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J'adore Hardcore - Mite

Title: J'adore Hardcore
Pairing: Aimiya
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Nino meets Aiba at a mutual friend’s party. He figured it’d be a great way to get over his ex-boyfriend, but instead Nino discovers a new kink.
Disclaimer: I do not know nor am I any of the mentioned characters. This never happened; it is just a work of fiction.
A/N: This multi-chap will be a collection of fetish/kink related oneshots. None of the stories are connected besides that small fact.

Ch.1: Versailles Ch.2: Chikan Ch.3: Photo-Erotica Ch.4: Play Dead Ch.5: Kinniku Ch.6: Living on the Edge Ch.7: Speak

Nino was currently standing in his room, trying on his fifth outfit and modeling in it in front of his mirror. He tilted his head in consideration, but eventually shook his head. “Nope,” he said with a hard pop on the ‘p’. At this rate not only will he be late for the party, but he will be stuck wearing nothing. He’s gone through his closet and tried many sets and mix-matches but he simply was not impressed. He had to look good, he just had to. His ex was going to be there and there was no way in hell was he going to look bland as fuck. Nope, no not today, not ever.

After ten more minutes, Nino finally agreed on his skinny grey jeans with some self made wears and tears, accompanied by an oversized long sleeve stripped V-neck sweater. Enough of his collarbones stuck out from the opening and the sleeves barely covered his whole hands. Now that he got his clothes, it was time to try and style his hair.

He went to the bathroom and took out his styling gel, placing a small dollop in the palm of his hand before rubbing them together and applying it to his hair. After two minutes, he managed to get it the way he likes it. Leaning forward, Nino pouts at the fading dye. He wasn’t sure if he wants to re-dye it or just let his natural hair color grow out.

It was now 30 minutes to go time and he was running around collecting his things. “Cell phone: check, keys: check, after dick mints: check,” Nino listed as he scanned his messy room. He’ll get on that cleaning business later. Once he was sure he got everything, he turned off the lights and ran towards the front door to collect his shoes and jacket. He was almost out the apartment when he remembered something. “WALLET!” he yelled then groaned when he looked at his booted up feet. Too lazy to remove them, he crawled on his hands and knees back to his room. He’s lucky he didn’t have any steps in his apartment or he’d been fucked. Once he retrieved his wallet, he crawled back over to the door and stood up. “Humiliating, but no one will ever know,” he said to himself as he left his apartment.

“Hey Nino-chan!” he heard a small voice yell from down the hall. Swiftly he looked over and noticed the super of the building walking towards him.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck,’ Nino thought. Not that there was anything wrong with the elderly man. In fact Nino loved talking to him and was shocked that no one else really took the time out to interact with him, but the man was a talker. Like seriously, a simple ‘hi’ can turn into the reason why the economy is so bad and that extraterrestrials might exist.

“Where are you going?” Ito-san asked.

“A small get together with friends that I’m already late for,” Nino lied. It’s not that he wanted to, but this place can get catty real fast if someone finds out any small secret about you and for Nino it’s his open sexual prowess. “Sorry to rush off, but I’ll talk to you some other time,” he called out as he ran towards the stairs. “Have a good night!”

Once he made it down, luckily he lived only on the third floor, he went into the parking lot and got into his car before driving to his friend’s house.

His friend, Matsumoto Jun, lived in the “richer” side of town and was throwing a ‘Fuck you, I’m Rich Bitch’ party. Usually Nino tried to avoid events like this since it usually requires people to dress fancy and once they find out he isn’t from the neighborhood and works in the video game industry they immediately shun him. However, Matsumoto was nothing like that. In fact Matsumoto hated people that act like having a higher social status makes you better than everyone else. His parties consisted of beers and wines alike with people whatever they feel comfortable in and of course loud music.

The way Nino met Jun was quite a funny one whenever he thinks back on it. They met when Nino went to Kinokuniya for a book. That’s when the clichéd moment happened: their hands touched as they reached for it at the same time. But nothing ever came from that moment since Nino was bi and Jun was straight. Of course at the time Nino didn’t know that, seeming how Jun didn’t thwart his advances. It wasn’t until Nino gave him his number did Jun tell him. He remembered that he wasn’t embarrassed, he just pouted as asked if Jun was bi-curious and that he’d be an amazing teacher. Jun simply laughed and shook his head before giving Nino his number. Since then they remained in contact despite it all and are quite close.

