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J'adore Hardcore Ch.7: Speak

Title: J'adore Hardcore
Pairing: Sakumiya
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Working as a phone sex operator, Nino meets an unlikely man.
Disclaimer: I do not know nor am I any of the mentioned characters. This never happened; it is just a work of fiction.
A/N: This multi-chap will be a collection of fetish/kink related oneshots. None of the stories are connected besides that small fact.

Ch.1: Versailles Ch.2: Chikan Ch.3: Photo-Erotica Ch.4: Play Dead Ch.5: Kinniku Ch.6: Living on the Edge

“You’ll be on your knees while I fuck that pretty mouth of yours.”

The rustling of clothes could be heard, it was clear that the man was getting off on his words. “What else will you be doing to me?” his voice hitching at the end.

“Tugging your hair, keeping your head still so I can pour my cum down your throat.”

“Ah~,” the man whimpered, his hand moving faster. “I’m gonna come just thinking about it.”

“Me too,” the other man on the line smiled. “Want to finish off together?”


The man started jerking off quicker, gasping loudly as the man on the line simply provided noises, hands reluctantly nowhere near bringing himself an orgasm.

“I’m coming, I’m coming…fuck…”

The two were silent for a few minutes aside from the caller’s heavy breathing. Rustling was heard again, most likely the man rearranging his clothes, before he cleared his throat.

“Did you enjoy your time?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Any time. Goodnight.”

He hung up and removed his headset.

“That was a long call Ninomiya-san.” One of his co-workers said with a smile.

“Yeah, I’m lucky he liked all the foreplay, but he’ll definitely regret it when he sees his bill,” Nino smirked.

The girl giggled before starting her own call.
[6 months ago]
Nino was sitting on the train playing a game on his phone when he felt a pair of eyes on him. Slowly and quite casually he looked up and caught the eyes of a man staring him down. Nino being Nino throws a smirk and a wink his way before continuing with his game.

When he got off the train, twenty minutes later, he noticed the man stepping off as well. Any normal person would be alarmed that they are being stalked, but Nino wasn’t normal. He was more than fine playing a little game with his attacker. He walked towards a dead end street before turning around with a smile still playing on his features.

“Any reason you’re following me?”

The man didn’t answer, though he did look a bit startled. Nino began walking towards him, slowly, just in case he would need to bum rush pass him if the man gets violent. When he got close enough, he took in his stalker’s features; business cut hair that exposes a round forehead, shapely eyebrows, large crescent eyes, a nose that can only be described as a ‘button nose’, and full lips, reddened by him pressing them together. He was wearing a navy blue trench coat that was opened revealing the black suit and light blue dress shirt underneath.

“My my aren’t you pretty,” Nino said with his signature smirk. “Now, answer my question.” He moved in closer until they were standing toe to toe. “Why. Were. You. Following. Me?”

“I wanted to talk to you.”

“Aw how cute, but there are better ways to do that. Unless you planned on raping and murdering me?”

“I’m not a pervert or a killer.” The man looked angered by the accusation.

“Mm and I’m not someone to fuck with. So now that you’ve gotten me alone, talk to me.”

“Does this happen to you frequently?”


“Getting stalked by random men?”

Nino laughed and stepped back. “No, but do you want to make it a regular thing between us?” He moved around the man, causing him to turn about face. “It’ll be our little secret,” Nino whispered.

The man shook his head with a small laugh. “You definitely are interesting. What’s your name?”

“Ah ah ah~” Nino wagged his finger. “No names…at least not yet. I will however let you know that every day except on the weekends I come home around this time, taking that train, and get off on this stop.”

“Well I have no issue letting you know my name.” The man took out a business card and handed it to Nino.

“Sakurai Sho…I like it.”

“I take that train every day as well; however I stayed an extra eight stops for you.” He smiled causing Nino to flat out laugh.

“God you’re so fascinating. I hope to see you again Sakurai-san. Bye.”

Nino walked away flicking at the card in his hand until he reached his apartment.

“I bet your pussy is dripping wet for me,” Nino said in his ‘phone voice’ as his co-workers like to call it. “Begging me to touch it, lick it, and fuck it. Is that what you want?”

“Yes,” the middle aged woman gasped. It didn’t bother Nino one bit that he works at a sex line. In fact it’s actually fun to see the fantasies that people hold. Some very similar and others have very wild ones. Such as the man who wanted to get fucked in front of his family. That was a phone call he would never forget.

