckled and went over to him, showing him how to use it. Aiba was flipping around the channels, pausing long enough on nearly each channel to try and figure out what the show was about. Eventually Aiba left it on a movie, pulling his knees up to his chest in interest. Jun looked up at the man from his low angle, smiling at how wide those eyes had gotten as he watched the action going on.

Last thing he remembered was the soft smile on Aiba’s lips before he went to sleep. The first thing he woke up to was the sounds of a woman moaning. Jun shot up and looked around groggily for the remote, lowering the volume and praying no one heard his television. He looked at Aiba who was sitting next to him with an obvious erection.

Was he studying? I don’t get it.

“Aiba, next time you want to watch porn don’t leave the volume up.”

“Why?” Aiba asked in a hushed tone as his eyes took in the images on the screen.

“Because even though people have sex, it’s taboo to watch it.”


“You can say that,” Jun chuckled.

Aiba turned to him and took the remote out his hand, changing the channel to whatever was next. For a moment there Jun thought Aiba was going to put the volume up again.

“Can I…” Aiba motioned to his erection. “It’s been like this for a while.”

“Yeah, sure, go ahead.” Jun’s words shooting out his mouth in surprise. Aiba got up from the bed and removed his pants and boxers, revealing his erection. Jun quickly looked away in embarrassment, but kept watch in the corner of his eye as he pretended to be interested on what was showing on TV. Aiba sat on the bed again, legs opened, and slowly stroked himself.

“Ah,” came Aiba’s sigh. He continued with the soft moans, not caring much on the affect it was having on Jun. “Mm,” he whimpered, titling his head back. Jun looked over at him, biting his lip like he usually does when he’s both embarrassed and aroused.

“Aiba,” Jun whispered.

“Yeah,” Aiba gasped then hissed as his thumb rubbed the head of his cock.


Aiba opened his eyes and focused on Jun. “Why? You said I could.” His hand didn’t stop, it kept pumping up and down, tightening around the head to allow the pooling precum to slip past a finger or two.

“I also said I would do something to help you,” Jun said. “I’ll help you with that.”

“Cause you can’t sleep with me?”


Aiba stopped and removed his hand, letting Jun take control. Jun moved around so he was sitting up and reached for Aiba’s leaking cock. Aiba’s eyes were trained on his face more so than they were on his hands. Jun gripped him firmly and began stroking him. It was hot and heavy in his hand, foreign yet familiar. Jun took a quick peek from the dripping cock and into Aiba’s eyes. The man was biting his lip, trying to hush himself, but failing miserably. With the slight leg and stomach spasms, Jun was able to tell if he was doing something good.

Aiba didn’t last as long as Jun thought he would. It could have been cause he wasn’t used to being touched or because he was watching porn for quite some time, but the constant stimulation Jun applied to the slick head was definitely a factor.

Jun looked up from his hand and to Aiba’s face again and their eyes locked immediately.


“Mm, it feels weird,” Aiba whimpered. Jun smiled and nodded, moving his hand faster. Aiba let out louder noises before Jun caught his lips in a kiss to prevent anymore embarrassment. It was nothing like the slow kiss they shared earlier that night. This one was sloppy, rushed, and hard. Jun bit Aiba’s lower lip gently, causing the man to whine and open up for him. Their tongues sliding along each other, stale but still arousing.

“Come for me,” Jun said into their kiss. “Come in my hand.”

Aiba’s whines grew more desperate the harder Jun pumped his hand. He pulled his head away from their kiss and stared at him.

“I’m coming,” he gasped and moments later he released white globs of cum on his trembling and twitching stomach. Aiba’s breathing was heavy as he tried to calm himself down. Jun graced his cheek and lips with a few pecks before releasing his hold on the half flaccid cock. He reached for the tissue on his dresser to clean his hand and Aiba’s stomach.

“Feel better?”

“Thank you,” Aiba smiled.

Jun passed him his boxers while he stripped down to his t-shirt and underwear as well before crawling into bed. Aiba rolled over so he was snuggling into Jun’s body, the hot puffs of his breath dancing along Jun’s neck.

“Good night,” Jun whispered and raised a hand to run it through Aiba’s soft hair.

The next morning was uncomfortable. His sister was shooting sideways glances at him while Aiba was in the shower. “What?” he sighed.

“Oh nothing. Just wondering how you slept last night?” she insinuated.

“Oh god,” Jun groaned and covered his eyes.

“So is porn the foreplay with you two or…” she smirked.

“I hope mom and dad didn’t hear,” he sighed and rubbed his eyes. “Listen I need to pop out and buy some stuff, please for the love of god do not bring this up with Aiba,” Jun said as he rushed to finish his breakfast.

“Yeah yeah whatever,” she waved her hand dismissively. Jun smiled before rushing out the house.

He wanted to make sure Aiba’s first birthday was done right. Yes it might be hard to find open stores on Christmas Eve, but he’s sure he could still find something for the man. When he returned, two hours later, he hurried into the kitchen to hide the cake.