“Final-fucking-ly,” Jun sighed when he greeted Nino. “It doesn’t take you this long to get here.”

“Yeah well when you want to look this good you can’t just throw on anything,” Nino said with a smirk.

“Yeah, yeah. Drinks are in the kitchen, coats in my bedroom, here are your complimentary slippers, and go mingle.” Jun took Nino’s jacket from him and shoved the slippers in his hands before pushing the smaller man into the house.

Nino’s been over a lot so he knew his way around. There had to have been about 60 people already here, with more coming by the half hour. He made his way to the kitchen to grab himself a beer, chugging half of it down before going to dance with somebody.

A few beers later…okay more like several beers later, Nino was pressed against a girl’s back grinding into her as her head tipped back onto his shoulder. Their hips swayed together, his dick slightly stirring the more she ground against him. Nino pressed a kiss on her shoulder, feeling the shudder before he looked up and saw him.

His ex was dancing with a man and they damn near looked like they were going to have sex right then and there. Feeling his ex’s steely stare going to him, Nino nibbled on the girl’s ear, causing her to gasp and giggle. “More,” she sighed. Nino looked back to his ex and noticed him tilting his head back to catch random guy’s lips in a kiss. Angered and annoyed, Nino apologized into the girl’s ear before leaving the room. “Fuck,” he cursed and he leaned against a table.

“Bad time?” a man asked him. He got ready to tell him to fuck off when he turned around and saw him. He was wearing a dark peach sweater with the technicolored tee underneath and dark jeans.

“Um, yeah I guess.” Nino stared at the man, taking in his entire look from head to toes before staring into his eyes. “Ninomiya.” He held out his hand.

“Aiba,” the man smiled as he shook his hand. And well fuck, wasn’t that just the most radiant smile ever. Nino bit his lip, their hands still shaking up and down as they stared at each other.

“Okay, we’re getting weird,” Nino laughed nervously and slipped his hand from Aiba’s. “How do you know J?”



“Jun-tan and I went to school together.” Nino nodded as he took in the information.

“So you live in the neighborhood too?”

“Yeah, a few houses down really. Not much of trek to get here.” Somehow as their conversation progressed, Aiba had gotten closer to Nino. “And you?”

“Ah, no. I live somewhere else…nowhere near able to afford a place here.”

“Hmm,” Aiba hummed as his eyes slowly started to trail down his body. Usually Nino’s the one that makes people feel like this; open and exposed, but Aiba clearly had a better handle on this. “So how do you know Jun-tan?” he asked after a few minutes passed.

“At a bookstore, it was kinda romantic.”

“Yeah that’s Jun-tan for you,” Aiba chuckled. “Want me to get you a drink?”

“I’m conflicted,” Nino started. “As much as I would like to assume you aren’t a creeper, but I don’t like people getting me drinks without my supervision.”

“Oh don’t worry I’m not a creeper,” Aiba laughed. “At least not in that way.”

“Well then, lead the way.”

Nino let Aiba walk ahead of him as they made it back through the crowded room and into the kitchen. He saw Jun making out with his girlfriend, Mao, as well as caught a glimpse of his ex with that guy he was dancing with. Letting out a frustrated growl, Nino took Aiba’s hand in his. The taller man simply looked at their adjoined hands with a raised eyebrow but didn’t comment on it.

They grabbed two beers each, chatting about anything that popped up in their minds, and soon their bodies were getting closer and closer by the minute. Next thing Nino knows, he’s backed against the counter with Aiba caging him in.

“Aiba-san?” The man pressed against Nino, his semi from earlier already filling out even more.

“You look good.”

“Made sure I did.”

“For that guy in the other corner right?”

Nino pulled his head back to look at Aiba’s face. “Um…no.”

“That’s like the 50th time you’ve looked over at him. I figured I might as well help you make him jealous.”

“So you’re not interested in me?”

“Never said that,” Aiba smirked.

“His name is Ohno, we used to date a few years back.”

“Why’d you break up?”

“It wasn’t going anywhere. We fucked, argued, and fucked some more. Before I realized it, I started to actually like love him, but he really just wanted a booty call,” Nino shrugged. “I mean when we started it, that’s what it was supposed to be, but...”

“His dick was too bomb?”