He started working this job just a few months ago actually, it began as a side job, but with how well he was doing Nino turned it into a permanent job. For most people, they were a bit shy and uncomfortable when starting out, but that wasn’t him. Nino jumped right into it like he’s been doing it for years.

“Do you want it rough? Do you want me to fuck you on your hands and knees? Do you want to feel owned by my cock?”

The woman called out explicitly before her heavy breathing came through. She came before they even got the chance to really get anywhere, but Nino didn’t hold it against her. He knew as a married woman, mother of three, she wasn’t getting any form of sexual gratification at home.

“I’m so sorry,” she said.

“What for?” Nino smirked as he tried to balance pencils on his desk.

“For finishing too fast.”

“I don’t mind. Hey if you want another go, we can. We’ll just skip the foreplay and go straight to the sex. Or you can call again when you’re ready.”

“I’d like that,” she whispered. “I-I’ll call again. Thank you Ken-chan.” Nino’s alias; Fujisaki Kenichi.

“No problem.”

When he hung up he spun around in his chair and sighed. “That was um…really good Ninomiya-san,” his co-worker Maria said, blush faint on her cheeks.

Nino smiled, but his mind was still thinking about Sakurai-san. God what he would do if he got a call from him, he might get fired cause he’s sure he’d jerk it to the man’s voice.



“Who were you thinking of?”

Nino turned his head and smiled widely at her before sitting up and rolling towards her. “What would you say if I said ‘you’?” Her blush intensified before she shook her head.

“I would say ‘ha’ cause I know you don’t think about me like that,” she chuckled. Nino flicked her chin with his index finger before rolling back to his desk. From day one, she’s been holding a crush on Nino, though she never acted upon them when she found out that he was gay. Granted he didn’t find her sexually attractive, he would say things to make her day…or night technically.

“Well Maria, I was thinking about someone I met last night.”

“Ah,” she looked a bit disheartened until she thought about it. “AH! You met a man? What’s he like? Are you dating?” The questions shot out of her with speed.

“Yes I met a man, but that’s about it. He gave me his card and I might see him after work.”

“No wonder you’re wearing better clothes.”

“What do you mean? I always look good.” Nino laughed.

“Mm, not so much. You would wear really…weird clothes.” Nino gave her a fake glare before she waved her hand. “No no I mean, they were cute…but…weird.”

Nino laughed and nodded when thinking about it in retrospect. Wearing a hat with wings on it wasn’t his best style choice.

They continued to talk for a few more minutes before her phone rang.
Nino was standing by the doors on the train, wondering if he would end up on the same cart with him. The train did about three stops before he saw Sho standing on the platform. Biting back a smile Nino quickly averted his gaze on his phone. After only five minutes, Nino looked up and would’ve stumbled back if he wasn’t already pressed against the door as Sho stood directly in front of him.

“Hello stranger,” Sho said in English.

“Oh you know English?” Nino smirked. Sho nodded.

“It’s needed for my job as a translator.”

“I feel we should have coffee and talk about how attractive you are to me.”

“We could, but I still don’t know your name.”

Nino bit his lower lip and raised an eyebrow saying ‘touché.’ “Well names aren’t needed for one night stands.”

“So we’ll be having sex?”

The people around them gave them side glances, some men moved out the way. Nino chuckled and reached out to play with the buttons on Sho’s jacket. “Do you want to?”

Sho moved in closer, but it could easily be blamed on the movement of the train, and leaned in to speak in Nino’s ear.

“If we had sex, it wouldn’t be a one night stand. It’ll be a lasting memory of how thoroughly I fucked you.”

Nino’s eyes fluttered close as he took in Sho’s words. His dick started waking up at the thought before Sho pulled away and smirked.

“Tha-that would be...shit.” This was a first, Nino being speechless when it comes to sex. The cocky smirk on Sho’s face blossomed into a smile.

“So…Stranger…what will it be? Coffee…or sex?”

Nino bit his lip and forced himself to not reach down to grab his dick, just to have some form of pressure on it.

“Coffee, cause I’m a classy lady,” Nino smiled.

“Classy with a whore’s heart.” The two of them laughed before Sho looked out the window. “My stop, I’ll be expecting a call from you about coffee. Number’s on the back of my card. See you tomorrow Stranger.”

Nino chuckled and watched him walk up the steps before resting his head on the closed doors. Great eight more stops with the most uncomfortable hard on.
He called him around 10:30 the next morning. Sho told him that he would be available to go on break around noon. They talked only for a few minutes before Sho had to go. A few seconds after they hung up, Nino received a text from Sho stating that the number is his cell phone number and that he has filed Nino’s name as Stranger on the Train.