“Jun?” Aiba said from behind him.

“Hey,” he smiled, trying to block the man’s view of the cake behind him.

“You alright?” Aiba stepped forward, but it only caused Jun to take two steps back. It was clear that the action hurt him. “I see,” he whispered. “Please don’t make offers if you don’t even want to do it in the first place,” Aiba said before stomping off. As much as Jun wanted to correct Aiba that he wasn’t acting this way cause he regrets what they did last night, he felt it would be best to keep up with this in order to properly surprise the man.

Of course it was easier said than done. Aiba damn near avoided him the whole day by focusing on helping the family fix up their tree along with the presents. Plus side was that he seemed to bond with Jun’s mother very well, she was doting on him much like she is with her own kids. Aiba’s eyes seemed to sparkle as he gazed at the lit up tree, however Jun was able to see the sad look in them, like he was thinking far too much.

It was rounding 7 PM when the Matsumoto family was trying to set up the birthday cake. He was so glad last minute he saw a bakery and bought the nicest cake he could find. He placed the candles on the cake smiling to himself at the look of surprise Aiba will most definitely have. Once he was ready, his parents shut off the lights and slowly walked into the living room.

Slowly and carefully Jun carried the cake as he sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Aiba. The room was silent and pitch dark, the only light coming in were from the candles. His voice was barely above a whisper, only Aiba could hear him, only he could hear the soft intimacy leaking through each word.

…Happy Birthday dear Masaki…

A short pause.

Jun smiled when Aiba looked up at him when his first name was said. He winked and continued.

Happy Birthday to you.”

Aiba smiled before blowing the candles out when told to. Then lights went on soon after and their eyes locked in on each other immediately.

“You didn’t regret it?”

“No,” Jun said with a chuckle. “I was only hiding this from you.”

“I actually forgot it was today,” Aiba laughed, tilting his head forward as Jun gave it a soft tap.

“Let’s eat,” Jun said and passed the cake to his mother.

While the rest of the Matsumoto family was in the living room, watching the Christmas themed shows, Aiba and Jun were in the kitchen cleaning up. Granted Jun tried to tell him that it was his birthday so he should just relax, Aiba countered with an ‘It’s my birthday and I want to spend it with you.’ Cheesy, but Jun got the point.

Even when they were done, the two stayed in the kitchen for more private time.

“What else do you want to do today?” Jun asked against Aiba’s lips. The thin man was pressed against the counter, softly grinding on the thigh in between his legs.

“You know what I want,” Aiba breathed. “But you can’t,” he kissed his lips briefly. “Or at least you keep saying that you can’t.”

Jun pulled away and stroked the tanned cheek, letting out a heavy sigh. “I’m sorry.”

“Mm, you always are.” Aiba gently pushed Jun back so he could leave, but Jun held onto his arms.

“It’s not cause I’m confused. I know what I want now.”

“What do you want?”

“You. Us…I want us to be a couple.”

“A real one?”


“And not just us sharing desperate kisses and handjobs.”

Jun laughed and shook his head. “A proper couple. Where we fight about what we want to eat for dinner or on how much you spent on random trinkets for your hobby.”


Again Jun laughed and kissed Aiba.

“Do you want it though? Do you want to be domesticated with me?” It was as if he was proposing to the man. All he needed was a key to symbolize a ring and get down on one knee. Aiba smiled his biggest one yet and flung himself at Jun.

“Of course.”

They got ready to kiss again, until they heard someone clearing their throat.

“Oh don’t mind me, just wanted to get some beer for dad.”

“You really have the worst timing,” Jun glared at his sister. She only winked and went to the fridge.

“Listen, I’m happy for you and all. But you do know that they aren’t too pleased, right?” Jun sighed and nodded his head. “Mom adores you and dad…well he thinks you’re a great guy,” she said. “But they kind of don’t want to acknowledge your relationship.”

“Cause I’m a man?” Aiba asked.

“Among other things, yeah.” She gave them a small smile and got ready to walk away before turning back around. “Oh, but I don’t care. I mean it’s weird as hell for me too cause I’ve known your former girlfriends and you never gave off vibes that could possibly indicate you were bi or gay or whatever it is that’s going on with you. But I guess since you’re in love with someone it shouldn’t bother me too much.”

When she said this, an embarrassed look passed over Jun’s face.

“Oh, you haven’t told him yet?”

“No, thanks for blabbing.”

She only laughed before going back to the living room.

The room felt tense after the revelation. Jun looked over at Aiba who wore a silly grin on his face.

“You love me?”

“Yes,” Jun said in a small voice. Aiba giggled and hugged him. They shared a chaste kiss before leaving to the bedroom.
Aiba was sitting on top of Jun, holding his stare as he removed his shirt. The fabric slipped off his arm and onto the floor gracefully. Jun’s hands reached up to touch the smooth skin of Aiba’s torso, the warm skin pliant underneath his fingers. Aiba took a deep breath, exhaling a shaky one, before leaning in to place a gentle kiss on Jun’s lips. It didn’t take long before their kiss became a battle of teeth and tongues. Aiba moaned into the man’s mouth while his hips slowly started to rock back and forth in Jun’s lap.