Nino barked out a loud laugh, causing the few people around to look over at them, Ohno included. “I guess you can say that.”

Aiba nodded and stepped back from Nino’s personal space. “Then would it be okay if I try to make you forget about him?”

“I’ve already forgotten.”

“Yeah not so much,” Aiba chuckled. “Come on.” He took Nino’s hand and dragged him out to the where people were still dancing.

Nino was carefree enough, he slept with a people he found attractive without any qualms and dabbled in relationships that meet their demise a month or two later. But what he was feeling for Aiba was different. He couldn’t quite explain it, it wasn’t love since it was way too early to declare that, yet at the same time it didn’t feel like lust. He just wants him, like really wants him. He wanted to be at his beck and call and vise versa. He wanted to…fuck he couldn’t describe it. Nino just wanted this guy so badly; become possessed by him. Nino’s arms were wrapped around Aiba’s neck, hips circling into his, as their foreheads pressed together.

It was weird, they haven’t even kissed and he was acting this way. Like he was 14 again and realizing he was gay and in love with his best friend. Just as this thought went through his mind, Aiba leaned in and pressed his lips against his. Nino responded quickly and eagerly. Aiba moaned and tightened his hold on Nino’s hips. The kiss was getting deeper, heavier, and seedier as it went on. Nino was now slipping his hands into Aiba’s perfectly styled hair, grabbing at the strands in the back. Aiba opened his mouth and moaned as Nino took advantage to slip his tongue in.

They no longer were dancing but desperately grinding into each other. Their tongues lapped around each other, tasting of nothing but beer and chips. It was Aiba who pulled back, hands now groping Nino’s ass before dragging him to a secluded hallway. He respected Jun too much to fuck in any of his rooms, well maybe not the bathrooms, but seeming how those always had lines of people waiting a hallway would suffice.

“I want to blow you,” Nino gasped as Aiba busied himself with sucking on his neck. There would be a nice shiny mark come tomorrow. “I bet you taste so good,” he sighed.

“And I want to fuck you.” Aiba smiled at the whimpering man before going in for a kiss, but the lights went out and the loud music stopped. A startled gasped slipped from Nino as he clutched Aiba’s shirt.

“Fucking hell.” They heard Jun cursed while some patrons squealed and screamed in the darkness.

“Well that killed the mood,” Nino chuckled.

“I wouldn’t say that,” Aiba smirked. “It made it better for me.”

Nino’s breath caught in his throat. “W-Why? Cause y-you don’t have to see my face?” he joked.

“No,” Aiba breathed in his ear. “Doesn’t it get you off knowing someone could catch us?” A soft moan came from them both as their hips ground against each other. “That the lights could come on anytime and someone could see you, on your knees sucking my dick or bent over taking me deep. Fuck Nino, I want you so bad.”

“Oh god, fuck, okay yeah. Fuck me.”

Aiba kissed down Nino’s neck, sucking on his collarbone to leave a new mark as his hands undid Nino’s belt and jeans. He slid down to his knees, taking Nino’s jeans and underwear with him, and nosed at the trail of hair leading to his low cut pubes then further down to his balls. He smelled like musk: the strong scent of his arousal, yet with a hint of the Irish Spring body soap he used a few hours prior.

The taller man opened his mouth and sucked on Nino’s balls while his hand jerked the shaft, slick with precum. Nino gasped, trying to keep his mouth shut as some people scuttled around. Aiba wasn’t being all too silent, not with the way he kept popping his balls out his mouth and breathing heavily.

Nino grabbed Aiba’s hair as he tried to force the man to take his cock. As much as he liked his balls getting some attention, his dick really needed some too. “Suck me, please,” a pathetic whine left him. “Please.”

“Shh, don’t worry.” Aiba took him into his mouth in one go, nose buried in Nino’s pubic hair. He swallowed the best he could around the member before pulling back and stroking it. “You like that?” Nino nodded desperately, but remembered Aiba couldn’t see.

“Yeah.” Aiba deepthroated him again, pulling back to stroke the saliva drenched cock. He stood up and wrapped his free hand around Nino’s neck. It wasn’t threatening, but the presence was there.

“Turn around,” he ordered after giving Nino a filthy kiss.