This caused Nino to laugh for a solid two minutes in his room.

They had agreed to get coffee at a coffeehouse a block away from where Sho works since he couldn’t be gone for too long. Nino wore his ‘best’ clothes as he waited for him to come back with their drinks.

“Here you go,” Sho said placing the coffee in front of Nino.

“Thank you.”

“So what time do you start work for you to come home around 1 in the morning?”

“At about 4pm but if I want I can come in at 5.”

“What do you do?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Nino snickered as he took a sip of his drink.

“More mysteries with you.”

“So much you have no idea.”

“Are you a prostitute? Escort?”

“So, me withholding my job immediately makes me someone who sells their body?”

“Kinda, especially with the way you talk to me. Almost everything is sexual.”

“Says the man who promised me the best sex of my life.”

Sho smiled bashfully and drank his coffee. “So if you’re not a ‘gentleman of the night,’ then what do you do?”

“Hmm, I’m debating telling you my job or my name now,” Nino murmured.

“Oh now that’s not fair. You have my name, number, place of work, and what I do for a living…and all I got is your train stop and number.”

“Since I like what you saved me as on your phone, I’ll let you know what I do with my nights.”

“Thank you.”

“What do lonely people do?”


“No, what do they do when they’re sexuality frustrated?”

“Masturba…you said you don’t do that for a living,” Sho said with wide eyes.

“I don’t…I help them get off…with just my voice.”

“Phone sex operator,” Sho said with a knowing smirk to which Nino nodded with a matching look. “Does it pay well?”

“Yeah, it’s kinda commissioned based and well I’m really good at what I do.”

“I would love it if you tried it on me.”

Nino gaped at him before shaking his head. “No I don’t do it on lovers.”

“Oh so I’m your lover now?”

“No!” Nino called out before covering his mouth. “I meant that if there’s someone I’m dating or will date, I like to not do that with them.”

“So no dirty talk during sex?”

“As long as it’s not me saying it, but I like to keep it minimal.”

Sho raised his cup and took a sip. “The tables have turned then.” He smiled and took another drink. “This coffee date is becoming about how interesting you are to me.”

He wouldn’t admit to it, but he knew blush was gracing his cheeks. “I bet it would be nice though.”

“What would be?”

“Hearing you talk dirty to me.”

Sho chuckled and sighed. “But I’m no professional, such as yourself.”

“Are you mocking me?” Nino asked with a smile. God this man was perfect for him.

“Oh no I wasn’t, but believe me it would only be mundane as me saying shit like ‘Yeah, do you like that? Do you like my cock in you?’ nothing fancy.”

Nino’s brain melted at those words. “Fuck, but hearing you say that is good enough.”

“Am I getting you hard?” Sho asked after a pause.

“Yeah,” Nino breathed. The look in their eyes changed, they were challenging and lusty.

“Would you like a moment or do you want to go to the bathroom…rub one out before work?”

Nino closed his eyes and sighed shakily. “No…I-I’m good. I can…will it away.” Sho chuckled and bit his lip. They were silent as Nino tried to calm himself down.

“I have to get going, but I would love to do this again.”

“Me too,” Nino answered immediately. “I-I meant about coffee, not you making me almost come in my pants like a teenager.”

“Oh I was nowhere near making you come in your pants, but I would like to do that for you one day.” Sho smiled and downed the rest of his coffee before standing up. “See you later, Stranger-san.”


Nino officially was brain dead when Sho left.
“You’d love it wouldn’t you; my asshole tightening around that fucking thick cock of yours.”

The caller was breathing heavily, the slick sounds of too much lube having been used fills Nino’s ears. “Ken-san,” the caller gasped.

“Will you keep fucking me, pumping that cock of yours in and out of me? God I’m getting so hard thinking about you,” Nino whimpered for show. A few seconds later and the caller was moaning and grunting before the sounds stopped aside from the breathing.

Nothing was said as the caller simply hung up afterwards. Nino was used to these types of calls where the person felt ashamed or embarrassed afterwards. Hell who wouldn’t be, knowing they just masturbated on the phone talking to a stranger.

A smile played on Nino’s face when the word stranger popped up in his mind. He turned to Maria who was trying hard not to blush and look as if she was working. He found it fascinating how she could blush like that around him yet seconds later she would be telling the caller to ‘eat her wet pussy’ as he once heard her say. Shit if he was straight or bi, he’d want to hear her say that a few more times.

“Ma-ri-a,” Nino teased as he rolled over to her.

