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21 October 1989
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I'm a simple 22 year old who is a Studio Art major in college. I love to draw and sketch; randomly do I do some photoshopping and even more randomly do I paint. I am currently an Arashi fangirl [and slowly becoming a SMAP fangirl] and my favorite member is Ohno Satoshi [and Katori Shingo when fangirling SMAP], though previously it was Aiba and Sho hence the influx of Sakuraiba fics. I read, write, and beta fics as well as do requests [if I like the prompt that was given]. I am very easy going, forgetful, and protective of my friends. Feel free to add me as well as take the few icons I made [though don't forget to credit].

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This year, thinking about nothing is my objective.
-- 大野智

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