Nino turned around, slipping one foot out his jeans and braced himself against the wall. He was able to hear Aiba’s belt coming undone, the leather slapping his ass lightly as the man shuffled closer. Once he heard the fabric of jeans falling down, he felt Aiba’s hard dick slap along his crack. Nino whimpered and whined at his failed attempts to get Aiba to rut against him.

Aiba spat on his hand then reached down in between Nino’s ass to stroke at the puckered hole. It felt so tight, begging to be fucked open. He pushed a finger in causing Nino to grit his teeth at the intrusion. “Fucking shit,” Nino groaned. The hand around his neck went up to cover his mouth.

“Shh,” he whispered as he thrust another finger in. A few sharp beams of light were flashing around them as people used their phones to guide them through the dark. Nino’s stomach knotted up in both fear and excitement wondering if anyone saw them, if anyone was watching. “Ready for a third one?” Aiba asked as he scissored two fingers in and out of him.

“Please…yes,” Nino dragged the ‘s’ as he hissed when Aiba added a third. Saliva really wasn’t the best lubricant. “Burns,” he whined through the gaps of Aiba’s fingers. He both heard and felt Aiba spit on his ass again to help ease the way. It didn’t do much but it felt a bit better.

Nino was now fucking back on the three fingers, biting and sucking at the ones on his mouth. Aiba grunted and groaned in his ear, whispering how good his cock will stretch him. Never had someone been this way with him, nor was he an avid believer of public sex. A light shined on them briefly, causing Nino to gasp. Someone definitely had to have seen them.

Aiba finally pulled his fingers out of both Nino’s ass and mouth before kneeling down and spreading his cheeks. “Bet you taste so good,” his breath ghosting over the hole causing it to twitch. Aiba sucked on the fingers that had been shoved inside Nino’s ass to get a glimpse of his taste before shoving his tongue in. A loud cry escaped Nino’s lips. The smaller man’s legs trembled as Aiba ate him out. The man was relentless, letting him fall on his knees, ass presented to him while he continued to rim him to completion.

“Aiba, fuck…stop, I can’t,” Nino whined. He was trying to crawl away from the mouth devouring him, but to no avail as the hands gripped his hips tight and pulled him closer. “Aiba.” Nino was trembling even more, his dick leaking precum the more his prostate was touched with sneaky thumbs. “Fuck, I’m gonna come. Aiba please, fuck.”

Another light was shinning down on them and dragged slowly across Nino’s back then stopped at where Aiba’s face was buried in his ass. Aiba could see the light behind his closed eyelids, but that was not stopping him at all. If this person wanted to watch, then be his guest. Nino let out another pathetic whine before Aiba pulled back.

Nino was turned back around, his mouth soon full of tongue that tasted like him. Aiba’s hand returned around his neck, keeping him still as Aiba rutted the head of his cock against his slick hole. The light that was on them passed and moved on. Nino couldn’t really see too well in the dark, he could barely make out the outline of Aiba’s body, but he knew he was looking into Aiba’s eyes.

“Want me in you?”


“Tell me how much you want it.”

Nino whimpered and tried to look away, but the hand on his neck prevented that. “Please Aiba-san, my hole wants your cock. It’s begging for it, crying for it.” Aiba sucked air through his teeth at the words. He gets off on the power trip, on having Nino submitting publically. He gets off knowing they could get caught even more than they already have. It’s one thing for people to see someone giving him head or him rimming a man, it’s another thing to see him balls deep inside someone, making sure their only thought is to say his name.

“Suck me off then I’ll give you what you want.” Nino leaned up to kiss him, his lips overshooting Aiba’s by a centimeter to the left. Aiba stood up, hand still on Nino’s neck and slapped his cock on the awaiting mouth. He wished he could see him, see that mouth stretch to take him all the way. The minute Nino closed his lips around the hard cock, Aiba set a fast and almost brutal pace. Nino quickly tried to adjust, allowing Aiba to fuck deep into his throat. He gagged a few times, causing the man to pull back and smear his cock along his lips and chin. When he felt ready, he opened up and let him do it again. Once Aiba felt he was slick enough, he pulled Nino up and spun him around.

Nino braced himself as Aiba pushed in slowly. “Oh fuck, fuck you feel good.”

“You too. So fucking tight. When was the last time you had a cock in you?” Aiba asked mildly rhetorically and seriously.