“Yes, Ninomiya-san?”

“Why do you call me that? I call you by your first name.”

“Well…it’s fine right?”

“Kinda feels like we’re not close.” Nino pouted and crossed his arms.

“Well it feels weird calling you Kazunari,” she pouted back. Nino chuckled and flicked her nose.

“You don’t have to say that, Kazu or Nino is perfectly fine by me,” he smiled. Maria nodded back.

“Nino-san then.”

“Ack…you’re a lost cause.”

“Shut up, you’re older than me so…I can’t just say Nino.”

“Excuses excuses. But anyway, I had coffee with that guy I told you about earlier today.”

“How was it?”



“Well yeah, but he was…he was hot. The things he said to me…”

“Uh oh, I think we’re losing him,” Maria teased. “Are you going to see him again?”

“Yes, ugh I need him.”

Maria smiled before patting his back. “Well loverboy, worry about that some other time. We have a job to do.”
Sho entered the train cart and stood in front of Nino again. There was enough space where he could have stood next to him, but he really wanted to rattle the smaller man. “Hello.”

“Hi, how was work?”

“Tiring, but I have our meet ups as my saving grace.”

“Aw, that’s sweet.”

“I was wondering, um…since tomorrow will be Friday and we’re both free on the weekends…”

“Want to come over my place where you can tease me some more?”

“I was thinking more my place, but that would give me more information about you. I might eventually see your name somewhere.”

“Mm, second thought, we should meet at yours.”

Sho laughed and moved closer as the train jerked. Nino instinctively held his hand out and grabbed onto Sho. The man raised an eyebrow at the move before stepping closer into Nino’s space.

“You can hold on tighter,” Sho’s baritone voice said. Nino sucked his lower lip in between his teeth and stared up at the taller man. Nino’s hand slipped around his waist, sucking in a trembling breath as he felt the toned body underneath.

“Oh fuck me,” Nino whined to which Sho chuckled darkly.

“Probably this weekend if you want. I know I do.”

Nino rest his head back, fingers tightening around the material of Sho’s shirt. “God I want you to do whatever you want to me.” Sho pressed closer and whispered in his ear.

“What if I did whatever I wanted to you right now?”

“I am not opposed to train sex,” Nino sighed. Sho’s lips dragged down the curve of his ear before hovering above his neck.

“I mean more making you come on yourself.”

“Oh god, that too.”

“Do you want it?”

“Yes,” Nino hissed as Sho’s leg slipped in between his.

“Want to grind down on it? You’re free to do so. I want to feel how hard I’ve made you.”

Nino closed his eyes tighter, trying to hold back from making loud noises. “Sakurai-san.” He was totally turning into his customers, he was feeling himself cracking.

“Go ahead, let me feel you. I might be able to feel when you come. Though walking around with a suspicious wet spot on my leg would be a fun story to tell.” Sho chuckled and pressed his thigh against Nino’s aching bulge.

“Fuck, Sho…ah…I mean—”

“Shh, it’s okay. Keep moving against me. Go on.” Nino was clutching at Sho with both hands now, sweat on his forehead as he was trying so hard to not come. “Come on, grind onto me like a fucking bitch in heat.”

At that Nino called out and started grinding harder against Sho with wild abandonment. He didn’t care if people were watching or noticing. Sho could pull his dick out and jerk him off in front of everyone and all he would do is beg for more.


“Please what?”

“Make me come,” Nino whimpered. He wouldn’t admit to it later, but he definitely was a whimpering mess. “Please make me come…I’m so close.”

Sho’s breathing was hot and heavy in his ear before he spoke. “Sorry…this is my stop.” He pulled away from Nino who stared at him in disbelief and gave him a small wink before getting off the train. Nino had to have had the worst case of blue balls in the history of blue balls. Nino barely made it into his apartment when he pulled his jeans down and rapidly jerked himself off.
Again at noon they met up at the coffeehouse where Nino shot daggers at Sho.

“Look, I’m sorry I left you like that,” Sho said, trying to hide the laughter in his voice.


“I really am. If it makes you feel any better I had to beat off in the bathroom when I got home.”

“Ugh not the same. I had to ride eight stops with a raging hard on, then walk like two blocks, up some stairs, search for my keys, and then jerk off. Trust me, I had it harder. No pun intended.”

Sho laughed and reached a hand out to graze Nino’s. “I’m sorry.”

“I want your mouth later as an apology.”


“Free to interpretation Mr. Interpreter.”