“Jun,” Aiba moaned against the full lips. “Please.”

Jun pulled back and looked up at him. Something was holding him back, not cause it was Aiba nor was it cause of this whole situation he was in, but something more was keeping him from taking it to that last step.

“I-I can’t,” Jun whispered. Aiba simply shucked lower and started to undo the man’s belt. Jun watched him with wide eyes, unable to speak. Once both his pants and belt were undone, Aiba pulled them down, along with his underwear, exposing his semi.

Aiba smiled and leaned in to take him into his warm mouth. Jun gasped and grabbed Aiba’s hair tightly, the man simply groaned in arousal sending tremors through him. Aiba looked up, studying the way his lover’s stomach twitched as his tongue swirled around the head of his cock. Slowly he took more of the man in until he had him completely sheathed in his mouth. A strangled gasp escaped Jun’s throat.

Humming on and off, Aiba got Jun to pull his head back roughly and panted heavily. “Too much?”

“Come here.”

Aiba crawled back up so he was hovering above him. Jun hastily removed his clothes and the rest of Aiba’s before grabbing him for a bruising kiss. A soft whimper slipped past the tanned man’s lips, going unnoticed by Jun.

They moved around so Jun was on top, their hips thrusting and grinding eagerly against each other. Aiba’s head was thrown back in abandonment while Jun assaulted his skin with his lips, marking the man right at the juncture of his neck and shoulder. Once they managed to pace themselves, Jun angled himself at Aiba’s entrance.

“Wait,” Aiba squeaked when the blunt head pushed at him. “Not a toy anymore. Lube. Dresser,” Aiba panted. Jun scrambled to get the lube and condoms Aiba managed to sneak from home and returned to the bed where Aiba greeted him with chaste kisses. “Hurry,” he whined.

“Don’t make me gag you,” Jun murmured as he slipped the condom on and poured a copious amount of lube on his fingers to prepare the man. Aiba made a small sigh of a noise as Jun pushed a finger into his hole. It was tighter than he actually expected. He thought that since he has fucked him as a toy, he’d been loose, but that surely wasn’t the case as Jun now had three fingers moving in and out of him in hopes he doesn’t hurt him.

“I’m…ready, please.”

Jun pulled his fingers out, wiping them on the sheets before taking hold of his erection and slowly pressing into him. Aiba’s back arched, his hole tightening up in resistance before he relaxed and allowed Jun to push in completely. They stilled, trying to catch themselves before they set a slow and steady rhythm. Jun balanced his weight on his right forearm while his left hand held onto Aiba’s hip, angling him better to pump into the tight opening.

“Jun…more…please,” he begged.

“More what?” Jun smirked, stopping to grind harder against him, burying himself deeper.

“Harder, faster…please,” Aiba whined, gripping Jun’s shoulders hard enough to leave bruises.

Complying with the man’s incessant requests, Jun pulled out halfway and slammed back in. Aiba gasped loudly, his hands flying to Jun’s ass wanting more of him.

“Like that baby?” Jun moaned.

“Yes,” Aiba hissed. “Harder,” he moaned. Jun leaned in and kissed him passionately despite the fact his hips were roughly pounding into him. Aiba reached a hand in between them and wrapped in around his cock, jerking it purposefully.

Jun grunted when he felt Aiba’s walls tighten around him as he pleasured himself. He leaned back so he was on his knees and pushed Aiba’s against his chest, preventing the man from moving his hand freely.

“I want you to come hands free,” Jun panted. Aiba bit his lip and nodded, even though he wanted nothing more than to beat off and come hard on his stomach like Jun had done to him the night before.

Jun’s movements increased, the sounds of skin slapping skin were now audible and for a split second he wondered if his family could hear them. Aiba was trying to muffle his moans behind the back of his hand, eyes tightly closed as he felt his orgasm rising.

It definitely was different sleeping with a real man. The ribbings that stood in place for walls was nothing in comparison to the real thing. Almost as tight, but definitely didn’t prepare Jun enough for Aiba’s quivering walls.

Aiba peeked behind his lids to look at Jun’s face, full of concentration. He was really pumping in and out of him, trying to get both of them off. “I’m close.” He heard Jun moan.

“Not yet, almost there.”

A few more thrusts and Aiba’s back arched off the bed, his neck exposed and sweaty, his mouth open in a silent yell with eyes tightly shut, while his head dragged down the pillow. Jun memorized everything about this moment. The minute Aiba opened his eyes again to look at him, his orgasm shot out of him and into the condom.

His hips continued thrusting, riding out the waves before he stopped and collapsed on the sticky body underneath him.

“I love you,” Jun murmured against Aiba’s chest, listening to the accelerated thumping of his heart. His human heart.

“I love you too,” Aiba smiled.

Part 2