“A-ah fuck yes there, a month ago.” Nino’s head tipped back, feeling every push and pull, every inch of Aiba’s dick. “Haven’t fingered myself in longer.”

“I’m gonna love churning you out,” Aiba groaned in his ear and covered Nino’s mouth with his left hand while his right hand tightened around his neck. His hips moved faster, the prominent sound of skin slapping skin echoed in the hallway. If people seriously had no clue what was going on, they definitely knew now. “Tighten your ass for me,” Aiba moaned. Nino closed his legs together and clenched around the cock in him.

Nino’s muffled cries started getting louder as the pace picked up. He almost wanted everything to stop; it was beginning to be too much for him. The possessiveness in Aiba’s actions alongside his quickly building orgasm and the flashlights landing on them was far more he could handle. Aiba pulled out and pushed Nino onto the floor. He knelt behind him and sucked on two fingers, shoving them in the slack hole before pulling out to spit on it again. “Suck,” he ordered. Nino opened his mouth to suck the two fingers by his face, but a loud moan came out instead as Aiba shoved himself back in.

“Fuck!” he cried out. More lights shined on them, a small gasp came from somewhere around him. Aiba almost came when he heard a girl gasp at what she saw. His hips stuttered as he felt the brewing start deep within him. “Aiba-san, I’m not gonna last,” Nino whimpered around the fingers.

“Me neither,” Aiba grunted. He hunched over Nino’s body, pounding harder into his ass causing the slick sounds to increase in volume. “You ready for my load?”

“Yeah, please.”

“Ready to take my cum?” Aiba gasped.

“Fucking do it, I want it.”

Aiba grunted and ground his hips deeper, pushing Nino’s ass down to the floor so it was no loner sticking up. He rotated his hips before thrusting three more times and releasing his cum in Nino’s hole. “Take it baby.”

Nino let out a gasping whine at the pulsing cock in him. When Aiba was done he turned Nino around and lifted his legs then plunged back in. Nino screamed, covering his eyes with his forearm as he felt Aiba pounding at his prostate. He wasn’t going to make it; he was going to come so hard.

“Aiba, I’m gonna come. I’m gonna come. Fuck, fuck.” The pitch in Nino’s voice went up with each thrust, with each word. “I’m there, I’m there.” Aiba shoved the sweater up and Nino came hard after two tugs to his cock. Aiba kept thrusting, waiting until Nino was pushing at him to stop. He pulled out, his cock hard again, but ready to go. He spread Nino’s legs and started to beat off over the man’s slowly softening dick. “Come on my cock. I want to feel it.” That did it for him. “Yes,” Nino hissed.

“Oh, shit…fuck.”

He let Nino’s legs fall to either side of him, knees bent as both men tried to calm themselves down. Aiba bent over and lapped at the cooling cum on Nino’s flaccid dick and stomach.

“So glad you remembered to get my sweater out the way,” Nino said in between kisses, tasting his and Aiba’s cum on the offending tongue. Slowly they got up and redressed, the lights turned on as Nino was pulling his jeans back up while Aiba was tucking himself away. Their eyes snapped to each other before they laughed at how sexed out they both looked.

Once they calmed down from the adrenaline, they noticed some people with blush covered cheeks, looking at them. Nino noticed Ohno gaping at the two of them from down the hall.

“Want to get out of here?”

“Yeah,” Nino smiled. They held hands as they collected their coats and thanked Matsumoto for the invite. Jun narrowed his eyes before pointing an accusing finger at them.

“Did you fuck in any of my rooms?”

“No!” “Not at all.” Both men said at the same time.

“Just the hallway leading to the back doors,” Aiba smiled before waving goodbye, dragging Nino with him. That night he went home with Aiba with a kink he never knew he had.

“Where should we go today?” Aiba asked as he sipped his coffee. Nino turned to him, spatula in hand, and shrugged.

“Somewhere where we don’t have to be too mindful of the weather,” he responded. “I hear it might rain later.”

He’s been seeing Aiba for four months now and they’ve gotten to fucking each other in public. Just last week they went to the movies and halfway into it, Nino lifted the arm rest and gave Aiba a blowjob. Days before that they fucked in the park. Though it’s not like they don’t stay home and do it, nor are they always doing it. They just act whenever they get the urge.

“Weathermen always exaggerate, babe.”