Sho rolled his eyes at the lame joke and took a sip of his coffee. “Want to come up with me, at my job?”

“Would that be allowed?”

“Well, yea we are allowed visitors. And it does help that I have my own office.”

“Is it made of glass?”

“No. Why?”

“Darn, you fucking me in a glass office would’ve been hot.”

“Is that your fantasy?”


“What is it then?”

Nino looked shy before taking a gulp of his still too hot drink. “You…talking dirty to me…like you did last night.”

“I thought you didn’t like that during sex.”

“I don’t, but…fuck you do it so fucking sexily and your voice is so fucking hot that I want you to do it.”

“Well thank you.” Nino covered his eyes when he remembered the man calling him a ‘bitch in heat.’ Award to the fastest erection achieve goes to Ninomiya Kazunari. “So will you still come?”


“To the office with me?” Sho laughed.

“Oh…yeah definitely.”

“You know you have to do it for me sometime. I want to hear how you get people off.”

“God please stop,” Nino laughed. “I just can’t.”

“Then give me the number to where you work. You won’t know it’s me.”

“Okay A. there are like hundreds of people working in the office, but I work in the same space with one girl. B. NO!”

Sho laughed and stroked Nino’s hand. “Well then, come.”

“I hate you.”
Nino walked closely behind Sho as they entered the building. He was told to sign his name, but knowing Sho was looming over him, he signed his alias instead.

“Why does something tell me that that’s not your real name?”

“Cause you’re smart.”

“Smart ass,” Sho sighed as they entered the elevator.

“You goddamn better believe it.”

Sho’s office was on the 6th floor. They walked down a long corridor before turning to the right and there was the sign on the door with his plaque engraved with his name.

“Oh, so official and shit.” Nino smiled with a tingle of his fingers. Sho chuckled and placed a gentle hand on the small of his back as he guided him into the office. “Hmm, nice and spacious.”

“And sound proof.”

“Sakurai-san…you didn’t call me in here to have your perverted way with me did you?” Nino asked, feigning shock.

“More to make up what I did to your balls last night.”

“Hmm, I think I like that idea.”

Sho walked towards him and placed his hand behind Nino’s neck. “Can I?” Sho whispered.

“Of course,” Nino whispered back. Their lips met instantly and hastily. Nino was making all kinds of embarrassing noises that like most things he would not agree to doing, before biting down on the plump lower lip of Sho’s.

“Shit,” Sho gasped when they pulled apart for a few.

“Yeah…okay, um, I think I want you to fuck me.”

“No.” Sho flat out refused.

“What…why? Is it me? Am I being too much?”

“No no no, it’s not you. I, um, don’t feel comfortable doing that with you in my office actually.” Sho blushed causing Nino to coo.

“Aww, but getting me off in your office is fair game?”

“Well at least all I have to do it talk to you and if someone needs me or comes in we won’t be scrambling.”

“Ah, practicality is what you crave? Well then, go on and talk to me. Make up for what you’ve done to me last night.” Nino sat in Sho’s seat, legs open as he looked up at him. Sho laughed and took Nino’s left hand.

“Tell me what you did when you got home.”

“You know what I did…and with that hand,” the smaller man smirked. However instead of dropping the hand, Sho brought it up to his lips and licked the tips of them as if he would be able to taste him. Nino’s breath hitched.

“Did you come all over your fingers? Did it pour down the back of them, thick and waiting to be licked off?” Sho ran his tongue along the back of Nino’s fingers.

“Yes, I came hard. My cum got on my…oh…” Nino trailed off as Sho sucked three fingers into his mouth.

“So cute,” Sho said softly as he squeezed the palm of Nino’s hand. “Where else did your cum go?”

“Shirt and stomach.” Nino was now panting, his right hand rubbing himself through his jeans. Sho caught the movement and stopped him.

“Don’t. Only with my voice right?”

“Yeah…but you’re…with my hand.” Forming full sentences was far too impossible.

“And you said you want my mouth on you…open to interpretation.”

“Fuck you,” Nino whimpered.

“This weekend, yes.” Nino closed his eyes and tried to steady his breathing. “Continue, tell me what else did you do?”

“I-I kept touching myself.”

“With your filthy hands?” Nino nodded. “Spreading your cum even more on your cock?” Another nod. “Did you get hard again? Did you think about me to make you get it up again?”

“Yeah. I thought about your voice.”

“It really gets you off doesn’t it?”

“Yes.” Nino was squirming in the seat, his jeans rubbing him painfully but the pressure felt so good. “When you called me a bitch in heat…I really almost lost it.”

“That good huh?”

“Yes, I want you to say it like that.”

“You want me to repeat it?”

“No…yeah…just anything close…fuck I don’t know what I want.”

Sho smirked and placed the tacky with spit hand on the crotch of his pants. “You feel what you’re doing to me? Feel how hard I am for you?”

“Yeah. I would love to have you in me. You must be so fucking good. I can already feel it.”

“I did promise you to be thoroughly fucked. No matter what you do, you will still feel me inside you.” Nino’s grip tightened around Sho’s bulge causing the man to grunt. “Unzip my pants.” Nino blindly followed the order and reached inside for Sho’s cock.

“Oh god. Please can I?”

“Go ahead.”

Nino leaned in and took Sho into his mouth. His head bobbing up and down, tongue flat against the underside of his cock. The taller man was gripping the sides of his desk while Nino’s hands held onto his thighs.

“Move your head faster,” Sho gasped. “Yeah take more of my cock in that sweet mouth of yours.” Nino was desperately grinding against the chair under him. This was becoming all too much for him. Never has he wanted something and someone so badly. “Such a hungry boy. Look at you. You must’ve really wanted it last night.”

“Mmph,” Nino hummed around Sho’s dick causing the man to let out a few choice words. He continued to suck him off while he dry humped the shit out of chair.

“Are you going to come?” Nino nodded the best he could around the dick, moving faster. “Fuck…I’m gonna go too.” Sho’s head fell back, mouth slack as he felt the familiar clench in his lower abdomen before looking down at Nino. The man was staring back at him, mouth stretched wide over his cock. “Drink all of it,” was all Sho said as a warning before coming down Nino’s throat. When the man had swallowed it all down, he slowly pulled back and sucked at the head briefly before stopping completely.

Sho got ready to ask if Nino came but stopped when he dropped his head on Sho’s thigh as he ground into the seat. A few seconds later he was twitching and his power grip lightened up.

“Wow” Nino gasped. Warily he looked up at Sho who was giving him an approving smirk.

“I can’t wait to fuck you tomorrow.”

“You can have me tonight.”

Sho smiled and cupped Nino’s cheek, thumb passing across the spit and cum slicked lips. He pulled the man up by the back of his neck for a kiss, sharing his taste. When they pulled apart Nino bit his lip and sighed.

“Ugh I need to go home. I am not spending the rest of my day with cum in my briefs,” Nino whined to which Sho laughed as he tucked himself away.

“I’ll see you later then?”

“Oh yes.”

Nino stood up and let out a series of grossed out noises. “You owe me for this.”

“No, this was all your idea.”

“Whatever, bye Sakurai-san.”

“Call me Sho. Bye Stra—”


Sho smiled, “Bye Nino.”
“You two…hooked up then?” Maria asked. Nino smiled and sighed.

“I feel like those delusional fans that say they’ll never wash their hand after getting a handshake.”

“You…washed it though…right?”

“Of course. I’m not gross,” Nino laughed looking offended. “Also we didn’t hook up hook up…I just gave him a blowjob while I humped his chair.” There was a short pause. “That makes me sound so perverted actually.”

“Just a little bit,” Maria laughed. “Well I’m glad you found someone.” She smiled at him, but Nino saw the forlorn look in her eyes. Nino stroked her elbow before placing his hand on her waist and pulling her closer.

“You don’t need me to tell you that you’re a catch and that you’ll find someone, right?”

“No…but it’s nice to hear.” She pouted to which Nino laughed and pulled her in for a kiss. Greedily she kissed him back before Nino pulled apart.

“If I was into women, I’d date you in a heartbeat,” he said honestly. Maria blushed and nodded before she brought her hand to her mouth.

“You brushed your teeth after the blowjob right?”

“Yes, oh my god!” Nino laughed.
Sho was standing on the platform, waiting for Nino to show up. He decided to take the train home early and was waiting at Nino’s stop. This wasn’t usually how he goes about things. If he finds someone attractive, he doesn’t follow them like a creeper, but something came over him and there he was, walking behind the man until he spoke to him.

Also Nino wasn’t his type, the small twink look isn’t what he’s after. He likes men, grown looking men. Not some guy who looks like he still barely legal. Yet there he was telling him how he’d fuck him so good he’d still feel it.

The train came and Nino walked out, head down as he stared at his phone dejectedly. Sho smirked and walked towards him. “Missed me?”

Nino’s head snapped up. “What are you doing here?”

“Giving you good news.”

“Which is?”

“I want to go home with you.”