“Yeah well I don’t want to repeat what happened on that highway. Fucking in the rain isn’t as great as people would think.”

Aiba laughed and went over to Nino. “Fine, we can do something indoors,” he said as he snuck a piece of bacon from the plate.

Nino wasn’t sure where they were at as couple. Were they dating or were they simply using each other for thrilling sex? He never brought it up with the man seeming how the last time he did that it cost him an ex.

“Oh, what was it that you said you needed to buy?” Nino asked after they devoured their breakfast.

“A few things at the shopping centre,” Aiba answered after swallowing his food and washing it down with his coffee. A mischievous grin spread across Nino’s face before a matching grin met his own. “Clichéd but always a classic.”

“But we don’t want cliché now do we?” Nino smiled.

“Yeah, no we don’t. We need something better. More public.”

They stared at each other before a smile slowly formed on Aiba’s. “Kazu-kun…”


“Do you even lift?”

Nino’s eyebrows went down in confusion before it clicked. “Yeah, that’ll do.”

The two laughed as they put their dirty dishes away and took a shower. Minutes later they were out the door with their gym bags in hand.
The gym wasn’t too crowded. There were a grand total of twelve people in there; eight men and four women. Nino smiled at Aiba who gave him a failed wink. One day Nino will try to teach him how to do that.

They went straight to the locker room with the false pretense of changing into gym clothes. Aiba tugged Nino’s arm and dragged him to the changing stall. They giggled nervously seeming how the only thing blocking them was a white curtain that Aiba purposefully didn’t close all the way.

“Kiss me,” Aiba whispered. Nino complied, hands cupping the man’s cheeks. It was a lot more gentle and delicate than he was expecting, but accepted it nonetheless. They pulled apart with breathless laughs coming from them. Aiba pressed Nino against the wall, placing a leg in between his as he resumed their kiss. He moved down to his neck, turning Nino’s head to expose it more.

“Ma-kun,” Nino whimpered. Aiba bit his neck, silently ordering the man to stick to his last name. It was a rule of theirs: no first names, even if it was a nickname. Nino whined at the teeth sinking into his skin in dominance. Aiba stopped worrying at the pale neck and pulled Nino’s shirt up to expose his nipples. He took one dark nub into his mouth, sucking hard at it causing the man to whine and scratch at his back.

When he was sure the nipple was tortured enough he moved to the other one, teething at it much like he did the other one. While he switched back and forth between the two, Aiba’s hands made work on Nino’s jeans. He pushed them down to pull Nino’s semi out, jerking it as he continued what he’s doing. Nino whimpered and whined, hands clutching at Aiba’s shoulders as his stomach flexed with pleasure.

Aiba stepped away for a quick second to remove the smaller man’s jeans and rearrange them so Nino was sitting on the small bench by the adjacent wall. He got on his knees, lips returning the puffy and already sensitive nipple, while his hands purposefully stroked Nino. Slowly Aiba kissed his way down Nino’s stomach before peeling the offending white cotton down to tongue at the head of his cock.

“Ah—” A cut off whine from Nino filled the small stall. Without a doubt the few people in the locker room heard. Aiba teasingly sucked at the head before moving further down, swallowing Nino whole. He bobbed his head up and down, softly moaning around the shaft to make Nino whimper some more. “Aiba-san,” he whispered lustfully.

Pulling up, Aiba leaned in for a kiss, to which Nino met gratefully. Their tongues rolled around each other, Aiba’s more active than Nino’s seeing how the only thought running through his head at the moment was that Aiba was jerking him off and the gap in the curtain was wide enough for people passing to see. After a few minutes of kissing, Aiba stood up and pulled his pants and underwear off; his erection swaying in front of Nino.

Nino smirked at him, biting his lips in anticipation. He loves blowjobs, it’s something he was good at, something his former lovers would beg him for. Keeping eye contact with Aiba, who was now sitting on the bench, he gripped the hard cock and slowly swirled his tongue around the head. The way Aiba gasped and thigh twitched under his hand let him know he was doing a good job.

Right when Aiba thought Nino couldn’t get any better, he relaxed his throat and flattened his tongue to take more of him in. “Shit, so good. You’re doing so good.” Nino blinked up at him, unaware that he even closed his eyes. The hand that was stroking his hair moved down to the back of his neck, fingertips mildly digging into the muscle there.