“Uh…no we agreed to your place.”

“That was cause you didn’t want me to know your name. I know it now or at least just one part of it.”

Nino’s eyes were wide as he took in what the man was saying to him. “Um…then follow me.” The walk to his place was short causing Sho to poke fun at how Nino dramatized his blueballed journey home. “Do excuse the mess,” Nino said.

Sho chuckled and followed him into the apartment, handing his jacket to Nino when he asked for it and walked further in. “Cozy,” he smiled.

“A piece of shit.” Nino corrected as Sho laughed.

“Come here,” Sho said.

“Are you going to fuck me now?”

“Is that what you want?”

“God yes.”

Sho removed his suit jacket and placed it over the back of the chair, undoing his tie next. Nino on the other hand just stood there blinking at Sho. “You gonna take anything off soon?”

“Nah, I’m enjoying the striptease.”

The businessman smirked, pulling his belt out the loops and starting to undo his pants. He walked towards Nino before lifting his arms up and pulling the shirt over his head. The smaller man held his gaze, letting Sho strip him down to his briefs.

“You can take the rest of my clothes off for me,” Sho said, his voice a few octaves lower.

“I like it when you order me around…just a little bit,” Nino smiled as he helped Sho out his pants. Sho chuckled softly before pulling him in for a heated kiss, tongues eagerly moving around each other. Once the businessman was stripped completely naked, Nino pulled away and stared.

His eyes traveled down Sho’s neck, loving the vein he saw there, and smirked at his sloping shoulders. He took in the pale skin, taut over his muscles, and the abs that formed with every breath. Nino’s lips quirked as his eyes finally saw Sho’s cock. It was curved upwards, touching his stomach. Granted he had it in his mouth earlier that day, it’s still impressive to see the full package, pubic hair and balls included.

“Whoa,” Nino breathed out. It wasn’t so much he was ashamed of his body, he was more than fine with it, and countless times he’s been called soft and cute. His brain was just too dead for him to even remove his briefs.

“I think this works best when we’re both naked,” Sho said with a laugh. Blushing, Nino went over to the bed and took his underwear off.

“How do you want me?”

“On your back.”

“Aw, I thought you were gonna say ‘hands and knees’,” Nino pouted as he got into position.

“I want to see you when I fuck you. Want to see what my cock does to you,” Sho said as he stroked himself. Nino let out a whimpering whine, biting his lip and closing his eyes.

“Lube and condoms are in the drawer on the left,” Nino said. Sho opened the drawer and paused when he saw the quite large dildo in there as well. “Among other things,” Nino giggled.

“You use this on yourself?”

“Yeah, all the time, especially in the shower since it has that suction cup on the end.”

“Ever thought about me when you used it?”

“What would you say if I said ‘no’?”

“I’d call you a liar,” Sho smiled and turned to him. “I know you grind your tight little ass on it, thinking about my voice.” Nino gasped and curled his fingers around his dick, willing it to hold off on coming. Sho crawled on top of him, his own cock dripping steady drops of precum on Nino’s belly. “I know how much it gets you off. I know how much just me telling you how bad you’re going to beg for my cock, beg for me to fuck you, beg me to fill you to the brim with my cum turns you on.”

“Oh fuck, Sho please just stop talking.”

“Too much?” he smirked.

“Fuck you,” Nino spat.

“Open your legs,” Sho murmured as he poured some lube on his fingers. Nino followed the order, holding his legs open under his knees. His hole puckered and twitched when Sho’s index finger circled around it. Slowly he pushed it, the warm heat encompassing him.

“Oh,” Nino sighed. He was no virgin, but Sho’s hands on him were making him feel vulnerable like one. Two fingers were already in him, hooking and probing until he caught Nino’s prostate. “Shit!” he called out. Sho smirked and looked down at his fingers stretching his hole.

“Another one?”

“Please, yes please,” Nino begged. Sho pulled his fingers out so just the tip was in and added a third one as he pushed in. Nino whined at the feeling, but otherwise kept to nonsensical babbles. It wasn’t until Sho had four fingers shoved inside him did he cry out to get fucked.

“I might come just putting it in you,” Sho admitted. “Just the thought of being deep inside you is enough.” Nino buried his face in the sweaty neck above him as he ground on the fingers inside him.

“It’s okay, we’d just start up later. Using your cum as lube,” Nino smiled drunkenly at him.

“Mm, yeah. Bet you’d love that, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes,” Nino’s voice hitched when he felt the head of Sho’s cock at his entrance, sans condom. As much as he’s an advocate for safe sex, he really wanted to be full of Sho’s cum.

Sho pushed in slowly, the slick sound of the lube aiding the way caused a slight shiver down their spines. The stretch of Sho’s cock wasn’t like the dildo, it felt right; perfect even. Nino arched his back as he bore down on the man, waiting until he completely bottomed out. Sho’s balls were pressed right against his ass, jerking as he got into position.

“Tell me how you want it. I want to hear your voice.”

“Sho just fucked me,” Nino whined, trying to get him to move but the man didn’t move. “Sho,” he whined.

“Tell me how you want it.”

Nino sighed and turned away. “Hard…I want it hard.” The words were forced out of him as he kept his head turned from embarrassment. Sho began thrusting his hips, grinding down and making Nino feel all of him. He pulled out and slammed back in, the headboard knocking into the wall.

“Fuck, Nino, you feel so good,” Sho whispered. He kept the steady but hard pace until he pulled out completely.

“Wha—why’d you stop?”

“You stopped talking, baby.” Nino groaned and whined in disapproval. “Keep telling me what you want. I want you to feel good.”

“Anything you do will make me feel good. Just please keep going,” Nino sighed.

“Tell me.”

“Sho, please…just—”

“Speak!” Sho commanded and Nino lost it.

“Fuck me faster. Fuck me until I’m begging you to stop.”

Sho let out a stuttering sigh of deep pleasure at Nino’s words before thrusting back into him. Nino cried out, fingers finding purchase of the covers and Sho’s bicep. The angle was rough as much as the speed. Nino peeked behind his eyelids, watching the man move harshly against him.

“Feels good?”

“Yeah,” Nino hiccupped. “More…I want more.”

“What do you want baby?”

“To smell like you. To feel utterly complete and…ah oh fuck…Sho.”

“And what baby? What else do you want?”

Nino’s head shook side to side, his orgasm already rising. Sho’s hips were still slamming into him, causing his cock to jump and drip. “To be yours,” Nino gasped. There was a stutter in their rhythm and Nino opened his eyes again. Sho stared down at him, shock evident on his face.



Sho leaned in and kissed him gently, his hips moving again but nowhere near the speed they had before. They were silent aside from the grunts and groans both men were letting out. It wasn’t until Sho got on his knees, changing angles did Nino cry out even louder.

“Yeah, you like that?”

Nino would’ve laughed if he could, but he was so far gone. He only nodded frantically, mouthing around his own fingers. “I’m coming.”

“Me too baby,” Sho gasped. He moved faster, hips slapping at his milky hips. “You’re gonna be so full of me,” he moaned as his warning before releasing his load.

“Oh,” Nino whimpered. He clenched his ass around Sho’s cock, milking his orgasm even more. Slowly Sho pulled out, watching his cum drip a thin clear line out the puffy pink hole. Still hard and on the edge of an orgasm, it only took a few sucks before Nino was coming down Sho’s throat.

Sho swallowed what he can before sliding up the trembling body beneath him. He kissed the man deeply, his taste being shared between them. “So that’s what it’s like to be one of your customers?”

“Nowhere near,” Nino panted with a smile. Sho chuckled before rolling over and draping an arm around his waist. “Shower?”

“In a few,” Sho mumbled sleepily. The ‘few’ became the next day.
[6 months later]

“You’ll be on your knees while I fuck that pretty mouth of yours.”

The rustling of clothes could be heard, it was clear that the man was getting off on his words. “What else will you be doing to me?” his voice hitching at the end.

“Tugging your hair, keeping your head still so I can pour my cum down your throat.”

“Ah~,” the man whimpered, his hand moving faster. “I’m gonna come just thinking about it.”

“Me too,” the other man on the line smiled. “Want to finish off together?”


The man started jerking off quicker, gasping loudly as the man on the line simply provided noises, hands nowhere near bringing himself an orgasm.

“I’m coming, I’m coming…fuck…”

The two were silent for a few minutes aside from the caller’s heavy breathing. Rustling was heard again, most likely the man rearranging his clothes, before he cleared his throat.

“Did you enjoy your time?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Any time. Goodnight.”

He hung up and removed his headset.

“That was a long call Ninomiya-san.” Maria said with a smile.

“Yeah, I’m lucky he liked all the foreplay, but he’ll definitely regret it when he sees his bill,” Nino smirked. He doesn’t know how Sho got the number or how he even got lucky to get him as his operator, but he shook his head at how the man finally got to hear him at work so he’ll no longer badger him about it.

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