He could make the man come like this; he’s done it before and was more than willing to do it again. But today wasn’t about his cocksucking skills, it was about them relishing in the adrenaline of getting caught, having a public audience, being exposed to everyone. Aiba tugged the back of Nino’s head, pulling him up for a brief kiss before standing him up and pressing him against the wall.

“Stick out your ass,” Aiba whispered in his ear. Nino followed and closed his eyes as his forehead rested on the cool tiled walls. The taller man knelt down, spreading the pert cheeks in front of him to reveal the small pink hole waiting for him. He kissed the right cheek, biting it softly then moved in for the kill. His tongue pressed flat against the hole, slowly dragging it upwards before repeating the action.

Nino whimpered and whined the whole time, legs trembling the longer Aiba rimmed him. His fists were held on either side of his head, breath fogging up the tiles in front of him as he sighed in pleasure. Aiba snaked a hand around to stroke the dripping cock, swirling his thumb on the head and causing the hole to tighten around his tongue. “Aiba…please,” Nino gasped. He needed to be fucked now. Aiba gave the twitching hole one last lick before he stood up and tilted Nino’s head for a kiss; all the while his finger was working its way into him. He managed to get two fingers in, knuckles deep, when Nino begged him some more. “Please, I need it.”

“Shh,” Aiba cooed and pulled out the lube from his gym bag and pouring it on his dick. He hissed in pleasure as he spread it before lining up to Nino’s entrance. Slowly he pushed in, biting back a particularly loud moan until he bottomed out. Nino wasn’t holding back, he was gasping and whining aloud, almost as if he didn’t care if they would get caught. The idea only prompted Aiba to start thrusting.

He started out with tentative little thrusts before slipping his hands under Nino’s shirt and pinching his nipples. Nino let out little ‘uh uh’ noises with every push, the noises only increasing when Aiba started to really pound into him. He’d interrupt his movements in order to rotate his hips into him, making Nino feel the full length of him. Aiba pinched and tweaked the little hard buds of Nino’s nipples as he leaned back a bit to fuck up into him.

“Mm, keep making noises for me baby. Let me know how good I’m fucking you,” Aiba moaned. Nino closed his eyes, cheeks flushed, and let out a nice long groan when the head of the man’s cock bumped the small bundle of nerves in him. “Yeah, that’s it. Fuck, more.”

They both could hear movement outside their little station, could hear the cut off conversations when people came in. That unmistakable sound of their skin slapping together echoed in the locker room. Nino’s skin felt like it was on fire when he felt the draft of air when someone passed by. Aiba was thrusting slowly now though still hard, making sure the men outside heard the sound. He leaned forward to place a soft kiss on Nino’s back before pulling out and sitting on the bench. Nino clambered on top of him, reaching behind himself to gently ease his way onto Aiba’s cock.

Both men hissed at the feeling. Nino was now aware why Aiba had left the curtain ajar the way he did; anyone passing by will get a good view of his ass taking Aiba dick. He almost came at the thought. “Fuck me,” Nino whispered in the man’s ear. He got what he wanted when Aiba’s thrusts went back to their fast pace. His fingers gripped the hell out of Nino’s hips, knowing he’ll have bruises there in a few days. Nino looked down at him, mouth open as puffs of hot air came from his lips. “Aiba-san,” he whimpered.

Aiba leaned forward and sucked on Nino’s nipple while he bounced the man up and down on his cock. After teasing the man’s nipples again, he went in for a kiss; his hands spreading the smooth cheeks apart to move faster, the resounding slapping noises getting louder. Nino’s whines flew freely from him now as his dick was smearing precum onto Aiba’s stomach. Aiba kissed him again, slowly as always before slapping Nino’s ass as a signal to get up.

Nino pulled away with a final kiss then repositioned himself against the wall again, ass sticking out and awaiting patiently for Aiba’s dick. Aiba jerked off briefly then slipped inside him again. He went slow for all of two seconds before fucking Nino the way he likes best; hard and powerful. Nino gave up silencing himself a long time ago, but it really showed now as he was wailing at the force of Aiba’s thrusts. “There, there…fuck yes harder!” he screamed through clenched teeth.

Aiba placed a hand on the back of Nino’s neck and gave him exactly what he wanted. Nino’s cheeks were pressed against the tile wall almost painfully while Aiba fucked him hard. It wasn’t until ten minutes later did Aiba still and come in Nino’s ass. His body twitched as he kept pumping cum in him before he gingerly pulled out, watching the fluid slowly slide out Nino’s fucked out and puffy hole. He wiped Nino down, not before taking a quick snapshot of his cum decorating Nino’s ass, and sat the man on the bench. Aiba got to his knees and sucked the painfully hard dick, flicking his tongue against the head then stood up over the man.

“Jerk yourself off,” he ordered. Nino let out a petulant whine but took himself in his hand and began stroking his cock. Aiba moved so that Nino was exposed. He wanted the men out there to see him, see how good Nino is. He bent over to kiss Nino while he pinched the overly sensitive nipples some more. “I bet their getting hard thinking about us right now. Bet their dicks were twitching at the sounds you made,” Aiba moaned in his ear.

“Mm, Aiba-san. I’m so close.”

“I know you are baby. You like being watched, like people looking at you like this; strung out from my dick.”


“Yeah, let them see you. Give them that beautiful cum. Let them see how I affect you, how they affect you.” Nino closed his eyes tightly, chest heaving with every breath. He was so close; he just needed that final push. “Open your eyes,” Aiba whispered in his ear. Nino followed the instruction then let out a shocked gasp before coming hard, his cum shooting on to the floor. Before him was the silhouette of a man clearly beating off to what they were doing.

Aiba kissed his forehead then the top of his head while stroking his cheeks. Nino was still dazed and trying to come down from his high. He looked up at the tanned man and kissed him slowly, passionately. Nino smiled up at him, biting his lip before standing up. He let Aiba clean the mess they made up before putting their clothes back on. From time to time they’d stop to kiss each other, the kisses getting more and more intense, but their dicks still weren’t up for another round.

“Thank you,” Aiba whispered against Nino’s lips, much like he does every time they did this. He’s never had a partner willing to indulge in his kink for him—no, with him.

“Always,” Nino whispered back, stroking Aiba’s cheek. The taller man kissed him again before grabbing their bags.


Nino smiled and nodded. This was always the moment when he starts questioning if they were a real couple or just fuck buddies. He’d be fine being either, he just wants to hear it from Aiba. But after what went down with his ex he really didn’t want a repeat of that. Aiba turned to him when he sensed Nino’s hesitation.

“What happened?”

“Hmm? Oh, nothing. Sorry let’s go.” Nino pulled Aiba through the curtains and held his hand as they made it back to the car. He noticed the stares they were getting in both the locker room and gym, but was too focused on other things to even try to put on a show about it. Once they were in Aiba’s car, the man turned to him and stroked his thumb over his knuckles.

“Tell me what’s wrong.”

“It’s nothing really.” Nino tried to shrug off but Aiba was not having it. His grip on Nino’s hand tightened.

“You’ve been acting this way after we fuck for two months now. Don’t act like I didn’t notice because I did.” Aiba bit his lip in worrying concern. “Is it something I did? Something I said?” Nino shook his head to both questions. “Are you…not enjoying this anymore?” Aiba asked tentatively.

“No! No, that’s not—” Nino sighed and shook his head. “I just…ugh alright fuck it. Are we dating or not?” Nino finally asked. He needed to stop letting what happened in the past get to him.

“Yeah, we’re dating.” Aiba answered in a confused tone. “Wait, were you worried we were only doing this?” he asked, motioning to the gym doors. Nino nodded solemnly. “God you’re an idiot,” Aiba laughed. “Would I take my fuck buddy out on dates if I only wanted sex? Would I spend hours playing video games with you or even watching you play games for hours if this was a sex only thing?”

Nino shrugged. “Ohno took me places sometimes and tell me about his day and vise versa.”

A saddened look flickered in Aiba’s eyes. “Well I’m not him. I’m not doing things like that in the prospect of getting laid. I actually like being around you. Why do you think I gave you a copy of my keys?”

“Easy access lay.”

Aiba laughed and hit Nino’s head. “Idiot. Come on, let’s go home where we can shower and sleep.” Nino beamed at the response and buckled his seatbelt. He didn’t question whose home was he referring to, he already knew the answer.

It was only confirmed when he saw them pulling up to parking lot of Nino’s building.

Tags: #multichap, p: aiba masaki/ ninomiya kazunari, r: nc-17, slash
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